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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Madonna released a 12 minute video beautify shot by fashion photography duo Luigi and Iango. Madonna's feminist flick for Vogue Germany is broken into eight different chapters where she rocks angel wings with noose necktie, smoking cigarette in a foggy alley, engaging in choreographed dance sequences, and unfurling a large banner with a message that reads: “We should all be feminist.


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    Britney Spears took time out of her empty schedule to cheer up the stans/haters scrolling through her twitter feed! Check out Britney flipping her discount weave (in a bikini you probably can't afford), and jumping higher than Slumber Party's peak on the Billboard Hot 100! It's clear from these tweets that she has a steady job, her latest album is critically acclaimed, her boyfriend is hot as hell, her family loves her, and her bank account will never be empty.

    One of the best Britney remixers (Nick*) got his hands on some raw Britney vocals and made a reconstructed mix of the 2003 classic Britney track Me Against The Music without Madonna. The remixer has some sweet Britney (and Madonna) remixes, check them out at Source #3!

    (click the artwork to listen FB video won't embed)

    Source 1, 2, 3

    Did Britney Improve Your Friday ONTD?

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    Hannah New recently talked to both IGN and Monsters and Critics about the journey of our favourite queen of thieves. Both interviews are fantastic reads!

    Be aware that both feature major spoilers for the current season, of course.


    • The actual scene itself is an incredible metaphor for how she lives her life. She grapples with everything she has at hand to survive. When I first read it, I was like “Geez, guys I know I’ve been going on at you for three years to give me kick ass stuff but you just gave it to me all in one scene!” [Laughs] I think there was eight different weapons when we first read the scene.

    • There is a certain point where she has to reevaluate what her life has been on this island and whether she would want to repeat that for her own child. It’s beautifully played out with that scene with Mrs. Hudson where she says “When my mother and father first came here, they had a terrible argument.” It’s one of those moments where when you’re a kid and something really significant happens and you remember it with this crystalline vision and you don’t know why it sticks in your head for the rest of your life until a particular moment when you’re like “That’s why I remember it. That’s why it’s so significant.” Jon [Steinberg ] and Dan [Shotz] introduced it in such a beautiful way because she’s saying, “My mom was saying it’s too cruel for a little girl.” She was the only female that she remembers of her blood family. The other significant females would have been Madi and Madi’s mum. She remembers that one thing her mother said and never understood it until now. She wanted to deny her mother in a way by going “I’m a girl, this place is cruel and I’m going to make it a success. Watch me.” And now she’s going, “hold on a minute” because it’s a completely different ball game when you’re thinking about children and it’s not something she’s ever considered until this point. All those moments are reflection about what her life was and who she really is and now the responsibility of bringing a child into the world and creating an environment where they can be safe. It’s the most fundamental human emotion of wanting to protect and nurture your own kin. She never imagined it because she never felt it from her own mother and father. Her mother died in the first Spanish raid so it’s so incredibly symbolic that she would die in the second. It’s an incredible full circle that’s come around.

    • We shot it a long time after we shot the physical fight because we shot it outside on a set we had, not our main set. It was the Barlow house that we’ve come back to again and again and again and such significant things have happened there. To lie on the ground and hear, in my dying breath, this house burning down, also felt incredibly symbolic. This place that was Flint’s safe haven as well is now gone. The fact that she dies in his arms is so incredibly beautiful and you have this moment of such compassion and humanity to tell her the lie that will give her a moment's peace that she’s been fighting for, in a way. It’s a tiny moment of peace -- a macro moment of the peace that she’s been fighting for. [...] It’s just so wonderful as well to play those scenes with Toby because I think about those scenes in Season 1 when they're in the office and they're talking about Odysseus and the oar and walking inland until it’s a shovel I think that as an image really captivated Eleanor and it drove her through the seasons to say “No, I’m going to make this place a sustainable republic. It’s going to be ours, it’s going to be prosperous. We’re not going to live under brutality.” Those are the things that drove her in the first few seasons. To then die in the arms of the man who gave her that vision, in a way, is incredibly beautiful, I think.

    Monsters and Critics:

    • And then the fact that you worked out that Madi pulled her out of the house, and she is lying there saved in that moment, to the one moment with Flint, which was so beautiful and such clever writing I think.

    • Eleanor’s love life is so incredibly complex because she has never really known true love in a sense of being nurtured and feeling that kind of security from family. I think that has had a huge impact on the way she behaved with every single person that she purports to be in love with. I think she is in her own way in love with Woodes [Rogers] but she has had so many traumas and barriers…you see it in Season 1 with Max that she is just incapable of putting aside her motives and her desire to make the island work in order to live a life of true love with Max. And I think Max is the only person who shown her that kind of real nurturing beautiful love, and she threw it back in her face. I think that was the beginning of a very painful chain of events.

    • To me it seems she [Eleanor] gets very confused between what she wants on a grand scale for the island and what she wants for herself personally. She doesn’t have the ability to really evaluate those two things and she always prioritizes fighting for the island. And I think that comes from the deep trauma she has experienced as a child.

