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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    This whole fiasco started after a Twitter user @ultthe8 posted this old image of a prepaid Visa card from another user. Many users then started to purchase various items like MacBooks, K-Con tickets, and K-Pop merchandise. The user later clarified it wasn't theirs at all.

    Another user @intoyonce2 then came forward and claimed the card belonged to her ex and asked for the user to delete the tweet, which they did.

    Things took another turn as a 5 Seconds of Summer stan and user @1DZquadAf posted a screenshot of her phone and allegedly called the police on @ultthe8. The user then briefly deactivated their account before resurfacing after two hashtags began trending (#FreeUltthe8 & #KPopTwitterIsGoingToJailParty).

    Go to the source to see tweets about this whole fiasco.

    Source: HollywoodTake_'s Twitter

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  • 06/04/16--17:10: Zigi Still on Life Support

  • It all started when Gigi posted a cryptic snapchat of a shirt with a love declaration

    Gigi still wears the Z&G necklace (do not come for me with Perrie's engagement ring)

    She also hung out with her ex's sister Alli Simpson during NY Beauty Bash

    Sung #Justice4 Pillow Talk

    Zayn's ****cousin thinks they haven't broken up:

    src: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
    Let me have this false sense of security tbh
    Do you still keep artifacts from your EX ontd ?
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Says what's available for women is scarce and there are stereotypes that still dominate films: the nag, the trophy and the escort. She hasn't got any nag script yet, but a lot of 'interesting stripper' or 'super funny, but she’s also an escort'

    Doesn’t always get a lot of say in terms of character development on movies but tries to voice her opinion.

    Not very ambitious as an actress, 'not very passionate about acting per se', has fun making movies, but it’s not a representation of her innermost being.

    Enjoys making action adventure sci-fi films and it's also the type of movie she likes to watch.


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    US Weekly is currently reporting that fitness guru Richard Simmons was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center last night. Simmons was described as exhibiting "bizarre behavior" by a member of his staff and it was alarming enough to result in a 911 call. After paramedics arrived on the scene they determined that Simmons did in fact need to be transported to the hospital.

    No other details are available at this time about what exactly triggered the 911 call or Simmons' current health status.

    Simmons made headlines earlier this year after friends went to the press believing that he was being held hostage by members of his staff. Simmons has not been seen publicly since 2014.

    Source 1 and 2
    I was just watching his Whose Line appearance. :\ I hope he's okay.

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    source 1,2

    can we get sober as single pls and ty

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    Maisie Williams Talks about Arya Stark's season 6 Game of Thrones journey


    Does Jaqen H'ghar share Wlaschiha's admiration? The actor won't say, but he does suggest that the relationship between Jaqen and Arya is perhaps more predestined, or at least more purposeful, than one would initially think.</br>

    "From the beginning, he's somehow chosen her to be his apprentice," he says. "He wasn't in that cage for nothing. It wasn't just random. I think he always had a bigger plan for her. He's trying to teach her to the best of his abilities, even if sometimes that comes across as punishing or hurting her."</br>

    "I think Jaqen wants what's best for her," he continues, "because he has an agenda with her."

    Maisie also said about Arya this season:

    "There's a light at the end of the tunnel for Arya this season, but it's not a certain happiness or a certain safety. It never is with Arya," Williams says. "What makes her happy is not what makes normal girls happy. I think as an audience member, people will be stuck thinking, 'Is she OK?' In Arya's head, she's doing great. But as audience members, I hope people feel a little bit scared of her and scared for her."

    What would make Arya happy? Arya's light at the end of the tunnel will leave her feeling great this season.

    -Source, Source, Source

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    It started with a random nobody calling Kesha an Ugly Wh*re on IG. She responded:

    dear @jackknife76 , I see that you would very much like me to know that you think I'm ugly, and also a "whore". well, I understand that that is your opinion, but I disagree. I'm not perfect but I'm pretty fucking magical. and also, I am not, in fact, a whore. also bullying someone who has struggled publicly with body issues is pretty mean. thank god I'm in a place in my life where I feel empowered to address your nasty comments instead of letting them destroy me. so. on behalf of anyone anywhere who struggles with body image, STOP IT. my body is not your business. in conclusion, kiss my magical imperfect ass ️

    src: 1
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Give me a fitness post, I need it

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    Source 12

    Malaysian Kween.

