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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Hennessy and COKE tho? ... anyway HOLIDAY WEEKEND IN THE U.S. ONTD what you dranking?

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    The Lenny Letter—a newsletter co founded by Lena Dunham—posted an interview today featuring Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham, in which"Dunham took the opportunity to put Odell Beckham Jr. on blast for choosing to scroll through the 'gram instead of looking at her."


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    Krypton is set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel’s home planet. It follows Superman’s grandfather Seg-El — whose House of El was ostracized and shamed — as he fights to redeem his family’s honor and save his beloved world from chaos.

    Campbell’s Lyta Zod is a member of Krypton’s military caste and the daughter of a general, Alura Zod. Lyta Zod serves as a cadet — and has also been having a clandestine, forbidden romance with Seg-El (not cast yet).

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  • 09/02/16--15:02: Sampha — “Blood On Me”

  • Purchase on iTunes here.


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    Amy Schumer discussed the reactions to Kurt Metzger's comments on rape victims.

    "First I was like, fuck Kurt," Schumer told Lena Dunham in an interview. "It's been years that he's been doing this. He's one of those guys, like a lot of the guys that I'm friends with, who are degenerates. ... But also, why are these women treating him like he raped someone? He's not Bill Cosby; Kurt has never raped. What he was saying was horrific, and he was being a troll. He can be an Internet troll. The fact that I had to answer for it … I was like, 'Ugh, why this week?'"

    "I do understand that (Kurt's actions) would come back to me," she said. "I can see myself thinking that if I heard somebody on someone's staff was doing that. I'd be like, 'I wonder how they are going to handle that.' I get it. I get it, and I wasn't even resentful of the connection. I was resentful of the lack of trust. Like, have I earned any good will with you guys? Do you believe that I feel that rape victims should be shamed on the Internet? Have I built up any sort of good will?"


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    SOURCE: Breatheheavy

    who/what are we blaming, ONTD Britney fans?

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    According to Dr. Julian De Silva, a plastic surgeon based in London, the above picture display's the world's "most desirable face."

    He reached this conclusion by keeping a log of the most popular features that over 1,000 of his female patients have requested over the past ten years.

    In order of popularity, these are the nine most requested facial features:

    1. Kate Middleton's nose
    2. Keira Knightley's eyelids
    3. Jennifer Lopez's eyebrows
    4. Penelope Cruz's lips
    5. Angelina Jolie's cheeks
    6. Reese Witherspoon's skin
    7. Miley Cyrus' forehead
    8. Selena Gomez's chin
    9. Cher's jawline


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  • 09/02/16--15:42: Lena Dunham Gets a New Show

    • The half-hour show is called "Max" and set in the magazine industry during the 1960s feminist wave

    • The Girls writers and producers are set to write and produce "Max"

    • No casting news yet


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  • 09/02/16--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    -None of the guys have abs as nice as in the actual video.

    -It's basically just about how unsubtle the video and song are about wanting sex, how dumb writing around in the sand makes you look, making fun of promoting a dating app, making fun of all the hair flips, and a strange zombie turn.

    -In the Making Of after the three-minute mark, they make weird ass puns about Fetty Wap's eye ("he has a bad Waptometerist") among other corny puns. Also, one of the makers doesn't get why the girls are so excited about finding a "lousy earring" that almost got lost beneath the sand while the tide was coming in

    -Some little kid didn't give a fuck and ran in the background during filming.

    what parodies do you like?

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    • Chris Browns lawyer, Mark Geragos, spoke to the press on Friday about the alleged assault with a deadly weapon charge facing his client.

    • Geragos told press that LAPD found no guns or drugs on the property.

    • Geragos also said police had unprecedented access and also found no jewlery matching that of what Baylee Curran said she was admiring.

    • Despite the rumor, Chris did not throw a bag full of guns and drugs at police, that was shoddy, headline desperation from TMZ.

    • Geragos also pointed out that Chris's daughter Royalty was not in the house at anytime during the standoff with police.

