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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - Says people in Hollywood have been circulating a tape of Trump using the N word, making fun of his son Barron, and other offensive shit.
    - Was recorded for Apprentice, but producers obviously cut it out of the show.
    - Won't release it
    - Arnold Schwarzenegger's agent called him and asked him to release it (?)
    - Doesn't think the recordings would hurt Trump, thinks his supporters would love it.


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    - The Real Housewives of Orange County couple Heather and Terry Dubrow went to The Ritz Prime Seafood restaurant in Newport Beach, CA last week. Even though their server was "nice", they felt the actual service was too slow for their standards and Terry left a note on the table complaining about it.
    - Heather "couldn't stop laughing" and uploaded a now-deleted picture of the note to Instagram.
    - After fans called her out for not having the guts to keep the picture up, but she claimed she didn't want to hurt the business since the name was visible on the receipt.

    source, photo source

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  • 12/19/16--18:06: New Riverdale promo

  • Source

    It looks worse and worse with each promo. I can't wait.

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    Bella Thorne, of Shake it Up and tacky redcarpet fame, has raised a few questions about her romantic life. She and her "Gotcha! I'm not gay!" boyfriend Tyler Posey seemed to be in OTT bliss. But on December 17th, Thorne tweeted a vague proclamation about a loved one:

    That year flew by quick! Two days later, pics of Thorne and Charlie Puth surfaced, who were reported to be walking hand in hand on the Miami beach. Check out a pic of the young couple leaning in for a kiss:

    That outfit...

    To go from the over-affectionate twitter exchanges with Posey to stealing kisses on the beach with Puth is a bit of a shock. But Thorne has recently announced she doesn't give a fuck what people think of her so...

    Source 1, Source 2, Source 3
    Do you have a disposable soulmate, ONTD?

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    • Karla officially let the girls know that she would be leaving mid November, but she didn't tell them when

    • The label execs and the band tried to coordinate meetings to talk about the future of the group. Karla didn't even show up to an intervention from LA Reid about how the 5 need to continue as a group

    • Karla ditched all of the meetings, so a therapist was brought on to work with all of the members

    • Karla didn't show up to the therapy sessions either

    • Dinah's messy aunt had a livestream today. In the past she has said that Taylor Swift is a snake who planted it into Camila's head to go solo. Now she's saying that Camren is real, Lauren was devasted that Karla left, and that Lauren will leave next.

    • She also that that Camila and Lauren will have a duet ... in their bed

    The stalker fans that always meet the girls and call themselves Camila's "mamba gang" are also saying that the 5H parents have been texting fans for a while saying that the group will go on hiatus in January. Their families are even more messy than the girls and we all know how much drama they have themselves already. WTF is wrong with Dinah's aunt feeding those Larry-esque tinhats???

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    #19 - JoJo, "Mad Love"
    #12 - Bruno Mars, "24k Magic"
    #6   - Carly Rae Jepsen, "Emotion: Side B"
    #5   - Britney Spears, "Glory"
    #1   - The 1975 - "I Like It When You Sleep, for You are So Beautiful yet so Unaware of It"

    Complete list at the SOURCE

    Yeah, yeah. Congrats to everyone. Only posting because RS put the DNCE album, "DNCE" at  #13 on this list!

    SOURCES: 12

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    come bien!

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  • 12/19/16--19:19: Twelve Days of ONTD: Day 7

  • Every day until Christmas, we'll be randomly giving away LiveJournal paid account time!

    How do you enter? All you have to do is comment! We'll be randomly selecting winners from the comments section. To keep it fair, you can only win once, but you can comment as much as you'd like, which increases your chances of winning.


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    - Finding Dory, Captain America: Civil War, Zootopia, Jungle Book, Moana, Doctor Strange, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens made Disney a lot of money this year

    - the four highest grossing movies of the year (globally) are all Disney movies

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    Many women today are shamed for breastfeeding in public, or even kicked out of public places for feeding their children. I have been made to feel the need to cover up and somewhat shy to feed my baby in public places but strangely feel nothing for the topless editorials I've done in the name of art..?
    The world has been desensitized to the sexualization of the breast and to violence on tv...why should it be different when it comes to breastfeeding? -Breastfeeding is not sexual it's natural- Those who feel it is wrong to feed your child in public need to get educated on the benefits breastfeeding has on mother and child and intern on society as a whole.