    • Even with Woodes Rogers, I think she doesn’t really see who he is, she sees what he is able to create and that he is a masterful kind of tactician who can achieve her ends, even though it seems from the opposite side, you know?

    • I think Flint really is the person who she ideologically aligns herself with, and despite all the risks that have gone on, there have been key clues that she’s always been Team Flint. [...] I think that image and that sense of striving towards peace is something that she has kind of held dear throughout the four seasons, and the fact that she chooses Flint as her hostage[...].

    • [O]ne of my favorite moments to shoot was definitely one of the most symbolic moments of what Eleanor tries to do throughout the whole four seasons — when she fires the gun in between Vane and Flint. To me that is symbolic of the fact that she is desperately trying to balance these two powers of order and chaos and how they fight against each other. She’s always the one in the middle trying to balance it out.

    • I was able to design little aspects like her little bunch of keys that she wears throughout Season 1 and 2. To me, those little symbols were important. They were status symbols, they were her own security. I don’t know if you remember but she always used to sleep in her tavern in her little cage in the office, to me that was very symbolic that she was keeping herself in this kind of gilded cage and I think that was a wonderful little item that I could hold on to like a little talisman.


    A little featurette about the Stockholm-based VFX studio Very Important Pirates, who worked on the visuals for S4.

    Mods, please ignore the earlier post! Added the video source to this one.

    Sources: 123

    Crew, have you ever been held back by the flop men around you, despite being a visionary power player?


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    The View's final day at Disney World this whole week!

    Today's hosts: Whoopi, Joy Behar, Sara Haines, Sunny Hostin, Paula Faris

    Today's HOT topics:
    Tom Bergeron talks about the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars
    Train talks about their new album and performs "Play That Song"
    The hosts enjoy Animal Kingdom from day to night and are honored as honorary Disney ambassadors
    Can you always improve as a parent?
    How do you control your inner control freak?

    SOURCE:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

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    59. Hidden Palms
    (ummmm hidden palms was a masterpiece)

    "Canceled after just eight episodes, Hidden Palms was just so blatantly derivative of that other show about Cali teens. (To really hammer home the comparisons, Hidden Palms starred both Oliver and Zach from The O.C.)"

    19. Nikita

    "Throughout its four-season run, The CW's reboot of the 1997 series La Femme Nikita (which was based on the 1990 film Nikita) always felt a little off-brand for the network, even if it was also a capable and well-liked action series..."

    17. One Tree Hill
    (show deserved to be last thanks to jamie fucking scott)

    "Although there were definitely highs and lows throughout the show's frequently melodramatic nine-season run, there was one person who could be counted on to ground the drama: Brooke Penelope Davis. Yes, we all remember squinty Lucas with his Dante quotes..."

    15. Gossip Girl

    "When Gossip Girl premiered, it was a cultural phenomenon -- and for good reason! The show was instantly addicting and we found ourselves incredibly invested in the dramatic lives of the Upper East Side elite..."

    6. Supernatural

    "It would be easy enough to blame the longevity and immortality of the Winchesters on someone at The CW selling their soul to a crossroads demon..."

    sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    how dare tvg rank nikita below one tree hill and the 100

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    -The writers took notice to fan feedback

    -Was initially annoyed with constantly hearing about Buffy/Faith having a lesbian subtext until someone pointed out to him the said subtext in the show to which he agrees it was definitely there but not intentionally

    -Thinks the show would be easy to sell today, even if it wasnt as good since there are certain shows (wont name names) that have made it big while being nothing special

    -Is not a fan of the new binge watching era of television

    -Was only supposed to be in 2 episodes

    -She and Alyson were usually the first ones to the set since they filmed majority of their joint scenes in the morning. James Marsters also would usually be there early in the morning due to having to put on his Vamp face.

    -Tara-centric episode was planned multiple times but always got pushed back. "Family" came about very last minute as a Tara centric episode. Amy Adams was very nice.

    -Thinks Anyas breakdown over Joyce's death was one of the most real moments in the series. They had to work during their scheduled break but no one bitched about it due to how great the scene was.

    -Liked the corset she wore initially in Once More With Feeling but hated it by the end since it was so tight.

    -Didn't think that Tara's death would have such a huge impact on the fanbase but she understands why Tara had to die.

    -Was supposed to show in S7 as The First but due to scheduling conflicts it didnt work out which she is happy for since she didnt want Tara portrayed in a bad light.

    Band Candy though she would change some of the one jokes
    The Harsh Day of Light

    Gingerbread - would rewrite the entire thing
    Doublemeat Palace - would rewrite the entire thing

    -Joined the show in Season 7

    -Wanted to move the characters into a more fashionable and sophisticated direction

    -Recalls the writers telling him that they planned on Nikki (a past Slayer that Spike killed) back for an episode and they needed her outfit to be the same exact one they had in Season 5. Scoured through the warehouse looking for the outfit or something similar only to be told after he had found what he needed that they were recasting the character.

