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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Kim Chi goes from Sang-Young Shin to her drag self. Talks about life, first time in drag and family :)

    She also gives makeup tips on these Elle's videos!

    SOURCE: 1, 2, 3, 4

    Who's your All Stars 2 top 3, ONTD?

    fixed it, op!

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    Apparently (from comments I saw on the post last night), BBC, NBC and Globo (Brazil) failed to mention that the person riding the bike during Brazil's parade was model Lea T, the first trans woman to be featured in an Opening Ceremony.

    Lea is a model, and daughter of former soccer player, Toninho Cerezo.

    The goal of the organization was to defend the diversity of gender, sexual orientation and race.


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    Meet Chicago's Schuyler Sisters!

    sources: 123456

    happy one year, y'all!

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    • The main set appears to be a fully constructed colonial-style house.

    • Angela Bassett and Kathy Bates have both shot scenes here. Kathy Bates is rumored to have shot a hot tub scene.

    • The biggest news is that Cuba Gooding Jr has been cast and has also been shooting scenes here.


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    src / src

    i'm not wild about the new beat they chose, but i like mac's verse and this will probably grow on me. tbh, i'm just happy to see a remix that is actually a different mix of the song and not just a few bars shoved in where a bridge used to be. #PreorderTheDivineFeminineOniTunes

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    Kylie Jenner and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Toenail took to Snapchat to share pictures and video of her new Mercedes Maybach, which was her early 19th birthday present. (Last year, he gave her a Ferrari.) Toga is allegedly living with Kylie as he owes $150k in rent, $19k in unpaid taxes, and $41k in legal fees to a dancer who says she was sexually harassed on the set of his music video.

    (source) (source)(source)

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    With a budget that organizers said was 12 times less than London’s and 20 times less than Beijing’s, the Rio opening ceremony was beautiful, bringing a poignant social statement.

    The ceremony was directed by Fernando Meirelles, Andrucha Waddington and Daniela Thomas, and choreographed by Deborah Colker.

    The beginning of #ComeToBrazil
    Organizers didn’t shy away from showing that Brazil was colonised by the Portuguese (hear that, NBC) and that there was no ~immigration from Africa, they were forcibly brought to Brazil as slaves. Brazil also has the largest Japanese community outside of Japan, hence their inclusion in this and the loud cheers for the Japan team during the parade. They also showed Lebanese/Syrian immigration to Brazil.

    Gisele’s final strut
    Gisele Bundchen walks down the longest runway ever with “Garota de Ipanema”, by Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes, playing.
    image host
    It was played Daniel Jobim, Tom's grandson.

    And then she went dancing with the crowd.

    MC Soffia
    MC Soffia is a 12 year old rapper who is empowering African-Brazilian women by rapping about Brazil’s history of slavery and racial division.

    She's also the youngest singer to perform at an Olympic ceremony. No pressure there, girl.

    Read more about her here:
    And check out her videos on youtube, like this one.
    image host

    If there's one thing we love is music. Funk, rap, pop, samba, MPB. There was a little bit of everything.
    MC Soffia & Karol Conka

    Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil & Anitta

    Samba schools

    Jorge Ben (& Regina Casé)


    You should also google Marcelo D2, Elza Soares, Luiz Melodia, Paulinho da Viola, Zeca Pagodinho and Gang do Eletro. (I couldn't find videos from the ceremony)

    The parade and most applauded countries
    Brazilians love Italy, Palestine, Portugal, Japan, France and Haiti as did most Latin American countries except for Argentina jk
    image host
    image host
    But obviously Brazil got the loudest cheers ever.
    image host

    Team Refugee Olympic Athletes
    For the first time ever, a team consisted of only refugees will compete at the Olympics.
    image host

    They entered right before Brazil and there were loud cheers for the Team Refugee - consisted of 10 people from Syria, DRC, Ethiopia and South Sudan.

    Mr. Tonga
    For the delight of every straight girl and gay men (and bi peeps), Tonga’s flagbearer was shirtless and very oily.
    His name is Pita Nikolas Taufatofua, and he qualified for the Olympics through the Oceania taekwondo qualification tournament. He was born in Australia but chose to compete for Tonga because of his father’s heritage.
    image host

    Olympic rings and the Athletes forest
    image host

    As athletes entered the stadium, each one of them received a seed to plant a native tree of Brazil. There were 207 species represented – one for each country in the Games. The trees will later form the Athletes’ Forest in Rio.

    Lea T - first transgender person to take part in an Opening Ceremony

    She's a model and was riding the bike for the Brazil team.

    Lighting the caldron
    Gustavo Kuerten, aka Guga (tennis player), Hortência (basketball player) and Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (marathon) took the Olympic torch to the stadium, and the caldron was lit by Vanderlei.
    image host
    image host
    image host

    Vanderlei rose to fame after winning bronze in marathon at the 2004 Athens Games despite being attacked by a crazy guy during the race, which he was leading. Brazil appealed the result, which was unsuccessful, but he was awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for the spirit of sportsmanship by the IOC.

    Flawless choice by the organizers. Apparently, Pelé would be the one to do it but he cancelled due to health issues.

