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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    "Like most people, I deal with tragedy by processing the five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. My denial over the election results was intense. My anger was (in Ron’s words) “significant.” My bargaining was short, but creative — I offered my soul and the souls of all of my friends in exchange for 60,000 more votes in Milwaukee, to any demon who cared to accept. (Tom told me it was a terrible deal, but I didn’t care, in that moment.) My depression I have already mentioned. Which brings us to Acceptance. And here’s what I stand on that:
    No. I do not accept it."

    "And let me say something to the young girls who are reading this. Hi, girls. On behalf of the grown-ups of America who care about you and your futures, I am awfully sorry about how miserably we screwed this up."


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    Dream Renee Kardashian


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    It's a brief letter, but a few main points:
    - "Is this the stark reality? It doesn't matter how hard you work or how qualified you are, at the end of the day, you're not a man?"
    - "We shouldn't blame anyone, we shouldn't riot in the streets. We should think strongly and clearly about what to do next..."
    - She believes that "we mustn't be defeated. We will keep educating ourselves and working twice as hard as the man next to us because we know now that it is not fair".
    - She doesn't want people to be fearful and calls on minorities to "be loud". "If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman—don't be afraid, be loud!"

    You can read the whole thing at thesource.

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    Do you like how the album sounds? More or less than GW?

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    The BBC, perhaps sensing that most of us need cheering up after the fuckery of this week, released a short trailer today. Watch and enjoy.

    Planet Earth 2 continues this Sunday on BBC One at 8pm.


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    It's the winter finale and shit is about to go down. Final theories, ONTD?

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    1. SHOUT OUT TO MY EX: Its mix of personal insight and fun ferociousness sets the agenda for Glory Days decorously.

    2. TOUCH: There's a seductive bass line, the beats pop in all the right places, and there are clicks ready for some on-point choreography.

    3. F.U.: It's a tasty twist on the traditional love song format, giving two fingers up to being treated wrongfully while fluttering their eyelashes.

    4. OOPS FT. CHARLIE PUTH: It's hard to not be swept up with the melody of this one, as well as its addictive whistle line. Charlie Puth also puts in an appearance as the other half, and his warm tone fits nicely opposite the girls' soulful vocals.

    5. YOU GOTTA NOT: It's buoyant, fun and knowingly fierce.

    6. DOWN & DIRTY: It builds with synths and pulsating beats throughout, before dropping into trap-pop on the chorus where we can only imagine the seductive routine the girls are dreaming up for this one.

    7. POWER: It's their most ferocious delivery with raspy growls and big declarations on the hook.

    8. YOUR LOVE: There's no other way of describing this than it feeling like 3 minutes and 27 seconds of being whisked away to a warm paradise island of joy.

    9. NOBODY LIKE YOU: Some of the delivery is so emotionally-charged it sounds like they could burst into tears at any moment. It's powerful and lifted even further at the end with echoed piano and strings.

    10. NO MORE SAD SONGS: It's a beautifully defiant twist on a subtle club banger, and Perrie's big vocal run at the end is a real moment.

    11. PRIVATE SHOW: Sharp brass gives it bounce, rattling beats give it energy and the chorus will have pretty much everyone lip-syncing for their legacy.

    12. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS: It's a blissful sentiment to end with on an album that largely deals with heartbreak and love.

    • The girls released an acoustic version of their #1 single Shout Out To My Ex.

    • The girls are gonna be tomorrow night on The Jonathan Ross Show.

    sources: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

    I really think Touch, Down & Dirty, Power, No More Sad Songs, and Private Show have a lot of potential to be singles. Those songs sound really different to their usual sound, so I'm excited!

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    After many years, close together, far apart, great highs, deep lows, heartache and healing, we are so happy to let you know we are releasing our 3rd album 'I See You' on January 13th 2017. ⠀

    We realise these are uncertain times and we hope the joy and love we found making the record will find its way out into the world, in however small a way. ⠀

    Our first single ‘On Hold’ is available now.

    Excited to see you all very soon.

    xx The xx

    source   1    2  3

    i am excited!! iirc they mentioned they gave Jamie XX more reign to do things on this album and you can definitely hear that on On Hold

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  • 11/11/16--09:00: Grey's Anatomy 13x09 Promo

  • "You Haven’t Done Nothin’" - Believing he is going to jail tomorrow, Alex makes a big decision about his future. While the hospital is overrun with victims of a building collapse, Richard demands answers from Bailey about Eliza’s presence at Grey Sloan, on the winter finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Thursday, November 17th on ABC.


