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    Kate Middleton witnessed a special win for Team GB on Friday as Britain defeated New Zealand 3-1 for a bronze medal in women's field hockey.

    The Duchess of Cambridge, dressed in a white, sleeveless Team GB top and white denim skirt, was her usual gregarious self, cheering and laughing as the team won the first Olympic medal in women's field hockey since they also won bronze at Barcelona 1992.

    As a field hockey player in her school years, Middleton has been supportive of the sport at the Olympic Games. She attended a men's preliminary round match and was also watching on Wednesday as the women's team was denied a gold medal opportunity by Argentina. 

    Middleton played a bit of field hockey with the teams at a pre-Olympic event in March. 

    "Actually she was really good. She told me that she missed playing as part of a team," women's captain Kate Walsh said at the time. "She also told me that she used to hit the penalty corners and you could see that. She got low and her shots were really sweet."

    The team met with the Duchess after their win.

    "She gave me a little hug and just said I was really brave." said Walsh, who was playing with a broken jaw. "She loves watching. It's brilliant to have her in the crowd. It's good for our sport, it's a good promotion. She's a good ambassador for hockey -- she gets hockey out there for a different set of people. Hopefully we can get more and more people picking up sticks. If she's coming to watch then it must be good."


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    Antonia Thomas Talks Coldplay, ‘Misfits’ Return

    Antonia Thomas fans have a lot to look forward to over the next year, with the actress working on the new television show Homefront as well as movies including Spike Island and Rearview. For the second part of our interview, we chatted with the actress about what it was like to appear in a Coldplay video and how Lady Sybil is a complete bitch.

    Misfits spoilers below.

    What was it like to star in a Coldplay video?
    It was amazing fun! I couldn’t believe I was doing it. It was like being at a private Coldplay gig for two days — brilliant.

    When did you realize you wanted to be an actor?
    I realized from quite a young age. I joined a youth group called the National Youth Music Theatre when I was 14 and we toured musicals around japan and England. From then on i had the bug. I thought I wanted to be in musicals at first and then it changed to just straight acting, although I would like to sing and use my voice in my work at some point – I’d love to do a musical film.

    What actors/directors did you first notice, do you look up to?
    I hugely admire British actresses like Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet — they have had such wonderful careers and are brilliant British actors and ambassadors. I also love Daniel Day Lewis, Anthony Hopkins Chiwetel Ejiofor and Michael Fassbender.

    In terms of directors, I am a massive fan of Steve McQueen’s work and think that he is a brilliant role model for black people in this industry.

    Who would you love to work with?
    I would love to work with Steve McQueen, Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy and Emma Thompson.

    What is it like having Lady Sybil slit your throat?
    Haha – Jess is so lovely and although it was a bit of a traumatic experience we managed to have fun! I hope to get to work with her again in the future.

    Any chance we may see you back for a scene or two in season 4?
    I won’t be back for season four, but you never know with Misfits what could happen in the future.


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    According to Cassandra Clare, it's affirmed Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is playing the villain, Valentine:

    So this is not me posting news so much as confirming the rumors: YES, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is going to play Valentine.

    I’ve liked JRM since he was in Velvet Goldmine and I have to admit that image was what sprang immediately to mind when the producer called me and said “…Jonathan Rhys Meyers?”

    I was like, “Velvet Goldmine!”

    And Robert, who is German and very practical, was like, “I hope you have seen things he is in since then or I will assume you do not go to the theater.”

    So yes I should probably also mention that JRM plays Henry the 8th on The Tudors, and does a very good job of being charismatic, power-hungry, and cold.

    Oh noes, I just have to see everyone's reaction to this...


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    Anderson Cooper ‏@andersoncooper
    Wow, @Beyonce just performed in the UN General Assembly. She was awesome. Video will be released on#WorldHumanitarianDayAugust 19th.

    This year, the artist Beyoncé has donated her inspirational song "I Was Here" and she is recording an exclusive video to promote World Day Humanitarian Assistance campaign. The Oscar-winning production company Ridley Scott Associates, the renowned director and acclaimed Kenzo Digital and creative agency Droga5 also have donated their time and creativity, along with the United Nations, to make the production.

    The video will be recorded in the lobby of the General Assembly in New York for a screening of animated images, geo-referenced and a light show, projecting the incredible humanitarian work being done around the world. The production will include the presentation of Beyoncé, in addition to user-generated content and presentation of the button (pin) "I Was Here" as the symbol of people helping each other in all corners of the planet.

    The video will be released simultaneously in the main platforms of television, cinema, projection screens and facilities prepared for iconic buildings in New York, Dubai and Geneva, on Sunday August 19.


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    Jesse Eisenberg and Dakota Fanning are in talks to star in Kelly Reichardt's indie thriller "Night Moves," which will also star Peter Sarsgaard.

    Written by Reichardt ("Wendy and Lucy"), story follows three eco-terrorists who plot to blow up a dam.

    Eisenberg will play the ringleader, while Fanning will play a wealthy young girl who funds the plan. Sarsgaard will play the mastermind behind the bomb.

    Eisenberg replaces Reichardt's "Meek's Cutoff" star Paul Dano, who was attached as recently as February. Rooney Mara was also approached to star last year, though she was never officially involved with the project.

    Reichardt's longtime collaborators Neil Kopp and Anish Savjani are producing through the latter's Film Science banner, while Todd Haynes is expected to exec produce, having served that role on Reichardt's past three features. Producers are aiming to start production this October in Oregon.

    Eisenberg, who can currently be seen in Woody Allen's "To Rome With Love" and IFC Films' "Why Stop Now," recently wrapped Louis Leterrier's magician heist pic "Now You See Me." The Oscar-nominated "Social Network" star is currently filming two roles in Richard Ayoade's indie comedy "The Double." He's repped by CAA and attorney Patti Felker.

