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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    WAY too long bulletpoints/summary
    Donald Trump
    - Was sitted next to Donald Trump at the Larry King birthday toast for hours a few years ago; Suze Orman tried to get Kathy to sit elsewhere because of Trump's anti-LGBTQ stance.
    - Trump was insuffrable
    - At one point turned to Kathy and said "So you're a female comedian..."
    - Whole table was cracking up at how he's acting as though female comedians were new and just invented.
    - Kathy jokingly responded to him, "Yeah, and next thing you know, we're gonna want to vote"; Trump didn't laugh
    - Trump asks Kathy how much she makes. She asks back "How much do you make?" Trump says "A billion dollars". Kathy responds "Me too."
    - Kathy concludes that he's that kind of guy.

    Election Night with Sharon Stone
    - Talks about how some celebrities that used to loathe her have come to learn that Kathy's harmless to their careers and just joking, and put up with her.
    - Called Sharon Stone and told her that she needed company and wants to cuddle.
    - Came over to Sharon's place to watch the election, had dance breaks as the results increasingly didn't go their way
    - At one point, both of them decided to dance topless; Sharon allegedly snapchatted it

    Barbara Walters and Suge Knight
    - Claims that Barbara is more scary than Suge Knight.
    - Spooned with Suge Knight at a party.
    - Barbara's latest method of tolerating with Kathy Griffin run-ins is to immediately talk to her boyfriend and compliment him (e.g., "you're so tall and handsome, do you model?") to avoid talking to Kathy.
    - Kathy jokingly yelled "BACK OFF, HE'S MINE" to Barbara the last time this happened and says that she's now in a feud with Barbara because she's trying to steal her boyfriend.
    - Makes it clear that she actually loves Barbara at the end.

    Having the Kardashians as neighbors
    - Surprisingly good quiet neighbors.
    - Usually not home, but polite when around.
    - Joy tried to get Kathy's take on Kanye's hospitalization since Kathy is neighbors with him suggesting that maybe Kanye felt bad about saying he would have voted Trump and got stressed out.
    - Kathy basically said that the monologue was interesting and was a "... read the [vibe of the] room" moment; didn't address the hospitalization in her response.

    On Taylor Swift
    - Claims that Taylor hates her.
    - Met at a fundraiser.
    - Said that Taylor's squad gave off a "high school" vibe; when Kathy was going to the bathroom and saw the squad standing outside, she went "nevermind, I'll hold it".
    - The fundraising event is one of those events where they announce the special guests and have them stand up.
    - Kathy was called after Taylor and decided to do the "I'm watching you" gesture towards her as a joke
    - Kathy could tell from Taylor's expression that she took it seriously, so she tried to come to her to tell her that she was joking, but the squad iced and ignored her.

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    - during a new appearance on bbc radio 1, the mogul, fashion icon, megastar played a 5 second snippet of her new music from her phone
    - “i’m most excited about this record. i’ve been working on it for nearly two years. i’ve just been in a really crazy musical state, now to be in a really comfortable environment and grow up in my own skin, to put music out and write my own things.”
    - best pop song of 2017 at 1-minute mark


    im scalped

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Ziggy is an indigenous Australian rapper from Perth, West Australia.

    His new song "Black Face" includes audio from a news report earlier this year about a mother dressing her kid in black face (there was a post about that). describes the song as a "sermon of frustration and an incredulous plea for understanding."

    Source 2

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    Good Morning everyone ! Happy Thanksgiving ! You know the deal , sit back and enjoy the fun on this lovely morning :)


    I need streams !!! Someone help :3

    * please let this work *

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    Jill Stein started an "Election Integrity" Fundraiser yesterday to pay for recount fees in 3 swing states: Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. She claims that this was not done to help Hillary Clinton in any way.

    -The goal was met in less than 24 hours
    -Her website now says that the 2.5 million will go towards the Wisconsin recount
    -New goal is set at $4,500,000 (presumably toward PA and MI)

    From the website: These recounts are part of an election integrity movement to attempt to shine a light on just how untrustworthy the U.S. election system is.

