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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    VIXX dropped a new MV for the "The Closer"

    Unpretty Rapstar's Grace released her MV for "Trick or Treat " (A bop tbh!)


    What are your favorite Dark/Mysterious Kpop vids?

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    This weekend Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Nathalie Emmanuel went to a Chemical Brothers Concert together which is super cute.

    As you can see, Kit looks positively THRILLED to be there.

    Emilia's Instagram

    I'm glad they're getting to work together finally cos they're besties and now they get to hang out more! At least Wall-collapsing orgasms are good for something amirite?

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    Kristen Stewart and Annie Clark made their red carpet debut. They arrived together at the Vogue party in LA, going public with their romance for the first time.


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    Over the weekend Psy's music video Gentleman reached over a billion views.

    There are only a handful of artists with two or more music videos over 1 billion on Youtube and Psy's Gentleman recently hit that mark. His other music video is of course, the number one music video on Youtube, Gangnam Style (with 2.6)!

    Other artists with more than one music video with over 1 billion views:

    Justin Bieber:
    Sorry 1.9

    As well as Baby and What Do You Mean

    Taylor Swift:
    Blank Space, 1.8

    As well as Shake it Off

    Katy Perry
    Roar, 1.6

    As well as Dark Horse

    Fifth Harmony
    Worth It, 1.1

    As well as Work From Home

    Did your fav. make the cut?

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    This Halloween, winegums (Ravenclaw), joaniemaloney (Hufflepuff) and milfordacademy (Ravenclaw) bring you a sequel to the original "Books Recs According to your Hogwarts House" post, with even more recs!

    As with the first post, we worked together to write up some book recs specifically tailored to people from each Hogwarts house, according to the "House traits" and how the story/characters/theme of the book reflect that. All of the recs are books that we have personally read and enjoyed, and the links in the titles take you to the book's Goodreads page in case you get curious about any of them.  We hope you like it!

    PS: We also made rebloggable versionsof the recs for tumblr, so please do not copy/paste this post into your blog or website! (here: Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor)

    House traits: trustworthy, loyal, kind, just, friendly, patient, hardworking, dedicated, inclusive

    • A COUNTESS BELOW STAIRS (Eva Ibbotson) - historical romance - Anna, a young Russian Countess, flees with her family to England after the Russian Revolution. Determined to support herself, she hides her identity and becomes a servant in an Earl’s country estate. Hardworking, loyal, non-judgmental and humble, Anna is a quintessential Hufflepuff heroine, one you'll be glad to root for.

    • LAB GIRL (Hope Jahren) - autobiography - hello, Herbology! well, for the Muggles, anyway. A passionate memoir about the author’s life that led up to her becoming a scientist, and her utter love for plant life. She’ll make you appreciate everything in nature all around you and how wondrous it all is, and the labour that goes into scientific work. There’s adventure to be had in her travels, and she details her wonderful relationship with her lab partner, Bill. For scientists and non-scientists alike.

    • MRS HARRIS GOES TO PARIS (Paul Gallico) - fiction - A postwar London cleaning lady dreams of having a beautiful dress from Dior and vows to work and scrimp until she can afford it - which is such a Hufflepuff thing to do. Mrs. Harris herself is such a classic Hufflepuff - unglamorous, seemingly ordinary, but incredibly hardworking and kindhearted.

    • FRUITS BASKET (Natsuki Takaya)- manga - The heroine really is almost peak Hufflepuff - kind, friendly, incredibly hardworking and patient, even with people who are horrible to her (and there's actually a reason why she's so relentlessly positive).

    • WONDER (R.J. Palacio) - middle grade - Auggie knows that his face scares kids and adults alike when they first see him, even if they try their best to hide their shock. It’s been like this ever since he was born, but he’s been homeschooled and has been sheltered through a lot of it. Now his parents think it’s time for him to attend public school as a 5th grader. Just to try. Learn new things, and make new friends, hopefully? Auggie is an utter sweetheart and your heart is ready to break for him. A reminder of bravery showing up in all sorts of ways, and the friendships that can happen if you’re willing to take that chance. A heartwarming story fit for all ages.

