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    I can't with this shit. I CANNOT.

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    The show must go on for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

    The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 costars – and exes – who are barely speaking following Stewart's recent cheating scandal with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, are still scheduled to join the rest of their cast to promote the final film in the Twilight saga.

    "While it is studio policy not to comment on the personal lives of actors, Summit is moving full steam ahead and looking forward to this November's opening of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2," Nancy Kirkpatrick, the studio's president of worldwide marketing tells Entertainment Weekly in a statement.

    "We are confident that the film delivers amazing entertainment for our passionate fans and general audience alike."

    Before the film's Nov. 16 premiere, Pattinson, 26, will make his first public appearance since Stewart's scandal on Aug. 13 at the N.Y.C. premiere of Cosmopolis, a film his rep says he is "very proud of and looking forward to supporting."


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    Elizabeth Olsen (pix) thinks women love 'Fifty Shades of Grey' so much because they don't watch enough porn.

    The actress has ruled out taking on the lead role of Anastasia Steele, a young woman who is introduced to the world of bondage and kinky sex by manipulative billionaire Christian Grey, in the movie adaptation of 'Fifty Shades of Grey', and thinks its impact on society means people need to watch more porn. 

    She told "It's had a huge impact on society. Apparently rope sales have skyrocketed because women who've read the book are really getting into bondage, which is kind of great. It's such a taboo for women to actually discuss sexuality without the help of Cosmopolitan.

    "All of a sudden, this book has become a sensation because the women reading it haven't had access to this kind of thing before. I was talking to a guy who was making a joke about it, saying, 'Clearly, these women just need to watch porn'. In a way, he's right."
    While Elizabeth doesn't want the role, Emma Roberts recently revealed she would jump at the chance to star in the movie.

    She said: "Everyone says read 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' I don't really understand. But everyone on the plane was reading it, and I was like, 'I should probably just get it.'

    "I haven't read it, I don't even understand, but yeah, it sounds awesome. Anything racy, hot. Sure, let's get hot." –BANG MEDIA


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    'I don't know what to expect,' she tells MTV News about the world tour kicking off in September.

    With only a couple short months until Carly Rae Jepsen hits the road with her pal Justin Bieber, the singer is warming up with some summer tour dates. But, the scope of these shows is miniscule compared to playing to an arena filled with Beliebers.

    "I don't know what to expect," she told MTV News earlier this month before she took the stage in Chicago for the Pop-Tarts Crazy Good Summer Concert. While it gave pop-music lovers a taste of what the "Call Me Maybe" singer can do in concert, it didn't look anything like the highly anticipated, sure-to-be-massive Believe tour kicking off in September.


    However, Jepsen isn't going into the experience completely blind. She did get an idea of what the tour will feel like when she played with Bieber abroad earlier this year. She added, "I did one or two shows with Justin. One in London and one in Mexico City, and all I can say is, like, 'Wow.' They were huge — 300,000 people in Mexico City. I was speechless."

    Given just how overwhelming it can be to play in front of that many people, it's just one of the many things about 2012 that has left the singer floored.

    "[How do you] take it in? I don't know that I totally do," she said. "I think that like in 10 years' time I'm gonna sit back and look at everything that's happening to me this year and actually have a 'whoa' kind of a moment. Right now everything's so fast and the pace of it so quick that I'm just kind of keeping my head to the ground and trying to do the best at getting through it."

    In addition to hitting the road with Bieber, the singers will both appear on her debut album, also dropping in September. So, what should fans expect from that collaboration? "The Justin song, I'm kind of sworn to secrecy on because I think we want to release it together at one moment," Jepsen said. "But the rest of the album, I'm really excited for."


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    ^beautiful tbqh! <33



    mods, please approve @ competition time :)

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    20 Neat Facts, Cool Allusions, Instances Of Foreshadowing, And Theories On ‘Breaking Bad’

    1. Cool Allusion: The name of the last episode of season one is “A No-Rough-Stuff-Type Deal.” That’s a line from Fargo. The name of the third episode of season three is “Cancer Man,” a possible reference to Smoking Man — also called Cancer Man — in Vince Gilligan’s old show The X-Files.

    2. Cool Allusion: When Ted trips and falls, oranges fall on his crumpled body, a possible reference to The Godfather (in The Godfather, oranges represent violence and death).

    3. Neat Fact: Remember Krazy 8, the DEA snitch from the opening episode who Walt and Jesse locked up in the basement before killing him? Remember how he insisted that Walt cut off the crusts on his sandwich? Ever since Walt killed Krazy 8, he cuts the crust off his own sandwiches.

    4. Foreshadowing: Jane foreshadowed her own death with a couple of lines, including “I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.” Moreover, when Jesse was making her breakfast in bed and she walked in, Jesse said, “You weren’t supposed to wake up,” and Jane responded, “Ever?” At one point, Jane also said to Jesse, “Lie on your side or you might choke.” Asphyxiating on her own vomit is what killed Jane.

    5. Foreshadowing: In the opening episode of season two, Skyler looks fondly on old photos, photos that include Ted Benneke, who wouldn’t appear on the show until halfway through the second season.

    6. Neat Fact: In three instances, Vince Gilligan has titled episodes as callbacks to earlier episodes: “Half Measures” vs. “Full Measure,” “No Mas” vs. “Mas,” and “The Cat’s in the Bag” vs. “And the Bag’s in the River.”

