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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    In case you haven’t been following the literary police blotter today, here’s an update. Book-lovers around the web were shocked to see video footage of The Hills-star-turned-craft-maven Lauren Conrad brazenly dismembering a set of lovely hardcover volumes, using their spines in the unholy creation of something she gleefully called a “unique storage space” (storage for what, we shudder to think).

    When book advocates rose up in protest of the gruesome atrocity, Conrad responded by removing the episode of her DIY crafting show from YouTube. But luckily the sleuths over at BuzzFeed (who originally broke the story), managed to preserve the image above.

    You will notice that the book being savaged is from the Series of Unfortunate Events saga by Lemony Snicket. We reached out to the elusive author through his publicist, and he responded with the following comment:

    It has always been my belief that people who spend too much time with my work end up as lost souls, drained of reason, who lead lives of raving emptiness and occasional lunatic violence. What a relief it is to see this documented.

    Snicket may be relieved, but to our mind, this brutal event was unfortunate, indeed.


    The video has been deleted from her page.

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    Look magazine printed a list of Britney Spear's 'diva demands' on rider that turned out to be over a decade old.

    Look magazine professed itself delighted when Britney Spears was chosen as a judge on the US X Factor. The magazine was even more delighted to breathlessly reveal in its latest issue details of the singer's rider, which it claimed she had inserted into her contract and represented "diva demands" that could "rival the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Madonna".

    These allegedly included a personal manicurist, facialist and massage therapist for each day of filming. If this sounds like a celebrity-excess throwback to the millennium, rather than something from our current era of austerity, you'd be right.

    Turns out the Britney rider in question is from 2000, not 2012. "We were led to believe the rider was for her new job on the panel and published the piece in good faith," Look said in an apology in its current issue. "It has emerged that the rider was in fact Britney's rider from 2000 and not a rider for The X Factor USA 2012. We apologise to Britney and the X Factor USA for this inaccuracy." D'oh!

    Here's the original fake story published by Look magazine that was picked up by several media outlets:

    Britney Spears has reportedly requested fried chicken, designer clothes and magnolia blossoms on her X Factor rider.

    Auditions are due to kick off later this month and the 30-year-old singer apparently wants a variety of items in her dressing room.

    Britney has reportedly requested a daily supply of fried chicken legs and breasts, along with a dozen Snickers bars. She also wants her fridge to be restocked each time she is filming.

    Other food items include a daily delivery of snack size packets of Doritos and four pints of potato salad each week. To ensure she doesn't get thirsty, the star wants 24 cans of Diet Coke per week.

    It's thought the items are to be shared among her friends and family, as Britney is believed to be on a strict diet and exercise regime at the moment.

    She wants to look her best when the cameras are rolling, so will have a series of designer outfits to choose from. She is believed to be a huge fan of Hervé Léger and hopes to wear several items from the French fashion house during the live shows.

    Britney also loves being surrounded by fragrant flowers, so has reportedly asked for 12 vases of her favourite magnolia blossoms to be placed around her dressing room during each show.


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    Matthew Gray Gubler and AJ Cook bond with a special guest star.

    Bonus profile of Shemar

    Production working their magic

    Filming episode 4 "God Complex" of season 8 in Los Angeles.

    In the Writer's Room and I don't think @GUBLERNATION is very happy with our ideas. - Virgil Williams

    Gube photos: 1, 2, 3, 4
    Crew: 1, 2, 3
    Shemo: 1

    No sign of Reid's girlfriend. They weren't kidding when they said they were keeping it in the vault.

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  • 08/16/12--17:13: John Krasinski mini-post
  • John and Emily went to Disneyland today 3 weeks ago w/e and that's wonderful and whatever. They're wearing Tower of Terror stickers, awwww.

