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    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film

    La La Land

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in First-Time Feature Film

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Series
    Game of Thrones, “The Battle of the Bastards”

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series
    Veep, “Inauguration”

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Movies for Television and Mini-Series
    The Night Of, “The Beach”

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Variety/Talk/News/Sports – Regularly Scheduled Programming
    Saturday Night Live, “Host: Dave Chappelle”

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Variety/Talk/News/Sports – Specials
    The 70th Annual Tony Awards

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Reality Programs
    American Grit, “The Finale ‑ Over the Falls”

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children’s Programs
    An American Girl Story ‑ Melody 1963: Love Has to Win

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Commercials
    Chase, Nike Golf – Wieden + Kennedy Portland

    Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary
    O.J.: Made in America

    Lifetime Achievement & Service Award Recipients

    Lifetime Achievement Award in Feature Film
    This award, which is given to a Director in recognition of distinguished achievement in motion picture direction, is the Guild’s highest honor and the recipient is selected by the present and past presidents of the Guild.

    DGA Presidents Award
    This award, which is given for leadership and extraordinary efforts in enhancing the welfare and image of the Guild and the industry, is bestowed only by a unanimous vote of the sitting and former DGA Presidents.

    Robert B. Aldrich Service Award
    This award is given in recognition of extraordinary service to the Directors Guild of America and to its membership.

    Frank Capra Achievement Award
    This award is given to an Assistant Director or Unit Production Manager in recognition of career achievement in the industry and service to the Directors Guild of America.

    source 12

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    SOURCE: Video 1 and 2

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    Who are you rooting for?? Team Ruff or Team Fluff?

    I'm on Team Fluff, and I'll be rooting for Alexander Hamilpup! Check out the startling lineup, and tell me your favorite pupper!

    Also, show me your doggies and kitties. Are y'all pumped for the kitty cat halftime show? I'm sure it will be better than whatever Lady Rah Rah does!

    PS All of the puppies and kitties are shelter pets. Adopt don't shop. Also there is pre-game content on right now including a couple of Too Cute episodes, a best of special, a behind the scenes look, and a where are they now feature. Tune in now!


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    - Perfomed I Don't Wanna Live Forever and Better Man live for the first time
    -  Allegedy said: "As far as I know I'm only doing one show in 2017, and as far as I know this is my one show"

