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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    La Babosa Kylie Jenner recently returned home from celebrating her "19th" birthday bash with friends in the Caribbean island of Turks and Caicos.

    When she returned, Kylie was welcoming herself with West Coast favorite, In-N-Out.

    The brunette beauty took to Snapchat on Sunday while she and boyfriend Tuba went for a drive. "I realized I love In N Out you guys" the teen said on her snap.

    Rumorhasit.mp3 that Kylie is trying to gain weight in order to do a fat transfer like her famous sisters Khloe and Kim have done in the past. (allegedly... they still claim #squats)

    Kylizzlemynizzle also showed off some fan gifts including a Top Ramen birthday cake.


    all other fast food burgers are garbage! sry not sry.

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  • 08/15/16--15:53: Rio - Day 10 - Evening Post
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    An important message from Director Tabata regarding FINAL FANTASY XV. Please turn on Closed Captioning for English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.


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    Josh's existence offends me.


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    • Ragnar wanted to come back to see his sons and to go back and finish Wessex. But he'll have some trouble convincing his oldest friends (Lagertha and Floki) to follow him again.
    • Floki will be going through some big changes this season, apparently Ragnar will finally say "I love you" to Floki.
    • Lagertha's new love interest is named Astrid
    • Aslaug has been ruling Kattegat while Ragnar was away.
    • Lagertha vs Aslaug has been planned since s1 by Hirst, apparently Lagertha never forgave her, she hates Aslaug and thinks that Aslaug is a bad ruler.
    • Ragnar, Lagertha and Bjorn are liberal vikings who believe in compromising with christians, while Aslaug and Floki are conservative vikings.
    • Aslaug doesn't want this cultural exchange, she wants to go back with the old ways, her thinking according to Hirst is "a little taliban"

    Source: Photos + article

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    *Everything she hears about the kardshians makes her think that rakim could do better
    *Doesn't want him involved in their circus
    *He had a rough time after losing his dad and his brother

    asap is trash himself so it works imo , screaming at her saying that to the press tho
    source :

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    Follow up from this post earlier.

    -"BK" the girl who ruined Jared's service is apparently very upset, especially about her picture being put online.
    -According to her friend, she's outspoken, but certainly not mean or malicious.
    -Tried to speak with Jared in private after dinner to resolve things (??)
    -Had to deactivate her facebook after harassment last night.
    -Lawyers are probably going to get involved.

    Jared realizes now he messed up big time and deletes his original post, only to post this:

    -LOL I didn't mean it don't harass her!

    source: jared's facebook

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    "Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood and her fiance Montrosity Matt Baier were reportedly expecting a baby, but Portwood had a miscarriage. According to Teen Mom Daily, a lawyer associated with the series leaked the story, and that's not all:

    The report claims Amber Portwood's miscarriage was a direct result of the 26-year-old's issues with substance abuse.

    "The lawyer says a prescription drug addiction is the cause of the miscarriage," the site reports.

    "He also says Matt has been treating Amber horribly ever since it happened although he is the one who enables her problems."

    Amber hasn't addressed the report."

    Do you think this is true ONTD??? Poor Amber............. she needs to get away from that freaking creep/pedo/abuser/enabler and start healing and having a normal chance at life. :(


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    Gigi Gorgeous uploaded a video detailing her short time in Dubai where she was denied entry because she was transgender. The video was a bit over 8 minutes so I provided a short summary below.

    - After the twelve hour flight, Gigi meets up with her hired security and proceeds to hand her passport to a man who works at the airport. She says he had a weird look on his face and was smirking at her after receiving her passport. The man proceeded to bombard her with questions and lied that he couldn't stamp her passport because the machine was broken, which Gigi mentioned that the man had just previously used for the people in front of her.

    - They went off to a side room, where Gigi was made to wait outside, while they held her passport for over 2 hours. Gigi mentions that her passport had just been renewed and that her gender markers were listed as female. Her security guard came out shaking his head and told Gigi that she was not going to be allowed entry because that she was transgender.

    - Gigi said she broke down crying and that she had went into a panic attack. She mentioned that she was scared about what could have happened to her.