    • THE PADDINGTON BEAR SERIES (Michael Bond) - children’s - He's adorable, good-natured, well-meaning and would do anything to be good, but gets into all manner of scrapes - he might be clumsy, but he's a sweetheart, and we know he'd do wonderfully in Hufflepuff.

    • ARISTOTLE AND DANTE DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE (Benjamin Alire Sáenz) - YA/romance - a very sweet, coming of age tale and romance. Ari is more of a Gryffindor with his impulsive need to fight everyone (!) and charging into things on impulse alone to protect people, but Dante is very gentle, understanding, and an artist. The parents especially felt like Hufflepuffs. It’s a beautiful story of acceptance and learning who you are and how it’s okay to love and let go. Seeing this friendship blossom into something more was also lovely.

    • A CIVIL CONTRACT (Georgette Heyer) - historical romance - This one goes in Hufflepuff for the heroine, who's unassuming, unglamorous and no less of a heroine for it - she's thoroughly kind and decent in a situation that really sucks for her (i.e. marriage of convenience with a man who's still in love with someone a lot more glamorous than her) . And also for the hero, who strives to do the right thing and be a decent husband to her even if he's in love with someone else. Basically, they both actively try to make their marriage work by being good people - very Hufflepuff of them.

    • 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD (Helene Hanff) - epistolary, non-fiction - An American woman exchanges letters with a second-hand books dealer across the Atlantic, and soon a genuine friendship develops between them. On the surface it seems more like a Ravenclaw pick, but the actual characters of Helene and Frank are very much Hufflepuff - the immediate acceptance, kindness and innate decency they show to each other through their letters would have made them automatic picks for Hufflepuff no matter what their professions were.

    • TRADE ME (Courtney Milan) - contemporary romance - Tina Chen works insanely hard to make ends meet and be able to keep studying. Her dream is to get a solid job so her family never needs to worry about money again. Will an offer to "trade lives" with a billionaire derail her carefully-laid plans? Only Courtney Milan could combine the billionaire trope with serious issues in such a smart, sensitive way. Tina's determination, stubbornness, and care for others will make her beloved of any Hufflepuff, and, in case you were worried, the guy honestly could not be more different from the creep from 50 Shades.

    • GUAPA (Saleem Haddad) - fiction - The overall arc and premise of this story feels Hufflepuff, more than the characters alone, although Rasa, our main character, is a Hufflepuff. He’s not as hopeful as he once was with the revolution in his country, but he’s doing the best he can with his life. He has to hide his relationship with his boyfriend, Taymour, because of where he is and also fearing the reaction from his grandmother - the only family he has left. He’s a wonderful friend to Maj, his best buddy who he’d do anything for. It’s not an easy story of acceptance, but it’s about finding yourself and embracing the differences, and protecting your own.

    • THE HERO'S WALK (Anita Rau Badami) - fiction - Sripathi Rao, a middle-aged, stubborn father, isn’t exactly your typical Hufflepuff. It isn’t just about him, but the rest of his family as well. A saga to do with grief and duty and making things right, trying to atone for your mistakes. It’s about acceptance and redemption after the loss of a daughter. The premise is heavy but the message is hopeful in the forgiveness that it speaks for.

    • ALL CAKES CONSIDERED (Melissa Gray) - recipes - This cake cookbook (cakebook?) is the result of the author bringing in home-baked cakes to work for her colleagues every week - can't picture anyone but a Hufflepuff doing that.

    • THE LONELY CITY: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone (Olivia Laing) - non-fiction - "Loneliness is collective... We are in this together, this accumulation of scars... What matters is kindness; what matters is solidarity". This book is an exploration of the idea of loneliness, sparked by the author’s move to NYC. She found herself looking into art and being comforted by how artists from Edward Hopper to David Wojnarowicz lived and worked with loneliness in the works they created. The tenderness and that feeling of wanting to belong, the importance of being heard and finding people who understand you, seemed particularly fitting to Hufflepuff.

    House traits: ambitious, cunning, resourceful, shrewd, achievement-oriented, planner, strong leader, sense of self-preservation, disregard for rules, self-interested, exclusive (but with strong ties within exclusive groups)

    • VANITY FAIR(William Makepeace Thackeray) - classic - This satire of early 19th century British society is filled with drama, and Becky Sharp's scheming, social-climbing and life-ruining will keep every Slytherin's eyes glued to the page.