    1 & 2
    dat chest hair imo

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    congrats Breesus! But Baylon, Bowen, and Callen? Keep making up names lol
    Hopefully we can get another moment like this one

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    I’m in the weird position [where] I’ve been offered to go and see screenings of this film now three times, and all three times now I was like, yeah, I’ll totally be there. And then I haven’t gone. Because I read this book when I was Charlie’s age, when I was 14. And it was actually recommended to me by sort of, like, the Patrick and Sam of my existence as a young high school student. There were these two best friends who lived in the same on the same block in Maplewood, New Jersey, and one of them became my really close friend, and the other one became my girlfriend. One of the things that they insisted on being a part of my adolescent education was the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. They handed it to me and one said, ‘This is my favorite book.’ The other said, ‘This book saved my life.’ So I read it and I found one of the best mythological maps for being a fucked-up kid that I’ve still ever found. There are certain ones that are just great, right? Like Catcher in the Rye, or a movie like Igby Goes Down, or like Rule of the Bone, like 400 Blows. There are certain pieces of adolescent mythology that can almost become a necessity, like a lifeline for a kid. Perks was that for me. So when I was over at my friend’s house in LA, and I saw some script from William Morris or something, and it said The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I picked the script up and I threw it against the wall, and then I kicked it and spat on it—because I was furious that somebody, some idiot somewhere was trying to ruin a great piece of literature. And then my agent called me and told me that the writer of the book had written a script and was directing the film, and obviously that granted sort of new perspective.(Calm down Ezra) It was no longer Hollywood eating another thing we love. It was all of a sudden maybe a chance for Perks of Being a Wallflower to become a bigger, friendlier, more helpful monster. And I do now find myself in the position of being a star of the film who also is a fan of the book who is, like, kind of skeptical. It’s a little weird to be in both of those roles.


    I had sort of a crazy realization, which was four years ago I was reading this book, thinking of myself as Charlie. And here I am, four years from that point, 18 years old, the same age that my friends were when they were recommending the book to me. Look—I would have played Sam if given the option. Given all the options, fuck Emma Watson! [Laughs] Should have been me! But I settled for Patrick, the second best character.


    I was 15 probably [the first time] I went to the one in Chelsea [in New York City]. I’ve been to a couple now but certainly had never dreamt of donning the mighty pearls, as it were. From a very young age, Tim Curry was it for me. Like, it. Totally the man. Mostly because of The Muppets Treasure Island. (Didn't everyone feel this way?) But also because of other great performances in movies such as Legends or The Three Musketeers. Just like, Tim Curry, really hard core, man.

    I remember the first time I watched it. Not like the first time I ever saw a stage show—but the first time I ever watched it, I was very young. The eldest child in my family was left in charge of babysitting, and we decided to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And maybe an hour in, maybe starting to approach “Creature of the Night,” moving that direction, my sister had a panic attack and turned it off and was like, “You cannot tell Mom and Dad that I let you watch this movie.” And I just remember being really infuriated like, wait, no no no, you can’t just do that. That movie was just getting awesome!

    I was much more interested in the violent elements at that point than the sexual elements—I don’t think I really understood the sexual elements explicitly, but I was probably also excited by those in sort of subconscious ways. Doing that scene is just kind of like a dream come true. A rare opportunity to just give a very humble salute to one of the artists who has influenced me most. All hail Tim Curry.


    The man that Patrick is in love with calls him a faggot. The man he’s been sleeping with calls him a faggot. That’s… I mean, you can look at that from every angle. Look at the etymology of the word. If I was in that situation, I would do what Patrick did. Probably. Not because I’d mean to, but because that’s just what you do. I think that would be a natural response for anyone to have someone who they became so vulnerable to—when you are in love with someone you very slowly let them in closer and closer to like your core, you know what I mean? And then if someone violates that in a way where then it’s a reflection of bigotry? I don’t—maybe I take that back. Maybe there are certain situations in which I would throw the first punch. Certainly if someone was threatening someone I love.

    I’m aware that there’s no limit to what I might do to protect someone. I also just know that you can always brutalize someone harder with words. Always. Physical pain is physical pain and there’s only so far you can take that. At a certain point the victim passes out. But verbal pain? Emotional pain? Psychological suffering? That shit’s endless. In a world where pretty much every weapon is available to anyone who wants it, you can’t win a physical fight. You just can’t. If you fight enough people, it doesn’t matter how good a fighter you are, someone’s going to kick your ass. But if you fight with words—the zeitgeist supports being a word samurai a little bit more than walking around with a sword.

