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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    aka some weird ass self-flagellating Western kinky shit featuring a pastor with issues and a congregation that goes along with it

    BRIMSTONE is a dark story set at the end of the 19th century. An exciting, violent and epic thriller about Liz, a young woman whose life and that of her family will be at stake as a chilling pastor appears in her life.


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    Bonus Tweet:

    Source 1 and 2
    For anyone that doesn't know Stevie Van Zandt is a member of the E Street Band. Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda hasn't been in Hamilton since July 9th and was therefore not on stage last night...

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    • Kanye West had a show in Sacremento (Nov 19) and went on another rant

    • He was late, performed 3 songs, (including with Kid Cudi), talked for about 20 minutes, and ended the show

    • He called out Beyonce, Jay Z, mentioned Drake, Taylor Swift, Frank Ocean, and apparently others

    • Kid Cudi came out to perform with Kanye

    • Kanye and Kid Cudi hugging

    • Says he's got a vision and keeping it real

    • "Beyonce I was hurt, I went down 7 years on behalf..", then tells someone not to throw stuff when he's talking

    • Putting his career, life and public will standing on the line being outspoken as he is

    • Kanye said he was hurt by Beyonce because he heard said she wouldn't perform (at the VMA's) unless she won Video Of The Year over himself and Drake's "Hotline Bling"

    • Said Beyonce is great, Taylor Swift is great, but "sometimes we play politics too much and forget who we are just to win"

    • Says screw being cool and looking cool

    • Says he gives "my truth" at the risk of his own sucess and own life

    • Also reminds Jay Z to call him because he hasn't called yet

    • Tells Jay Z "I know you got killers. Please don't send them to my head. Talk to me like a man" (yikes)

    • Talks about how people working in radio, and program directors are real people with families but they don't play what they want to play

    • They get paid to play "that bullshit over and over"

    • Says "we love Drake, Drake is great, he's a great artist but Frank Ocean is great too"

    • Says Kid Cudi is the greatest and "radio fuck you! Oh yeah I'm on my trump shit tonight! Radio, fuck you!"

    • Says he's not scared and he's going to change things

    • He's got a vision and he might not say things the right way but will say how he feels

    • Tells the press to get ready to "write passive aggressive and racist comments because the shows over"

    • Fans booing

    • Fans yelling "fuck you Kanye"

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    -Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump


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    The royal couple married on November 20th 1947.

    The Crown post?