    • WHITE TIGER(Aravind Adiga) - fiction - The darkly comic story of a poor Indian villager who hungers for a better life, no matter what he has to do to get it, and a provocative look at a rapidly changing and contradictory society.

    • FAITHFUL PLACE(Tana French) - mystery/thriller - Detective Frank Mackie spent 22 years thinking his former girlfriend had dumped him when she never showed up for their planned elopement. Turns out, she's been missing ever since, and now he must investigate her disappearance. There's something about Frank's ruthlessness and the way he's willing to go to any lengths to protect his family that makes me think he'd definitely be a Slytherin - but not the old-money snobby kind, more of a survivor who'll do anything to keep going and doesn't have scruples about what, even if he is a cop.

    • THE SYMPATHIZER(Viet Thanh Nguyen) - fiction - 1975. ’I am a spy, a sleeper, a spook, a man of two faces.’ Our unnamed narrator is a communist agent tasked with staying low in America after the Vietnam war, escaping with his oblivious commander, who is disgraced and defeated. The wit and cunning that is the voice running through this story will intrigue any Slytherin. Who to trust when you yourself can’t be trusted? It’s a blend of dark comedy, engrossing cat-and-mouse game, light shone upon the hypocrisies of American society, and necessary addition to the genre of war fiction.

    • YES MINISTER(Jonathan Lynn and Anthony Jay) - fiction - Incredibly smart, incredibly smug bureaucrat leads his amiable duffer of a master by the nose into doing exactly what he wants him to do - the trope has a sort of spiritual similarity to Jeeves, only Humphrey Appleby is far more condescending about it. And he's totally a Slytherin where Jeeves would be a Ravenclaw. This series is a great satire on power and how it plays out/what people do to hang on to it.

    • A NEW HISTORY OF THE COLD WAR(John Lewis Gaddis) - non-fiction - If you like History, you shouldn't miss this incredible (and very accessible) book about the Cold War. Slytherins in particular should enjoy it: not only is it about a great power struggle, it also delves in the personal side of it, analysing leaders and the choices they made.

    • LADY SUSAN(Jane Austen) - classic - Jane Austen might be more well-known for her dreamy heroes and plucky heroines, but damn could she write a bad girl. Lady Susan is hilariously evil, a viper with a brilliant mind, and this short epistolary novella with delight and amuse Slytherins everywhere.

    • A BRIEF HISTORY OF SEVEN KILLINGS(Marlon James) - historical fiction - 1970s Jamaica. Bob Marley. An attempted assassination. A spectacular patchwork of perspectives from the lowest of gangsters to the ambitious bosses, a woman who is trying to get out and start a new life, someone from the CIA, etc. The voices come alive with desire and cunning and violence that would pique any Slytherin’s interest. So much violence, be warned. Yet there’s a beauty to the want and the striving of it all. An adrenaline-pumping masterpiece.

    • THE BURNING SKY(Sherry Thomas) - YA - Here, the entire plot is set in motion by a boy with levels of planning, subterfuge and seriously risky rule-breaking (starting from before the story even begins) that only a Slytherin would be capable of conceiving and putting into motion - he's nothing short of a mastermind, even if he isn't ultimately as ruthless as he wants to be.

    • KAMIKAZE GIRLS(Novala Takemoto) - fiction - A charming and funny coming-of-age story about two unlikely friends from completely different Japanese subcultures: Momoko is a Lolita, Ichigo is a Yanki. Momoko would make a great Slytherin - she's self-centred, cynical, somewhat amoral and has no problems with taking advantage of people around her to get the things she wants - but she's no less epic as a heroine because of it.

    • DOUBLE CROSS: The True Story of the D-Day Spies(Ben Macintyre) - non-fiction - This is the real-life story of the epic plan to misdirect Germany about the D-Day invasion, and how it was done through five spies. The man behind the plan, Tar Robertson, really does come off as a Slytherin in terms of how he brings it all together (threatening unwilling/uncooperative spies included) and we even have a Snape of sorts in here - a double agent who was never formally brought into the game, but still played a crucial role in making sure the plan didn't fail at the last minute.

