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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Are you an immigrant or refugee, ontd?

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    For everyone who is sober enough to turn on their TV this fine Labor Day, the penultimate episode of this season's Bachelor in Paradise is on. Which couples will breakup & cut their summer vacation 2 or 3 days short?


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  • 09/05/16--16:33: Venezia 73 day 6 + Telluride

  • Films in Competition - Day 6

    'The Untamed’


    Red Carpet + Photocalls

    'Hacksaw Ridge' Premiere

    'Rocco' Premiere

    'The Road To Mandalay' Photocall

    'Piuma' Premiere

    'The Untamed' Premiere

    Telluride Film Festival

    Sources: Venice | Telluride | Tweets (1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

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    A brilliant young attorney (Hayley Atwell), who is also the daughter of a former U.S. president, is blackmailed to head up LA's new Conviction Integrity Unit. She and her team investigate cases where people may have been wrongly convicted. Premieres Monday October 3rd on ABC.

    I'll obviously be giving this a watch.

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    Dear Fans,

    I have been working over the last three months to overcome my extreme anxiety around major live solo performances I feel I am making progress but I have today acknowledged that I do not feel sufficiently confident to move forward with the planned show in Dubai in October.

    I am assured that all tickets will be refunded.

    I am truly sorry to disappoint you. I hope to see you all soon.

    Thank you to all my fans who support me globally.

    With love and respect always,



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    -They'll be playing themselves and appear in the third episode of this season in a plotline involving Jane's dad. Eva Longoria is directing this episode.

    -Jane the Virgin comes back October 17

    Life is always beautiful, depends what lens you're looking through! #Directing #JaneTheVirgin


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    The Queen of Pop was busy filming the music video for her first singled off her unnamed fifth studio album late last week.

    A source tells Page Six the pop star spent two days in the desert outside LA shooting a new music video for “Perfect Illusion,” out this Friday!

    The shoot was designed by Brandon Maxwell.


    telephone part 2?

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    - After a whirlwind romance,the couple are said to be on the rocks bec. Taylor fears Tom is only using her for publicity.
    - Tom wants to make them a Hollywood power couple, inviting Taylor to join him at the Emmys but she is reluctant.
    - Taylor is worried that Tom is using the relationship to boost his profile.
    - Hiddleswift have not been pictured together since July.


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    Ryan Potter is best known as the guy who voiced Hiro in Big Hero 6.
    I think he deleted the second tweet.

    Source: 1
    Who are your batfamily fancasts?

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    So the Mclean family wil be expecting a new addition to the family next spring!! #laborday! Ha get it "labor" day! I'm a goof! #avaisgonnabeabigsister #baby2! Keep u all posted!! We're so excited.

    The new baby will join big sister Ava Jaymes McLean who will be 4 in November.

    Somebody had lunch with the princesses!! Awesome day for daddy's little monkee!! Now off to see Ariel!!!

    Yet another princess!!!! #rupunzel

    Can't forget Cinderella!!!! #lunchwithprincesses

    Ok everybody! I'm shooting my solo album cover shoot today so tune in to my snapchat and Instagram for a play by play! Your gonna see a lot more of me than h ever thought you would! #naked #soloalbum #sneakerhead #bestdayever

    I love my Ava Ava.

    I'm dead!! The most beautiful girl in the world. Daddy loves you and your beautiful soul inside an out. Now stop growing up!!

    So this just happened. I almost crapped my pants but had to show Ava that daddy is brave!! Happy bday Zeplin.

    Off to the studio again. This time with some new tricks up my sleeve! I'll check in with y'all while we're creating the magic. #soloalbum #naked

    Congrats to him! Also looking forward to the new solo album.

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    yaaassss bringing back that old school flow


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    - Planning to “slow down” her mediocre acting career

    - Thinks she gave her attention to people who don't deserve the attention, and regrets giving said attention but doesn't regret what she said

    - Learned from Hillary Clinton that the most opinionated and loud person in the room is not always the most impactful


    Oh, Chloe...

    How often do you give your attention to people who don't deserve it, ONTD?

