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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    He was found dead on Friday, and although there is no official cause known, people close to him believe it was a suicide.

    Tommy was known for his hit single "I'll Be Your Everything," which featured New Kids on the Block, and for most of us, his memorable appearance on Full House in 1992.

    In recent years, Tommy worked as an executive at Warner Bros Records, the publisher of Billboard, and an executive at Pandora.

    He is survived by his 3 children and his partner, Charlie.


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    -E! states that they did not intentionally cut the lipspit lock, it was an older version of the movie they had from way back when
    -Should they ever air the movie again, they will likely seek out an unedited version (cause the movie is sooooo ancient)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Do you believe in censoring?

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    - After Megan Rapinoe refused to stand for the national anthem, to show her support for Colin Kaepernick and to bring attention to racial inequality, US Soccer released numerous statements and women's head coach flopass Ellis made stupid comments about how they believe the anthem is for troops or whatever.
    - US Soccer, being the Trump lovers they are, introduced a new policy - players must stand for the anthem.
    - They don't specify what the punishment would be if you don't stand.
    - The players were made aware of the new rule on Saturday.

    Of the new policy, should-be-fired-coach Ellis said:
    “I’ve always felt that that should be what we do, honor the country, have the pride of putting on the national team jersey, I think that should be the expectation. That’s our workplace out there and I think we should represent ourselves and our country, so I’m pleased with that.”

    SOURCES: 1 and 2

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  • 03/05/17--19:40: The Walking Dead 7x13 Promo

  • source

    Tonight's episode was perfect

    image host

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    What did you think of the hotel scene? How about the therapy scene? Birthday party or Disney on Ice? Let's discuss!

    *Please use spoiler tags if discussing things from the book for those who didn't read it!*


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  • 03/05/17--20:11: Girls 6x05 Promo - "Gummies"

  • Adam and Jessa begin shooting scenes for their film; Hannah's mother has a hard time accepting the next phase of her life; Marnie does a less-than-stellar job of being there for a grieving Ray. (airs March 12, 2017)


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    Gfriend "Fintertip" their girl crush concept

    Victon-EyeZ Eyez

    Subin-Circle's Dream

    Day6-How can i say


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    New era, new hairdo: Katy Perry performed at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and debuted a new breakover pixie cut.

    Katy first went blonde just a few weeks before she dropped her single "Chained to the Rhythm." She posted pics of her new cut on Instagram, just a few days after she broke up with Orlando Bloom. She said, “I feel the most authentic I’ve ever been,” and, "I want to redefine what it means to be feminine."

    katy perry iheartmusic


    She performed CTTR with childen, a giant hamster, and a giant hamster wheel while wearing a red fringed Stella McCartney jumpsuit.




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    Joan and Kitty try to prove that a string of murders, stemming from an old case Sherlock and Kitty solved in London, is connected to an international government conspiracy with the Defense Intelligence Agency Flynn? at its center. Also, Sherlock and Kitty's relationship is strained after she shares life-changing news, on the conclusion of a two-part Elementary.

    Madam Secretary 3x15 "Break in Diplomacy" Promo

    Elizabeth is shocked when the Philippines' unconventional new president, Datu Andrada (Joel de la Fuente), makes a pass at her during their meeting to discuss his refusal to participate in an Asia-Pacific territory treaty. Also, Elizabeth asks Jay to look into Kevin Park's CIA connections, and Henry fears for his operative who is embedded in the religious cult when he goes radio silent.

    The Good Fight 1x05 "Stoppable: Requiem for an Airdate" Promo

    Lucca defends a TV writer-producer in a copyright infringement case with ties to the President of the United States. Meanwhile, Mike Kresteva takes aim at Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad.

    Source 1 + 2 + 3

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  • 03/05/17--21:05: GFRIEND - Fingertip

  • Source: YouTube

    What kinda bop?

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  • 03/05/17--22:36: DAY6 - How Can I Say
  • How Can I Say (어떻게 말해) is DAY6's March Every DAY6 Digital Single:

    For those of you who aren't keeping tabs on them, DAY6 is a JYP Entertainment group that will release a monthly digital single every month of 2017. Here are their previous releases (After the cut):

    JANUARY - I Wait (아 왜)

    FEBRUARY - You Were Beautiful (예뻤어)

    This video is connected to their debut track, Congratulations, and it features the same actors.