    source: 123

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 1 Split Uni. $14,584,485 -43.2% 3,373 +174 $4,324 $98,700,950 $9 3
    2 N Rings Par. $13,000,000 - 2,931 - $4,435 $13,000,000 $25 1
    3 2 A Dog's Purpose Uni. $10,824,830 -40.6% 3,178 +119 $3,406 $32,926,095 $22 2
    4 3 Hidden Figures Fox $10,100,000 -27.9% 3,401 +50 $2,970 $119,402,095 $25 7
    5 5 La La Land LG/S $7,450,000 -39.1% 3,236 +100 $2,302 $118,306,924 $30 9
    6 4 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter SGem $4,500,000 -66.9% 3,104 - $1,450 $21,851,775 $40 2
    7 7 Sing Uni. $4,080,715 -36.3% 2,293 -409 $1,780 $262,907,195 $75 7
    8 14 Lion Wein. $4,006,000 +70.6% 1,405 +830 $2,851 $24,711,674 - 11
    9 N The Space Between Us STX $3,820,000 - 2,812 - $1,358 $3,820,000 $30 1
    10 6 xXx: The Return of Xander Cage Par. $3,700,000 -57.0% 2,478 -1,173 $1,493 $40,024,887 $85 3
    11 8 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story BV $2,933,000 -44.4% 1,613 -436 $1,818 $524,642,512 $200 8
    12 9 Monster Trucks Par. $2,120,000 -49.2% 1,901 -595 $1,115 $31,114,593 - 4
    13 12 The Founder Wein. $1,515,000 -41.9% 936 -179 $1,619 $9,911,805 - 3
    14 10 Gold Wein. $1,450,000 -58.2% 2,166 - $669 $6,221,465 - 2
    15 20 Fences Par. $1,290,000 -10.6% 948 +68 $1,361 $52,716,020 $24 8
    16 13 Moana BV $1,249,000 -49.6% 847 -1,047 $1,475 $242,008,515 - 11
    17 18 Moonlight (2016) A24 $1,234,300 -17.1% 842 -262 $1,466 $19,639,551 - 16
    18 11 Patriots Day LGF $1,145,000 -58.7% 1,003 -844 $1,142 $30,255,974 $45 7
    19 N The Comedian SPC $1,121,567 - 848 - $1,323 $1,121,567 - 1
    20 17 Sleepless ORF $987,479 -43.6% 672 -383 $1,469 $19,383,707 - 4
    21 23 Passengers (2016) Sony $875,000 -4.1% 1,104 +479 $793 $97,405,870 $110 7
    22 19 Arrival Par. $800,000 -45.7% 685 -536 $1,168 $98,641,635 $47 13
    23 N I am Not Your Negro Magn. $709,500 - 43 - $16,500 $709,500 - 1
    24 24 20th Century Women A24 $483,230 -46.8% 253 -397 $1,910 $4,789,758 - 6
    25 22 Un Padre No Tan Padre PNT $435,000 -55.6% 312 - $1,394 $1,637,509 - 2
    26 25 Jackie FoxS $360,000 -46.0% 327 -181 $1,101 $12,862,236 - 10
    27 29 Hacksaw Ridge LGF $245,000 -41.2% 317 -185 $773 $66,361,363 - 14
    28 46 The Salesman Cohen $236,871 +233.3% 46 +43 $5,149 $346,924 - 2
    29 40 Doctor Strange BV $228,000 +109.8% 190 +86 $1,200 $231,901,043 $165 14
    30 35 Paterson BST $179,652 +5.3% 58 +7 $3,097 $1,049,878 - 6
    31 30 Why Him? Fox $170,000 -53.8% 244 -121 $697 $59,043,511 $38 7
    32 26 Silence (2016) Par. $170,000 -72.3% 152 -164 $1,118 $6,804,454 - 7
    33 38 Julieta SPC $127,729 +5.3% 58 +10 $2,202 $1,029,697 - 7
    34 42 Toni Erdmann SPC $103,302 +7.5% 24 +4 $4,304 $528,079 - 7
    35 37 Elle SPC $95,044 -24.5% 104 -24 $914 $1,943,214 - 13
    36 45 The Red Turtle SPC $75,357 +3.7% 21 +6 $3,588 $235,249 - 3
    37 28 The Resurrection of Gavin Stone HTR $72,595 -84.4% 114 -765 $637 $2,278,608 - 3
    38 44 The Eagle Huntress SPC $40,459 -44.6% 48 -43 $843 $2,935,539 - 14
    39 N Chapter & Verse Pala. $32,713 - 1 - $32,713 $32,713 - 1
    40 34 Buddies in India CL $25,000 -86.2% 25 -30 $1,000 $279,043 - 2
    41 N Mr. Gaga: A True Story of Love and Dance Abr. $24,685 - 2 - $12,343 $33,963 - 1
    42 N The Lure Jan. $6,500 - 1 - $6,500 $9,806 - 1
    43 52 Saving Banksy PDF $6,458 -38.2% 4 - $1,615 $37,854 - 4
    TOTAL (43 MOVIES): $96,613,471 -31.6% 44,120 -3,412 $2,190
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    Promotional Pictures at the link in the tweet.

    The synopsis was already posted but if people missed it: "Holden and Miller butt heads about how the raid was handled."

    More goodies behind a cut.

    Adam Savage explores the costumes, as well as props and spacesuits of the show.

    Syfy Wire's Cher Martinetti and Adam Swiderski join producers/universe creators Ty Franck and Daniel Abraham and discuss 2X01/2X02 (featuring special guest star Dominique Tipper). It's almost an hour, I listened to it, some highlights:

    * They stan Bobbie, talk Earth Vs. Mars, Martian armor and space sex.

    * Cas Anvar wears a fake stomach for the show, Naomi tries to grab a hold of and nurture the humanity of those around her, they discuss Wes Chatham's 'Amos mode'/'dead eyed psycho mode', the show making sure Naomi's entire story doesn't revolve around her relationship with Holden.

    * The show allowing them to flesh out characters and bring their backstory in earlier, unlike the books that are locked into POV characters that you can't deviate from, they mention their favorite Naomi scenes from these episodes (the scene with Miller, the "You scared"/"No, I'm angry" scene). The show has complex politics, there's good and bad on all the sides. They talk about Avasarala cursing finally and bringing her in earlier than in the book. They joke about Slamming Wes around like a rag in a dryer and him wanting to do as much of the stunts himself as possible. They mention that the OPA is not a unified body and creating conflict for Fred. Thomas Jane made certain choices back in S1 that pay off now, mapping out a character arc for him, he's also the actor who ad-libbed the most on set.

    Caltech hosts 'The Science Behind The Expanse' with the cast, crew and producers of the show. I didn't watch it, it's like an hour and a half, but I'm sure it's interesting.

