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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    It recounts the fall, persecution, and burning at the stake of the Knights Templar, as orchestrated by Pope Clement V and Philip IV of France on Friday, October 13, 1307. The series focuses on Templar leader Sir Landry, a brave warrior discouraged by the Templars' failures in the Holy Land who is reinvigorated by news that the Holy Grail has resurfaced. It's also produced by Jeremy Renner.


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    Tana Mongeau: Since our last post, shit has hit the fan in Miss Mongeau's world. In a recent video, she discusses a meet-and-greet experience with a fan who told her to "say n*****" to a camera during the photo op. Here's the video of the incident (warning: racial slurs). The fan turned out to be another YouTuber, iDubbbz, who has a legion of reddit-esque fans. Naturally, they didn't see the problem with him using the word. Things really took a turn when some sleuths dug up some old footage of Tana using the n-word herself in MULTIPLE videos. Here's the footage (another warning: racial slurs). Now, Tana's career has essentially been Death Star-ed.

    Kailyn Marie: I personally don't keep up with Kai anymore, so forgive me if I'm missing the true tea, but according to the forums that are obsessive about her omg, KaiKai's got a new love interest in her life! The sleuths are speculating that this new person of interest is actually a woman who's essentially her sugar momma. Goals tbh! Kailyn also posted this video featuring her nearly 3 year-old daughter. A lot of her fans and haters alike are concerned with the girl's development.

    Amberlynn Reid: A personal favorite of mine, Amberlynn has captivated me with her charm, good nature, and absolute fuckery. Since the last post, Amberlynn has been dumped by her long-time girlfriend Destiny! A little background info: Amberlynn lived with her girlfriend Krystal (and her gf's parents) in Virgina until they broke up in early-ish 2015. They continued living together for several months, until Amberlynn met Destiny and quickly hauled ass to Florida to be with her. Amberlynn and Destiny's romance has been nothing but marital bliss ever since. That's why AL's fans and haters were quite shook when a sleuth noticed that all mentions of AL had been wiped from Desinty's social media. AL played coy for a while, but eventually admitted that she had been dumped. Reasons for the uncoupling are vague, but cheating has been ruled out. THE GAG IS... Amberlynn and Destiny still plan on living together and are sharing a bed. Yeah...

    GlitterForever17: I don't follow Breland because her content is garbage and she's an obvious troll, but when I see a thumbnail that messy, I'm compelled to click. Basically, Breland is an almost 30 year-old woman who wears chokers, CandyYumYum lip stick, and graphic Ts with egg designs on them. Yeah... and she's also recently called off an engagement with her boyfriend of over a decade. The reasons are pretty normal, she just got sick of his ass basically. She moved on pretty quick too, and has posted some questionable content with him. Arrested development is a disease, y'all.


    BYOT: bring your own tea

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    Ontd, are you rooting for the falcons or the other team?

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    Looking forward to this!

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    He made a creepy, flippant tweet but did correct peoples misconceptions of Iran as a war zone so.

    American doesn't know what countries his are bombing apparently, understandable given how many there are.

    Source 1234
    thanks for speaking the truth on tehran but stay away from us thx

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  • 02/05/17--17:01: Fast 8 (F8) Superbowl Spot

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    Quit being a ho Dom

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    she was on an ATV, it flipped over, and she was under water for several minutes :( :( her condition is 'extremely serious'


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    Lady Gaga opened the half-time show with "God Bless America", then followed up with "This Land Is Your Land". She performed "This Land Is Your Land" at the Democratic Nation Convention in July 2016, which became an anti-Trump anthem. Protestors have been singing this song at rallies against Trump's Muslim Ban.

    "This Land Is Your Land" was written by Woody Guthrie in 1944. Guthrie also wrote a poem criticizing Fred Trump (his land-lord) for being a racist POS. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


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    This post is brought to you by Emilia and Lena being obviously wasted because if I was D&D.. getting drunk out of my mind is the only way I could cope with there being this many leaks.

