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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Xtina performs "Stormy Weather" at ABC’s Taking The Stage: African American Music And Stories That Changed America Special. The song title aptly describes the wreckage that Hurricane Trump has caused the USA/entire world, but Legend X is the beacon of light we all need.

    Maybe now the Voice of the Generation™ can finally release her goddamn album so that there's at least some hope in these dark days.

    ontd, what albums are you listening to in order to drown your sorrows / reflect your despondency at the world?

    also this was my first post after a long time lurking, pls don't hurt me


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    This show just continues to be amazing even if the fandom can be annoying. If you think this show is about Greg/Rebecca vs Josh/Rebecca then you're watching it wrong. This show is about Rebecca dealing with her issues and learning to love herself and be happy. Plus musical numbers and lots of jokes.

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    Here's the Tv Spot that was played during the Golden Globes a few days ago. We've all been patiently waiting to see if Emma Watson really can sing, and, well, prepare to be disappointed.

    nnn that autotune

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    Nobody will comment on if Nina is coming back for the finale, so she may not, but yet they keep using all this old footage of Elena from prior seasons.

    The necklace that Damon associates with Elena, I associate with Rebekah & Esther. The show is just kind of going in circles at this point. Stefan & Damon haven't had any character development really over the course of the show and are pretty much back at square one. Sybil was right when she told Caroline that Stefan will fall of the wagon again, because he always goes in cycles and hasn't learned a balance.

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    In an open letter, provided exclusively to TheWrap, the “Dreamgirls” star apologized to the LGBT community, saying she was “uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans.”


    Please allow me this opportunity to speak to you directly and to explain why I originally made my decision to perform at the inauguration which was what I had thought would be my simply keeping in my tradition of being a “bi-partisan songbird” having sung for Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush.

    I was asked to sing a song for what was presented to me as the “Welcome Concert For The People”– in my mind I was reflecting on the past times of being asked to sing for presidents and I only focused on the phrase “For The People”… I thought, For America!

    I was honestly just thinking that I wanted my voice to be a healing and unifying force for hope through music to help our deeply polarized country… Regretfully, I did not take into consideration that my performing for the concert would actually instead be taken as a political act against my own personal beliefs and be mistaken for support of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

    In light of the information pointed out to me via the Daily Beast article on yesterday, my only choice must now be to stand with the LGBT Community and to state unequivocally that I WILL NOT PERFORM FOR THE WELCOME CONCERT OR FOR ANY OF THE INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES!

    I sincerely apologize for my lapse of judgement, for being uneducated on the issues that affect every American at this crucial time in history and for causing such dismay and heartbreak to my fans.

    Please know that I HEAR YOU and I feel your pain. The LGBT Community was mostly responsible for birthing my career and I am deeply indebted to you… You have loved me faithfully and unconditionally and for so many years you provided me with work even though my star had long since faded.

    Thank you for communicating with me, I had no idea that I still meant so much to all of you.

    Thank you for your posted comments both the good supportive ones as well as the ugly hurtful ones.

    With LOVE & Appreciation,

    “The Original DreamGirl”


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    did you like Suicide Squad??

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    Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's divorce was finalized yesterday and their assets were divided up.
    Amber will keep a horse, two cars and the two dogs that were at the center of their Australian dog smuggling scandal.
    Johnny Depp is walking away with all of his properties and 42 vehicles.

    As the divorce proceedings came to a close, Johnny Depp filed another lawsuit. This time it was against his old business managers who allegedly lost him tens of millions of dollars and are responsible for the looming foreclosure on his primary home.

    Their lawyers responded: “For 17 of those years, they did everything possible to protect Depp from his irresponsible and profligate spending. In December 2012, Depp faced financial ruin with the impending default on a $5 million bank loan. The Mandels bailed him out by loaning him $5 million, which he promised to repay by January 2014. Although Depp later changed managers, he never alleged any wrong doing. In October 2016, with Depp still owing $4.2 million, the Mandels started non judicial foreclosure proceedings against certain of Depp’s properties. Depp’s lawsuit, filed on the eve of the sale of those properties, is a transparent attempt to derail the foreclosure by concocting and spreading malicious lies about the Mandels. His tactics and lawsuit will fail, and he will be forced to pay back the loan as promised.”