    I just want kids in all situations to hold on. That’s my only thing for the promotion of this movie and everything that comes with it and just in general what I think about more than anything. I described some of the events of my youth. A lot of those events left me wanting to end my own life. Just give up. It feels like the world. It feels like the whole world—because it is. It’s your whole world. But, man—life is a really, really cool ride. It’s really amazing the type of shit you can get up to if you endure.

    The world is really about to need the smart young people who are advanced in the way they think and the way they feel—and I mean advanced in this way, like, where it’s something that other people cannot understand yet. Like new breeds of human beings. Whether you’re genderless or you’re low-functional autistic but you know everything about, like, fucking computer hacking. We need to focus up as a generation. We need to start getting our heads out of suicide. It’s unbelievably unacceptable. I know that a lot of communities are failing in their responsibilities to kids to make them feel that life is truly full of hope, as we know it is.

    As long as there’s, like, hydrogen and oxygen in some degree of proportion in the planet, there’s a lot of hope. Individual communities particularly in the United States of America, I feel, are failing to let kids know that no matter who or what they are they are wonderful human beings. And if individual communities like schools, like families, like churches, like small towns—if these individual communities are continuing to fail, I say, fuck ’em. We have the internet. We have a global community. Nobody is alone any more. And that’s always been the case. We’ve always had somewhere, right? But now we can literally get in touch with each other. I just want kids to stop offing themselves, man. I’m sick of it. It’s too much of a waste. Like, you can do anything you want—if you can survive.


    Turn off television and mainstream news. Stop reading mainstream news. Just listen to yourself. Just listen to yourself. That’s it. That’s all Patrick is doing. He’s just loving his friends and listening to his own heart. And just fight—once you get it, fight to protect it, because it’s not guaranteed once you understand it. In fact, then the real fun and the real fight begins.

    But also for someone who is feeling oppressed, like a lot of the people of the world right now? Stand up is what I say. Stand up for yourself. Like Patrick. Whether it’s a teacher, or a principal or a parent or his boyfriend who is telling him that he’s not okay or he’s doing something wrong or he’s nothing—it doesn’t matter. He loves them anyway, which means he wins. And he stands up for himself. What he believes, what he knows to be true. And that’s it. That’s all. Don’t give up the fight. Oh—and smoke weed, kids. Smoke weed. Or eat it. You don’t have to smoke it. Just don’t inject anything or snort anything. You shouldn’t be snorting or injecting weed anyway. Smoke it or eat it. That’s my other suggestion. Cures all ills, you know?

    (mods this isn't the same interview from yesterday)
    His tumblr tag is hilarious rn, people claming he's ~actually gay and in denial (implying he cannot define his own sexuality), other people angrily correcting them, tween girls sobbing and struggling with their inner homophobia.

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    How is Jen Aniston still relevant as an A-list actor when she only does B movies?
    —S.T. Alsop, via Facebook

    With the nonstop coverage of Aniston's engagement—the ring! The announcement! That what's-his-name guy who popped the question!—it can definitely seem like Jen is one of the world's biggest stars. But don't let the incessant coverage fool you.

    From a strict business viewpoint, Aniston isn't an A-list star. And before all you Team Jennifer fans freak out in the comments, hear me out.

    In Hollywood, the definition of "A-list" has nothing to do with the number of magazines a star covers, or the number of Twitter followers she has, or whether she belongs to a portmanteau couple like Brangelina or Kimye. Your bedroom could be filled, floor to ceiling, with posters of Miley Cyrus. But Miley Cyrus isn't A-list either.

    A-list means that a star can get a movie financed pretty much on her name alone. A-listers can sell a movie to fans without any of us really caring what the movie is about. Think Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Robert Downey, Jr., Denzel Washington, maybe.

    In contrast: Jennifer Aniston may garner plenty of hits on gossip websites. But unless those clicks translate into a flood of film financing, ticket sales, DVD rentals or Netflix streams, she ain't A-list.

    Now, that isn't to say that Aniston is totally worthless. Far from it! She putts butts in movie seats. A lot of them. The result?

    "She's not A-list anymore but is a strong B-plus for mid-budget romantic comedies," says James Ulmer, whose Ulmer Scale tracks the bankability of major stars. "Even then, she needs to be paired with an A-minus male star to be bankable internationally."


