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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    In a continuing effort to promote Fantôme, Utada Hikaru released two new music videos on her Youtube channel. It should be noted that these two songs already have music videos, so this is a second music video for each of these songs.

    Sakura Nagashi
    In commemoration of the Evangelion rebuild series, Studio Khara produced a new music video for "Sakura Nagashi". The song was used as the theme song of EVANGELION:3.0 YOU CAN (NOT) REDO. Hikki's staff team tweeted that this particular music video will only be viewable on her channel today, so if you want to see it, you have to do it now before it's too late.

    Hanataba wo Kimi ni
    Meanwhile, Hanataba wo Kimi ni received a second music video due to popular demand from fan participation in supporting the song. The music video is a compilation of fans receiving a bouqet of flowers (T/N Note: The song's title is "A bouqet of flowers for you").

    Sources 1 / 2 / 3
    hikki's really going hard with that promo

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    Britney went off to "Me Too," which is currently #40 on the iTunes top 100 chart. #BuyMeTooOniTunes


    Maybe Britney can go off to "Perfect Delusion" next and help the week old song climb from #50.

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    -To be titled "Mad Max: The Wasteland".
    -Charlize Theron is "ready for more Furiosa" like the rest of us.
    -George Miller is returning as director.
    -Actual shooting could start as soon as this year.


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    jennifer weiner

    Jennifer Weiner has sold millions of books, has legions of adoring readers, and she still threw a tantrum because Oprah didn't pick her new book for her book club this month. Oprah chose the memoir Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle Melton, a popular writer and blogger. Jennifer Weiner went on an epic, messy, Facebook rant where she complained that she should have been Oprah's pick.

    She accused Oprah of picking other author because she is pretty, thin, and popular. She then said no one wants to pick her book because she is "fat" and Jewish. Jennifer Weiner backtracked, saying that she was feeling petty because she had recently lost a film deal and that the O magazine hadn't reviewed her book. (Boo hoo hoo.)

    Jennifer Weiner is one of the most privileged writers in the world, regularly sells millions of books, has millions of adoring fans and readers, attends red-carpet events, goes on TV shows, has massive readings, and had a fawning profile in The New Yorker, even though she complains that the literary establishment doesn't take her seriously.

    "Then I find out that Oprah’s chosen a memoir about marriage and motherhood as her new book pick. “It’s funny!” (OhmyGod). “It’s frank!” (OHMYGOD). “It’s brave, and it goes to the dark places every woman’s been!” (OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD). Maybe the magazine didn’t cover my book because Oprah’s going to pick it! Maybe God shut that window because She’s going to open the BEST DOOR EVER.

    And then — ha! — it’s someone else’s book.

    Yes, I have my own career, and my own path, and my own purpose. I know who I am and I know who I am here for. I know that the universe provides an abundance of favor and love, and there’s enough for all of us, and we shouldn’t tear each other down when we don’t get what we want, and there are better things ahead.

    And I’m proud of where I am, and proud that I got here not because some big-deal critic told the world to read my books, or some talk-show host anointed me, but because my books connected with readers."

    "But I am not going to lie and tell you that I haven’t been really sad about this....or that there isn’t a voice in my head (a small, sad voice) that sees a slim, blond, traditionally attractive woman getting something great and thinks, Oh, well, of course. Of course that’s why. Nobody wants someone who looks like you in their magazine or on their TV show. It’s crazy and untrue and I’d never let a friend talk to herself that way...but there it is."

    "I feel like there’s nowhere I belong in Bookland. I’m not literary enough to be a literary writer, I’m not uplifting enough to be an Oprah writer. I’m not anywhere, and I’m all alone, and nobody’s going to come sit with me.

    So there you have it! The truth about how I’m feeling right now.

    I’m sorry for being petty and unkind. And tomorrow will be a better day."

    ONTD, have you ever had someone throw a hissy fit because of their sense of entitlement?


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    source / source

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    Someone came for Tinashe for the 647th time on Instagram commenting on how some of her looks are "very FKA Twigs".

    This was her response:

    In other Tinashe related news, Drake uploaded "On a Wave" to his official (verified) Youtube channel. "On a Wave" is a Tinashe song featuring Drake that was supposed to be on her debut album Aquarius, but it didn't make the cut because he didn't let it.