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    -The documentary follows an ex-cult member who filmed throughout the entire experience, however only the "good" things over the course of 22 years of an L.A. cult called Buddhafield

    - The leader, Michel Rostand, labeled "a narcissistic and sociopathic" person lead the cult that held hundreds of members

    -The group, who didn't like to be labeled as a cult, would all escape the city and live, work and meditate together.

    -One of the main objectives of the cult was to complete a ritual called "The Knowing," where Michel would "transfer his energy" to a member so they would honestly know God.

    - Throughout this time, they were told to lie to their families so they didn't know where they were. They would even go as far as sending people to Europe to buy a post card to send to their families, however some didn't buy it.

    - Michel, promised a better world through, spiritual enlightenment. However, he would manipulate, torture, brainwash participants on a daily basis.

    -"It was our little utopia in the middle of this big giant city," an ex cult member stated, that camouflaged Michel's evil doing. This ranged from complete control of the mind and mandatory abortions if one was found to have had sex, something Michel wanted none of his participants to act in to alleged sexual assaults. In the documentary, many former members came out and said Michel would specifically tell women not to date a male member, so Michel could have him to have sex with. Many of the male members were forced sex from Michel and didn't say anything due to his manipulation.

    Do you know anyone who was in a cult? Are you in a cult, ONTD?

    Read more at the source and link to trailer

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    - "Rob came up at a time when a sex tape could really ruin your career. But Rob had to do it the hard way: with his acting."– David Spade

    - “Rob was in a movie called The Outsiders back in the day. His character was called Soda Pop because, at the time, Rob was 98 percent coke.”– David Spade

    - "Let's give it up for Rob Lowe, or as gonorrhea doctors call him, Patient Zero."– Pete Davidson

    - "The truth is, Rob, roasting you wasn't easy. I mean, what can I really say about you that hasn't already been said in court by three nannies, a chef and an underage girl from Atlanta?"– Jeffrey Ross


    I might watch this just because Jimmy Carr is in it. ONTD, best roast burns ever?

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    On September 5, 1992, a new animated adaptation of Batman was aired on Fox. Remember when over-the-air networks devoted chunks from their schedule to kids programming? Well, Batman: The Animated Series, hot on the heels of Batman Returns, is arguably the most fondly remembered of '90s TV animation. Not to mention its near ageless and noir storytelling, the series proved that you're never too old to watch cartoons. Almost every episode in the show was of high caliber. So narrowing it down to just twelve standout episodes, not including the underrated feature film Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, is a daunting task that even Batman probably couldn't handle himself.

    A Bullet for Bullock

    Written by Michael Reaves

    Directed by Frank Paur

    Plot: Detective Bullock is targeted by someone unknown, and he reluctantly asks Batman for help.

    You either hate Bullock, or you love to hate him. He's obnoxious and stubborn, and he's always doubting our Caped Crusader for petty reasons. So who would have thought that an episode focusing on Bullock would be good? Much like its protagonist, the episode has a wry sense of humor.
    Thankfully the story doesn't try to frame Bullock in a more positive light, or show the audience how he has a heart of gold. The outcome is hilarious, and you almost can't blame the culprit for wanting to off Bullock.


    Written by Alan Burnett, Randy Rogel

    Directed by Kevin Altieri

    Plot: Bruce's friend and Gotham DA Harvey Dent is being blackmailed by local crime lord Rupert Thorne. A terrible accident then allows Dent's split personality to manifest into the villain Two-Face.

    This two parter from the beginning of the series helped define the show's direction. It added depth to one of Batman's greatest foes by showing the internal struggle Harvey Dent faced when dealing with his dissociative identity disorder. That's kind of heavy for a show supposedly for kids.

    As rigid as his sense of justice could be, Batman was still concerned with the rehabilitation of his enemies. Dent's tragedy was just another thing Bruce could blame himself for, and he would cling to the hope that Harvey would shed his Two-Face side one day.

    Robin's Reckoning

    Written by Randy Rogel

    Directed by Dick Sebast

    Plot: The past comes back to haunt Batman when the person responsible for the deaths of Robin's parents reappears.