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    Now that I'm 41 I work much more than 20 years ago, and I enjoy it even more,” she says. “And all the women I know say the same thing, so it's time to stop this cliché.

    Hollywood isn't the problem, society is the problem: “Movies are just the mirror of society; the real problem is there. Hollywood's gender problem is nothing compared to the society's problem."

    But wait, there's more! This is all women's fault anyway... "The time has come for women to realise that the way we look outside is not the most important thing and it's not true we are worth less when we age.

    Actors who have been outspoken about ageism in the industry include Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Helen Mirren, Patricia Arquette, Anne Hathaway, Olivia Wilde and Maggie Gyllenhaal.


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    If you're going to Britney's Piece of Me show, you better stand up bitch. During the show's final party section Britney noticed that some boring people in the audience were still sitting down and thus in true Britney fashion, she told them to stand the eff up before adding a sarcastic thank youuu. But she wasn't done yet; right before she went into the show's closing song, Till The World Ends, she dared the audience to sit down. Britney the diva!


    ONTD how is your concert excitement from boring Vegas drunks to crazy Brazilian stans?

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    Do you have a blended family and does everyone get along, ONTD?

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    Are you too busy to date, ONTD?

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    They're suing Kamala Harris (recently elected CA senator who was the CA Attorney General).

    "IMDb shares the worthy goal of preventing age discrimination. But AB 1687 is an unconstitutional law that does not advance, much less achieve, that goal. To the contrary, rather than passing laws designed to address the root problem of age discrimination, the State of California has chosen to chill free speech and undermine public access to factual information.

    "IMDb routinely and gladly updates information on in order to correct verified inaccuracies. But it has always been IMDb’s policy not to alter or delete any accurate factual information on the public website. Being compelled to do so not only violates basic free speech principles, but undermines the accuracy and reliability of the database on which millions of users rely.

    "IMDb has empowered IMDbPro subscribers to remove their age information from IMDbPro if they are concerned that such information might affect casting decisions. AB 1687 does not merely violate the First Amendment rights of IMDb and its hundreds of millions of users and contributors. The statute also violates the Commerce Clause because California is attempting to police the internet far beyond the state’s own borders. And the statute separately violates federal law because it imposes liability on IMDb based on factual content that is lawfully posted by its users."

    tldr; they're trying to argue that the current law is unconstitutional

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    Painkiller Jane (comic from 1995) was an undercover police officer assigned to infiltrate the mob. But when she is severely injured from an explosive device that was planted on her, the intended target heals her and somehow gives her regenerative powers. And then she becomes a vigilante.

    The property has been adapted two other times by SyFy. First in 2005 as a tv movie and then in 2007 as a series.

    Other producers include Lenny Beckerman (Lotus Entertainment) and Stephen L’Heureux (Solipsist Films) alongside Chastain with her Freckle Films production company. Executive producers include Bill Johnson, Jim Seibel, Ara Keshishian, and Palmiotti. No director in mind yet.


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  • 11/11/16--09:20: ONTD Roundup
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    In the wake of the presidential election results, Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch along with storyboard artist Dana Terrace decided to do an impromptu charity stream for planned parenthood were for the next few hours they drew anything the top donors wanted from crossovers and even shipping art. Their original goal was $3000 but the stream went way above there expectations and the duo was able to make over $25000. Even though the event ended yesterday you can still donate here.

    Bonus: After reaching a certain milestone Alex Hirsch sang All Star by Smash Mouth as Grunkle Stan

    SOURCE 12345
    Donation link again.
    I'm happy that this was such a great success, I've been donating left and right for the past few days.

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    Cynthia Erivo, who won a Tony Award for her performance in “The Color Purple” on Broadway, has joined Viola Davis in New Regency’s heist thriller “Widows,” directed by Steve McQueen.

    “Gone Girl” screenwriter and novelist Gillian Flynn is on board to pen the script with McQueen

    Based on the 1983 British miniseries about a caper gone wrong, the story follows four armed robbers who are killed in a failed heist attempt, leaving their widows to finish the job.


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    Last year Freeform (then ABC Family) gave a straight-to-series order to a comedy based on Nicki Minaj's life.
    After shooting a pilot in January and months without any news, Freeform has cancelled its series order and has put it back into development.
    In an interview last month, Nicki Minaj said about the comedy: “A lot of things were happening at the same time, and creatively we wanted to make some changes with the pilot. We’re taking our time—everyone involved wants it to be perfect and I felt like there were other things that needed to be figured out first.”

    source 1, 2

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