    These new leaks aren't much or that huge (mostly bc everything big has already been leaked) but give some important details which makes the season make a little bit more sense. Leaks from same reddit dude as the scripts and the recent leaks. But still take with a grain of salt yada yada yada...

    Dany and Jon

    -In episode 4 just before Dany leaves for the ambush, Jon takes her down to the caves below Dragonstone where they are mining Dragonglass.

    -He shows her some cave paintings on the walls that look like the spirals we've seen earlier in the series - they are the work of the Children of the Forest.

    -Dany says maybe they are from before there were even men, but Jon shows her a picture that has 5 small figures with 3 larger ones - the Children of the Forest and the First Men fighting a common enemy - the White Walkers - there will be another painting of them too, with the Night King.

    -Jon says that this shows that despite the people of Westeros differences, this shows that there has always been a need for them to bad together against this enemy.

    -Dany says she believes him, and that she will help him. IF he bends the knee.

    -It's directly after this that she gets the news that while they may have taken Casterly Rock, it hasn't exactly been a victory and their troops are now cut off.

    The Unsullied's attack on Casterly Rock

    -The Unsullied attack Casterly Rock with a large force, while a small force led by Grey Worm sneaks in via Tyrion's secret whore entrance and slays the garrison force that's there.

    -Greyworm leads the attack on Casterly Rock as per Tyrion's plan. Casterly Rock is taken quite easily, as the Lannister's essentially have abandoned it, rationalising that once Dany's forces take it they will be cut off from the Sea by Euron's forces, and the Lannister forces will cut them off by land - they won't be able to hold the Rock for a significant time. Eventually (and pretty sure this isn't on screen) they abandon CR and Grey Worm rejoins Dany's forces, and will be in the Dragonpit scene

    Sam and Jorah

    -Maester Ebrose tells Sam not to waste time trying to cure it, and mentions that an old Maester had done some reading into it but forbids Sam to take it further.

    -Sam steals a key for the restricted library and find the book detailing how to cut off the scales and treat it with a special ointment (that Sam prepares himself from the instructions)

    -We see him start the operation on Jorah, and it's clearly incredibly painful and takes all night. We don't get much more of a description of the process than that though. It's a bit underwhelming for what everyone seems to think is an irreversible condition.

    Missandei and Greyworm

    -Missandei comes to see Greyworm in episode 3 just before he leaves for Casterly Rock to say goodbye. They have a conversation about how Greyworm now has one fear and that is not seeing Missandei again. Greyworm talks about how they do not belong in Westeros after Dany takes the throne and asks Missandei if she would like to see Naath again. She says her people are peaceful and cannot protect themselves. Greyworm responds by saying the Unsullied are not peaceful and can protect Missandei’s people.

    -They end up kissing and Missandei removes her clothes. She removes Greyworms top but when she tries to remove his lower clothing he grabs her on the wrist gently to stop her. She says she wants to see all of him. He objects but then nods and she removes his clothes. They go to the bed where Greyworm kisses her face, neck and breasts. He moves downwards but the camera remains focused on Missandei’s face as she receives pleasure.

    -In episode 4 Missandei and Dany are having a female bonding session and Dany tells missandei not to worry Greyworm will return to her. Dany asks what happened between them and Missandei answers “many things”. Dany realises they have had sex and asks “the pillar?” and Missandei answers “yes”.

    Misc. Tormund/Beric/Hound/Gendry

    -We won’t see Beric and Gendry after that episode (6), or at least they aren’t mentioned.

    -The script says at the end of that episode The Hound heads south with the captive Wight in a box, and Beric follows him. Beric isn’t in Episode 7 though.

    -Tormund will reappear in the very last scene of Ep 7 - he’s manning the Wall when the army of the dead attack and Viserion burns it. We don’t see him die or anything, just running for safety once the dragon attacks.


    added a cut mods

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  • 02/05/17--20:29: Logan Superbowl Trailer

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    That's my girl

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    Here we COoOOME
    Phantom Planet

    Indie Rock, became known as The O.C's theme song and every tween's reason to scream their love for such a relatable show every time it played at an 'ages 12-17 dance' night out. It was released in February 2002, and was re-recorded in 2005 to have a more mellowed sound. It peaked at #2 in Italy, and #32 in the US.