    Bruce and Dick's father/son-like relationship is a complicated one that isn't explored enough on the small or big screen. Some adaptations seem to skip straight to Nightwing territory, or they don't fully showcase the drama within the Dynamic Duo.

    "Robin's Reckoning" shows us how Dick came to live with Bruce, and the extent of Batman's need to protect his surrogate son. For years, Bruce kept the truth from Dick so he could spare him the burden. Just as Robin is ready to take revenge on his parents' killer, Tony Zucco, Batman reminds his partner of the line they should never cross. Yet would Batman be able to have the same restraint if he ever met his own mother and father's murderer? All too well does the Dark Knight know what vengeance seeking can do to someone. Batman's final words to Robin in the episode - "Zucco's taken so much, caused you so much pain... I couldn't stand the thought that he might... take you, too" - solidifies their powerful bond.


    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Dan Riba

    Plot: Someone is abducting the former cast members of a retro sitcom.

    Before you scoff at this odd choice, continue reading. Paul Dini penned this one-off episode featuring an original villain for the series. Baby-Doll, who would only appear once more in the continuation series The New Batman Adventures, is another of Batman's foes whose motives are rooted in personal pain.

    Like her caped and cowled adversary, Baby-Doll just can't seem to grow up. Although in the latter's case, the growth stunt is due to a medical condition. While she might look like a child, Baby-Doll is emotionally and mentally an adult. Unable to cope with her affliction and what it has done to her life, Baby-Doll turns to crime. What carries out like a typical filler episode ends up being one of the saddest entries in the show's history. Inside of a carnival's house of mirrors, Baby-Doll is forced to face the truth in an emotional conclusion that will stick with you now that you're old enough to understand it. Batman's usually cold approach to apprehending his targets takes a reprieve as he consoles this broken soul. Baby-Doll is a woman trapped in a child's body, and Batman is still that orphaned boy, living in the wake of his parents' deaths.

    Harley and Ivy

    Written by Paul Dini
    Directed by Boyd Kirkland

    Plot: After the Joker kicks her out, Harley Quinn teams up with Poison Ivy.

    One has to wonder why the villains don't work together more often in the Bat-verse. Then we remember that they don't get along. The Joker and his cohorts especially don't seem to like Poison Ivy, who they consider a freak of nature. So who else is there to partner her up with?

    Harley Quinn, Joker's jester assistant and on-and-off-again significant other, originated in this series. She was then officially incorporated into the comics. Critics all around love her, and this incarnation is still considered by many to be the best one to date. Putting her lively self with the cynical and rigid Ivy worked well. For one thing, Ivy made it clear how she felt about Joker's abusive nature towards Harley, even if Quinn wasn't exactly listening. Another shining moment in the episode was when the underused Office Renee Montoya finally caught the femme fatales. Ivy and Harley would pair up again in The New Batman Adventures as well as in the web series Gotham Girls.

    See No Evil

    Written by Martin Pasko

    Directed by Dan Riba

    Plot: Batman learns that the imaginary friend of a single mother's young daughter isn't so imaginary after all.

    There was always something so eerie about this episode. The way it was directed made it feel very much like those dramatic thrillers that plagued theaters and video shelves in the early '90s. While the episode does not feature a Boogeyman type villain as the plot might suggest, it does boast an equally terrifying threat.

    Batman is more of a guest star in this episode as the story is centered around the mom and daughter and their stalker. The mother is trying to rebuild her life after escaping an abusive relationship with a controlling man named Ventrix. Using some invisibility technology, Ventrix enters his estranged daughter's bedroom at night under the guise of a new friend called "Mojo." Batman finally connects the dots and comes to the family's rescue. There is no personal angle for Bruce in this standalone tale, but it is one that touches upon a subject matter hardly if ever written into a cartoon. Of course it's also of no surprise that Batman has a soft spot for children in danger.

    Almost Got 'Im

    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Eric Radomski

    Plot: The Joker, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, and Killer Croc share stories of how they each almost beat Batman.