    SOURCES: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

    Did you all catch the double episode premiere? The Expanse airs Wednesdays at 10/9C on the SyFy channel.

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    "Scars to Your Beautiful", Alessia's third single from her debut album "Know-It-All" jumped 3 spots this week after Billboard added Pandora streaming data to their Hot 100 chart calculations.
    She previously reached #5 with her debut single "Here".

    source 1, 2

    still pissed at her "Best New Artist" snub.

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  • 02/05/17--10:17: Meet THEY.

  • * LA duo, Drew Love and Dante Jones
    * " grunge'n'b " sound
    * cite Kurt Cobain as a big influence
    * have an EP out called Nü Religion, but have other songs out, too, and have also worked with people like Skrillex
    * debut album is set to come out this year

    writeup: my own knowledge on the band

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    Single mother Mariah Carey was spotted Saturday with her twin children Monroe and Monroccan at the Lego Batman Movie Premiere at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. The "I Don't" singer was casual yet glamorous in a colorful sequin jacket with diamond accessories and a gold necklace. Monroe looked dainty in a floral dress with a matching headband and white stockings, while Monroccan donned a casual tuxedo.

    Carey, who voiced the mayor of Gotham City in the Lego Batman Movie, met up with other star cast members, including Ralph Fiennes (Alfred), Rosario Dawson (Batgirl), Michael Cera (Robin) and Zach Galifianakis (Joker).

    Carey has enjoyed only a sporadic film career, despite stellar success as a singer and songwriter over three decades. Her first screen appearance was as an opera singer in the Chris O’Donnell romcom The Bachelor in 1999, and is still most identified with the 2001 musical Glitter, in which she played an aspiring singer. Carey won plaudits for her work in 2009’s Precious, in which she played a social worker.

    Carey was in good spirits, having posted on Instagram earlier that day that "I Don't" had become the #1 music video on iTunes as well as the #1 trending video on Youtube on Saturday.







    Source (no individual photo galleries)

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    Good things keep happening for Karla and MGK. Their gold certified smash "Bad Things" which went top 5 this week, is now the #1 song on pop radio.


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    During the opening monologue, Kristen Stewart talked about Trump's 11 tweets about her and Robert Pattinson back in 2012, and that if he hated her then he must hate her even more now because she's hosting SNL and is gay. By the end, she also drops the f-bomb.

    source 1234

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    Cary Fukunaga is set to direct new Netflix series entitled Maniac, which will star Emma Stone and Jonah Hill. The ten episode series will be based on a 2014 Norwegian of the same name that follows two characters in a mental hospital who escape into their own fantasy worlds. The show will be written by Patrick Somerville, author of the novels “The Cradle” and “The Bright River.” Production will begin on August 15 in New York City.


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    (More Q&A about shooting the episode, Clary's choices, Simon living at home, the Soul Sword, Aldertree being shady af, Clary and Alec, wearing white and Jocelyn's death at the source.)

    Alec chooses to confide in Magnus over his own Parabatai (Jace) or anyone else at the Institute. What is the significance of this decision?

    -Zac Hug is "genuinely sad for Magnus and Alec" [...] "They’ve had such a hard relationship."
    -Says they want to be around each other all the time, but people keep on dropping dead and the Shadow World is falling down around their heads. So it's tough.
    -"Honestly, that first date? Wh... how did that... where did that... these poor guys."
    -They all talked a LOT abut how best to portray how hard it is for them, and how "gentle and great they are to each other in the process."
    -Called the balcony scene at Magnus' loft in 2x05 'The West Side Story Fire-Escape Scene'.
    -"Relationships are so gloriously messy and at this point in theirs, Alec knows exactly where his comfort lies."

     photo tumblr_okv8pjCZ7r1qhggz0o7_r1_540_zpsvtpybz57.gif

    Sources:Sneak Peak #1, Sneak Peak #2, Damian Holbrook Twitter, Freeform Interview

    The new episode of Shadowhunters featuring the long awaited Malec Date Night drops on Freeform tomorrow! Also on the Freeform app, and Netflix (Tuesday morning for Internationals).
    I'll be posting midweek from now on to give everyone a chance to catch the episode and chat ❤

     photo tumblr_okntb9UhvO1v6fzvoo9_500_zpsy9vg382g.gif

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    Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga is set to go on tour and is to produce a follow-up to her No. 1 album “Joanne,” her second album within a year.

    Rumors are also swirling that she will bring pregnant BEYONCE on stage for a Telephone performance.

    Gaga will also be in a Tiffany ad, the first Superbowl ad for the jeweler.