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    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend
    TW LW Title (click to view) Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count /Change Average Total Gross Budget* Week #
    1 N Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them WB $75,000,000 - 4,144 - $18,098 $75,000,000 $180 1
    2 1 Doctor Strange BV $17,676,000 -58.9% 3,694 -188 $4,785 $181,542,877 $165 3
    3 2 Trolls Fox $17,500,000 -50.0% 3,945 -121 $4,436 $116,214,533 $125 3
    4 3 Arrival Par. $11,800,000 -51.0% 2,335 +18 $5,054 $43,370,799 $47 2
    5 4 Almost Christmas Uni. $7,040,000 -53.5% 2,379 +3 $2,959 $25,420,740 $17 2
    6 5 Hacksaw Ridge LGF $6,750,000 -36.5% 2,883 -88 $2,341 $42,854,292 - 3
    7 N The Edge of Seventeen STX $4,825,000 - 1,945 - $2,481 $4,825,000 $9 1
    8 N Bleed for This ORF $2,357,946 - 1,549 - $1,522 $2,357,946 $6 1
    9 6 The Accountant WB $2,115,000 -52.1% 1,423 -919 $1,486 $81,252,018 $44 6
    10 7 Shut In EC $1,600,000 -55.7% 2,006 -52 $798 $6,036,645 - 2
    11 13 Moonlight (2016) A24 $1,583,433 +25.1% 650 +474 $2,436 $6,739,483 - 5
    12 8 Boo! A Madea Halloween LGF $1,175,000 -66.6% 1,171 -933 $1,003 $72,167,821 $20 5
    13 9 Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Par. $1,000,000 -69.7% 1,110 -1,474 $901 $56,669,185 $60 5
    14 32 Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk TriS $930,000 +714.9% 1,176 +1,174 $791 $1,086,611 - 2
    15 16 Loving Focus $854,000 +66.5% 137 +91 $6,234 $1,737,088 - 3
    16 10 Inferno Sony $640,000 -80.4% 770 -1,886 $831 $33,373,473 $75 4
    17 12 The Girl on the Train (2016) Uni. $576,000 -64.8% 492 -516 $1,171 $74,457,105 $45 7
    18 N Nocturnal Animals Focus $494,000 - 37 - $13,351 $494,000 - 1
    19 14 Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Fox $400,000 -67.0% 464 -491 $862 $85,787,641 $110 8
    20 11 Ouija: Origin of Evil Uni. $295,000 -83.0% 381 -1,157 $774 $34,896,030 $9 5
    21 N Manchester by the Sea RAtt. $241,230 - 4 - $60,308 $241,230 - 1
    22 28 The Eagle Huntress SPC $195,649 +1.6% 39 +8 $5,017 $555,690 - 3
    23 15 Keeping Up with the Joneses Fox $175,000 -68.5% 216 -294 $810 $14,620,292 $40 5
    24 18 Deepwater Horizon LG/S $150,000 -61.6% 201 -189 $746 $60,851,661 $110 8
    25 23 Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life LGF $135,000 -49.8% 207 -19 $652 $19,743,173 $8.5 7
    26 43 Elle SPC $128,701 +152.7% 24 +22 $5,363 $214,787 - 2
    27 27 Pete's Dragon (2016) BV $126,000 -38.3% 162 -17 $778 $75,960,505 $65 15
    28 31 Finding Dory BV $87,000 -41.7% 121 -19 $719 $486,200,416 - 23
    29 24 Ae Dil Hai Mushkil FIP $70,000 -73.4% 53 -110 $1,321 $4,237,353 - 4
    30 33 Queen of Katwe BV $65,000 -41.8% 81 -37 $802 $8,713,498 $15 9
    31 N The Take (2016) HTR $39,000 - 100 - $390 $39,000 - 1
    32 N A Street Cat Named Bob Cleopatra $35,070 - 25 - $1,403 $35,070 - 1
    33 34 Certain Women IFC $34,020 -68.6% 63 -57 $540 $1,011,020 - 6
    34 N Best Worst Thing That Ever Could Have Happened Abr. $22,573 - 2 - $11,287 $22,573 - 1
    35 44 I'm Not Ashamed PFR $12,000 -74.8% 22 -63 $545 $2,074,473 - 5
    36 N Daughters of the Dust (2016 re-release) Cohen $10,842 - 1 - $10,842 $10,842 - 1
    37 46 American Pastoral LGF $8,000 -82.5% 20 -39 $400 $533,970 - 5
    38 55 The Beatles: Eight Days a Week - The Touring Years Abr. $7,776 -60.5% 11 -10 $707 $2,857,405 - 10
    39 58 Disturbing the Peace Abr. $4,298 -60.6% 2 - $2,149 $20,653 - 2
    40 N Blood on the Mountain Abr. $3,443 - 2 - $1,722 $3,443 - 1
    41 70 Greater Ham $776 -79.1% 2 -1 $388 $1,986,628 - 13
    TOTAL (41 MOVIES): $156,162,757 -1.4% 34,049 -2,229 $4,586
    <<Last Weekend<Last Year View Index: By Year | By Weekend

    source 12

    What did you watch this weekend, ONTD?

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    title or description

    The legendary Kate Bush sat down with BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt for her first interview in five years. In it, she discusses her friendship with Prince, anxiety, her reputation as a recluse (she denies), and the long-awaited upcoming triple-album of live recordings from her 2014 residency at the Hammersmith Apollo — her first full live performances in 35 years.

    She also touches on the current political climate, as well as future plans for touring and songwriting. Listen at the source.


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    Recently a discussion in the Supergirl fandom has developed over whether or not Lima is white* or Latina and what that means in regards to the show. As always tumblr is a mess so I figured I would make one concise post here for a sane discussion.

    Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg described Maggie's character as a Latina stating: “She says in her introductory episode that growing up gay and Latina in Nebraska made her ideally sympathetic to people who are different and people who don’t quite fit in...'”

    Edit: I removed the tumblr link with her family info because they're not public figures. I'm not above calling her out for shit but whoever contacted her grandpa was sort of gross and I don't want to contribute. It might have helped to leave in the fact that they said she is Italian but until she speaks out I'm not sure grandparents, etc, count as sources.

    Here's a screencap from an interview with her, if you want to read the tumblr mess just search for it.

    Another article states "So what beauty tip does Floriana, who is of Italian heritage, follow? “I make sure to always wash and moisturize my face in the morning and night; that’s a huge thing. Just a subtle cleanser at night and moisturizer.” Side note: this is good advice

    She also doesn't confirm or deny anything when this interviewer talks about her name and the presence of "strong Latina women"here but it's not a direct question so make of that what you will.

    *A lot of people have brought up the excellent point that Italian and Latina are not mutually exclusive. Maybe a better question is "did they whitewash the role by casting someone with Italian heritage only". Who knows, Lima herself is the best source for an answer if she chooses to speak out.

    So what do you think ONTD? Do you consider this whitewashing and does it effect how you feel about her or Supergirl?

    IMO she's talented and great in the role but she has a history of taking Latina roles which is now questionable if she is strictly of Italian heritage. I plan on continuing to watch the show though.

    Source, Source, Source

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    Bruce Springsteen's wife, Patti, posted a picture of the two of them at the matinee of the musical Hamilton today. Her caption on the picture reads:

    #hamilton#hamiltonmusical Sunday matinee--looking for VP elect Pence #freedomofspeech

    This comes the day after a member of Bruce's E Street band, guitarist Stevie VanZandt, went on a twitter rant about how the cast was disrectful to Pence & that Lin-Manuel owned the VP-elect an apology.  You can read his tweets HERE.



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    The Flash 3x07 'Killer Frost' Extended Promo & Description & Preview Images

    With Kevin Smith back directing, KILLER CAITLIN ~*emerges*~, and two hot middle aged men have a heart to heart.

    Caitlin uses her powers to save GarryBarry, but as her mother predicted the effort ~unleashes~ her inner Killer Frost. Killer Frost goes on a rampage looking for Dr. Alchemy, kidnapping Julian (Tom Felton, who was mysteriously absent from work at CCPD in this week's episode) and battling both The Flash and Cisco/Vibe.
    Meanwhile, Joe and H.R. (❤️) have a heart to heart talk.

    Kevin Smith directs, with story by Judalina Neira, and teleplay by Brooke Roberts & Kreisberg.

     photo FLA307a_0086b_zps2jjnlmxe.jpg
     photo FLA307a_0136b_zpsqfxd0uww.jpg
     photo FLA307a_0169b_zpsvqrjhs4a.jpg
     photo FLA307b_0006b_zpsvgsi8my1.jpg
     photo FLA307b_0010b_zpsbq0aa43j.jpg
     photo FLA307b_0148b_zpsox4zjgfc.jpg
     photo FLA307b_BTS_0335b_zpsqzviyf5x.jpg

     photo FLA307a_0136b promomain_zpsohmzf0b2.jpg

    The Flash 3x08 'Invasion!' Crossover Preview Images

    In this fall's ~*epic*~ crossover, which is specifically designed by Berlanti & Kreisberg to force us all to watch Error for one week only, some aliens called the Dominators attack Central City, so for unknown reasons related to poor decision making Barry goes to Star City to ask some flop who failed his city for help in stopping them.
    Turns out it's a bit bigger than they thought, because it requires a 4 show crossover for ratings, so Barry tracks down the Legends, and along with Cisco create a breach to fetch Supergirl over for extra help (aka the only help Barry hires actually equipped to fight aliens).
    They come up with a plan, etc etc, but "a shocking secret related to Flashpoint is revealed and suddenly no one is sure who they can trust."