    • MADAME DE POMPADOUR(Nancy Mitford) - biography - This is perfect for Slytherin because it's about how people come into power and stay in it, and what they do with it - particularly interesting when we're talking about one of the most notorious royal mistresses ever, a commoner who thrived in the famously ruthless French court of Louis XV.

    • CONFESSIONS(Kanae Minato) - thriller - When two of her students are involved in the murder of her young daughter, Yuko Moriguchi plots revenge. The twists and turns planned by this teacher will keep you flipping the pages ’til the end. Yuri is a patient Slytherin, keeping her cards close to her chest.

    • THE LIBRARY AT MOUNT CHAR(Scott Hawkins) - horror/fantasy - It’s best to go into this without knowing much, the shock and the surprises are worth it. Father has adopted a group of children, and they live in this place under strict rules, growing up while being groomed for certain skills. Think of them as learning the Dark Arts! When Father goes missing, all of them know there are powerful secrets to discover in his Library, for the strongest one of them. Father is definitely a Slytherin with the amount of control he has, a terrifying leader but one who gets results. Carolyn, one of the kids, has grown up under his harsh teachings, and has the resources and ambition to go for what she wants, siblings be damned. Maybe the student has surpassed the master at last. I’d say they’re both Slytherins at heart. It’s a twisted family tale.

    House traits: brave, daring, chivalrous, strong willed, just, honorable, courteous, reckless, short tempered, disregard for rules

    • ROMEO AND JULIET(William Shakespeare) - play - Only a pair of Gryffindors would come up with a plan that involved defying their trigger-happy families to get secretly married, then fake a death, then go for two real deaths when they thought the faking-death plan hadn't worked. It's very much the impulsive side of Gryffindor.

    • DEVIL’S CUB (Georgette Heyer) - historical romance - When sensible and clever Mary Challoner discovers that the Marquis de Vidal, a rake with such a terrible reputation he’s known as “Devil’s Cub”, means to elope with her silly younger sister, she bamboozles him into taking her instead. Mary might have sacrificed herself to save her sister, but she is definitely not taking any shit from the Marquis - and sparks will fly between these two Gryffindors.

    • THE MEDIATOR (series) (Meg Cabot) - YA, supernatural, romance - Suze Simon is a short-tempered New Yorker just trying to live a normal teen girl life - not so easy, considering she is a mediator, someone who sees dead people and is supposed to help them move on to “the other side”. Impulsive, reckless, allergic to rules and a foil to bullies everywhere (both dead and alive), Suze is your textbook Gryffindor. (Note: read only the original 6-book series)

    • THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA(Scott Lynch) - fantasy - A nonstop action-adventure-fantasy extravaganza about the most Gryffindor band of thieves/con artists ever: the Gentlemen Bastards.

    • IN ORDER TO LIVE(Yeonmi Park) - autobiography - In this affecting memoir, Yeonmi Park recounts her childhood in North Korea, her harrowing experience being trafficked into China with her mother, and finally their struggle to fit in South Korean society and find her missing sister. Her journey demanded extraordinary strength, and even Park’s decision to tell the truth about her life is one of incredible courage, as it puts and her family’s safety at risk from the North Korean regime and exposes her as a survivor of sexual slavery.

    • HONS AND REBELS(Jessica Mitford) - autobiography - Jessica Mitford in Hons & Rebels is basically a proto-Sirius Black: the old and well-connected posh family, being at political odds with most of them, and running away to fight for a cause. Just like how Sirius got blacked-out from the family-tree tapestry, Jessica was basically considered dead to the family after making what they considered an unsuitable marriage.

    • KINDRED(Octavia Butler) - science-fiction - A young black woman ends up time-travelling back and forth between 1976 and slavery-era Maryland, where she has to save the life of one of her white ancestors in order to make sure her family gets to exist in the present day. But each time she time travels, it gets harder: the intervals get longer and she's forced to endure life as a slave in the 19th century. The protagonist really is incredibly brave - it's harrowing for her in so many ways, but she never stops fighting - and amazingly resourceful.

    • THE LIKENESS(Tana French) - mystery/thriller - A detective goes undercover into a house where, just a few days ago, one of the housemates killed someone who looked exactly like her - only she doesn't know which of the housemates did it, and she's going in as the dead girl (whom the housemates don't know is dead, so the killer could well try to kill her 'again'). Gryffindor audacity at its finest, both from the character and the author (that premise...).