    Fanning, who will soon be seen in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn -- Part 2," has three indie pics in the can, including Ol Parker's "Now Is Good," Alan and Gabe Polsky's "The Motel Life" and the Emma Thompson-scripted "Effie." Thesp is currently filming Naomi Foner's "Very Good Girls" with Elizabeth Olsen, Demi Moore and Sarsgaard. She's repped by WME, One Talent Management and attorney Steve Warren.


    I'm not sure about this one...

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    After more than two decades on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ronn Moss is leaving the CBS soap where he’s played fashion magnate Ridge Forrester since the show’s 1987 inception, EW has learned.

    The exact details are unclear, but an insider tells EW that Moss elected not to renew his contract over salary issues.

    Production company Bell Phillip Television confirmed the exit. “Ronn has spent an amazing 25 years with B&B,” a rep for Bell Phillip said in a statement. “We will always consider him family, and we wish him only the best in all of his future endeavors.”

    Moss was one of the “core four”, referring to the foursome of original actors still on the show.

    Those include Susan Flannery as Stephanie Forrester, John McCook as Eric Forrester, and Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke Logan.

    Moss will shoot his final scenes for The Bold and the Beautiful this Tuesday, Aug. 14, and his last episode will air on a yet-to-be-determined date in September.

    Times have been tough for the genre lately, just four soaps — Bold, The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital — remain.

    Moss’ pay issue undoubtedly goes back to the stark reality that, as the daytime ad market has become much more competitive and now favors talk shows over dramas, these shows do not command the same big licensing fees that they once did. Last year, Bold was the biggest soap internationally, with 26.2 million viewers.

    That huge international audience has made Moss a star around the world, exemplified by his second-place finish on Italy’s version of Dancing with the Stars in 2010.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    NBC Schedule | Medal Count
    Stream 1 | Stream 2 | Stream 3

    Only 1,454 days until Rio 2016!!

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    Filming scenes in the brisk weather, the stars of “Gossip Girl” were spotted heading to the New York City set on Friday (August 10).

    The beautiful Blake Lively rocked a tan and black dress while her co-stars Penn Badgley and Michelle Trachtenberg followed closely behind.

    All of the CW hit show’s stars have been keeping busy filming their sixth and final season of the drama, but Blake is eagerly looking forward to her next career endeavor.

    As previously reported by GossipCenter, the 24-year-old actress dished about the closing, saying, “I think the best way to describe it is like someone who really enjoyed high school, and is like, I’m a senior and I can’t wait for the next thing! Gossip Girl was so great, but what’s the next challenge in life? Because, you know, six years is a long time. And as an actor who plays a caricature of myself on the show, I don’t think I’d say, Watch Gossip Girl for my best quality of work. But I am very lucky to have had that experience.”

    “Gossip Girl” season six will premiere on Monday, October 8 at 9/8c on CW.

    article source - pic source

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  • 08/11/12--16:48: The Duggars get healthy!
  • title or description

    When you have a large family like the Duggars – and in their case, it’s a laaaaarrrrrrgge family – getting everyone fed three times a day is a challenge and a half. The cost of feeding a household of 20 (that includes parents Michelle and Jim Bob and the 18 children who still live at home) is one issue; finding food that everyone will eat is another.

    Look alive, ONTD! It's Duggar & veg/vegan wank!
    Would you ever raise your kids on raw food?


    Most moms in that situation would probably give in to the temptation to slap some bologna and American cheese on a pile of white bread for every lunch or boil a pot of pasta and call it a day. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michelle has gone that route herself.

    But things may be about to change in the Duggar world. Michelle writes in her TLC blog this week that her family has been learning the benefits of eating healthier.

    While attending a Christian family conference in San Antonio, the Duggars decided to take a few cooking classes while they were at it. They enjoyed learning how to make authentic French stocks and sauces, but Michelle’s favorite class by far was one on raw food.

    “I was encouraged by how we can do better and do more of it for the family,” she writes. “And it was very yummy! I’m excited about the recipes and can really see my kids eating the dishes.”

    For instance, the megafamily discovered that raw walnuts chopped up with cumin and other Mexican spices make a delicious vegan alternative to ground beef in tacos.

    Raw-food proponents believe that uncooked fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients and enzymes than cooked ones, making them healthier.

    “It was really encouraging after we learned these raw food techniques and the benefit of buying organic produce when you can,” says Michelle. “We realized we can buy local in our area, and that buying in bulk is key for our family.” The family also takes advantage of their natural foods co-op, where they can buy and split batches of organic produce together with friends.

    There’s one aspect of the raw-food movement that the Duggars aren’t embracing just yet. People who eat raw food tend to be vegetarians, and the family does eat meat. However, Michelle says they buy organic beef, which is raised humanely and without pesticide-laden feed.

    Not everyone agrees that raw food is always best. For instance, studies have found that people who eat raw have low levels of  the antioxidant lycopene, found in red fruits and vegetables – and cooking tomatoes increases their lycopene content significantly. Cooking certain other veggies, such as broccoli and carrots, also brings out their antioxidant properties.

    But hats off to Michelle for doing her part to keep her family both fed and healthy!