    Meanwhile, Wally wants to stick his oar in and battle against the Dominators, but Iris tells him he's not ready and to take a seat.

     photo FLA308b_0171b_zpscxgafdgp.jpg
     photo FLA308b_0258b_zps5lmpafg0.jpg
     photo FLA308b_0401b_zpsdpm1dhvl.jpg
     photo FLA308b_0162r_zpsk3eodfma.jpg
     photo LGN207b_0087b_zpsgv3xomqh.jpg

    The Flash 3x09 'The Present' Episode Description

    In this season's Christmas episode, Barry is unfortunately unable to focus upon the Holiday Season and #Westallen thanks to those pesky rascals Dr. Alchemy & Savitar.
    Determined to be good at his job, Barry heads over to Earth-3 to get some much needed advice from Golden Age Flash Jay Garrick (guest star John Wesley Shipp).

    Wally reveals that he's been training with H.R (TomCav, which explains fans spotting them both out filming alone in the woods together a few months ago), in order to help Barry stop Savitar, which naturally doesn't go over well with Barry.

    Also, Cisco faces his first Christmas without his brother Dante (thanks a lot, Barry), and 'old wounds are reopened'.

    Original airdate - 6th December.

    Greg Grunberg Joins The Cast In Recurring Role

    According to Mashable, as reported by FlashTV, Greg Grunberg (known for Heroes, Lost, and being friends with lots of industry people so he gets cast in things due to nepotism) has been cast in the recurring role of Detective Tom Patterson, debuting this coming week in 3x07 'Killer Frost', directed by his close friend Kevin Smith.

    The character is described as a "gruff, stalwart figure at Central City Police Department, Det. Patterson is unwavering in his commitment to protecting Central City from the dangerous metas that threaten it."

    Keiynan Lonsdale on Kid Flash & More

    -Wally is present in the crossover
    -We find out who Dr Alchemy is in the MIDSEASON FINALE!

    TomCav Talks HR & The Wellses With Nerdist

    Following the introduction of HR Wells, talking with The Nerdist from on-set in Vancouver, everyone's multiverse fave TomCav talks playing the Many Harrison Wells' that make up the foundations of the OP's heart.

    Tom reiterates for the umpteenth time that he feels the show works best with "conflict large and small", and how Berlanti et al. allow him to make everything up as he goes along (because he does it better, lbr).

    -Tom is happy to be the one creating little fires to put out in the show, to be the character causing some form of conflict for other characters.
    -This new version of Wells (HR) and all the other versions in the multiverse shown are all his own creation.
    -"Last year I was trying to fill in the gaps of what we don’t have on a daily basis on our show. We had a big bad but not a daily antagonist [...] I didn’t want to repeat myself from last year so what I thought I would try this year is a guy who fills it up with comedy, if you will [...] It’s kind of a variation on a theme... where are the gaps and where can I plug in some colours that we don’t have on our show without repeating myself?"
    -Could have filled an entire episode with the amount of footage shot from his Harrison Wells of the Multiverse variations.
    -Grateful for showrunner Greg Berlanti for allowing him the freedom to do what he wants; puts it down to working together for a decade plus.
    -"[...] making the audience laugh was the quickest way to bring them to your side. That’s what’s occurring here. Basically they wrote the roughest schematic and then I went to town."</i>

     photo Sharp-Magazine_Tom-Cavanagh_06_zpsd5t8ni0s.jpg

    Candice Patton on #Westallen, Crossovers & More

    Speaking with TV Insider at Error 100, the Flash Fam's One True Queen Candice Patton talks #Westallen this season and the Crossover.

    -"They are writing some great stuff for Iris this season which makes me really excited [...] She has stuff to do, which gives me stuff to do. It's funny how that works!"
    -ON WESTALLEN:"there is so much more of that, the evolution of Barry and Iris trying to have this relationship ... We're going to see them try to make their own life together this season."
    -Candice indicates some trouble ahead, and says that like with any great love story there has to be something which disturbs that peace, "so there is a good villain that is going to try [and keep them apart] that this season".
    -ON THE CROSSOVER: Iris very much involved in the Flash portion, and GETS TO MEET SUPERGIRL, also working with Caity Lotz and the Legends team.