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    Into the Badlands, starring Daniel Wu, Aramis Knight, Sarah Bolger, Emily Beecham, Oliver Stark

    Season 2 will air in March 2017 on AMC

    source: 1

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    - tentatively titled "searching for neverland"
    - recounts the final years of his life through his two bodyguard's eyes
    - michael impersonator, navi, will play him
    - suzanne de passe will serve as a producer
    Source: rolling stone's twitter

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    They were nominated for Best Video for 'Hair' (this award is fan voted) and Best Single for 'Shout Out to My EX'

    It's Leandre - for her and her new bf Striker for Burnley Andre Gray

    source 12345

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    Let the people rejoice!! We're getting a second season!!

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    • Celine has lowered the price of her Florida home to 38.5 million, which is almost 50% lower than the original 72 million price

    • She's lowered it a few times before, since it's been a hard seller and most recently was the drop to 45 million in 2016

    • In total, the house has 14 bathrooms and 13 bedrooms (including the rooms from two guest houses)

    • The dining room and some of the kitchen

    • Here is a photo of the living room, and yes that side of the staircase leads to nowhere! She had to keep up with her aesthetic

    • She had an arcade built in as well with a pool table, skee ball etc

    • There's also a theater room, gym and a tennis court

    • You can see more at the source!

    • Here is a video tour of the house

    • It also includes some water guns when going down the lazy river (1:03)

    • Celine's closet includes a revolver for her shoes and clothes (3:49)

    celinedion Holiday memories! Now time to get back to work! Souvenirs des fêtes! Maintenant, on retourne au boulot! #TBT #Vacances #Famille -Team Céline🎄
    Photo: @denisetruscello

    • Celine shared a photo of the family over the holidays from their trip to Montana

    • After having really long hair, 6 year old twins Eddy (left) and Nelson (right), have gotten a haircut

    • RC (Rene-Charles) also had really long hair as a child until it was cut when he was about 9 years old

    celinedion Il y a un an, le 14 janvier 2016, René Angélil nous quittait. Son souvenir reste à jamais gravé dans nos cœurs.
    Today, January 14th, it’s been a year since René left us. He will always be in our hearts. -Team Céline ❤

    • Today marks 1 year Rene passed away so Celine's team made an instagram post and made a faceook video post

    ty for your time!

    SOURCE / YT vid / Insta / FB Post

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    Ariana posted a pic on IG captioned "when you're cute but you're also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth #cute #butalso #CEO #unfuckwitable #haventsleptinyears" and it's been getting backlash bc of the wording.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    src: Ari's IG | stan twitter
    Do u think celebs actually work harder than regular ppl ?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    This one shows a lot more

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    Source 1
    Source 2

    Her voice is everything.

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  • 01/14/17--15:04: SNATCH Trailer (2017)
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    She states that she was just trying to stress that she believes in democracy and the American constitution. “I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy, and the American constitution. It’s that simple,” she said.

    She says also states that she is issue based, and she's very committed to women's issues.

    Believing in democracy does shit though

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    if you didn't see dump's tweets

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

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    Sources: @JustJared. Twitter.


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    The actress will star a headstrong secretary at Police Headquarters by the name of Sara Howard. Together with characters being played by previously cast Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Bastards) and Luke Evans (The Girl on The Train), she'll investigate a series of brutal murders in New York during the Gilded Age. Production is set to begin in Budapest shortly, with plans for the series to premiere later this year.

    - Jakob Verbruggen (Black Mirror) is set to direct
    - Cary Fukunaga as executive producer
    - marks Fanning's first significant TV role
    - will play a young secretary on Roosevelt's staff who's determined to become the first female police detective in New York City


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