    Breaking the tradition once again, it'll not be placed at the stadium, but in downtown Rio so everyone can visit it.
    image host
    Brazilian officials wanted this cauldron smaller than most, a reminder to reduce global warming caused by fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. The flame is housed in a giant sculpture, with spirals to represent the sun.

    image host

    Photos: 1234
    Rest: 123456789

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    Adele told concertgoers at a show in San Jose, California, on Sunday that her card was declined at the fashion retailer earlier that day.

    She says, however, that she was able to make some purchases with the card at a Sephora makeup store.

    Claims that nobody recognized ha.


    ew why is she shopping there w/ the plebs and their poor quality clothes, she broke

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    8. Harlem Shake - Baauer
    7. Fun - Mr. Worldwide Ft. Chris Brown
    5. Whip My Hair - Kween Willow Smith
    3. Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
    2. #Selfie - Chainsmokers
    1. Work Bitch - Brittle Knee jk this wasn't a hit


    They are dead ass wrong about Willow's bop and #1.

    Mods, this wasn't posted by that user who is paid (allegedly) by watchmojo yet!

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    The director of 'The Great Wall', Zhang Yimou, stated the following concerning Matt Damon as being the lead of 'The Great Wall'.

    "Matt Damon is not playing a role that was originally conceived for a Chinese actor. The arrival of his character in our story is an important plot point. There are five major heroes in our story and he is one of them — the other four are all Chinese. The collective struggle and sacrifice of these heroes are the emotional heart of our film. As the director of over 20 Chinese language films and the Beijing Olympics, I have not and will not cast a film in a way that was untrue to my artistic vision. I hope when everyone sees the film and is armed with the facts they will agree."


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    The cast portraits for Season 3 of Gotham have been revealed.


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    -Despite issues that are plaguing Rio Olympics, NBC has insisted that people are still super excited to watch
    -Proved not to be the case last night: ratings were down 28% from four years ago, and were the lowest rated Opening Ceremonies since 1992
    -People were unhappy with the number of commercials and NBC's decision to air the ceremonies on a 1-hour tape delay (so they could insert more commercials)

    SOURCE 2

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    • Normani has been attacked so much by harmonizers this past week, especially the last 48 hours, that she has decided to take a break from Twitter.

    • If you didn't know, apparently she was "shady" towards bandmate Camila the other day, so her fans have been attacking Normani since then, even though she already said that she never shaded her.

    • The mamba gang Camila stans started showing how racist they really are and were photoshopping Normani's face onto pictures of slaves and lynched bodies and were tweeting more racist things to her.


    The fact that her own "fans" are doing this to her... I can't.

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    In collaboration with DreamWorksTV, Teen Choice Award-nominated web superstar and voice actor/musician Johnny Orlando has released his cover of Justin Timberlake's "Can't Stop the Feeling."


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    Australian superstars, 5 Seconds of Summer did some interviews promoting their new single "Girls Talk Boys". They spoke about ghosts on Capital FM...

    - They used to live in a haunted house (former mental asylum) in London and Calum saw a ghost
    - Cal woke up at 3am and saw an outline of a hood and shoulders watching him
    - Avril Lavigne also attended their show recently and they hung out afterwards (photo behind the cut)
    - Bassist Calum believes they were a band in the past life, "I have a theory. I'm a huge believer in, like, past lives. I feel like I've known you guys forever. So we've tried to do something in a past life, like we tried it, and tried it, and it just never worked. And in this one, we just got [it right]."

    As part of the interview they also played a Bae or Nay game, with various female celeb names.

    Taylor swift was brought up and they went silent and gestured an X as in not bae'ing....and then the interviewer added what if they also have have to wear the I Heart T.S.  shirt and they both went "Ok, well that's a no then.".

    They'd bae Ariana Grande hoping she'd give them vocal lessons.

    Avril Lavigne and her sis are fans of the band too apparently.

    Have you ever seen a ghost, ONTD?

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    He showed up on CBS' The Talk, and the hosts asked him after showing a screencap where people were convinced he appeared.

    “Can you say the word cameo? Can you say the words small part?”

    Movie opens December 16


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    -Per PostTrak: he combination of African American and Hispanic moviegoers made up a huge 41% of the audience with both audiences giving the film a whopping 81% positive score.
    -Suicide Squad also brought in a 42% of women, (compared to BvS' 31%)
    -According to PostTrak, only 4% of people polled were affected by the shitty reviews..
    -Representation matters, let's hope the next time a diverse movie comes along, it won't be filled with stereotypes (My friend said it was okay because they were bad guys, does anyone wanna tell me how he is wrong? Becuase I feel like he has a point, but at the same time, no? Educate me and dIscuss in the comments if you're actually reading the post! Thanks.)


    i have no hope for wb making dc movies anymore but like i hope wonder woman isn't total shit because i need ben affleck's batman in my life

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  • 08/06/16--21:11: CBB Day 9: Biphobia Gate!

  • -Biggins and Renee once again have another one of their conversations about bisexuals, this time centered around Aids.
    -Renee says that her friend in the "CIA" told her that they cooked up the disease to help control center populations of Africa.
    -Biggins says that Bi's are to blame for Aids since they went over to Africa, fucked people and brought back the disease and spread it around. (the "transcript" posted yesterday was false)

    -Chloe and Marnie sit ontop of their showmances and give them hard-ons.
    -Aubrey is over Bears attitude and Renee did not appreciate him nominating, saying something about Aubrey

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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