    • CAPTAIN ALATRISTE(Arturo Perez-Reverte) - fiction - Historical swashbuckler set during the Golden Age of Spain - a mercenary gets drawn into a potential major political situation when he saves two travellers from being assassinated. This is all about daring, nerve and chivalry - perfect for Gryffindors.

    • ASTERIX(Goscinny & Uderzo) - While Asterix has qualities that would also do well in other houses (he's smart, a loyal friend and can be cunning when he needs to), he and his entire community, who are basically a one-village resistance against the Romans, are Gryffindors to the core.

    • SAILOR MOON(Naoko Takeuchi) - The heroine saves the world/her friends from danger more times than I can count, even when it gets hard for her or she/they actually die - and she does it because it's the right thing to do. A very principled kind of old-school Gryffindor.

    • JUST MERCY: A Story of Justice and Redemption(Bryan Stevenson) - non-fiction - Stevenson himself has got to be a Gryffindor. He’s a lawyer (situated in Montgomery, Alabama) fighting against the very flawed legal system, for those who usually are forgotten/ignored/don’t have the means to defend themselves, those of colour and of poorer backgrounds. Their stories are told here and will move not just Gryffindors.

    • SIGNS PRECEDING THE END OF THE WORLD(Yuri Herrera) - fiction - Makina has to get across the US border - not just on a mission from the underworld but more importantly, from her mother. She has to try to find her brother and get him back home. She’s the strength in her family, having the bravery and the street smarts to know what to do to keep afloat in a world that demands survival. A force to be reckoned with.

    • SHADOWSHAPER SERIES(Daniel José Older) - YA, supernatural - Sierra Santiago’s got her art, got her friends, got her summer planned out, before the murals in her neighbourhood start to come alive with tears. There’s disaster coming. She discovers that she’s a Shadowshaper, a being who is able to connect to spirits via paintings. Sierra’s spirited in more ways than one, got a strong group of friends, loves her family, and she takes no BS from anyone, even in a typical YA romance you’d expect to a somewhat flaky boy named Robbie.

    • CHARLOTTE BRONTË: A Fiery Heart(Claire Harman) - biography - "If people were always kind and obedient to those who are cruel and unjust, the wicked people would have it all their own way: they would never feel afraid, and so they would never alter, but would grow worse and worse. When we are struck at without a reason, we should strike back again very hard; I am sure we should - so hard as to teach the person who struck us never to do it again." Charlotte Brontë comes off as every bit a Gryffindor in this new biography, with the insight into how her novels were quite autobiographical. Her anger at the unjust treatment she and her sisters went through in school, in which the eldest girls died, was depicted in Jane Eyre.

    • INVISIBLE MAN, GOT THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING: A Black Man's Education(Mychal Denzel Smith) - autobiography - a coming of age memoir written in the wake of Trayvon Martin's death, Smith chronicles his influences and experiences growing up as a Black man in America. An illuminating and honest spotlight on not only his individual journey but the need for intersectionality in the fight for social justice. Ever so relevant in the wake of current events and the bourgeoning movement, any Gryffindor would be interested in having this on their shelf.

    House traits: intelligent, witty, wise, creative, original, logical, enjoys learning, quirky/eccentric, accepting, competitive, individual

    • ANNE OF GREEN GABLES(LM Montgomery) - children’s - Anne will appeal to those Ravenclaws who can relate to Luna Lovegood - she is a dreamer, regarded as not quite normal for her time, with creative tendencies that set her apart from others around her.

    • SOPHIE'S WORLD(Jostein Gaarder) - fiction - This is philosophical fiction covering almost every major Western philosopher up into the 20th century - something that could probably come in handy with those pesky questions Ravenclaws have to answer to enter their common room.

    • THE PAPER MENAGERIE AND OTHER STORIES(Ken Liu) - sci-fi/fantasy - A collection of short stories that has the perfect blend of sci-fi and fantasy. There’s a great sense of play with the mythology on one hand, and in the other, the sci-fi leaps and bounds away in fits of imagination. The threads seem to have endless possibilities yet are grounded by very human elements. It’s all cleverly done to keep the reader on their toes, and what Ravenclaw doesn’t enjoy a bit of a challenge?