    Sources: How Can I Say, I Wait, You Were Beautiful, Congratulations

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    - pitbull’s "hey ma" originally featured romeo santos and britney spears
    - “at first, it was me and romeo santos, britney spears was on the record. the fast and furious team ends up loving the record. and they brought on board j balvin and camila cabello. so, it’s been an interesting journey.” pitbull says to
    - pitbull didn’t explain the logic behind the switch
    - “you never know, there might be a remix with romeo and britney in the future. although for now, britney was fine with the last-minute change. she was a great sport, she’s been in the business for years. she said, ‘don’t even worry about that. we’ll use it for the remix, or we’ll do another record together.’”

    source / source2

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  • 03/06/17--06:08: Homeland Episode 8 promo
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    - Filming pics have revealed that Lockjaw, Blackbolt's giant teleporting dog will be featured in the show.
    - Also, there's a first look at Blackbolt's costume.

    Source 1, 2


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    Mediorce white actor retweeted Riz Ahmed's speech highlighting the need for representation. The irony of the Iron Fist actor calling for diversity was not lost on the many Asian twitter accounts who were quick to call the actor out.

    Literal jar of mayonnaise went through the usually steps that most white actors do when being confronted on race and representation - deflecting, whitesplaining, blocking, and finally deleting their twitter account.

    Highlights from this exchange:
    -thinks it's one of the most diverse Marvel shows on Netflix
    -believes changing Danny's race would completely change his character while the white savior trope is just a character flaw
    -Hey, there's Colleen!

    From a Nerdist interview: "I understand where this frustration comes from. I understand the need for more diversity in television and films, especially for Asian actors. I understand that frustration. I agree with it, and I stand in solidarity with that voice. Now what frustrated me about this particular case is that people haven’t seen the show. They don’t know what we’re doing it with it. And actually, what we’re doing with it is very interesting and we’re tackling issues of what people are upset about. Danny is not a white savior. Danny can’t even save himself, let alone an entire race of people.”

    SOURCE 12345678

    Reminder that we could have had Lewis Tan instead

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    Many great actresses and actors such as Meryl Streep, Harrison Ford, Cary Grant, Jane Fonda and others have made some incredible movies where played some iconic characters. The following list which consist of 15 (5 below with the other 10 @ the source) actors not so thrilled with their iconic characters.

    Kate Winslet in Titanic
    The Titanic star says of her performance (which she received a Academy Award nomination) after seeing a 3D version in 2013: "Every single scene, I'm like 'Really, really? You did it like that? Oh my God.' Even my American accent, I can't listen to it. It's awful. Hopefully, it's so much better now. It sounds terribly self-indulgent, but actors do tend to be very self-critical. I have a hard time watching any of my performances, but watching 'Titanic' I was just like 'Oh God, I want to do that again.'"

    Meryl Streep in The French Lieutenant's Woman
    While on The Graham Norton Show, Meryl talks about her performance in 'The French Lieutenant's Woman' (she also garnered a Academy Award nomination): "I didn't feel like I was living it." Quoting her character in the movie, she added with a laugh, "I didn't feel I imbued the angel of inspiration with the ... whatever it was."

    Alec Guiness in Star Wars
    Many times Alec Guiness has showed his disdain for his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in the original Star Wars trilogy such as telling friends in letters where he described the film as 'fairy tale rubbish' and writing in his diary "Apart from the money, which should get me comfortably through the year, I regret having embarked on the film ... the dialogue, which is lamentable, keeps being changed and only slightly improved."

    Guiness also said in a 1999 interview that it was his idea for his character to be killed as it would make him a stronger character (as he told George Lucas) and goes on to say in the same interview, "What I didn't tell Lucas was that I just couldn't go on speaking those bloody awful, banal lines. I'd had enough of the mumbo jumbo" and that he 'shriveled up' every time 'Star Wars' mentioned him.

    Harrison Ford in Blade Runner
    Harrison has said that Blade Runner was the most frustrating movie he has ever made 'partly because the shoot was so grueling, and the changes in post-production that were meant to help the film's chances at the box-office didn't'. Harrison Ford also clashed with director Ridley Scott and for many years didn't want to speak about the film but by 2007 Ford contributed to the DVD documentary 'Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner'.

    In the documentary, he talks about the voiceover that were used in the theatrical version saying it was written by "clowns". He also said in a Playboy interview about the voiceover, "I delivered it to the best of my ability, given that I had no input. I never thought they'd use it. But I didn't try and sandbag it. It was simply bad narration." Now Harrison has since reconciled with Scott and has made peace with the movie (he's also starring in the sequel released this year)

    Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction
    In a 2003 with CBS News, Close said she would reevaluate the way she portrayed the iconic Alex Forrest, where she thought in some ways was an contributing factor towards mental health stigma with the popularity of the film: "I would read that script totally differently," Close said. "The astounding thing was that in my research for Fatal Attraction, I talked to two psychiatrists. Never did a mental disorder come up. Never did the possibility of that come up. That, of course, would be the first thing I would think of now." She continues saying, "Most people with mental illness are not violent," she told CBS News. "That is wrong, and it's proven wrong and it is immoral to keep that perpetrated."

    source 1/2/3/4/5

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