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    Grab your umbrella and prepare for rain as Electronic Arts is working on a new expansion for The Sims 3 that will bring rain, snow, and sun to the casual computer game.

    "What's added with Seasons is dynamic weather effects that you'll actually see transition seamlessly throughout the year," explains Mike Zamora, a Producer with EA.

    But the expansion doesn't stop at simply allowing for snowfall. There will also be seasonal festivals, season-related items, and activities such as snowboarding in the winter or venturing through a haunted house during autumn. No new careers, however, are scheduled to be added.

    "There are other things you can do as far as professions in the game, but I don't think we're going to go too deep into that right now," commented Zamora

    The expansion will be compatible with all previous The Sims 3 expect for World Adventures. The rational being that it wouldn't make sense for it to snow in locations such as Cairo.
    That stated, the developers are doing their best to ensure that Seasons will flow with all of the others.

    "We looked at all of the expansion packs that we have and we said how are we going to get weather to work for everything," the game producer said. "That's what we wanted to do. We didn't want to do anything less than that."

    The Sims 3: Seasons is expected for release on November 13. Being an expansion, it will require the core The Sims 3 game in order to play.

    Source 1 and 2

    So I only recently got over the pudding faces in The Sims 3 and got a good enough computer to run it without lagging and have become completely addicted to it. I really can't wait for this expansion because Seasons was my favorite from Sims 2. Although I still think it's weird that they did two Katy Perry packs before they did weather.

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    Joined by friend Cheyne, Miley was pictured out and about in her car earlier today (16th August), in Philadelphia. Miley’s hair looks so good! It’s rumoured that Miley will be leaving Philadelphia on Monday to fly back to Los Angeles, for the Do Something awards on Tuesday. It’d be awesome to see Miley rocking her new hair at the event, where she’s nominated for Twitter!

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    Considering Ashton Kutcher just went through a very public divorce with his ex Demi Moore, we reckon he’s happy to hear the marriage isn’t on Mila Kunis’ to-do list.

    The sexy Black Swan actress hasn’t confirmed her new romance with Ashton but she has spoken about how she doesn’t feel couples need a contract to stay together.

    Speaking to more! Magazine, Mila said:

    “I would love to find 'The One'. But I'm not sure about marriage."

    “I see no need. I'll be with somebody because I want to, not because a piece of paper tells me I have to.”

    “That said, if the love of my life thinks it's important, then fine, I'll get married.”

    So we guess that means if Ashton isn’t completely put off on the idea of marriage then we can still dream of seeing Mila in a wedding dress.

    Don’t start thinking Mila is one to make lots of sacrifices in a relationship.

    Mila added: “You have to make compromises, but I don't believe you have to make sacrifices for love.”


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    The tragic death of MTV Real World: Hollywood star Joey Kovar was a “shock but not a surprise” to his close friends and has exclusively learned that one friend was extremely worried about the suicidal texts he received from the reality star.

    The 29-year-old Kovar was found Friday morning by a friend in a Chicago home and while the cause of death has not yet been released, his friend Jared Degado, who works with MuscleWolf Productions and was preparing to film a reality show with Joey, said he was worried about him.

    “Joey sent me some very suicidal text messages lately,” Jared tells

    “I’ve been really worried that it was going to get the best of him and I had a feeling he was either going to commit suicide or that all the prescription medications he was on were going to make his body give out.”

    “When I just heard about Joey’s death and I was shocked but not surprised,” Jared says.

    “His life was at a low point,” Jared continues.

    “Joey was sober for some time, but he suffered from anxiety issues so he took medicine for that. He also took Adderall. We would be in meetings and I would see him have an anxiety attack and he would take his meds for that and then he would start to get really lethargic. Then he would take the Adderall to perk up. When you mix Adderall and other prescriptions it is really hard on your heart.”

    “Joey wasn’t doing any illegal drugs lately. He didn’t have the money to do cocaine anymore and he wasn’t even drinking.”

    Jared said that Joey was trying to straighten out his life for his two-year-old daughter.

    “I hope that she’ll know what an amazing father she had and hope that she can save any vague memories she has of Joey.”

    Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.


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    Jennifer Garner does it again! Just five months after giving birth to baby Samuel, the beautiful mother of three showed off her strong, sexy post-baby body at the L.A. premiere of her new film, The Odd Life of Timothy Green (just as she always does!).