    Buy her new album, 'Chapters' on Itunes and Google Play!

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    @redkenofficial on fire🌋 chromatics colour by @georgegarciaredken stunning style by the artist @guidopalau #redkenmuse

    Having so much fun being a #redkenmuse with @redkenofficial #redkenready

    My @redkenofficial campaign came out today! #redkenmuse

    Introducing Redken’s newest muse… the fiery & gorgeous @LizzyJagger! #RedkenObsessed #LizzyJagger #RedkenColor #RedkenMuse

    newest muse @lizzyjagger! Double tap if you love her stunning red #RedkenColor!
    #RedkenObsessed #RedkenMuse #LizzyJagger

    Hair like Jagger! We are
    #RedkenObsessed with #LizzyJagger's red hot haircolor (courtesy of Chromatics). @lizzyjagger #RedkenMuse
    sourcesource 2source 3source 4source 5source 6

    Who's your hair muse, ONTD?

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    I loved this book, so this is a good pick. Book post?

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    • During a show in Idaho, Tony said that a follow-up to jazz album "Cheek to Cheek" would be released this summer

    • He said it would coincide with his 90th birthday in August

    • Allegedly it was Gaga's idea. Stans aren't happy (lol), and worry it might delay LG5

    Source: 12

    Didn't see this posted! Maybe he was just affected by the summer heat and mispoke. Or maybe it'll be the album we've all been waiting for to save pop jazz music!

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    - Taylor Swift surprised a fan during his wedding.
    - Performed Blank Space for the groom Max and bride Kenya
    - Max's sister wrote to Taylor back in April that Max and Kenya wed in a hospital so that their sick mom wouldn't miss the wedding.
    - Mother and son danced to Taylor's hit Black Space
    - Taylor also made a card with a So it's gonna be forever design

    Taylor posted a picture from the wedding and Calvin Harris liked. Seems like there really is no bad blood between the two.


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    With the newest season of the summer's best reality show beginning in just a matter of weeks, on June 22, lets go through a few of the most iconic moments from the golden age of the show.

    Note: OP didn't watch seasons 1 or 2 oop
    Reading is Fundamental...and Cost Danielle $500,000 (BB3)

    Danielle is arguably the best female big brother in the history of the game. She effortlessly maneuvered her way through the third season with her secret alliance Jason and earned a spot in the final 2. She undoubtedly deserved to win the season, but she ultimately lost because of how pissed the other houseguests were at how she clowned them in the diary room. It was because of this robbery that producers conceived a sequestered jury house, so those voting for the ultimate winner wouldn't see any shady confessionals.
    Project DNA (BB5)

    Expect the Unexpected was taken to the max in season 5, when some messy producers created the Project DNA twist. Not only did this entail two houseguests finding out they were secret siblings, it also led to one of the best reveals in the show's history. Unbeknownst to the house, two identical twins were playing as one houseguest for five weeks, switching in and out of the house every few days. They kept the secret for all five weeks and survived eviction, which allowed the secret twin to enter the house and play on her own. This twist was so popular that producers attempted to recreate it during BB17, though it was a flop bc the twins were stupid and nothing gets past DayVonne.
    Drew Evicts Diane (BB5)

    Drew, the finest white boy to ever grace the show, shocked everyone when he turned on his all-male alliance mid-way through the game in favor of his budding showmance with Diane. The two dominated the game, becoming one of the first and only showmances to get to the final three. Drew then flipped the script AGAIN by eliminating Diane from the competition, choosing to take Cowboy (the last surviving member of their former all-male alliance) to the final 2. This is THE original iconic blindside in BB history. Drew went on to win the season and later was arrested for alleged domestic violence towards another man oop
    Et Tu, Jennifer? (BB6)

