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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    J.K. Rowling attended the gala world premiere performances of 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' on Saturday, and posed with the cast and crew of the plays. She also got a really nifty King's Cross birthday cake at midnight during the after party. Loads of photos here.

    Jamie Parker (Harry), Noma Dumezweni (Hermione) and Paul Thornley (Ron)

    Jamie Parker, Alex Price (Draco Malfoy), Anthony Boyle (Scorpius Malfoy), Sam Clemmett (Albus Potter), J.K. Rowling, Poppy Miller (Ginny Potter), Jack Thorne (playwright), Noma Dumezweni, director John Tiffany and Paul Thornley

    J.K. Rowling with the producers, director and playwright

    Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael

    Sherlock's Andrew Scott

    JKR and her husband Neil Murray

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan


    Feel free to use this post to complain about discuss the 'Cursed Child' script book since its release.

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    In response to a critic Kevin Smith made a tweet on how the film is an apology of sorts to critics he's argued with in the past. "I am the crazed old artist who let his art get out on[of?] control and blamed art critics."


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    A few days ago, youtuber Kat Blaque uploaded a very articulate and nuanced video concerning Jeffree Star and his history of racism. In the video, Kat provided a very well-organized breakdown of the situation and even called in Jeffree quite politely. At the end of video, she even gave him the benefit of the doubt and said that Jeffree could very well have changed, especially since it's been more than 10 years since those videos.

    Below you can watch the reuploaded video, which Kat had to re-edit before she could do so. The original video started with the racist clip that a Twitter user uploaded where Jeffree pursued a black woman and purposefully called her the n word as well as call women the c slur.

    Not long after the video was uploaded, it was removed via a DMCA claim, which Kat exposed on Twitter as well as Facebook. Read after the jump.

    It should be noted that the above video was taken after Kat got home and calmed down some. When she had first found out, she was enraged that the video had been taken down. And rightfully so, as you will read later on in the post when Jeffree tweets to Kat. The video is little over an hour, but the gist is that she was upset because she received a copyright strike. And if you don't know, if you receive three copyright strikes then your Youtube account is suspended and they delete all of your videos. She became enraged because Youtube is her main source of work and income, which has afforded her to do many speaking engagements at universities, become a HuffPost writer, and more. You can skip through the video below.

    Not long after that, Jeffree took to Twitter to respond to Kat personally. Read below.

    Sources:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

    What do you think, ONTD? Do you believe Jeffree and that Sharolaid works at UMG which Jeffree used to work under?

    Resubmitted and fixed link. Thank you for pointing it out, mods.

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    Texas Ranger Michael Young almost punched fellow player Elvis Andrus at a pre-game ceremony because the latter was wearing a 'clown' mask (it's actually the puppet from Saw) and he's afraid of clowns.


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    NBA star DeMar DeRozan shared a video on Instagram of the US basketball team heading to Rio singing along to Vanessa Carlton's hit A Thousand Miles. Everybody was having fun except for a stoic Carmelo Anthony who remained unimpressed.

    Melo ain't having it

    Vanessa Carlton has since reached out to Melo.

    What's your karaoke staple, ONTD?

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    the PR spin: “It was a mutual breakup. They are still friends and care about each other, but it’s not the right time for them now as a couple.”

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    Sources: 1, 2, 3


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    What are you summer guilty pleasures, ONTD?



    Gorgeous establishing shots of Manhattan, designer fashion, and clueless privileged transplants. What more could one want from an NYC reality series?


    As much as we all love the mess of reality tv, the medium is at it's best when the subjects are grounded, fun, and live a gorgeous lifestyle. EJ and Elisa are definitely spoiled but they also seem relatively self aware, grateful, and appreciative. Overall the Johnsons seem like a very lovely and supportive family.


    First seasons are always the best. No one is used to the cameras. People let their guard down. And most importantly, the cast hasn't fractured irreparably due to social media and reunion drama. So far this season everyone is getting along well enough that they can all film together, but there's plenty of catty tension. Whether it's the old friends trying to portray the new friends as opportunists, or Sanaz's habitual line stepping, there's just the right amount of shade.


