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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - You may be familiar with The Piano Guys' awesome covers on youtube. They've covered pop songs, movie themes, and pretty much everything in between while also releasing original music.
    - Last month the daughter of pianist Jon Schmidt went missing after hiking in the Columbia Gorge in Portland.
    - Last week remains were found by a dog team at the bottom of the cliff. Yesterday the medical examiner was able to confirm that they were of his daughter Annie. The cause was accidental and it is believed she would not have suffered.
    - Annie was 21 years old.

    Source + 1

    ugh this is so sad. i was really hoping for a different outcome.

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    Unless you've been blissfully living under a rock these past ten or so months, you've probably realised that 2016 has been one shittastic year. My fellow millenials, do you feel as though you've been bent over and fucked royally in the arse (and not in a good way)? Are you tired of living in a world that only cares if you are white, male, and over 65?

    Everyone keeps telling us to be nice, love thy fellow neighbour, reach out, understand. Well, fuck that noise I say. Now is the time to stand up and fight. I have devised a playlist that I hope is motivating and might help you through these shitty times.

    1. God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols

    don't be told what you want / don't be told what you need / there's no future, no future / no future for you!

    (thanks Brexit!)

    2. Not Ready to Make Nice - Dixie Chicks

    I'm not ready to make nice / I'm not ready to back down / I'm mad as hell, and I don't have time / to go round and round and round

    3. If You Tolerate This - Manic Street Preachers

    the future tells you to be alone / the present to be afraid and cold / so if I can shoot rabbits / then I can shoot fascists

    4. Gimme Some Truth - John Lennon

    I've had enough of reading things / by neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians / All I want is the truth now / just gimme some truth now

    5. Glory - John Legend feat. Common

    Now the war is not over / victory isn't won / and we'll fight on to the finish, then when it's all done / we'll cry glory

    6. We Shall Not Be Moved - Mavis Staples

    we shall not, we shall not be moved / we shall not, we shall not be moved / just like a tree that's standing by the water / we shall not be moved

    7. Every Bomb You Make - Spitting Image feat. Sting

    every wall you build / everyone you've killed / every grave you fill / all the blood you spill / I'll be watching you

    8. Paper Planes - M.I.A.

    I fly like paper, get high like planes / if you catch me at the border I got visas in my name / if you come around here I make 'em all day / I get one down in a second if you wait

    9. Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel

    If looks could kill they probably will / in games without frontiers - war without tears

    10. Fuck Donald Trump - YG & Nipsey Hussle

    The whole song.

    Source links: (fixed everything mods... I hope). Feel free to add your own in the comments!

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    Sources: @Billboard. YouTube.

    FaceTime with @ZacEfron on tour, and he textin' purple hearts cuz he know that we at war~

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    Lou Teasdale is his stylist, he liked her reply.

    After a fan(who according to their other replies to him, is gay and latinx) replied, he had his to say

    Source 1234

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    Friend Finder Networks, the company behind Adult FriendFinder, has been hacked.

    412 million accounts, going all the way back to 20 years ago, have been exposed.

    340 million of the hacked accounts come from Adult FriendFinder alone.

    63 million accounts from, 7 million from, and over a million from and each were also exposed in the hack.

    This hack is significantly larger than the Ashley Madison hack from last year.

    Source: Twitter

    Was your Adult FriendFinder account exposed?

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    out of context that pie/strudel dialogue could sound like a weird metaphor for sexuality

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    The new season of Billy on the Street premieres tonight!


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    TIME TV Critic Daniel D'Addario complained about SNL's post-election episode, the show not taking a stand, having trump host back in 2015, creating false equivalencies and more :

    Alec Baldwin came @ him basically saying SNL is ultimately controlled by NBC execs:

    ADD: Alec Baldwin backtracked clarified:

    source 1source 2source 3source 4

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    - Dami Im releases new MV
    - Australian artists on major labels continue to receive a $100 budget for their MVs but this one looks slightly better than normal
    - New electronic sound
    - Interviewed on The Panel
    - They discuss who should represent Australia @ Eurovision in 2017, hosts recommend The Veronicas and Darryl Braithwaite (lol), Dami recommends 'Nollsy' (lol)
    - Is Cosmopolitan's artist of the year
    - Remains humble

    Source 1
    Source 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sofia Vergara and her Ex-Fiance, Nick Loeb, have been in a battle over embryos. Nick wants a surrogate to carry the embryos so he can have children, Sofia wants the embryos destroyed.