    What’s her secret? Garner’s trainer, Valerie Waters, credits the star’s quick turn-around to consistent workout during and after pregnancy.

    “She’s looking so amazing right now. She looks strong and sexy, and I like that she’s rocking her Lycra again! The first couple workouts were 15 to 20 minutes. Getting out of the sweats and into the leggings was a big step.”

    Then, Garner increased her workouts to 40-minute sessions, three to four times a week, getting the kids – daughters Violet, 6, and Seraphina, 3 – involved in it, too!

    “We have tiny little weights for them, and they’ll come in and lift them over their heads. They’re so cute and they definitely like to do what Mommy likes to do, for sure.”

    She’s also been paying close attention to her diet, sticking to mostly organic food with little processing, and eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to curb cravings.

    “Jen can cook, so she’s able to make healthy meals that are balanced. She makes the most perfect scrambled eggs, with a little avocado on the side. We’re at a fine-tuning, sculpting stage now. She’s strong and can kick it into gear – no question, bring it on!”


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  • 08/17/12--16:00: FREE FOR ALL FRIDAY!

  • Have a great weekend & be safe!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Dr. Drew Pinsky recently admitted on CNN to exercising obsessively to stay slim — a condition not technically a mental disorder but what some people call “exercise bulimia.”

    He joked about his condition: “A little whiff of a mental-health issue never hurt anybody.”

    Doctors at the Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt in Baltimore said they found the comment disturbing. Calling exercise bulimia a “mild” mental-health disorder sends the wrong message, they said.

    Something that might seem minor could be indicative of a full-blown eating disorder or the first signs of one. Such disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, according to Sheppard Pratt. Without treatment, 5 to 20 percent of people with eating disorders might die of complications related to their illness.

    “It’s particularly concerning to see high-profile medical professionals, in this case an internist, minimizing what is a very serious disorder for a lot of people,” center director Harry Brandt said.

    “Statements like Dr. Drew’s trivialize a dangerous behavior and, unfortunately, make it more difficult for individuals to justify getting help.”


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    Take a look at the first couple of photos from the Red Dawn remake which stars Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Josh Hutcherson, Adrianne Palicki, Isabel Lucas, Connor Cruise, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and is directed by Dan Bradley. The movie will be released to theaters on November 21st, 2012.

    In Red Dawn, a city in Washington state awakens to the surreal sight of foreign paratroopers dropping from the sky – shockingly, the U.S. has been invaded and their hometown is the initial target. Quickly and without warning, the citizens find themselves prisoners and their town under enemy occupation. Determined to fight back, a group of young patriots seek refuge in the surrounding woods, training and reorganizing themselves into a guerilla group of fighters. Taking inspiration from their high school mascot, they call themselves the Wolverines, banding together to protect one another, liberate their town from its captors, and take back their freedom.


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    Sources: 1, 2

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    The chess champion and Russian opposition leader was beaten and arrested Friday after showing up at the sentencing of anti-Putin punk band Pussy Riot. He tells Eli Lake about the horrific ordeal.

    When chess grand champion and Russian opposition leader Garry Kasparov showed up Friday at the sentencing of Russian punk band Pussy Riot, he didn’t expect to spend the next five hours in the custody of the Moscow police, recovering from a severe beating.

    Now, he says, after being punched in the genitals, thrown in a van and beaten by several police, Kasparov says the police have accused him of biting one of them—an allegation he denies. “They act like animals and they accuse me of biting them,” Kasparov told the Daily Beast in his first interview since being arrested. “Can you imagine what it means to bite someone when you are being beaten? There should be blood on my face. It is beyond any common sense.”

    Kasparov was one of several Russian opposition leaders to rally in support of the female punk band known as Pussy Riot. The three members of the band were sentenced to two years in prison for “hooliganism” after performing a song at Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, in which they asked the Virgin Mary to expel President Vladimir Putin from the Kremlin. Their trial has attracted worldwide attention, with stars like Paul McCartney and Madonna appealing to the Kremlin to drop the charges.