    Rich Kids is a good concept, but they ran out of plotlines after half a season. They've been circling the same bullshit ever since. If Dorothy and Morgan can recur on EJNYC then they can cancel Rich Kids altogether.

    5. IT'S SO LGBTQ...(well maybe just G)

    There are barely any straight men on this show and that is SO NICE.

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    "Van Helsing is a total re-imagination of a timeless brand, set in a world dominated and controlled by vampires. Vanessa Helsing (Abraham Van Helsing's daughter) is the last hope for survival, as she unknowingly awakens to discover she has a unique blood composition that makes her not only immune to vampires, but with the ability to turn a vampire human. With this secret weapon, Vanessa becomes a prime target for the vampires, while trying to save humanity.

    The cast features Kelly Overton (“True Blood”), Jonathan Scarfe (“Hell on Wheels”), Christopher Heyerdahl (“Sanctuary,” “True Blood”), Paul Johansson (“One Tree Hill”), David Cubbit “(“Medium”), Vincent Gale (“Bates Motel”) and Tim Guinee (“Homeland”)."

    The 13-ep series premieres September 23rd on SyFy, but the pilot has been released.

    One, Two, Three, Four, Five

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    Selena Gomez released a snapchat video with Bieb's Let Me Love You playing in the background. She previously recorded a version of the song and DJ Snake confirmed it in a now deleted tweet.

    DJ Snake doesn't say anything about a collab and neither do any of the parties but because the snap came out now while the song is set to be released so soon fans are created a fanfic about it being a collaboration.

    The Snap

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    spoiler alert: it doesn't look like he's sustained any major damage to his face but it still ain't pretty...

    his movie 'deepwater horizon' is set to premiere at tiff btw. will he clean up and show up?

    source: twitter #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

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  • 08/01/16--09:16: ONTD Roundup
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    the second season will focus on a new set of characters

    i still don't know what to think about this show

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    • Renner said during a recent Q&A in London that he was frustrated while filming The Avengers.

    • “In the first Avengers I was just getting to know who Hawkeye was, and then zap, I go round like a zombie, I’m like Loki’s minion, And I’m still not even sure who Hawkeye was at that point. So I’m a little frustrated, because I was so excited to figure out who Hawkeye was.”

    • He told the producers that they could kill him off if they wanted to because he was annoyed at the lack of character development and screen time, and he would fake heart attacks during scenes.

    • “I’m giving you an option, if you just want to kick me out of this movie. Just you know, at any given moment, if you wanna kill me off, daddy’s gonna be having a heart attack.”

    source / source

    If only the producers had listened to him...

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    - He has nothing bad to say about High School Musical (sure Jan)

    - Internet hate drove him crazy

    - He's lactose intolerant and drinks almond milk

    - He finds it hard to date being so famous

    - He thinks he's not good at comedy

    {this troubled prince}


    What are you allergic to, ONTD?  

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    Sadly her cancer has spread. She will be on ET talking more indepth about her battle.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Happy Odaiba Day to my fellow Digimon fans! 17 years ago today, the seven Chosen Children were taken to the Digital World for the first time and the Adventure began!

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    -Qusai Abtini was a 14-year-old Syrian child actor who rose to fame on the show "Umm Abdou the Aleppan", which is described as being similar to "I Love Lucy" except that all roles were played by children. Abtini played the husband.
    -His father decided to send his kids outside of the city of Aleppo on July 8 after an attack on their home left him wheelchair-bound.
    -While trying to escape Aleppo, Qusai was killed when the car in which he was traveling was struck by a missile.
    -At a symbolic funeral a few days after his death, his father held a sign saying, "Qusai, Abu Abdu the Aleppan. You are a little hero. You scared the regime with your giant acts so they killed you."


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    9. Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

    7. The Black Donnellys (2007)

    5. Party Down (2009-2010)

    2. Firefly (2002-2003)


    What tv-shows do you want to get revived??

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    -TMZ has some pictures of the set, including a tree with the word "CROATOAN" in it
    - It's been previously reported the season is going to take place in two different time periods


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