     photo Screen-Shot-2016-09-28-at-8.15.51-PM-770x681_zpsopqlaeix.png

    {TomCav & Queen Candice Panel at the Vancouver FanExpo...}

    -"You have to be willing to play with Tom" Candice says, audience laughs, Tom is all "I didn't do anything! It wasn't me!"
    -It's problematic to Candice for people to say women on TV can't have depth. "Sometimes we give women a hard time for having a full range of emotion."
    -"Delicious, scene-stealing, phenomenal arc" that Candice is currently shooting, according to Tom.
    -Tom and Candice talk about the love and laughter on set between cast & crew. ❤️
    -There is a NEW SET that Candice can't talk about, but is slowly becoming her favourite...
    -HR flirts with Iris and she is like " boyfriend is RIGHT THERE."
    -TomCav is one of Candice's favourite actors to work with ❤️
    -Candice likes that Iris doesn't have powers, thinks it's important, feels like Iris is a grounding human factor for Barry especially, and also now for Wally - wouldn't mind getting powers for one episode only, "I love leather."

    -Tom thinks it's important for young fans to see "a strong human, like Candice, like Iris, as the role model [...] when you see someone who has worth, and strength, and kindness, and goodness, and that becomes a role model for you [...] for a young girl or a young boy to watch a strong woman figure, these are the stories we are telling, and these are the things we want them to understand are the norm, and should be the norm, and especially nowadays in America, it's very important that these stories are far reaching."
    Tom refers to "goodness, kindness, equality and strength" as the REAL superhero 'powers' they want fans and young people to see on screen.

    -Candice talks about Iris being quite fearless, and an activist. They talk about Candice boxing:
    Candice: Yeah, I wouldn't want to meet me on a street corner at 2am.
    Tom: I would...

    -Carlos is one of Tom's favourite prank victims!
    -In Part 3 Tom and Candice talk about the recent US election, good vs. evil, NOT being like Zoom, and that despite all the darkness there is still good and doing good even with small things is important to create hope.
    I'm tired of transcribing so just watch it you guys, omg.

    -Tom praises Candice and Iris, it's important that her journalistic acumen and uncovering and spreading news and truth is her superpower.
    -Tom and Candice praise the crew/production/behind the scenes for making the crossovers happen and the logistics of them rather than the actors who just show up and say lines.

    -A VERY VERY wise fan asked (not me, but I would have) is Barry Allen responsible for Trump getting elected... Tom says he isn't (stop covering for him, Tom).
    "This election has shown us the monsters that are out there [...] One of the famous quotes I like to live by is 'fear faced is fear conquered' - here is the fear coming out, now we face it, now we conquer it.
    That's what the four years of superhero fighting are ahead of us. And i'm happy to have people like Grant Gustin, like Candice Patton, like all those people on my side as we take on what is actually a real and important fight."

    This Past Two Weeks On: 'The Flash Cast Doing Stuff On Social Media'...
    Lots on the go this past two weeks, with conventions (such as Vancouver FanExpo) and the US Election happening (thanks for nothing, Barry).

    Keiynan Lonsdale and Violett Beane went to anti-Trump protests and posted about it.
    Patrick Sabongui (Captain Singh) and actress wife Kyra Zagorsky (Helix) march against Trump with their two young children.
    Not included in this Roundup is Grant Gustin constantly tweeting and retweeting anti-Trump messages and slamming Trump on his account, but just because no images are involved, and it's all text-based.
    Violett Beane, Rick Cosnett, Danielle Panabaker, Keiynan Lonsdale, Patrick Sabongui, and most importantly the BIGGEST Hillary Rodham Clinton stan alive John Wesley Shipp (❤️) have also been tweeting anti-Trump news and commentary following the election.

    theyproducevancouver A little #bts fun from the @sharpmagazine shoot with @cavanaghtom #tomcavanagh 👏🏻👌🏻😎👀.