    Kasparov said he went to the trial to show his support for Pussy Riot. While he was waiting for the trial to start, he said, he was giving interviews in the area outside the court cordoned off for reporters and activists. At one point, he said, one of the reporters motioned him to come with him into the courtroom. He said as soon as he walked outside the cordoned-off area, he was rushed by seven or eight police officers.

    At first I asked, ‘Why are you doing this?’” Kasparov said. “Then I became annoyed. I said I want to get out of here.” He said that’s when the police started beating him. “I remember one strong hit between the legs, then they tried to bring me in the bus, and they started carrying me and beating me. When that happens, you resist,” Kasparov said. “They were trying to break my leg.”

    The police officers, Kasparov said, began to carry his limp body into a van with others whom they had arrested. The former chess champion said he remembered screaming in agony. “I remember inside the van they threw me to the floor,” he said. “Then they took my right leg, they push the leg to the ceiling. I now have problems with the right side of the back.” Kasparov said when he was in the van, the police officers continued to beat him. He says the only witnesses were other people the police had arrested.

    At the station, Kasparov said, he was confronted by officers who told him he wouldn’t be charged. But he said he later saw a police report accusing him of instigating the violence and organizing a riot outside the courtroom. “Why the hell did you say I was shouting or trying to organize this, you saw what happened?” he said he asked the police officers. “They wouldn’t look in my eyes.”

    After nearly five hours in the police station, Kasparov was taken to a nearby hospital, where staff said the x-ray machine was broken. Speaking late Friday from his home in Moscow, Kasparov said he intended to press charges against the police and was collecting video of how he was beaten before being dragged into the police van.

    Since news of his arrest, Kasparov said he had received warm messages of solidarity from his friends and supporters. He also said he received word from U.S. ambassador Michael McFaul who told him the U.S. embassy in Moscow was monitoring his case and the incident. McFaul couldn’t be reached late Friday for comment, and a spokeswoman for the State Department declined to comment on the incident.

    For Kasparov, his arrest and the trial of Pussy Riot “just shows that Russia has nothing to do with the rule of law.” He added, “We’ve been saying Putin is a dictator for years who doesn’t care about the law. Today, he proved it.”

    Source 1, 2

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    I know we're getting pretty saturated in Robert Pattinson/Kristen Stewart posts, but I thought this article was a good read.

    Jon Stewart tried to bait him with Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra. "Good Morning America" host George Stephanopoulos offered him Cinnamon Toast Crunch. But maybe French fries would have been a better ploy to get Robert Pattinson to spill some juicy personal details about his breakup with costar Kristen Stewart.

    "Media culture is a monstrous thing," Pattinson lamented Wednesday afternoon, jamming fries into his mouth between puffs on his electronic cigarette. "You can't win. The annoying thing is that you can't attack them, but you can't defend yourself. The best thing you could possibly do is punch a paparazzi and give them their big payday."

    The 26-year-old actor has run a gantlet of publicity this week that was nominally about promoting his new film, "Cosmopolis,"which opens Friday. But the promotional blitz, which also included a New York premiere and other stops, seemed to be as much about proving his emotional resilience in the wake of the tabloid bonanza that exploded after photos surfaced of Stewart in compromising positions with 41-year-old Rupert Sanders, who directed her in"Snow White and the Huntsman."

    Sitting alongside Pattinson for moral support at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Columbus Circle was "Cosmopolis" director David Cronenberg. The Canadian filmmaker, whose challenging art house films almost never garner such wide attention, was there as a sort of buffer but also appeared to be quietly amused by the media circus. The actor's manager would not allow Pattinson to sit alone for an interview with The Times, and even suggested that reporters not ask him about his personal life, or "Twilight."

    But "Twilight,"of course, is how Pattinson has become perhaps the most widely recognized young actor of his generation. In the movie franchise, based on Stephenie Meyer's bestselling young adult novels, he plays a brooding vampire who falls in love with a human girl (Stewart). The film series has grossed over $2.5 billion worldwide since launching in 2008 and will conclude in November with a fifth installment, "Breaking Dawn — Part 2." Pattinson's off-screen romance with Stewart only stoked the popularity of the vampire movies.