    All money raised goes toward recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We hope to do recounts in all three states. If we only raise sufficient money for two, we will demand recounts in two states. If we only raise enough money for one, we will demand a recount in one state.

    We cannot guarantee a recount will happen in any of these states we are targeting. We can only pledge we will demand recounts in those states.

    If we raise more than what's needed, the surplus will also go toward election integrity efforts and to promote voting system reform.

    Here are the filing fees and deadlines for each state:

    Wisconsin: $1.1 million by Nov 25
    Pennsylvania: $0.5 million by Nov 28
    Michigan: $0.6 million by Nov 30
    Those are filing fees alone. The costs associated with recounts are a function of state law. Attorney's fees are likely to be another $2-3 million, then there are the costs of the statewide recount observers in all three states. The total cost is likely to be $6-7 million.

    Donations can be made here:

    Roseanne is losing her damn mind over this...


    Do you think this recount is going to happen, ONTD?

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    For US Mixers you can buy their new album for only $9.97 on Amazon!

    Glory Days has outsold Metallica's 10th studio album and is set to be one of 2016's fastest selling albums (in the UK)
    Perrie asks fan to streamGlory Days as much as possible. But either way Little Mix have beaten Get Weird's debut sales last year and have snatched that number 1 debut (in the UK).

    Little Mix are officially in Italy to do a Mondadori store signing in Milan and perform on X-factor Italia!

    Source 123456
    Buy Glory Days using their Black Friday deal
    Stream Glory Days

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    ontd, are you watching this show? ngl, i'm really enjoying it

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    Despite the premiere having the second biggest viewership in the show's lifetime (17 million viewers), the ratings have been dropping week to week this season. They lost 25% of the audience going into the second episode and after this most recent episode, the viewership is at the numbers the show had during season 3 (11 million viewers). It's the steepest ratings fall the show has had.

    The demo numbers are still strong and higher than any other show though (aka white males aged 18-49).

    I'm glad, tbh

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  • 11/24/16--10:10: ONTD Roundup
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    According to reports while Tyga was out celebrating his birthday on Friday he was hit with yet another lawsuit. While at the Penthouse nightclub in West Hollywood a process server got past security and very publicly served the alleged rapper with papers. There's no reports on exactly what this lawsuit is about since his life is full of repossessions and debt. The process server was removed by security and Tyga went on enjoying the evening seemingly unbothered since lets be real he's used to this by now.

    Source 1 and 2

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    • Jessica Chatain is set to produce a drama based on the true story of the Black Mambas, an all-female group who combat poaching in South Africa.

    • The film will be written by the “Walking Dead” star and “Eclipsed” playwright Danai Gurira.

    • No word yet on who might direct or star in the project.


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    Every thanksgiving her mom makes pumpkin bread
    Karlie and a friend took the recipe to make it dairy free, gluten free and refined sugars free
    She shows you the recipe and demonstrates
    Wishes everyone a happy thanksgiving

    Do you have a special recipe for the holidays ONTD?

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    • According to British tabloids, Perrie and Alex have been enjoying secret dates near his house for a few weeks.

    • They want to keep their relationship on the down low, which is why they haven't even followed each other on social media, because they know that as soon as they do people will start talking.

    • Sources say that it's still early days, but there's chemistry between them and they have been enjoying each other's company and spending time together.

    • Perrie was at the Arsenal vs Tottenham Hotspur game a few weeks ago, and some fans saw her and tweeted about it, and even a guy took a picture with her. Someone tweeted that she bought a lot of Arsenal merch before the game that day.

    • Both Perrie and Alex's main focus is on their careers.

    #FunFact: The girls, minus Perrie, met Alex last year and did an interview together. Jesy was even trying to pair him up with Jade. The world is a funny place.

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3

    ONTD, how's your love life going?

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    ONTD, are you excited for Hairspray Live!?

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    the song is not even 2 minutes long kylie i trust u can sing 3 full minutes!!!!

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    sources 1234

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    when ja rule did The Line😭😭😭

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