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A wonderfully creepy and mind bending horror film set in an abandoned mental asylum. David Caruso turns in an unusually good performance while the asylum itself provides a great, chilling setting for this film. A group of insulation cleaners come in to clear up the asylum and come across a series of tapes from the sessions of a woman with multiple personalities. The film has very little gore but it makes up for that with a great atmosphere of dread and unrelenting horror.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I love found footage films, but even I can admit that most are terrible, simply done as a means to film shitty horror films with the excuse of 'BLAIR WITCH DID IT!'. Grave Encounters is a rare exception. The crew of a (staged) ghost hunting show go to an abandoned asylum (noticing a pattern?) and become trapped. The film again, has no gore, but uses sounds, dread and a TON of themes from the amazing House of Leaves. The film does have a lull, and I would actually suggest skipping a lot of the first 30 minutes, as it seems like it wants to make us care for the characters, but it only really succeeds in boring you.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sometimes a great horror film can be undone by it's ending. Such may be the case with Yellowbrickroad. A team of journalists and hikers go out on the same trail that an entire town disappeared on and discover horrible secrets. The film has some amazing moments, creating a feeling of not only dread, but confusion and fear, as disturbing images, sounds and ideas begin to pile up around the crew. There is some gore, one scene in particular is very gory but also a tad absurd as well. The ending though....let's just say it's strange. An attempt to , I suppose, make you think, it ends up making you more annoyed than anything. Still, highly recommended.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This film is all of the best things about late 70's early 80's horror crammed into one movie. It has a very slow pace, but instead of making you bored it instills pure dread. Everything feels wrong, the film just continues to pour on a feeling of unrelenting fear as the tension raises higher and higher. A girl comes over to a strange couple's home to babysit their children. The night goes from boring, to an absolute nightmare very quickly.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I ADORE this movie. An amazingly fun, scary and just plain cool anthology of horror stories, you get not only some awesome scares, but a ton of humor and cameos. You even get to see Stephen King play a stupid hillbilly trying to sell a meteor and exclaiming the phrase “METEOR SHIT!”. The sequel is also on Instant, and while nowhere near as good, is still worth a watch.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    An absolute classic of horror and widely considered one of the best of the genre. Taking a Clive Barker story and giving it an amazing cast and some awesome effects, we end up with a terrifying tale of pain, pleasure and what happens when you find something that you can not resist and that when you touch brings you the worst pain you could ever imagine or, the most wonderful pleasure that you could ever even begin to know.  


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    An awesome, funny and scary anthology film. Clearly inspired by Creepshow, it follows a group of gang members bursting into a funeral home and demanding a stash of drugs they think the owner has. Leading us through some great stories, each one filled with both horror and some funny as hell moments, we get some great African American actors giving some awesome performances. The ending though has some of the worst CG I've ever seen. Which makes it even better!


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    A group of hillbilly friends beat the shit out of an alien in the woods as revenge for being taken and experimented upon. As they brig the body to a friends house, they discover that their actions may have not only killed them, but doomed the entire planet as well. A tense, well acted bottle film set in one house. The actors give great performances and the gore and horror keeps you on the edge of your seat.


    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Easily one of, it not the, most terrifying found footage films of all time. With absolutely no gore this film focuses on fucking with you in every possible way. It is slow but it does not fuck around. Every scene mounts tension and reveals more and more horrifying information. It leads to a climax that will leave you begging for more. You can find it entirely on youtube with subtitles. I'll only give you this: It deals with a man trying to find out the secrets to a demon and what it has to do with the entire country.

    So ONTD what other films would you recommend?



    Descriptions of the films are written by myself. A good list can be found at the source. (lol Never say Never)

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    This week, the loosely connected online activist and hacking community Anonymous began a new "operation": attacking the Ukrainian government.

    In retaliation to Ukraine's take down of popular BitTorrent tracking site Demonoid, Anonymous is seeking "revenge against all criminals responsible" in the country's government.

    In what Anonymous called a "state-sponsored Denial of Service attack" on Demonoid, the group plans to make everyone aware they will not tolerate the takedown. In a statement, Anonymous accused the Ukrainian government of a form of international appeasement to the United States. This is not the first time this accusation has been hurled at a country's governing body. Spain, for example, fast-tracked the Sinde Law, its version of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), before talks with the USA. Documents posted to Wikileaks seemed to suggest the USA was actually strong-arming Spain into passing the act.

    News of the Ukrainian Government's involvement in the raid on Demonoid first hit the Web after an article ran in the Ukranian newspaper Kommersant on Monday. The paper reported that the raid on Demonoid was timed to coincide with the very first United States political trip for Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Valery Khoroshkovsky. Sources from the Ukrainian government reported that copyright infringement was going to be on top of the agenda. The US Government had previously stated it saw Demonoid as one of the most visited sites used to share pirated content. is ranked globally as the 950th most popular site on the Web, and ranked 441st in the USA according to But commonly Demonoid was also ranked one of the top 10 favorites of peer to peer BitTorrent mega-trackers.

    Starting around April 26, 2010, the site started to receive a series of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. The first round of which ended after Demonoid temporarily banned Taiwanese and Chinese IP address ranges.

    But DDoS attacks started again on July 24th, ultimately bringing down the site. On August 1st, Demonoid's admin changed the domain redirector straight to a reported malware distributing ad network for unknown reasons. The admin said that he was in the process of bringing the site back up. But on August 6, 2012, Ukrainian authorities shut down the site manually from Ukraine's largest data center ColoCall.

    So what kind of reprisal has the Ukrainian Government seen since Anonymous announced #OpDemonoid? The Kiev Post reported that DDoS attacks have shut down the websites of: the Ukrainian Anti-Piracy Association; the Ukrainian equivalent of the MPAA/RIAA (APO), the Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights [] and The National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of Ukraine [].

    In an update Wednesday, Anonymous stated that the objective of #OpDemonoid is:

    1.Restore Demonoid services by any means necessary and, if possible, facilitate a series of mirror sites operated by free Anons everywhere. In essence, open source Demonoid.

    2. Retaliate against those responsible for the interruption. And Lulz.

    Calling the actions of the Ukraine out as:

    The action was spearheaded by the usual cabal of lobbyists, SOPA/ACTA supporters, and their bribed politicians.

    Some artists and musicians who create the content shared via torrents have recently come out in favor of file-sharing culture and torrent tracker sites. Reports of artists using bit torrent trackers like Demonoid and The Pirate Bay become increasingly common, especially in the wake of reports that copyright infringement court settlements have ended up in the hands of the RIAA and MPAA, and not the actual artists whose content was being shared.


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    Selena Gomez got up close and personal with her male costar on the Sherman Oaks, Calif., set of her upcoming film, Parental Guidance.