    When the Stewart-Sanders affair burst onto the cover of Us Weekly in July, it initially seemed like there was little upside for Pattinson. But Stewart's public apology generated not only sympathy for the man wronged but also a fresh wave of interest for "Cosmopolis," which had premiered to mixed response at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

    That could help Pattinson as he strives to craft a post-"Twilight" career. While both of his "Twilight" costars, Stewart and Taylor Lautner, have each taken center stage in studio pictures, Pattinson has mostly stayed in the indie world. His biggest non-"Twilight" film to date was last year's "Water for Elephants," a modestly budgeted period romance with Reese Witherspoon that took in a respectable $117 million worldwide. Pattinson's less-commercial projects, however, have tanked at the box office — the Sept. 11 drama"Remember Me" only collected $8 million domestically in 2010, and the 19th century-set drama"Bel Ami" flopped in June, never expanding beyond 15 theaters.

    In "Cosmopolis," Pattinson plays a young billionaire on the verge of financial ruin who self-destructs over the course of one day, and he has earned some of the best reviews of his career for his performance as the detached whiz-kid.

    Cronenberg, who adapted "Cosmopolis" from Don DeLillo's book of the same name, said he felt Pattinson was right for the part largely because of his good-looking face, which appears in nearly every frame of the movie. Before casting him, the director watched all of the films the London native has appeared in, and viewed a number of interviews with Pattinson on YouTube to get a better sense of his personality.

    "The strength of the 'Twilight' movies is not the acting," acknowledged Cronenberg. "But it's not understood that doing 'Twilight' requires presence and professionalism. Are you saying this is an Academy Award performance, or Alec Guinness? That's a whole other discussion. But you throw somebody on a grueling set like that — a normal person would be dead in an hour."

    Warming to his own defense, Pattinson interjected: "With this movie people keep saying, 'Is this gonna be the movie where he can prove he can act?' It's like, 'What do you think I have been doing?'"

    "By the way," Cronenberg added, "he's a British guy doing an American accent. People don't realize that there are a lot of very good actors who cannot do accents, and they don't give Rob credit for that."

    "Oh, give me anything!" Pattinson said with a laugh and taking a drag on his cigarette, which glowed an electronic red with each inhale.

    Still, it's clear Pattinson sometimes questions his acting ability. Before production began on "Cosmopolis," he said he was so unsure of his ability to pull off the role that he sat "trembling, absolutely terrified" during the first screen test.

    The nerves are somewhat surprising, considering Pattinson's part in "Cosmopolis" doesn't seem all that distant from his own life. Like his character in the film — who remains isolated in a limousine for hours as he slowly traverses Manhattan to get a haircut — Pattinson said that since "Twilight" opened, he has "had four years of gradually being put more and more into smaller and smaller boxes, and you have a desire to break out." He's also a part of the 1% — according to Forbes, he earned $12.5 million for the last two "Twilight" pictures — a number he says is "completely not true."

    "Weirdly, I went to the bar the other day and there were a bunch of people protesting some 1% thing," he recalled. "I drive this kind of [junky]-looking truck sometimes because I started surfing — it's this 2001 Silverado I bought off of Craigslist for, like, $2,000 or something. So I was hiding in the back of the truck when I saw the protest thinking, 'I don't want to get involved in this.'"

    The demonstrators, Pattinson said, didn't recognize him and a friend. "When the protesters saw us, they were like, 'We're not even shouting at you. You're driving this piece of .... You're not part of the 1%.'"
    Pattinson insists he's terrible with his finances: "The only thing I'm good at with money is blowing it. I don't even understand [what I spend it on]. I have the exact same lifestyle as when I was 15."

    "Look at the way he dresses," chimed in Cronenberg, alluding to Pattinson's informal, almost frat-boy get-up of a polo shirt, jeans and backward cap.

    The actor said he feels a pressure to appear "unbearably conservative" because he senses his every move is being scrutinized. He says he'd like for bankers to be hunted by paparazzi and TMZ instead, but knows that's unrealistic.

    "The tabloid industry does terrible, terrible things for the world. It makes people stupid," he said, his cheeks flushing. "People say [tabloids] are about escapism, and people have got to get away from the misery of the world. It's like, 'No, people are lazy, and they don't want to try.' … Every time I've looked at a magazine like that, I've regretted it. I gain absolutely nothing from it. And neither does anyone else."

    And in case anyone hasn't seen this hilarious shade yet:

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