    -The old team had not cataloged or stored the outfit

    -Loved working with SMG

    -Wasnt that excited that Xander retained anything from the first Halloween episode since Xander is suppose to be the normal one of the group.

    -His audition went great

    -He/SMG/AH were close in the beginning and eventually ripped apart towards the end of the show.

    -He told Joss that he would be up for anything to make Xander look like an idiot but just had one request: don't give him bad breath

    -Cried during reading The Zeppo

    -Wasnt hired to sing or dance which ended up pissing people off by the time they shot Once More With Feeling

    -Didn't fully appreciate the show back then and wishes he could tell his past self to get his head out of his ass

    -Wasnt made aware that Xander would lose his eye until he read the script

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • 03/10/17--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    -He reads Trump's tweets and Kristen comments on them
    -They talk about her new haircut
    -They talk about the word 'Dude'
    -They talk about her new movie


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    -Julie Plec discusses Nina Dobrev's return and series finale


    How do you want it to end?

    Viewing post for the SERIES FINALE?!!

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    NBC Universal announced today that Bobby Cannavale will join the cast in season 3 of Mr Robot as Irving, a used car salesman. Cannavale has been added as a series regular.

    BD Wong has also been upgraded to a series regular.

    NBC Universal also announced that the show will return for 10 episodes in October of 2017, as USA attempts to launch that Jessica Biel show this summer.

    statement from network @ the source


    yay for BD, meh about Bobby and October

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    she said:
    "So when people talk about, you know "are trans women, women?" my feeling is, trans women are trans women. I think that the whole problem with gender in the world is about our experiences, it's not about how we wear our hair or whether we have a vagina or a penis. It's about how the world treats us. And I think if you've lived in the world as a man with the privileges that the world accords to men, and then sort of changed, switched gender it's difficult for me to accept that then we can equate your experience with the experience of a woman who has lived from the beginning in the world as a woman and who has not be accorded those privileges men are. And so, I think there has to be - and this of course is not to say, this is...I'm saying this also with, sort of, a certainty that transgender people should be allowed to be. But I don't think it's a good thing to conflate everything into one. I don't think it's a good thing to talk about women's issues being exactly the same as the issues of trans-women - because I don't think that's true. "

    SOURCE there is also a video at the source

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  • 03/10/17--19:21: New Archer S08 Promos

  • Los Angeles. 1947. No more dicking around. Archer moves to FXX for an all new season April 5th on FXX.

    This gumshoe always does his worst. Archer moves to FXX for an all new season Wed, 4/5.

    Commit this to memory. Archer moves to FXX for an all new season Wed, 4/5.

    Los Angeles. 1947. Pam's still hungry. Archer moves to FXX for an all new season Wed, April 5th.

    It’s rainin' bullets in Dreamland. Archer moves to FXX for an all new season 4/5 on FXX.

    It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a.. Dick? Archer moves to FXX for an all new season Wed, 4/5.

    Sterling Archer. He'll do anything for a buck. Archer: Dreamland premieres Wed, April 5th on FXX.

    Gangsters! Crooked cops! Reefer addicts! Archer moves to FXX for an all new season Wed, 4/5.

    There's only one way to escape quasi-incestuous home lives. Call Sterling Archer. The all new season begins 4/5 on FXX.

    Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

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    What's your favorite soup??

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    -TVD helped keep TheCW alive
    -Captured what worked for TheCW
    -It was broad enough that it helped them invision what they wanted to do with Arrow, The Flash, JTV
    -The decision to end the show came from Julie Plec
    -He is a genuine fan of the show and has seen every episode
    -Without the show, they would not be where they are today with their programming

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    TVD ends tonight!

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  • 03/10/17--19:58: New Power Rangers Tv Spots

  • Source 1, 2

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    Billy is trying so hard, but the person he's helping has the personality of a wet rag

    Tinder post? How's your love life going, ontd?


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  • 03/10/17--20:46: Adam Pally DGAF mega-post
  • An Adam Pally roundup since he's been promoting his new show 'Making History'.

    Adam makes a grand entrance in a bubble.

    Leighton Meester, Adam Pally and Yassir Lester take a history test about Civil War....Captain America: Civil War.

    Making History BTS

    And this old gem...

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    The first video of how he got fired and his dad being Stefon from SNL. I'm in teaaarssss.

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    Tavi Gevinson, the writer and actress who created online teen magazine Rookie, has been posting a lot about her new digs. In the last week, she's posted 4 photos about moving to 300 Ashland, a new up-scale apartment building in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and uses the hashtags #300AshlandPartner and #300Ashland.

    Sponsored content (spon con, for short) is the art of using your already-existing platform online to make money and shove advertising into your followers' news feeds. Is that what indie queen Tavi is doing now?

    sources: 1234

    does ur fave advertise on instagram? do u judge them for it?

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