    The former Disney darling even locked lips with Nat Wolff, who held the actress in a passionate embrace as they shot PDA-packed scenes on Friday.

    In the coming-of-age comedy indie, Gomez stars opposite Nat Wolff and Austin Stowell. The story centers on teen Ric Thibault (Wolff) and his crush Nina Pennington (Gomez) as they embark on a rock ‘n’ roll-themed journey.


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    If we can’t get Rome back on HBO, would a series about Cleopatra do?

    NBC is developing a drama about the infamous queen of Egypt. (Talk about your period dramas!) Penned by Michael Seitzman (North Country), the project is from Lorenzo Di Bonaventura Pictures and ABC Studios. As first reported by Deadline, NBC has ordered a put pilot — TV speak for a project that must air, lest the net wants to pay substantial penalty fees.

    The last time Cleopatra showed up on TV was in the HBO drama Rome, which featured Lyndsey Marshal in the recurring role. Cleopatra has always been depicted as an incredible and sexy beauty, so the search for perfect actress should be a fascinating one. (Though seriously, doesn’t this seem like a role made for Homeland’s Morena Baccharin Baccarin?)


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    Famed makeup artist Billy B on working with Britney:

    This old HILLBILLYB finally got to work with Britney Spears....
    She is a very sweet, very professional, kind and beautiful girl. When you point a camera at her, she becomes, before your very eyes, The most Fantastic example of what a STAR is, and why she is BRITNEY SPEARS.It was truly 2 days of pure pleasure....

    If only all of MY days at work could be like the last 2 days.... ..IT wouldnt feel like work. It would be what my job can and should be... a productive, rewarding, respectful, creative collaboration.
    The first 2 days of my week, I unfortunately did not have the same experience. Luckily, the contrast of the 2 remind me that this is the way "work" can and should be. And, being a freelance makeup artist and my own boss, I don't have to settle if I am belittled and disrespected. I don't deserve it, and no one else does. after 25 years of being a makeup artist.... Sadly, I realized, only after having these 2 experiences that I have had over and over again, that I do not have to "settle".

    Thank you Britney.


    Britney Spears Auctions Off Meeting Her On 'The X-Factor' Set For Charity

    With "The X-Factor" back on air next month and "Glee" reportedly planning yet another Britney-centric episode, Britbrit is back on the scene in a big way and she's using her recent resurgence to fame for good!

    For the first time, Britney Spears is going under the hammer and teaming up with online charity auction house, to auction off a once-in-a-lifetime experience with her. Fans can bid to meet Britney during a live taping of The X-Factor with the lucky winning bidder receiving two tickets to a results show that films in Los Angeles, the chance to take snapshots with Brit and more!

    But, this up close and personal experience won't come cheap! The meet and greet opportunity is valued at $15,000.

    The proceeds of the auction will go to Sports Spectacular, an organization that leverages the power of celebrities and athletes to raise funds for Cedars-Sinai Medical Genetics Institute, and Peace Thru Sports, a program designed to spark global movement by promoting peace through sports.

    Bidding is available through August 21 via



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    Kim Kardashian has dropped some weight since becoming Kimye. How? An anonymous friend of Kim's told the National Enquirer that the sex diet is code for "having regular sex, that tends to burn calories and kill the appetite. Losing seven pounds in seven days means being a very naughty girl." It doesn't even involve juice cleanses or hours on the stair master.

    Mandy Moore

    When asked how she keeps in shape, Mandy Moore replied, “It’s SEX! Lots and lots of SEX with my husband Ryan! … Did you know it burns 360 calories per hour? It’s a TOTAL body workout! And let’s face it – it’s a lot more fun than hitting the gym.” Get it, girl!

    Carmen Electra

    Not like we're surprised, but Carmen told FHM that she credits her bod to yoga, stripteases and sex. "I do a lot of yoga and aerobics. Plus, you can burn a lot of calories in the bedroom too. I get a lot of guys coming up to me who have bought my striptease DVD and they thank me because their girls have learnt hot to give them amazing lap dances.

    Cameron Diaz

    Cam stays beach ready year-round with lots of laughing and lots of sex. "I guess it’s just exercise, healthy diet, lots of water, lots of laughter, lots of sex – yes, sex, we need that as human beings. It’s healthy it’s natural, it’s what we are here to do!" the actress told Vogue UK.

    Jenny McCarthy

    Jenny put a lot of work into getting Playboy ready. A lot of work between the sheets, that is. "I didn't have to work out before 35 but now I have to so it's treadmill, Bikram yoga, watching what I eat and of course great sex. Lots of great sex!" she revealed during an interview with "Extra."

    Pamela Anderson

    We were lucky enough to see Pam's sex diet in action in her infamous video with ex-husband Tommy Lee. “Looking good to me has always been because of the amount of sex I’m getting,” Pamela has said. “I’ve hardly been a member of a gym and I can’t follow diets.”

    Kelly Brook

    The model told Company Magazine that what has kept her curvy is "tons of sex." That sounds like a fun way to keep your figure.

    Lisa Snowdon

    George Clooney's ex flame, Lisa Snowdon, admitted that sex keeps her in shape. "I love running off in the middle of the day to make love. It really burns up calories." I suppose I would feel the same way if I were running off to George Clooney.


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    Two weeks ago, all of our lives were forever changed when we learned, via explosive tabloid photos, that Kristen Stewart is a giant whore. Psych! She's a normal 22-year-old making many of the same mistakes that we made, except under the scrutiny of a paparazzo's telephoto lens. Who cares? Well, millions of people apparently, and most of them are siding with Robert Pattinson, whose heart was supposedly broken by that harlot. However: RPatz has been linked with a number of women during his three-year relationship with Stewart. But nobody's calling him a slut or a "trampire."