    • Geragos also says he believes this is all a plot setup by Brown's baby mama Nia Guzman as Baylee Curran is friends with her.

    • LAPD interviewed Ray J and 6 other people who attended the party and they are all corroborating that he never pulled a gun on anyone and that she was asked to leave because she was acting erratic.


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    - Airbnb is allowing Kimye to stay in a 7,000-square-foot Tribeca penthouse that’s currently on the market for $24.5 million for free.
    - Kim promoted the penthouse on her Instagram and Snapchat.
    - The Wests will be in the apartment through late October, and use it as a home base during New York City Fashion Week and Kanye West’s Saint Pablo Tour which plays at Madison Square Garden.

    source + source + source

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    Just a regular night at FanExpo Toronto with these wonderful KILLJOYS people! Michelle Lovretta, Rob Stewart, Aaron Ashmore, Sarah Power, Tamsen McDonough, and Morgan Kelly. My first. Great time had. Love our fans. #killjoys #toronto #fanexpo #fans #tv #television #scifi #instagram #instastyle #instagood #instagramhub #instagay #instacute #instahappy #comicon

    Death Becomes Her #killjoys

    With the smiling cast of #killjoys
    #smile #smiling #killjoys #syfy #trailer #movies #movieset #moviescene #makeup #future #science #fiction #scifi #sciencefiction #goodmorning #goodnight #tv #show #tvshow #tvseries #hollywood #toronto #canada #season #two #episode #nine #actor #actorslife #asadque

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8
    The video as well as the content behind the cut contains major spoilers for last week if you missed it. Season finale starts in five!

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    Gearing up for the release of her comeback album, Utada Hikaru sits down with Yahoo! Japan for her first interview since her hiatus at 2010. She describes the creative process of creating her comeback album both from a general perspective and a track-by-track perspective.


    - Prior to going on hiatus, she went full-throtle on her musical activities because she knew that her hiatus could last for two to five years.
    - Believes that the loss of a mother forces you to grow up, and she wasn't confident in herself since her mother's death until recently.
    - Interviewer/writer points out that the album is undoubtedly inspired by her late mother, down to her hairstyle.
    - Album covers various events during her hiatus (e.g., mother's death, marriage, becoming a mother)
    - Giving Japanese titles to all of her tracks was a very deliberate artistic decision.
    - Utada Hikaru also had control over which photographer she worked with for the album cover.

    Track by Track
    Michi (Road)
    - Hikki describes it as a dancable track that condenses her hiatus into a single song.
    - The song basically lets her fans know that she's fine.
    - Finds the writing process of a song of this nature refreshing.
    - Showcases her growth/maturity since her last Japanese album (Heart Station)

    Ore no Kanajo (My Girlfriend)
    - Her most mature Japanese song to date; described as not a PG-13 song, but a Rated R song.
    - Felt that it was taboo to talk about her sex life due to debuting in Japan at a young age.
    - Even though she alluded to sex on her English songs/albums, she was never able to directly express it the way she can now.
    - Admits that singing about sex in English was a crutch for her to avoid talking about her sex life.
    - The song contains French lyrics, and this use of French inspired the album title a single tear drop rolls off of a proud shiina ringo's face.

    Hanataba wo Kimi ni (A Boquet for you)
    - Was released as a digital single for her official retun from hiatus.
    - Positive reception to the song influenced the direction of the album.
    - Shares sentiment of international fans' outrage at how difficult it is to see the music video (Official source is restricted to Japan). According to a tweet, even Hikki isn't able to see it at the time of responding to a fan. Said music video can be seen here.

    Ningyo (Mermaid; oop, I mistranslated it as "doll" in a previous post. I should pay more attention to the kanji and not the romaji next time.)
    - Interviewer considers it a rare song for Utada.
    - A simple acoustic song written after Utada Hikaru's mother died.
    - Was unsure if she could write music again after her mother's death.
    - Inspired to pick up a guitar, and the melody came to her.
    - However, the lyrics didn't come to her until she saw the Hanataba wo Kimi ni music video produced by Keiko Tsuji (Paper cutter artist).