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    - The rumors are true: Gaga will make a stop in Brazil to headline the country's largest music festival Rock In Rio in September as part of her worldwide Joanne tour.

    - Gaga's new album Joanne has been a massive success in Brazil, spending seven consecutive weeks at number one on the country's album chart.

    - Other headliners include: Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi, Billy Idol, Aerosmith & Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    - Ticket information is expected to be released early next year.

    take my hand, slay Joanne


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  • 12/20/16--09:17: ONTD Roundup
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    • It was stressful to release two albums so close to each other, but they knew that they wanted to release another album as soon as possible, so they worked on the songs most of the year and then recorded the whole album in about two weeks.

    • They like being active and busy and to be constantly working, and that's why they didn't want to disappear again like it happened when they disappeared for a year before the Get Weird era.

    • They take care of themselves by having sleepovers, not wearing makeup, eating a lot of junk food and wearing their onesies. They also like going to the spa.

    • They're more experienced in the industry now and they're a tight unit. The longer they go as a band, the closer they become as well, and the tighter their sisterhood gets.

    • They have been working really hard over the last 5 years, so they think they're at that level where they're ready to take over the world.

    • They wouldn't have lasted this long if it weren't for their friendship. If their friendship ends, then it's gonna be time for them to breakup. They're very lucky because they adore each other.

    • They like empowering women and making them feel confident in themselves.

    • The advice they would give to their younger selves is to have more confidence in themselves and not to worry about what other people think of them.

    • Believe in yourself and don't let people put you down.

    • Always know that there's only one you in the world, and that's what's lovely.

    • Their music evolution has been very steady.

    • DNA was some kind of experiment because they didn't know yet what their sound was going to be like.

    • Salute was a bit more urban.

    • Jade forgot for a second that this was their fourth album.

    • Get Weird was more pop.

    • Glory Days is more them because that's the kind of music they listen to, and because it's a more honest album.

    • They're very lucky because they have collaborated with really talented people in their albums.

    • Jade wanted to talk about her battle with anorexia to help others that may be going through the same thing.

    • They're already used to being in the public eye. They have learned to have thick skin, and they have each other's backs, so that makes it easier.

    • Z100 New York showed them a video of people shouting out their exes and the girls loved it.

    • My personal favorite is the woman at 0:42 whose ex's is dead to her.

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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  • 12/20/16--10:15: The Librarians 3x06 Promo


    Yes, they're airing a new episode Christmas night.

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  • 12/20/16--10:15: Zac Efron for Hugo Boss

  • hugo_official: Revealed - actor @zacefron is the new face of our signature fragrance, HUGO Man. Discover the campaign in 2017 #yourtimeisnow #fragrance #iamhugo

    Sources: @HugoBoss, @ZacEfron, 1, 2, 3, 4.

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  • 12/20/16--10:15: The Emoji Movie Teaser #1
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    ''An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps. He soon suspects that the spa's miraculous treatments are not what they seem. When he begins to unravel its terrifying secrets, his sanity is tested, as he finds himself diagnosed with the same curious illness that keeps all the guests here longing for the cure. From Gore Verbinski, the visionary director of THE RING, comes the new psychological thriller, A CURE FOR WELLNESS.''


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    Margot confirmed her marriage to Tom Ackerley on instagram late yesterday evening, by posting a picture of her new husband and wedding ring. Their ceremony was on Byron Bay along with 50 guests. She was given away by her mother Sarie Kessler, with guests being offered pizza and CoCo Puffs cereal to enjoy after the ceremony.


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    beginning in 2019, works that do not demonstrate inclusivity in their production practices will no longer be eligible for its annual awards

    Eligible projects must showcase on-screen characters and themes, senior roles and crew, industry training and career progression, and audience access and appeal to underrepresented audiences.

    Correction, Dec. 20, 2016: This post originally suggested that films that did not meet the diversity requirements would be ineligible for all BAFTA Awards. The requirements only apply to the Outstanding British Film or Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director, or Producer awards.

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