    We received a tip — if you want to call it that, it was more like a novella — from someone who claims to have insider knowledge of the many times that Pattinson has stepped out on Stewart. We can't verify if this person is actually a Hollywood insider, but at the very least, he or she is incredibly well-versed in the minute details of the actors' lives and shooting schedules. If nothing else, this person is very invested in Stewart and Pattinson's relationship, and worried about Stewart's recent nosedive in popularity. The blockquotes below are all taken verbatim from this one email.

    In the email, the tipster went off on a rant — including photos to back up some claims — about how Pattinson has managed to be linked with so many women but not receive the kind of backlash that Stewart has. Perhaps Pattinson is just a better cheater. (There are no photos, that we know of, in which he is day-Frenching someone all over L.A.) Or maybe all of this is just bullshit. But we did manage to pull up some circumstantial evidence to back up some of these assertions. If any of this is true, it is the Watergate of vampires.

    Let's start with a blind item from Crazy Days and Nights:

    Lets talk about the cheating this B+ movie actor has done on his B= list actress girlfriend over the past few years. It only seems fair. Lots you will know, but many you won't. The list numbers about 10. The most salacious to me was the marriage he broke up. She used to be a B+ television actress on a very hit show. She got married and had some problems. She got back together with her husband then auditioned for a movie with our actor. The chemistry was instant. By the time they started filming her marriage was over and our actor and actress were in bed everyday. One time they were joined by one of his other long time female co-stars.

    There were always the flings with his co-stars. That happened before during and after. There was the European burlesque dancer. Oh, and a couple of models. There is the night he got drunk and made the ultimate mistake and slept with someone who should not be slept with unless you have a quadruple strength latex bodysuit. She has actually started getting work again. There was the C list Australian actress and the reality star from VH-1. Oh, there was the co-star of the actress that had her marriage broken because of him. That was an interesting one. There was the daughter of one of the director's of a movie he starred in. He told her he wanted to be with her forever, but didn't really mean it. He just wanted to sleep with her. There are a few more, but no one would know who they are.

    It all becomes very clear who this is about after reading our tipster's scoop. We've broken down Pattinson's alleged infidelities by person.

    Megan Fox

    [Rob] hooked up with Megan Fox AFTER the Twilight premiere in Tokyo when he first got together with Kristen. Megan admitted much herself by mocking a young Hollywood actor had tried to woo her by inviting her to fly with him on a Wal-mart private jet. He did promo for Wal-mart at the start of New Moon filming in Arkansas and they flew him down from Vancouver on their private yet. That was Rob and there were rumors of them out at bars together and staying at the Palisades Hotel together during this time as well.

    Well, there were rumors floating around that Fox and Pattinson hooked up in early 2009. And Pattinson did, indeed, do some promotional work for Walmart in March 2009.

    And here's a video of Megan Fox talking about being offered a Walmart jet by a guy trying to pick her up. (not embedding, watch at source)

    Nikki Reed

    [Rob] was sleeping with Nikki Reed all throughout Twilight filming while trying to get with Kristen and split her up from her then boyfriend of 3 years, Michael Angarano. He was still sleeping with her at the start of New Moon filming as well with her being spotted leaving his hotel, the Sheraton Wall Centre, by local paparazzi @punkdimages frequently after she'd been up there for hours with him.

    Well, their fling has become part of the tapestry of the Twilight Saga saga. They were spotted by the paparazzo that the tipster mentioned, but they didn't look to be doing anything wrong. Although this photo where she's grabbing his junk? Hmm.

    Ashley Greene

    Rob was pictured leaving the New Moon set late at night alone in the back seat of the same care with Ashley in Vancouver as well in Montepulciano, Italy while they were filming in both locations-no Kristen in sight. He's continued his affair with Ashley for several years, with them supposedly hooking up most recently again during the Breaking Dawn 1 international promo tour. They were overheard having "loud, wild sex" in their hotel suite in Paris and the staff was notified. Rob was interviewed the next day in Berlin with the reporter saying how tired he seemed and saying he wouldn't comment as to why. Supposedly Ashley called Pattinson's cell recently for another hookup because she couldn't wait until promos began again for another hookup but Kristen answered the phone instead. Ashley hung up, Kristen recognizing the # called her back telling her to stay away from Rob or she would tell the media about Ashley's little venereal problem (herpes). When they had to fly back up to Vancouver in May 2012 for some additional reshoots, Ashley changed her flight at the last minute so she wouldn't have to be on the same plane as Kristen. Gee I wonder why? There have been a number of other smaller cheating scandals he's been involved in over the years too. During Breaking Dawn filming in fall/winter 2010 he was said to still be seeing Ashley on the side again while filming in Baton Rouge like he'd done during the past 3 movies.

    There is evidence corroborating private time that Greene and Pattinson spent in Europe. In May, a few months before Stewart's cheating scandal broke, an old blind item at CDAN was revealed as being about Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene:

    It has been an interesting few weeks for this celebrity couple. The couple, part of a huge franchise and consisting of a B+/A- movie actor andmovie actreess have always managed to give the impression they are a couple, when in reality they are not. It has never been that big of an issue until lately. With the exception of some flings our actor had on set with some of his co-stars, he has managed to keep everything he has done on the side on the down low. The actress has always loved the friendship and relationship the two have had although it has been entirely asexual. She does not really have feelings for anyone, whether it be male or female in a sexual way and has loved being part of a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Make sense? Well, although it works for her, it has not always worked for the actor. He would love to play the field and take advantage of all the women who want to be with him. Not in a Gerard Butler kind of way, but at least have some fun. Most of the time his drinking keeps him from getting too interested as that is by far his first love. Unbeknownst to the actress though, the actor has maintained a steady group of two or three other women who he spends time with which satisfies his needs. If the actress were to find out about them or if the relationships would be made public then she would be forced to answer questions about this long time relationship and move on which is something she is loathe to do. She likes being insulated. The problem is the actor has been seeing someone more frequently who is growing impatient and wants to be seen with our actor in public. She wants a real relationship and not just one consisting of random hotel rooms and hookups at his place when the actress is out of town. It got so bad that in the past two weeks, the woman actually showed up on the set where our actor was filming and he had to pass off the woman as an obssessed fan which our actress did not entirely believe. Also, a former lover of the actor who also happens to be a co-star got drunk with the couple and began revealing details of the relationship she had with the actor and did so loudly. She also saw the "obsessed fan," and said, "That looks exactly like the girl you showed me last year who you said was just your type and you were going to try and meet her." Although our couple headed back home together, apparently neither of them have stayed there together since the fateful time on set.