    This episode - inspired by the comic "Where Were You on the Night Batman Was Killed?" - is heralded as one of the best in the whole series. And deservingly so. It plays out like an anthology where the villains try to one up each other with anecdotes of near conquest when fighting Batman.

    Other than the refreshing storytelling format used for the episode, the biggest highlight had to be Croc. When you realize what's really going on at the end in regards to Croc's showstealing, it's even funnier in hindsight. "Almost Got 'Im" might not be the most profound, but it sure is entertaining.


    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Kevin Altieri

    Plot: To stop The Joker from unleashing an atomic bomb upon the city, Batman enlists the aid of Harley Quinn.

    While the Joker may be Batman's arch nemesis, Harley is one of the biggest thorns in his side. This episode is pure fun as Harley proves to be the worst informant ever. Robin might be tagging along for commentary, but the odd couple back-and-forth between Batman and Harley is the true delight.

    The episode strikes brilliance with Harley's musical number, featuring a song that is both disturbing and comical. How on earth did these lyrics make it past the censors:"I never knew that you and I were finished/Until that bottle hit my head/Though I tried to be aloof/When you pushed me off the roof/I feel our romance is dead."

    The Demon's Quest

    Written by Dennis O'Neil, Len Wein

    Directed by Kevin Altieri

    Plot: Batman helps a mysterious man named Ra's al Ghul when both Robin and Ghul's daughter go missing.

    The series generally steered away from the mystical side of the DC universe. Most episodes were rooted in reality, or rather the warped one presented as such in the show. So one could be concerned with how Batman would handle the introduction of the infamous Ra's al Ghul.

    This episode does what most others rarely do - it takes you away, far away from Gotham. The foreign locale adds to the mysterious nature of the story, even adding some color to the usually muted palette. Batman and Catwoman may be romantically entangled here and there, but Ra's daughter Talia is understandably tempting in her debut. Even if "The Demon's Quest" isn't the most intellectually stimulating of the bunch, it is never dull either.

    Beware the Gray Ghost

    Written by Dennis O'Flaherty, Tom Ruegger, Garin Wolf

    Directed by Boyd Kirkland

    Plot: The actor that played the titular hero of the vintage television series The Gray Ghost is suspected to be behind some recent acts of crime.

    If there was ever a feel good, sentimental episode in the show's run, it would be this one. The adoration Bruce has for the Grey Ghost mirrors the nostalgic love fans have for Batman. And it should be mentioned that Adam West voiced the Gray Ghost. Talk about meta.

    Feat of Clay

    Written by Marv Wolfman, Michael Reaves

    Directed by Dick Sebast

    Plot: Disfigured actor Matt Hagen has become addicted to an instant face reshaping cream. His desperation for more after his supply has dried up leads to him becoming a shape-shifting mutant.

    The plot here is not exactly high art or even the smartest of Batman's selections. The execution of Clayface's psychotic transformations were borderline nightmare fuel and they are hard to forget.

    The way that Batman defeated Clayface in the video room seemed cruel, but so were his actions in Clayface's next episode "Mudslide." Also, did anyone else get the feeling that Matt and his male friend were actually lovers?

    Harley's Holiday

    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Kevin Altieri

    Plot: Harley is released from Arkham, and Batman wants to make sure she stays on the good path. However, one bad day prevents that from happening and Batman is left to clean up Harley's mess.

    Yes, another Harley episode. Dini realized what a great character he and Bruce Timm made, and they made sure to give her some of the best stories in the series.

    This episode proves that Harley is a worthy standalone villain. Granted her actions here are nowhere as dastardly as those of The Joker. She simply misread a situation and overreacted. We've all had our similar moments, right?  Quinn's almost Thelma and Louise-styled joy ride with Veronica Vreeland was fun, and Harley's delivery of "No, that's your father... in a tank!" is comedic gold.

    Heart of Ice

    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Bruce Timm

    Plot: Batman gains a new foe in the form of Mr. Freeze, a man looking to build a secret weapon for his own mysterious reasons.

    This episode deservingly won an Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing in an Animated Program. Fans all around consider it a flawless entry in the entire series.