    catielaffoon #fbf on the set of Sharp Magazine with the one and only @cavanaghtom. We like to climb things 😊🐒 📸 @theyproducevancouver

    bettydubney Spoilt. I am spoilt. Brought his suit back to the truck because he knew I was wrapped and he wasn't. We were on lunch and he knew I wouldn't want to bother him while he was in his trailer. He was concerned that I would be sitting waiting for him to go to set before clearing his room, unable to leave. So he brought it to the truck and hung it up. While I didn't help, and took pictures of him. I don't care how good your coworkers are, this is just a small example of how mine are better! #setlife with @grantgust

    grantgust Two lads of many talents.

    grantgust Last night we saw Indiana Jones with our friend Trendiana Jones.

    grantgust I was on the phone and Juan said to move back a row, so I did without asking why, as you do when you're on the phone. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I'm on the phone.." #GG 📸 : @juanbavera

    grantgust Monday with Tom F.

    candicekp"You're still a queen, you're just in the wrong country"

    candicekp Let the good times roll! #TheFlash



    keiynanlonsdale No joke only just realised last night I have a heater in the place.. this changes my life significantly guys. I'm an idiot 😝❄️

    keiynanlonsdale Sometimes you gotta dance it out

    keiynanlonsdale Me n ma long ass arms learning the ropes. @t3athletics

    keiynanlonsdale Wally will be tested tonight, that's for sure. All new episode of The Flash at 8/7c. Art by @bosslogic

    keiynanlonsdale Well shit! 😳 Um.. THANK YOU @gqaustralia !!

    keiynanlonsdale Beanies & brooding | 📷 @itselliotknight

    keiynanlonsdale My first ever protest! 💙... Heard these beautiful people outside chanting #LoveTrumpsHate and I dropped my shit and rannnn to join haha. We marched and marched. One positive thing (the only one I can truly think of) about the insane outcome of this election, is that it has lit a giant ball of FIRE in me. I FINALLY understand that it doesn't work to simply sit back and watch the world fix itself, this week is proof of that. We actually have to physically STAND UP and WALK THE DAMN WALK!! This was my first real step in the movement for peace, unity, & equality. I'm so sorry I was late to the party, I was distracted, but I'm here now and I'm so excited. You can take your first step too!

    Shout, but listen..
    Fight, but always love.. Let's boogie.

    violettbeane Love Trumps Hate... and homophobia and bigotry and racism and sexism and the disbelief of climate change. Spread love, spread positivity.

    violettbeane We all have a voice. Let's use it to help fight for the policies we want put in place and the rights we want to keep sharing with everyone. Our future can be one filled with love, understanding, and compassion, but only if we all come together to make it so. Pay attention to the way you talk (and think) about people who look and seem different from yourself. Love people FOR their differences not despite them.
    I'm guilty of saying some negative things to and about people during this election, and for that I'm sorry. I preach words of sharing love and embracing differences, and I'm not following that by generalizing groups of people. But we also can't deny that if you're willing to ignore, look past or "be okay" with someone making racist and sexist comments, that says something about you. You might not even realize it, but that is enabling and sharing those beliefs, and you're the people I'm trying to reach.
    Please I beg you to really think about the way you treat people, and never hold yourself above others.

    patricksabongui"We reject the president elect."
    #nyc #unionsquare

    realmattletscher Back in Canada, but not before crushing this civic duty. Vote!

    t22felton Getting my sight back 👓

    t22felton Always time for a jam

    t22felton My favorite crew to hang outside men's bathrooms with @cavanaghtom @candicekp @cwtheflash #teamflashbitches

    t22felton When yo ass is late to work and the boss gives you his hat to hide your bed head from the crew. Cheers mate @grantgust