    Erika Dutra

    He hooked up with that Erika Dutra chick in Cannes in May 2009—the pics of them together with his arm around her were published by Star magazine.

    Camilla Belle & Emillie de Ravin
    This one is perhaps the juiciest, as it involves a threesome, bisexuality, and a broken marriage:

    While filming Remember Me in New York City, Camilla Belle who he'd been hooking up with in LA the previous fall visited him there and they went out drinking with his co-star Emilie de Ravin, who had just announced she was separated from her husband at the time coincidentally. The rumor going around from people in the cast/crew out with them was that Rob went back to his hotel with both girls and had a three-way that night (Camilla is rumored to be bi-sexual). There was also constant tabloid coverage of his dalliances with Emilie on set through the remainder of filming that summer so it wasn't just a one-time occurrence.

    Well, they all did go out to dinner. And Belle has been rumored to be bi. And Pattinson was actually not very secretive about his relationship with de Ravin.

    The Cupcake Girl

    There was also this pastry chef from Deliciously Yours Cakes named Sarah who served cupcakes at a private event he'd attended that fall in Vancouver. He'd gotten her number and called her at 3am telling her that "her cupcakes were beautiful" trying to hook up with her. She was married with a child though so I don't think anything actually came of that. She blogged about the bizarre phone call a few days later though on their website.

    This is all true, according to Sarah, who did, indeed blog about it. Who calls a stranger at 2:30 in the morning unless you want to have sex? Does it count as cheating if you try to cheat but get denied?

    The Burlesque Dancer

    After Bel Ami wrapped and [Rob] was to report to Vancouver for Eclipse reshoots in May, he arrived 3 days late because he'd been partying in London with a burlesque dancer named Caroline Jones he'd met in a club and her friends at a rooftop party in Camden. She tweeted about hanging out with him and said it was no one's business and that she was a "contemporary sexual thinker." Others in attendance gave accounts of about how girls were all over him at this party and how he looked definitely "not gay" with the ladies. He and Kristen got into a huge fight in front of crew during Eclipse reshoots over him showing up late because he was partying and sleeping around in London. Kristen screamed at him saying his behavior was unprofessional and embarrassing to her. Rob stormed off and they both had to be coerced back onto set to finish reshoots.

    I could find no info online for a burlesque dancer named Caroline Jones except for this same crazy story that appears in the comments section of nearly every gossip blog, from HuffPo to GossipCop. The fight about the burlesque club was reported in the New York Post, though.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Ugh. Could he be that stupid? According to our tipster, yes:

    That summer he was filming Water for Elephants in LA he was spotted leaving Las Palmas holding hands with Lindsay Lohan and hanging out a lot with she and her gay best friend and designer (sometimes coke dealer) Markus Molinari.

    I don't know if I believe that they hooked up. I think, at worst, maybe they shared a common interest in booger sugar. They were also spotted barhopping together this past April. And Pattinson is definitely chummy with Katy Perry's best friend (and again, rumored coke dealer) Markus Molinari. There was even a blind item about Pattinson, Perry, and Molinari in November 2010:

    I don't know if you will ever get the first person in this blind, but he is a celebrity. He is a gay actor/singer/and bff of one of the biggest A list female singers in the world right now. Anyway, a few years ago our celebrity was involved in a relationship with this A list movie actor. Not just a fling, but a real relationship. Not living together, but it was still a relationship. Anyway, it ended a few years ago after our A list actor went from mainly (with one exception) obscure small roles to international stardom. Our celebrity says there was so much pressure on the relationship from so many different people and agents and managers it just could not survive.

    The VH1 Reality Star

    When Kristen had left for Montreal at the end of July to begin filming On the Road, [Rob] was photographed that very same Sunday afternoon sitting poolside at the Thompson hotel with a bartender from the VH1 Saddleranch television mini-series named Nancee Bingenheimer crawling all over this lap. She was a groupie of his friend Sam Bradley's band who was in town on their US tour and playing shows in LA that week. His personal trainer at the time Harley Pasternak was sitting next to them and Rob had his blue gym bag with him showing he must've been go to/from working out. He was also wearing the same baggy khaki pants he'd worn to the MTV movie awards that he'd attended a few weeks prior with Kristen and the same tan henley style shirt he'd worn in a photoshoot a few weeks prior.

    Hollywood Insider Alleges Robert Pattinson Can't Keep It In His Pants, Constantly Cheated on KStew
    Our tipster actually provided photos of this incident, although they're taken from so far away that it's impossible to make a positive ID on these people.

    Bob Saget & John Stamos
    This is my personal favorite. It has nothing to do with cheating at all, but I just like that Pattinson was actually hanging out with Uncle Jesse and Danny Tanner.

    There were also rumors that he was going to a lot of coke parties in Malibu and was seen hanging out with known coke users John Stamos and Bob Saget often that summer at parties and attending UFC fights with them too.