    The Fame Monster & Joanne are top 5 on iTunes. slay

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  • 02/05/17--11:46: Mariah Carey works out
  • Mariah Carey took to Instagram to share some scenes from the gym, where she is seen climbing steps in stiletto boots, performing bicep curls in a low-cut leotard and diamonds, and sauntering down a walkway. The photos appear to be a paid advertisement for Beverly Hills personal trainer Gunnar Peterson, who has worked with Kim Kardashian.

    The photoset has garnered mixed reactions among the public, with comments including "mariah is a fucking goddess forever youthful and seductive i love her" as well as "I'm starting to think this woman needs serious psychiatric help."

    Climb every mountain 👊🏾😘 @gunnarfitness

    We must we must ... ;) 😘 @gunnarfitness

    Running amok. @gunnarfitness

    Sources: 123

    FACT: For most healthy adults, the Department of Health and Human Services recommends these exercise guidelines:

    - Aerobic activity. Get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity a week, or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity.
    - Strength training. Do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups at least two times a week. Aim to do a single set of each exercise, using a weight or resistance level heavy enough to tire your muscles after about 12 to 15 repetitions.

    Are you fit? How many minutes a week are you exercising?

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    this is y'all woke palestine queen? Gigi out here mocking Asian people. i would say she's cancelled but she never started. rat

    — z (@zainzayns) February 5, 2017

    Bella recently posted this video on her instagram story, where Gigi and another couple friends are celebrating Olivia Perez's birthday.

    Gigi holds up a Buddha cookie next to her face, imitating the face. She's now being called out on Twitter for being racist.

    sources: 1 2
    Nagl sis...

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    Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, failed Presidential candidate and all-around scumbag, tried coming for Senator Chuck Schumer last night on Twitter. Schumer was seen several days ago teary-eyed talking about how cruel Trump's Muslim ban was. Since real men don't cry~~, Huckabee decided a trans joke based on Boys Don't Cry was appropriate. (For those who don't recall, the 1999 film is about the real-life story of Brandon Teena, a trans man who was murdered for being trans.)

    Celebs were quick to tear him apart:

    Throwing it back in his face, comedian Camerson Esposito began raising money for Trans Life Line:

    Huckabee has yet to apologize (nor will he) and has instead taking to Twitter to talk about cheese curds.

    Source 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

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    Jauregui’s open letter on Trump’s Muslim ban:

    Raise your hand if you are an immigrant, or the sons and daughters of immigrant parents, or the grandchildren of immigrants, or the great-grandchildren, or great-great-grandchildren? Wait…are everyone’s hands up—including yours, Mr. Trump—except for the Indigenous people of the Americas?! Because they should be.

    In 1492 some Spanish conquistadors who were looking to expand their empire sailed over here and enslaved and murdered the Indigenous people who inhabited and took care of their beautiful Americas, both North and South. In 1620, European Christian separatists escaping religious persecution sailed here and started up their colonies by doing the same.

    “O beautiful for spacious skies / For amber waves of grain / For purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain / America, America, God shed His Grace on thee / And crown thy good with brotherhood / From sea to shining sea.” Everything you’ve been taught, everything you know, this nationalism you’ve had instilled in you since you were born here or came here, is all a sham. When we all start to wake up and realize that our comforts are fleeting and more money is never going to save this world, maybe, just maybe, will we be able to return back to the grace of America’s principle values.

    Those stripes are supposed to symbolize the brutal blood of a fight for liberation from oppression when really it was all seemingly for a few men’s legacy of conquer and power. There is no patriotism for this flag without a belief in those Constitutional Rights that were adopted from the Iroquois constitution.

    This country was built and continues to survive off the backs of immigrants and refugees. The term refugee in itself is such a significant word. These people are not terrorists: Many are escaping wars that we created in their lands. To tell another human being that the disastrous tortures of war are not important and to then go even a step further and insult their plight for freedom by labeling them “terrorists” is just disrespectful to humanity. The only terrorism that both history and I have experienced has been at the hands of powerful White men who are willing to systematically kill and conquer without an ounce of empathy for anything but their pockets.

    [ ... ]

    Please heed the danger and the warning and blessing that we still live in a country where the founding principles that these Republicans swear to uphold are still protected by some. These empty promises, these dangerous executive orders, this obsession with money — we will not be able to drink oil or eat dirty, blood-wrung green paper and nickel. Please, please listen.

    Check out the and and take action in a community near you. We cannot afford woke tweets and Instagram posts alone. We need action. Take your future back into your hands.

    source: vibe x read the complete letter on

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