    Kouya no Ookami (Wolf of the Wilderness)
    - Inspired by Steppenwolf, a novel written by German-Swiss writer Herman Hesse.
    - The protagonist of the novel deals with his earthly, humanistic nature and his wolf-like, aggressive nature; then, his life changes when he meets a woman opposite of him.
    - Noticable breathing sounds in the track; expression through breathing is said to be a reoccurring minor theme in the album.

    Sakura Nagashi (Flowing Cherry Blossoms)
    - Sentimental requiem for life and its beauty.
    - Wrote and composed the song despite being on hiatus due to her apprecation for the Neon Genesis Evangelion movie series.

    Sources 1 / 2 / 3

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    Directed by Barry Jenkins, Moonlight is a three-part narrative spanning the childhood, adolescence, and adulthood of an African-American man who survives Miami's drug-plagued inner city, finding love in unexpected places and the possibility of change within himself.

    The PlayList/Gregory Ellwood: Like “Brokeback Mountain” a decade ago, “Moonlight” is a piece of art that will transform lives long after it leaves theaters. Those who will be changed by the picture may not see it on the big screen. They may even have to see it in secret. But when they do. Whey they watch Chiron have that first kiss, when he can be himself for just an instance in a world that oppresses him? It will be everything. [A]

    Variety/Peter Debruge: “Black” isn’t just a race, community, or color, but one of three names by which a sexually conflicted young South Florida man allows himself to be called in a film that’s ultimately about taking control of one’s own identity. That’s exactly what Jenkins himself is doing by delivering a film so firmly committed to capturing the black experience, resulting in a socially conscious work of art as essential as it is insightful. A natural extension of his garrulous San Francisco-set debut, “Medicine for Melancholy,” the director’s beautifully nuanced, subtext-rich second feature is no less intellectually engaged, but proves far more trusting in audiences’ ability to read between the lines.

    Hollywood Reporter/David Rooney: The Bottom Line: Glows likes its title... It would be tempting to call Moonlight an instant landmark in queer black cinema, if that didn't imply that the experience it portrays will speak only to a minority audience. Instead, this is a film that will strike plangent chords for anyone who has ever struggled with identity, or to find connections in a lonely world. It announces Jenkins as an important new voice. [Note: Review is incredibly spoiler heavy]

    The Wrap/Sam Fragoso: “Moonlight” is not a public service announcement or a cry for help. It doesn’t fetishize Chiron’s pain, as so many pieces of contemporary American cinema do. It’s a humanist film; it’s about people, and it’s got a pulse. It presents characters as idiosyncratic, domineering, but mostly fearful — timid creatures ambling through life in the hopes of finding refuge.

    Screen Daily/Tim Grierson: An indelible portrait of an imperilled life, Moonlight is quietly devastating in its depiction of masculinity, race, poverty and identity. Writer-director Barry Jenkins builds on the promise of his intimate 2008 romantic drama Medicine For Melancholy to examine a young African-American in danger of being dragged down by the destructive forces around him — and how, by embracing his true self, he may discover contentment. Ambitious in scope but precise in its execution, this deceptively small-scale character piece reverberates with compassion and insight.

    Sources:1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

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    have u ever been to burning man, ontd?

    source + source + source

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    Tis lit, ONTDers!

    This is Scott's sophomore album, which includes features from André 3000, Cassie (stop! it's a qt interlude), Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, Bryson Tiller, Quavo, Young Thug, The Weeknd, and Scott's personal fave, Kid Cudi.

    You can stream Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight over at Apple Music. Sorry Spotify subscribers. THEY HATE US! But since this album is so fucking good, maybe you should think about spending some $$ for it.

    So, ONTD. Listening party? What's your favorite track? Do you even listen to Travis Scott?

    I'm currently obsessed w/ Guidance, wonderful, the ends, way back, goosebumps, etcetc

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