    Caitlin Cronenberg

    That summer in Toronto [Rob] was hooking up with his Cosmopolis director David Cronenberg's youngest daughter and set photographer Caitlin Cronenberg during filming, hitting lots of late night hot spots and parties, "spreading their DNA all over the city together" according to her friends blogging online about their trysts at the time. Kristen didn't visit him nearly at all for the entire 2 months he was filming there. Word was that he asked her not to come because it would be a "distraction" for him while he was trying to get into character. She did visit once briefly in early July a few weeks before filming wrapped but Rob did not take her out to any of the Toronto bars or clubs that he had been frequenting with Caitlin, and they didn't hang out with any of the other cast or crew while she was in town either-obviously having something to hide from her. Caitlin was supposed to be interviewing him for a photograph book she'd been compiling on famous celebrity breakups and featuring him in it, as he was said to have told her he was leaving Kristen in order to keep seeing Caitlin after the movie had wrapped. The news of this affair got some tabloid coverage which pretty much killed any chance of that happening though. Rob's co-star on that film Sarah Gadon WAS however featured in her book, having become very close friends with Caitlin and her family. Sarah and Caitlin both snubbed Rob at Cannes this year while they were there premiering the film not hanging out with him at all while or trusting him any longer for the lies he told and the promises he made that he never intended to keep. Kristen was also in Cannes premiering her own film On the Road and they were staying together and attending each others screenings, after parties, etc. This could be why Caitlin stayed away from Rob—because the inconvenient girlfriend was underfoot again.

    While I couldn't find any evidence of Cronenberg's friends "blogging" about the couple, this alleged affair was actually widely reported. However, GossipCop was really invested in disproving it.

    Shea Marie

    Kristen left for London to begin filming Snow White and the Huntsman in late July while Rob stayed in LA not working but opting to party and hit up the bars nearly every night instead, typically seen in the company of other females. He only visited London once briefly last September for a his friend Tom Sturridge's sister Matilda's baby christening and ignored Kristen the remainder of the time she was working abroad even though she was in his hometown—he didn't stick around nearly at all. Rumor was he didn't even want to go in the first place but Summit made him make the trip to see her. Once back in LA he resumed picking bar skanks with several tweeting and posting online about their late-night encounters with him. One particular blonde model named Shea Marie said she shared "Jameson and Gingers" with him at the bar all night at Jimmy Fallon's Emmy after-party and went back to his house to hang out afterward tweeting the next morning how exhausted she was and how it had been a crazy night of partying.

    I included this one, not for its veracity but to demonstrate how obsessive our tipster has been in time-lining Pattinson's whereabouts for the past few years. They knew about his friend's sister's baby's christening!? What!? For whatever it's worth, Shea Marie—who is some kind of fashion blogger, party goer, LA type—did Tweet about hanging with Pattinson, although the details were not at all lurid.

    Sarah Roemer

    Less than a week later after he'd returned to LA he was spotted out with blonde actress Sarah Roemer and friends at Los Feliz hotspot La Poubelle before being photographed crawling into the backseat of their friend's car with her and his hand resting on her thigh. They proceeded to Soho House where they hung out and had drinks the remainder of the night. Reports were that he then left alone with her driving to go back to his house together. There was coverage in the gossip mags about this event because there were actual paparazzi pics of them together to back up the rumors this time. However he was never actually caught kissing her or anything too scandalous so they played up the "just friends" excuse saying their night out was completely platonic only.

    They definitely hung out late at night. Although, they were supposedly having a business meeting. Who has a business meeting at 2 AM in a night club? I guess the kind of people who get hospitalized for exhaustion.

    Some Random

    This LA blogger, Jenn Hofmann, saw Rob out at the Bar Marmont at the Chateau Marmont in LA in Janurary. Jenn updated the story on July 26th after this scandal broke, clarifying that the real reason she was kicked out of the bar was because Rob was there getting cozy with another woman and she was tweeting about it.

    In April 2011, the LA Weekly ran a story about how Jenn Hoffman was banned from Chateau Marmont after talking about its celebrity clients online. She had deleted the content about Pattinson at the time, but then two weeks ago, after Stewart's photos surfaced, Hoffman Tweeted what she had seen at Chateau Marmont.

    TL;DR? In brief: Allegedly, Robert Pattinson has allegedly been getting his dick wet by all kinds of different women while allegedly in a relationship with Kristen Stewart. Allegedly.

    lol "hollywood insider"... probably one of kstew's crazy fans, lbr

    sorry mods, forgot the source!


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    Schermata 08-2456151 alle 8.24.48 PM

    So this tweet from The Cataracs was spotted not too long ago. While Cryptic, we can see that the individual they are working with is a female and a "big B."

    The Cataracs also posted a picture with Sia earlier today.

    Schermata 08-2456151 alle 8.23.41 PM

    While it might just be possible that they're just hanging out with Sia, these tweets from Sia's account suggest she's also working with someone huge in NYC, and it's most likely the same "big B" that The Cataracs are working with. In fact, Sia has expressed a desire to work with Beyoncé in the past!


    source 1
    source 2

    What do you guys think? I would be ecstatic if this turned out to be true!

    0 0


    The singer was apparently trying to thwart paparazzi by rendering the photos obscene.

    No one at Los Angeles International Airport was chanting "the beautiful people, the beautiful people" on Friday when they got a look at a strange apparition standing in the security line: a tall, pale man wearing mirrored sunglasses, a black hat and raincoat, with the words "FUCK YOU" written across his mouth and neck in black ink.

    That man was Brian Hugh Warner, better known as Marilyn Manson.

    Should you require further explanation -- and you should -- a witness who stood in the same line offered one, via the social news website Reddit.

    "I just went through the LAX security line with Marilyn Manson," the witness, who goes by the handle j_patrick_12, writes. "He had 'FUCK' scrawled in large letters across the bottom half of his face, with what appeared to be a grease pencil."

    "As we each removed our boots in the security line, he kindly explained that it was not directed at me or anyone else in the airport, but rather at the paparazzi, so that they couldn't sell any photos of him that they took."

    "He was really apologetic about it, and covered his mouth around young children while apologizing to their parents for exposing their child to profanity."

    The strategy backfired, however, as pictures have begun to pop up of the traveling graffito.





    0 0


    A friend and I met him earlier today.  He was super friendly and oh so tall.

    ETA: Since I'm getting some of the same questions... I'm 5'3" and my frames are by Claire Goldsmith.  And you guys are too sweet.