    Life's like this
    Avril Lavigne

    Pop Rock, Avril's debut single. This was the start of our "I don't like using the term 'pop star' because that's not my personality, I'm hardcore" not-pop Pop Rock Princess. It was released on May 14 2002, and was a hit, winning many awards and peaking at #1 on charts everywhere.

    Is this thing on?
    I Love Rock 'n' Roll
    Britney Spears

    Pop Rock, originally of Hard Rock genre by The Arrows before being made famous by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. A fan cover cassette single by Britney Spears that was used in her flop film, Crossroads. It was released on May 27 2002, and was generally regarded as the fun ice cream flavour that nobody really likes, yet most can appreciate because it's pretty and colourful and fun for no reason.

    I was losT oh yeah
    In My Place

    Alternative Rock, was well-received both musically and lyrically. The song was released on August 5, 2002, and it's worth noting that it was used in the second season premiere of the then-hit TV series Smallville back when CW was still WB.

    and the world keeps spinning 'rooound

    Alternative Rock, a pretty basic single and a perfect filler for this list, but still memorable enough for some. It was released August 5, 2002.

    F-ck'n hates me
    She Hates Me
    Puddle of Mudd

    Alternative/Hard Rock, it was written around the time when a lot of you were born (1993), but wasn't released until August 13, 2002. Not as much of a hit as the band's single Blurry, but it still sold over 500,000 copies in the US, and the sung title still gets stuck in your head when you least expect it.

    We are. We are alllll
    Our Lady Peace

    Alternative Rock, it did really well in Canada, peaking at #2, and even won two whole MuchMusic Video Awards awards. Pretty nice, eh? The song was released August 13, 2002.

    Here by ma side
    Matthew Good

    Alternative Rock, what a year for Canadian artists in Canada! This song was released October 9, 2002, peaked at #4 on Canada's Nielsen rock chart, and won the award for "Best Video" at the 2003 Juno Awards. And yet another track that made Smallville's second season - only this one was used in the finale.

    yo bahdy is'wondaland
    Your Body Is a Wonderland
    John Mayer

    Soft Pop Rock, found commercial success, won a grammy, and makes it on literally everyone's "worst songs ever" list. It was released October 14, 2002.

    Swing Swing
    The All-American Rejects

    Pop Punk, played at the beach during everyone's spring break, or through the headphones of an emo on a good day. The song was the band's debut single, released December 2, 2002.

    Source: ONTD original
    What were your jams 10-15 years ago, ONTD?

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    Flying Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga had iTunes shook after her Superbowl Halftime show with Joanne leading the charts at #1 & #3. Fame Monster (Deluxe w/ the Fame) was #4, Born This Way #9 etc. "A Million Reasons" also sprung to the top of the singles chart with Poker Face at #9 and Born This Way at #7.

    She knocked down the first ever singer-songwriter Ed Cumberbatch's song, 'Shape of You'.


    what kind of chart kween. Poker Face is a forever bop!

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    Captain Jack Sparrow searches for the trident of Poseidon.


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    this looks so well done and this creepypasta is lit. i'm excited!

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    Good things keep happening for Karla and MGK. Their gold certified smash "Bad Things" which went top 5 this week, is now the #1 song on pop radio.


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  • Nicolas Cage's son Weston got completely shitfaced around noon yesterday and decided to take his car for a spin in the San Fernando Valley.
  • He got into a minor accident and bailed when the police showed up.
  • While being chased by the cops he ran over several mailboxes, a street sign and managed to lose a tire.
  • He ended up crashing into a tree and getting arrested.

    Mess. Thank God no one was killed.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A Walk To Remember's Mandy Moore, Shane West, and Adam Shankman reunited yesterday!


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