    Prior to this episode, Mr. Freeze was not exactly considered a sympathetic character. "Heart of Ice" made such an impact that it caused the comics to retcon the character. If you can only see one episode from The Animated Series, this should be it.

    Over the Edge

    Written by Paul Dini

    Directed by Yuichiro Yano

    Plot: Batgirl is killed by Scarecrow, and Commissioner Gordon blames Batman for his daughter's death. The city turns on Batman and Robin, forcing them to flee. Gordon then goes outside of the law and has Bane hunt down the Dark Knight.

    When Batman: The Animated Series ended its run on Fox, WB Kids picked up the pieces and created The New Batman Adventures.

    Fans were divided on this new series despite it having the showrunners from the previous series. The voice actors carried over for the most part, and the continuity was intact. There was a brief time jump as Dick had now become Nightwing, and Robin's suit was filled by Bruce's new protégé Tim Drake. Batgirl was also involved more in the cases. The new character designs, however, were what really upset fans. To match the style of the WB's then current Superman cartoon, the unique art style of B:TAS was replaced with a sleeker, simpler, and more angular look that was controversial. Most of the visual rehauls were prominent in the villains, specifically for The Joker, Croc, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and The Penguin. Bruce looked younger and more pretty boy, and the women were practically stick figures. Scarecrow was given a favorable Grim Reaper makeover, and that deathly guise really amplified his role in the beloved "Over the Edge" episode. His actions are cruder than his usual modus operandi, and he sets off as a chain of events that destroy the Batfamily. Unlike Fox, the WB was less stringent with censorship so blood and heavier violence was not out of the question. The finale of "Over the Edge" seems like a cop out, but would we really want the series to end like that?

    Mad Love

    Written by Paul Dini, Bruce Timm

    Directed by Butch Lukic

    Plot: Harley Quinn shares how she met The Joker while trying to carry out a plan to get rid of Batman once and for all.

    The Batman Adventure was a comic series set in the world of The Animated Series. The most well-known issue, "Mad Love," was adapted with minor changes for The New Batman Adventures. And fans all can agree that it is a brilliant episode.

    The Joker abuses Harley Quinn. No questions about it. The comics were not shy about showing the physical aspects of this, and the Fox cartoon hinted at it with clever dialogue. The WB's looser censorship finally allowed Paul Dini and Bruce Timm the freedom to better present the toxic abuse that Harley endured. The Joker's "playful" rough housing of his companion was escalated to him literally pushing her out of a window. Quinn explains the origins of her villainous metamorphosis, and how The Joker manipulated her when she was a psychiatrist at Arkham. "Mad Love" gives Harley fans the depressing insight on why she won't leave The Joker. As sad as the episode ultimately is, it is also the crowning achievement for The New Batman Adventures.

    Images source

    Episode info sourced from Wikipedia: 1 | 2

    What's your favorite episode?

    Amazon Prime subscribers can watch the whole series for free right now!

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    More quotes from the interview + Photoshoot @ the SOURCE

    ONTD, what did you want to be when you'd grow up?

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    • Says when she auditioned for You're the Worst the showrunner fought for her but FXX didn't want her

    • Her mom is a poet and she used to win writing comps as a kid which she thinks is partly due to nepotism

    • Wants to produce more so she can take control of her work and doesn't have to be so dependent on auditioning

    source 12

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    - the original La-La Land cast: Emma Watson and Miles Teller
    - the original cast for Passengers: Keanu Reeves and Rachel McAdams
    - Gal Gadot ditched Ben Hur for Wonder Woman
    - Zendaya ditched Storm/X-Men: Apocalypse for Spider-Man: Homecoming
    - Emma Stone said no to a Ghostbusters role
    - Joaquin Phoenix said no to Lex Luther and Doctor Strange
    - Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy said no to Rick Flag/Suicide Squad

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    ONTD, do you do any extreme sports?

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    We are sadly at the end of our summer journey. The 4 remaining couples will either continue on their quest to be the next Marcus and Lacy Jade and Tanner or breakup and give up their opportunity to get a big-ass Neil Lane ring.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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