    Source: me and my camera

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  • 08/11/12--19:01: Wizard World Chicago

  • Obligatory "we found a dog!" pic

    (OK it's NOT) The car from Ghostbusters

    The bar. ;)



    Dalek from Doctor Who (I think?)

    Cool like...brainwave reading ear things that reacted, perked up and twitched. (Highly recommended if you're a furry)

    Insane amounts of merchandise for sale

    Tom Felton signing autographs (more of him, later!)

    Adrienne Curry looking ridiculous and signing autographs

    Dudes buying back issues of Playboy magazines

    Threadless fridge

    After asking ecctv & vehiclesshockme countless times, I guess this guy is named Dean Cain

    Maybe someone out there knows why Stitch has a face on his ass.  Maybe.

    Lou Ferrigno Looking Down

    R2D2 made an appearance

    I can see your Halo

    Collectables and such

    Star Trek peddlers

    Chicago Cosplay

    Back to the Future Delorean

    A Batmobile

    Celebrating the return of AD, this guy blu'd himself

    Storm Troopers

    Who knows.

    Batman villains

    LMFAO Robot...thing

    The dick pickins were slim

    BOO. Demon thing following people around.

    Pucker up Joey L!


    Rockso the Rock N Roll Clown. Liz said "Tell Toki hi."

    The Priceline Negotiator guys signing autographs

    Harley Quinn & her hammer

    Buzz Lightyear is lost

    Superman takes a break

    (panel commentary taken from ecctv's notes)

    James Marsters
    (I didn't really get good pics, sorry!)

    • For his last meal, he'd have sushi and a rainbow roll but I have no clue what that is.
    • If it was his last day on earth, he'd want to skydive
    • A woman asked for a kiss, he said he had a jealous wife and wouldn't do it as they usually end in orgies.
    • The musical episode of Buffy was made by the guy who made the show The Tick. Marsters loved that show so he was excited to work with him. Also, Marsters was working the puppet for the episode.
    • His favorite song his band has done is "If This Is Love" and was crying like crazy when he wrote it.
    • Before Buffy, he'd done full frontal nudity in The Tempest. A stage hand was trying to get him excited by holding up pictures of porn. 
    • He'd like to play Shakespeare's Iago because he is "unexplained evil."
    • Marsters signed on to do Dragonball Evolution because it was a 3 picture deal for a lot of money with a producer he loved. His son loved the show so he was excited to do it. He liked the show because it is an instruction on how to be a man: goofy, humble, peaceful, defensive of family and be a force for peace. He said it was a wise cartoon. The movie was more based on Dragonball, as opposed to Dragonball Z.
    • The most enjoyable Buffy episode to make was the musical episode.
    • He has been a Star Trek fan for a long time and even attended the first convention as a kid, he wore pointy ears.
    • Getting naked on Buffy was "humiliating."
    • Out of any superhero or supervillan, he'd want to play Batman, because "he's a jerk, he's a dark dude" who is one step away from evil.
    • Joss Whedon hated vampires and the fact that the audience loved Spike threw a wrench in things. There was no real plan for him at first so he was just plugged into the story line as needed, villan, wacky neighbor, love interest.
    • He really enjoyed filming an episode of Supernatural because he was able to hang out with Charisma Carpenter, which he hadn't really done on Buffy. 
    • Favorite musician is John Lennon.
    • He'd love to work with Meryl Streep.
    • His scalp bled from all the hair dye and one time a big pussball from his scalp leaked. He'd have to re0dye his hair every nine days to keep it the asme.
    • He doesn't get Jackson Pollock.

    James Hong

    This chick went up and danced with him and it was kind of weird and awesome.

    Like full on backing up into him.

    This bitch was crazy annoying.

    • James Hong has been in +500 projects, like movies, tv shows, and voice over.
    • He did the English voice over for Godzilla and did at least seven of the various characters. 
    • When he stepped on the set of Blade Runner, seeing the incredible set, he knew it would be a classic.
    • He is in an upcoming film with Ryan Reynolds called RIPD coming out next year. He didn't give much of the storyline away, but he plays Ryan Reynold's avatar. No clue what that means.
    • He would love to make a sequel to Big Trouble in Little China and if they don't make one, he'd make one himself. His character in that film, David Lo Pan, was his favorite character to play.

    Not bad.

    The crowd for Tom Felton

    Tom Felton
    • First of all, this panel was FULL of spoilers. UGH.
    • Only stole a ring Draco wore for the last few movies.
    • His patronis, he guesses, would be a snake or a dog or a ferret.
    • Picking a favorite scene would be hard, but maybe the last scene in the last film.
    • He has seen the Harry Potter Musical, if he hadn't, he said he'd have to be living under a rock. He thought the girl who played him did great. She should have gotten the part, "she's my hero" he said. It is one of the greatest byproduct of Harry Potter.
    • He is very aware of the fan fiction. He has "dabbled, struggled" with it. He has seen the "worrying" illustrations. But he says the fan fiction is one of the most creative things he's seen made by fans. Although he saw an 80 page story shipping Draco and an Apple. (Link to this please.)
    • In regard to that strange hug between Draco and Voldemort, Tom didn't know it was coming. They had done 36 previous takes without the hug and the awkwardness was all real. The reaction in England was that of worry for Draco, what Voldemort might do to him. But in America, the audience reacted by bursting out in laughter. Also, Ralph Fiennes is a great hugger.
    • Some girl asked him to be her "transantlatic tree buddy" while she interns somewhere nature related. Tom agreed, confused and said "Sure, I'll hug some trees with ya." 
    • He had practiced an American accent by being 10 years old and trying to be Eminem.
    • His favorite part of the Harry Potter theme park was the food and drink.
    • His favorite Harry Potter book was the second one, Chamber of Secrets.
    • As a kid he loved Goosebumps books.
    • If he was attending Hogwarts, he thinks his favorite professor would be Professor Slughorn.

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