    • LORD PETER WIMSEY SERIES(Dorothy L. Sayers) - mystery - Detective Lord Peter Wimsey is almost a classic Ravenclaw - extremely intelligent (duh), and quite the eccentric.

    • MATILDA(Roald Dahl) - children’s - Matilda is a textbook Ravenclaw heroine if I've ever seen one - a little girl who loves reading and loves knowledge even when she's actively discouraged to do so, and is aware of her immense intelligence but isn't a snob about it - she uses it for good instead.

    • FERMAT'S LAST THEOREM (Simon Singh) - non-fiction - Ravenclaws would definitely like a book about how someone cracked one of the greatest mathematical puzzles of the 20th century. It's written in simple language that anyone with even a basic knowledge of geometry can follow, which keeps it engaging and entertaining even.

    • THE THRILLING ADVENTURES OF LOVELACE AND BABBAGE(Sydney Padua) - graphic novel - One of the most delightful and hilarious graphic novels to do with science. Padua has a wonderful style in capturing the funniest expressions. There’s joy on every page. Pioneers of computing, Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage died with their life works incomplete, but this book asks the question: what if they didn't? What if they do end up building their machine together and go on rollicking adventures, solving crime and whatnot? It’s a whole different London that we’re imagining here. It’s fantastic, inventive, wild, and extraordinary.

    • HAROUN & THE SEA OF STORIES(Salman Rushdie) - children's - This book is about saving stories and storytelling from extinction, which seems like a thing a Ravenclaw might be particularly into.

    • FIFTEEN DOGS(André Alexis) - fiction - What happens when two gods make a wager? Would animals be happier with human intelligence? Hermes says yes, Apollo says no. The experimental nature of this book and the idea of consciousness and language being debated - whether it’s a blessing or curse for these fifteen dogs in a Toronto clinic - is very Ravenclaw.

    • HARD-BOILED WONDERLAND AND THE END OF THE WORLD(Haruki Murakami) - fiction - Murakami is perfect for Ravenclaws of the Luna Lovegood school, as much for his style as for his subject matter - reading this can be quite the mind-bender.

    • JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL(Susanna Clarke) - fantasy - This is a great fantasy book, and the two protagonists - duelling gentleman magicians in Regency-era England - would absolutely be Ravenclaws, especially since the book even starts off with talk about the study of magic.

    • FLAVIA DE LUCE SERIES(Alan Bradley) - mystery - It is 1950. Flavia is an 11 year-old with a passion and an incredible talent with chemistry, living in an old family mansion, mostly left alone with her own lab to do experiments. She mostly enjoys testing out poisons. When murder strikes on her doorstep in the most peculiar of ways, this witty young girl discovers that she can use her skills for sleuthing as well. These books have a real charm to them and the mystery aspect of it is interesting in the way it unfolds. Flavia is such a Ravenclaw.

    • ON WRITING(Jorge Luis Borges) - non-fiction - Not just for subject matter, but especially for style - Borges in general would be a writer Ravenclaws very much appreciate, and especially on this particular subject - erudition about writing itself would be very much up their street.

    • JEEVES SERIES(P.G. Wodehouse) - fiction - Jeeves can only be a Ravenclaw - a brain capable of getting an oaf like Bertie Wooster out of the scrapes he gets himself into, can't belong anywhere else.

    • PHYSICS OF THE IMPOSSIBLE(Michio Kaku) - non-fiction - Physicist Michio Kaku explores the science of the impossible, discussing which science-fiction staples such as force-fields, teletransportation, telekinesis and time machines could be achieved in the future. Perfect for Ravenclaws who want to go beyond the limits of human knowledge, this is written in an accessible language and is a lot of fun to read.

    • THE DISCWORLD SERIES(Terry Pratchett) - fantasy - Creative, funny, sharp, satirical, and heartfelt, with lots and lots of characters. Pretty much everyone will find someone they identify with, but Pratchett's writing style is very Ravenclaw. There are several possible entry points for this series, you can pick your favourite with the help of this guide.