    - She was then moved to immigration and forced to wait another two hours while they held her passport. Eventually, she spoke up to them because her phone was dying. After that, she mentioned that she was afraid for her life and she asked her security team to stay with her, which they said they wouldn't leave her alone. The security team was only on the clock for an hour, but they remained with Gigi for another five hours to ensure Gigi's safety while helping with translation.

    - She mentioned that she was told by her friends not to go to Dubai, but she was still shocked at the discrimination she encountered there. She mentioned that she was scared that if her security hadn't been there with her that she might possibly have been detained in a holding cell.

    - That night she and her hired security stayed the night at the hotel connected to airport. She said if she had stepped on Dubai soil that she would have immediately been arrested. The next morning, she was able to catch a plane out of Dubai and decided to go to Sweden with her friend.

    Source:Gigi Gorgeous' Youtube

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    ''Fatima lives with her two teenage daughters and works cleaning jobs to pay their way through school. Inspired by a true story and the poetry of the North African writer Fatima Elayoubi, who immigrated knowing very little French and slowly taught herself the language. A patient, reflective study of a woman pressured by her children and her neighbors alike to assimilate into a culture of which she's wary. Despite the display of everyday racism, both veiled and overt; internal domestic disputes and external gestures of inhospitality, Fatima offers an uplifting experience and one of recent French cinema's most trenchant and moving portraits of immigrant experience.''


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    - it takes a certain type of talent to laugh at themselves publicly and destiny's child lead singer michelle williams put on her big girl pants and did just that
    - watch the new hilarious foot locker starring michelle williams, draymond green & horace grant


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    New POV in addition to Alison, Cole, Helen and Fuckboy- a new love interest for Noah (are you fucking kidding me) who is “someone who is running from her own secrets and who helps Noah process a trauma from his past and understand himself a little better.” (UGH)

    Season three will also explore the dark sides of the characters.


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      Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman Paladino wanted GG revival episodes released intermitently, one or two at a time. ASP told Netflix she would hang herself with a shower curtain if they released all the epiosdes at once. However, Netflix nixed the idea, and chose to release all the episodes at once, in the same style of all Netflix shows. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos said they made the decision because "fans would've killed us" if they staggered the release.


    favorite gilmore girls episode and/or moment?

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  • 08/15/16--19:39: CBB Day 18: Back to School

  • -The Housemates go back to school w/Aubrey/Ricky as Headgirl/guy
    -There is a ban on the word "Boom" which Bear/Heavy refuse to acknowledge
    -The housemates are given a Yearbook which Bear vandalizes
    -Renee sends Lewis to confront Bear
    -Lewis is getting tired of Bears shit and is only looking out for Marnie.

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    Race walker (ONTD’s favorite sport) Tom Bosworth proposed to his boyfriend, Harry Dineley, on Copacabana beach.

    Team GB congratulates

    Olympic volunteer proposes to her rugby player girlfriend, Isadora Cerullo

    more @ the source

    source 12345

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    And it's black.


    WB is most likely going for this look from The Return of Superman.

    And then this fan named George Evangelista came up with their own art of what resurrected Cavill will look like

    Justice League comes out November 2017

    I was hoping Snyder would give me Cavill forced into this. There's always the JL sequel

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    Yesterday (Monday), Gabby Douglas' mom gave an interview in which she said that the hatred that Gabby recieved online for 1) not putting her hand over her heart and 2) seeming "salty" over Aly and Simone's All Around Olympic wins and 3) Not smiling enough has taken a toll on her . "We've been brought to many tears because I don't know what she's done to warrant such an attack. To me it looks like she is being bullied," Gabby has been a constant victim of bullying online since the London 2012 games where she was bullied because of her hair.

    Leslie Jones, who is a constant victim of racist and vulgar online attacks, rallied for the internet to show Gabby the support that they showed her a few weeks ago.

    Gabby's response:

    i'm so glad that she knows that she's amazing. seeing the hatred yesterday and the day before really took a toll on me and i have nothing to do with it. i can't imagine how gabby must have felt :( she's so amazing and deserves so much better.

    but seriously look at how adorable she is at failing at the dougie

    source 123456789

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    Actress, singer, model, and most successful member of ionic Mexican group RBD released a new song and music video where she delivers vocals and knee bending (when will your faves?)


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