    t22felton Cortex Jam sessions #julianalbert

    Russ Burlingame Twitter, RB2, RB3, Sydney Bucksbaum Twitter, They Produce Vancouver Insta, Catie Laffoon Insta, Christian M Cooper Twitter, Aaron Sagers Twitter, Jennie Yuen Twitter, Carla Day Twitter, YVR Shoots Twitter, Paul McGillion Twitter, PM2, Kayti Burt Twitter, EW Twitter, Nerdist TomCav Interview, Sharp Magazine, TV Insider Candice Patton, BellaNYC Candice Patton, Love In CC Twitter, Flash TV News 3x07, Simon Barry Twitter, FlashTV Crossover Gallery, FlashTV 3x09 Description, FlashTV Greg Grunberg Recurring, FanExpo Panel pt1, FanExpo Panel pt2, FanExpo Panel pt3, Killer Frost Extended Promo, Betty Dubney Insta, Grant Gustin Insta, GG2, GG3, GG4, Candice Patton Insta, CP2, CP3, CP4, Keiynan Lonsdale Insta, KL2, KL3, KL4, KL5, KL6, KL7, Violett Beane Insta, VB2, Patrick Sabongui Insta, Matt Letscher Insta, Tom Felton Insta, TF2, TF3, TF4, TF5, TF6, Devina Briggs Twitter, Status Magazine Twitter, John Wesley Shipp Twitter

    Dear ONTD FlashFam - do you even exist without Iris West? And have you gotten to The Cuff Stage with HR yet?

     photo tumblr_ogwdefoAjE1qe0l0wo1_250_zpsce9i2ovm.gif

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    - first time the #1 ranking had come down to the last match of the year
    - Djokovic has ended the last two years as #1
    - Murray's brother Jamie ensured the doubles #1 ranking with partner Bruno Soares yesterday

    Source, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

    Really did not see this coming after the Milos match yesterday. Amazing effort by him.


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    Follow up to this post.
    “We can’t and we won’t and we don’t stop.”
    here's a video of his speech:

    Adam talked about MCA's stance on non-violence, he talked about the various hate crimes that have happened around nyc / usa in the past few days, calls for action (protest, donate money to black lives matter, flint, etc) volunteer, stand up for each other, called what's happening 'home  grown terrorism' and said he rejects trump's vision of America.

    It's nice to see so many people went and that Ad-Rock remains amazing.
    source 1source 2source 3
    source 4

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    Official Grandmother Kylizzle Jenner shared on her Snapchat that her dogs Norman and Bambi had two puppies today!

    The couple has been together for almost 2 years, the twins are their first children!

    Source: Insta/ Kylie's Snapchat

    Are your dogs spayed/neutered ONTD?

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    In a new radio interview the 2 On singer talks about how Slumber Party came together, filming the video, and how the pop veteran took charge and guided Tinashe in the making of.

    No Ama's performance

    Unfortunately there wont be Slumber Party performance at the AMA's! The Tinashe assisted remix currently 41 on itunes could've used the bump.

    A list stars

    Lindsay Lohan took a break from stalking Ariana's ig to give a little praise

    The show will be back January 2017!

    tinashe intrvw src / amas src / twitter src / twitter src 2 / lilosrc / twitter src 3 / tpom src / m&g src

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    A young Barack Obama, known to his friends as “Barry,” arrives in New York City in the fall of 1981 to begin his junior year at Columbia University. In a crime-ridden and racially charged environment, Barry finds himself pulled between various social spheres and struggles to maintain a series of increasingly strained relationships with his Kansas-born mother, his estranged Kenyan father, and his classmates.Barry is the story of a young man grappling with those same issues that his country, and arguably the world, are still coming to terms with 35 years later.

    On Netflix December 16.


    Will you be watching ontd?

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    Full Transcript + pics at the SOURCE 123

    They should rename it THR presents Amy Adams roundtable.

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    American Music Awards on Sunday night drew 8.2 million total viewers and a 2.4 demo rating — down 25 and 31 percent from last year to an all-time low.

    The previous low, set in 2012, were 9.5 mil and a 3.4 rating.


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    - Kanye's rep has confirmed to Pitchfork that the 21 remaining dates on the Saint Pablo tour are cancelled.

    - tickets will be fully refunded at point of purchase.


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  • 11/21/16--09:29: Cars 3 - Teaser Trailer

  • Blindsided by a new generation of blazing-fast racers, the legendary Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson) is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves. To get back in the game, he will need the help of an eager young race technician, Cruz Ramirez, with her own plan to win, plus inspiration from the late Fabulous Hudson Hornet and a few unexpected turns. Proving that #95 isn’t through yet will test the heart of a champion on Piston Cup Racing’s biggest stage!


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  • 11/21/16--09:30: ONTD Roundup

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