    • THE SELLOUT(Paul Beatty) - fiction - Brutally witty. It's sharp, it's fluid, it's appalling, it's truthful. I don't know what this book didn't cover, to be honest, and I also don't know how to really sum it up. A satire on America and race and all that politics and history done in a way that’ll make you laugh in its absurdity and be amazed at where the author is willing to go. What is incredible is that this isn’t a difficult book to read, but that it flows so well and works, despite all the balls being juggled in the air. This accomplishment alone would be appreciated by Ravenclaws.

    Sources: everything written by winegums, joaniemaloney and milfordacademy. Gif found here. Crests: 1234. Banners made by milfordacademy.

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    Are you watching? If so, who is your favorite?


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    I'll take this as a no

    have you ever seen a more "why me?" face

    You can't possibly think I only bought the hot dog

    please help I can't stop

    Needs more flair

    Ok ok no

    .@caseypattersontv and the team at #lipsyncbattle sent an entire scene 😂😂😂 I love you guys so much

    Ok that is a wrap on costumes 😂 some were sent to us from very kind vendors but we are going to donate them all tonight so other families can get the same joy out of them. Tomorrow's adventure: john's FIRST pumpkin carving. How on earth??!?!!?


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    "Val is a wonderful guy who is dealing with exactly what I had, and things don’t look to good for him,” he said of his former co-star. “My prayers are with him. That’s why you haven’t heard too much from Val lately.”


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    • Jack O’Connell, star of 71 and Unbroken, appears opposite The Borgias’ Holliday Grainger in Home, in the world exclusive trailer for a 20-minute film designed to highlight the plight of refugees and the uncertainties and violence faced by hundreds of thousands across the globe.

    • As thousands of men, women and children attempt to get into Europe, this twenty minute film follows a comfortable English family who experience a life-changing journey of their own.

    • Directed by Daniel Mulloy

    • It was released in England June 20th for the World Refugee Day

    • Official website and how to help refugees :

    • Jack O’Connell has joined forces with renowned British photographer and film maker Greg Williams, to be part of a series of poignant films for Stand Up To Cancer to demonstrate the statistic that 1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime.

    Sources : Home Film , The Guardian , Jackoconnellonline , StandUpToCancerUK , Home Film (Trailer)

    WHERE can I buy this short movie? This is a great idea and it's really needed here in Europe to have these kind of message. I listen to the radio everyday and the lack of empathy is depressing. In the countryside, ppl are protesting nowadays cause they don't want an Afghan family coming to their town. What the fuck? What if it'd happen to us in our comfortable houses?
    With this, I'm liking whatever Jack O'connell is doing with his career. Holliday Grainger <3

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    * According to Fusion, Steven Yeun is only one of three male Asian actors - and only one of two living male Asian actors - to have an EW cover all to himself.

    * He had previously been featured solo on an EW cover, but that was part of a Walking Dead "collectible covers" edition where alternate covers featuring other cast members were available. Basically, this is the first time he's had a cover where you can't get away from his face.

    * The other two times Asian male actors had covers all to themselves (not counting other special edition collectible covers) were back in 2007 with Masi Oka of Heroes and 1994 with Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) a year after his death.


    also, 11 Asian-American stars talk about the iconic roles they've always wanted to play. albert tsai for harry potter, y/y?

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    LGBT activist and former rugby player Ben Cohen nudes leaked online. Apparently someone grabbed a few screencaps of a naughty video. Watch the pics at the source.


    ONTD, post your halloween nudes?

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    “happy halloween from deadpool, a cub scout, martha brady, a space cadet, a granny with a lost cat, black swan, and a birthday girl dressed as a cat. happy birthday @kennedyrayee we love youuuuuu”

    - swift spent the holiday with squad members gigi hadid, martha hunt, karla and lily donaldson in new york city to celebrate friend kennedy rayé’s birthday.
    - swift was deadpool — mask and all
    - swift thanked the source of her supersuit: ryan reynolds himself. “thanks @vancityreynolds for this costume. you’re the best deadpool inside contact ever”

    source / source2

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  • 11/01/16--00:42: Jane the Virgin 3x04 Promo
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    More at source

    Theories, ONTD???

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    Many more celebs took to social media to celebrate the holiday.

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