    BB6 is one of the most iconic seasons of reality television ever and its difficult to pick just one moment to single out, but the biggest shock came from the betrayal of fan favorite Kaysar. To set the scene: BB6 had a split house like none other. Basically even, in terms of numbers, the Sovereign Six and the Nerd Herd (fka the Friendship Cult) faced off all season, constantly shifting from in-power to on the block. Kaysar, from the Sov 6, was elminated early in the game, but was brought back into the house by a fan vote. Immediately after, all houseguests competed in the torture cage competition, which literally just entailed holding a button. After grueling hours and hours, Kaysar was one of the last contestants standing, alongside Jennifer from the opposing alliance. He made a $500,000 mistake by trusting her, allowing her to take the Head of Household with a mutual target in mind. Jennifer immediately backstabbed him, sending him right out the door under her HoH reign. Way harsh, Jen.
    Janelle and Erika Get Woke (BB7/All-Stars)

    After being misted by the Chilltown duo of Dr Will and Mike Boogie throughout most of the All-Stars season, problematic Queens Janelle and Erika finally realized what was up when they were in the final four. Erika evicted Dr. Will, and the two girls forged ahead, attempting to knock out the remaining Chilltown member and go to the finals together. This was foiled because of Julie Chen's flop ass and production rigging communication issues with the rules of the final 3 HoH competition. Mike Boogie eventually won the season...
    Jenius Wins HoH (BB8)

    imo season eight was the final truly classic season. Great drama, competent players, memorable competitions, gorgeous house design, fights every week. Just a perfect season. And one of the best houseguests was none other than Jen Johnson. Sort of villain, sort of heroine, Jen defied all character tropes she was cast to fill. Not only did she give us great T-shirts, an iconic breakdown over hating her picture, and "I will now perform eating", she was even a comp queen! Winning this HoH tie-breaker on accident because it was a trick question, Jen became the underdog to root for.

    Sources 123456pic

    hope i didnt mess anything up realized i fucked up the cut lmao! disregard the other post in the queue, mods!

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    So, at the end of May, self-taught makeup youtuber Mariya posted a makeup look done with highlighters only. You might have seen it on your Twitter feed or Tumblr dash, but here it is in all stupid and hideous glory.

    Since then it has a thing on Youtube, having been done by Nikkietutorials and Jeffree Star below.

    And here is a screencap of the many others you can find on Youtube.

    Sources: 1 - Mariya, 2 - Nikkietutorials, 3 - Jeffree Star, and screencap taken by me.

    Would you do this challenge, ONTD?

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    - Quantico is introducing a new gay character for season 2, played by super-masc-macho-actor Russell Tovey (Looking, Being Human). Russell's character is called Harry Doyle who is described as someone who's just as likely to seduce your husband as he is to pick his pocket later.
    - The role was written for him by Quantico creator Josh Safran, which probably means Russell's knees must hurt like hell.
    - Ryan Murphy Josh Safran said he's been trying to get a handy work with Darren Criss Russell Tovey for 11 years.
    - Last season Quantico killed gay character Elias Harper and probably bicurious Simon Asher.


    NHF them trying to fix the huge mess they made with my beautiful-prince-too-precious-for-this-world Elias Harper. You're missed.

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  • 06/04/16--21:16: Outlander 2x10 Episode Promo

  • Source.

    Did everyone else love tonight's episode? I mean...

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    Take these with a grain of salt.

    Source: PokeJungle Twitter

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    27 year old actress Josephine Gillan recently sat down with the Daily Mail to talk about how being cast on Game of Thrones changed her life.

  • Came from a very troubled background where after being put into foster care at age 12 she was sexually abused and introduced to cocaine.
  • Prior to joining the series in their second season as Marei she had no acting training and was making her living as a prostitute and by appearing in pornos under the name Sophie O’Brien.
  • She came across an ad that stated they were looking for women with no tattoos who didn't mind being filmed naked so she submitted her photo and was cast for GOT.
  • Was very nervous about being on set but found out that several of the actresses that she works with came from a similar background as her which made her more comfortable.
  • Has appeared in every season since the second season which has led to her getting additional work including completing two independent films and is scheduled to shoot a horror film this summer in Mexico.
  • When asked about the criticisms of sex and violence on the show she suggests that if people are too prudish to watch then they should avoid it.
  • Believes the series is to thank for getting her life together and has put Sophie O'Brien behind her.


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