    And in case you missed it, last thursday Tinashe performed at the premiere episode of MTV's new live music show "Wonderland", and she was amazing. Besides "All Hands On Deck" and "2 On", she performed "Superlove" and her new song "Company":


    source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

    fuck Taylor Swift for making "pitting women against each other" sound dumb to me now

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  • 09/18/16--20:17: Fear the Walking Dead S2x13


    What did you think of this weeks EP, ONTD? Didn't my bb look handsome?

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    Rami Malek was nominated for his first Emmy this year for Lead Actor in a Drama Series and won. His speech was super adorable and you should watch it + start watching Mr. Robot if you haven't already


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    - based on neil strauss'"the game: penetrating the secret society of pickup artists", a how-to memoir aimed at anyone dreaming of sexual conquest with minimal effort
    - the game popularized seduction methods such as the"neg"— that is, insulting women until they want to have sex with you
    - some claim strauss’s guide changed their life, others admonish the book for highlighting seduction tactics that undermine a woman’s self-esteem
    - the movie will enter production in 2017


    what's your best pickup line, ontd?

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    Jill Soloway was asked backstage after her Emmy win about Transparent and its season 2 storyline involving multiple flashback to 1930's Berlin...

    "So Jews were otherized in Nazi Germany to gain political power for Hitler, and right now Donald Trump is doing the same thing. He's otherizing people. He calls women pigs if they don’t look like beauty pageant contestants. He blames Muslim and Mexicans for our problems. He makes fun of disabled people. This is otherizing with a capital O, and has been used in our history before to start and win wars, and he needs to be called out every chance he gets for being one of the most dangerous monsters to ever approach our lifetimes. He's a complete dangerous monster, and any moment that I have to call Trump out for being an inheritor to Hitler, I will."


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    After telling people to think about it and after he read "all your comments", Marc Jacobs wants to make sure you know he actually DOES see color, ONTD!

    themarcjacobs...and I thank you for expressing your feelings. I apologize for the lack of sensitivity unintentionally expressed by my brevity. I wholeheartedly believe in freedom of speech and freedom to express oneself though art, clothes, words, hair, music...EVERYTHING.
    Of course I do “see” color but I DO NOT discriminate. THAT IS A FACT!

    Please continue to express your feelings freely but do it kindly. Nothing is gained from spreading hate by name calling and bullying.


    ONTD, do you see color?

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    After years of being snubbed, the Clone Queen finally won her well deserved award. Check the video of her speech here.


    So happy for her!

    In other news, I just read D&D (from GoT)
    won Outstanding Writing – Drama, LMAO!

    Are you happy with the winners, ONTD?

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    The 35-year-old reality star left little to the imagination as you can basically see her pussy in a see-through black dress as she was spotted leaving for the 39-year-old rapper's concert in Miami.



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    Donatella also posted on her instagram:

    donatella_versace: I'm here with two of my favourite people in the world...gorgeous Gigi and amazing Zayn @gigihadid @zayn

    source: versace's twitter, LFW's twitter, donatella's instagram

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    source2 3 4

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    Also, great news for us ONTD Olds who remember this:

    here's an old-ass Carisi gif, I'm out of new ones, itsbeen84years.gif

    ONTD, were you alive when ER was airing? Do you remember Mariska Hargitay's iconic character?

    Sources: NBC twitter 1, NBC twitter 2, THR twitter, SVU Writers' twitter, Ice T's twitter, SVUFans twitter

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    The SNL actress took home Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series; she thanked Ellen and Hillary Clinton in her speech, and also her dad who passed away when she was young.

    This is the first Emmy for an SNL cast member in a major acting category. Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner and Dana Carvey won in the past but not in this category.

    source 12345

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    asked if he and Tay are amicable:
    “Yes. Yes, we are,”

    more interestingly he and Priyanka Chopra were seen flirting at an after-party.
    “Tom had his arm around her and held her close. Afterwards, Tom and Priyanka talked closely and were holding hands at one point for a few moments. Priyanka fixed Tom’s bow-tie and then the two kissed on both cheeks.”

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    • Says that her other actress friends are told to make more posts of themselves looking hot in different outfits by their agents

    • Thinks that producers will always cast the actor with more followers because they have more people to promote their films to

    • Basically the only reason she can get away with posting pics of good and other random stuff is because she started her career earlier and already can get roles based on previous work


    Are you famous on social media, ONTD?

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