    Things just got more heated when a Judge granted Sofia's request that Loeb name two past girlfriends who had abortions over 20 years ago. Sofia's arguing that he had his chance to have children already and chose not to. Loeb argues that the abortions were done against his will, and this would invade the women's right to privacy.


    Whose side are you on ONTD?

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    therock This just means I'm still up at 4am trainin' hard, takin' care of my babies, drivin' my pick up truck and tellin' a few dirty/nerdy jokes... extremely sexily of course.

    Huge THANK YOU you to the entire hard working and very cool staff at @People as well as all the fans worldwide. I'm honored and grateful for the luv!

    Remember, sexy isn't something you "try and be". Sexy happens naturally when you're comfortable just being yourself.

    Trust me, I'm an expert at this. (plus I read the "how to be sexy and a great kisser" guide when I was 8). #SexiestManAlive


     photo IMG_3337_zpsisjaztgf.png

    It's depressing that he is the second MOC to win this title. Just him and Denzel...

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    Wanda Sykes was performing at a charity event in Boston when her comments on the President-Elect drew a negative response from some of the audience.

    She said that she comforted friends despondent over the election by telling them "I am certain this is not the first time we've elected a racist, sexist, homophobic president. He ain't the first one. He's just the first confirmed one."

    When the crowd booed, she responded "Fuck you, motherfuckers. Fuck all y'all. How can you say he's not racist? 'Grab them by the pussy?' How can you Β say he's not sexist? How can you saya he's not racist? How can you say he's not homophobic?"

    Skip to 6:45 in the video to see the moment:


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    3LW was a Hip-hop and R&B girl group from the early 2000's. They lost one member after the first album and replaced her with another. The group disbanded in 2007.

    The lineup was originally Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and Naturi Naughton. Kiely's mother was the manager of the band. Rumors were because of that, it caused problems in the group.

    The video highlights some of the possible reasons the girls had a lot of tension. Especially when it came to Naturi vs the other girls.

    After the Naturi was kicked out of the band she revealed on Wendy William's radio show why.

    1) She felt ganged up on by Kiley and Adrienne.
    2) Management told her she was being replaced by an understudy.
    3) She accuses Kiley of throwing food at her, which caused her to leave.
    5) She said she was forced to be the token "ghetto around the way chick" for the urban fans.
    6) She said Adrienne was favored because her skin color was lighter.

    Kiley denied all this in multiple interviews as shown in the video. Also in 2002, Naturi sued the remaining 3LW accusing them of allegedly attempting to "pimp her out". According to the suit they wanted her to date a member of another group in exchange for a joint tour.

    3LW didn't last much longer even with a replacement. Kiley and Adrienne went to do a successful number of years with the Cheetah Girls. After the Cheetah Girls, the 2 former members of 3LW attempted their solo careers.
    Kiley released a song "Spectacular" that didn't chart. She now has her own youtube channel called "Kileytv".
    Naturi has found success in acting. She starred in the Broadway musical "Hairspray" and film "Fame". She appeared in episodes of "Mad Men" and "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". She now stars in the hit tv show "Power".
    Adrienne continued music, but had issues with her label for her solo album. She is now a member of talk show "The Real".


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    Vandals have transformed a Soviet star resides atop a building in Voronezh, Russia into Spongebob Squarepant's friend Patrick Star.

    Many Russians are offended with one critic saying it's offensive to change an important symbol to a "lazy" and "cynical" cartoon.

    It will cost an estimated 100,000 rubles ($1,530) to restore the Soviet symbol.


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    In now deleted tweets, vine "star" Jay Versace expressed his 18 year old thoughts on trap music and how it's just as bad as supporting Trump or something like that:

    BuzzFeed "celebrity" and personal fave :( Quinta B came along to cosign with his opinions

    She then went on to retweet this statement by someone who defended Jay and condemned black twitter and trap music lovers alikewho said he was "cancelled":

    Source: 1, 2, 3

    Tr(ump)ap Music

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    Part of the OITNB cast was at the anti-Trump protest in NY over the weekend

    emilyalthaus Protesting with my @oitnb family.
    Why protest?
    Because grief
    Because solidarity
    Because Love Trumps Hate... and taking to the streets to proclaim that FEELS GOOD. 🍊⚫️❀️

    bonus: Laura Prepon directs an episode of season 4

    lauraprepon So proud to be directing @oitnb !! This cast and crew are incredible and supportive. Can't wait for you guys to see it! love my 🍊family!! 🎬❀️ thanks @nlyonne for the pic!

    source 123456

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