    7. Neat Fact: Season three, episode three is called “I.F.T.” for “I F–ked Ted.”

    8. Clever Pun: Saul Goodman = S’ All Good Man.

    9. Neat Fact: Krazy 8 was going to be killed in the pilot, but Vince Gilligan dug the actor so much, they let him live for three episodes. (Coincidentally, it’s also why Aaron Paul was kept on after the first season. Walt was supposed to kill him in the finale but the kibosh was put on Jesse’s death because Gilligan loved his acting, and because of the writer’s strike).

    10. Cool Allusions: There have been at least two Sopranos references, if not more: “Juan Bolsa” (a a high-level member of the Juárez drug cartel) translates in English to “Johnny Sack,” a character on The Sopranos, and the opening episode of the fifth season, “Live Free or Die,” was also the title of a Sopranos episode. (Some have also likened Skyler to Carmelo Soprano).

    11. Possible Theory: We know that color is important to Vince Gilligan. The characters themselves have dressed in certain colors over the course of the series. Walt, for instance, used to wear mostly beiges, he graduated into dark blues, and now he wears a lot of black, representing his transformation from nice guy to anti-hero to villain. Likewise, Skyler used to wear a lot of blue. Now, when she’s crazy Skyler, she wears black; when she’s afraid of Walt Skyler, she’ll wear beige. There’s blue all over the show, symbolic the blue meth. There’s also a lot of bright yellow (caution), bright orange (danger), and green (greed). Hank wears a lot of orange, and orange seems to be around a lot when the police are involved. Red is often associated with death: Jesse was wearing red when he killed Gale, and Gus was wearing red when he killed Victor. Marie wears purple, which is represents royalty, which perhaps suggests delusions of grandeur (Saul is often seen in purple, as well).

    Knowing that color is important, and having read interviews with Gilligan in which he explicitly states that there are visual foreshadowing clues in the form of color on the show, what can we make of pink? The pink teddy bear was associated with death. Walt was wearing a pink sweater when the plane had mid-air collision. Jane had a lengthy discussion with Jesse about Georgia O’Keefe (whose paintings looked like (pink) vaginas), and after her death, Jesse found a cigarette she left in his car covered in pink lipstick. Coincidence? Perhaps. But if pink is associated with death, do we always see Holly White (Walt and Skyler’s infant daughter) dressed in pink — and sleeping in a crib with a pink blanket — because she’s a girl, or because Holly is associated with death? Is it Vince’s way of foreshadowing Holly’s death? Vince has suggested, after all, that Walt does something in the final season that is so bad we could never again sympathize with him. Does he sacrifice his daughter to save his business?

    12. Cool Allusion: Vulture spotted this in last week’s episode: The pesticide tent in “Hazard Pay” looks very similar to the tarp in “Post Modern Prometheus,” an episode of The X-Files. The pesticide tent figured heavily into both episodes.

    13. Neat Fact: Matt Ufford posted this last year, but in case you missed it, some of the blue meth on Breaking Bad made its way onto The Walking Dead.

    14. Cool Allusions: What’s up with the Illuminati references?

    15. Foreshadowing: A reader, ChiSwede, dropped this video in my Chekhov’s gun post: The elevator ding foreshadows the death of Gus.

    16. Cool Allusion: The third episode of the second season, “Bit By a Dead Bee,” is an homage to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

    17. Foreshadowing: In case you missed it in Cajun Boy’s recap this week, Madrigal Electromotive was introduced way back in season three, in a commercial for Pollos Hermanos.

    18. Foreshadowing: Here’s a picture of the young Hector Salamanca, sitting on a chair of wheels, years before the old Hector Salamanca would be relegated to a wheelchair.

    19. Possible Theory: Again, we know that Vince Gillian almost never does something for no reason, although this theory is almost too obvious for Gilligan. We know that he’s described the show as a cross between Goodbye, Mr. Chips and Scarface. We also know that, in the last episode, Walt was watching Scarface and ad-libbed the line, “Everybody dies in this movie.” It would be too easy to draw a connection between that and an ending with a possible shootout in which everybody dies except for the fact that in the season five premiere, Walt buys a machine gun. What was Tony Montana using when he died in a blaze of bullets? A machine gun. Foreshadowing? Maybe. But even if it is, Gilligan would likely subvert it the Scarface ending, possibly combining it with a faux-Sopranos ending: Fade to black before the shootout, a la Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Or fade to black for 20 seconds, dupe everyone into thinking that’s the end of the series, then flash forward to moments after the shootout when everyone is lying in a puddle of their own blood.

    20. Possible Theory: OR, Gilligan calls back to his obvious Tarantino influence: Mr. Pink (Jesse) flees with the loot; wounded after a Mexican stand-off, Mr. White (Walt) is cradling the cop Mr. Orange (Hank). Mr. White takes aim at Mr. Orange. The cops bust in and shots are fired. Fade to black before we know exactly who dies.

    OMG if they kill off Walt and Skyler's bb, then I'm done (when Heisenberg says we're done).


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    McNulty on "Game of Thrones"? It almost happened, according to actor Dominic West.

    On Wednesday, I interviewed West, who played the iconic cop Jimmy McNulty on "The Wire," about the second season of the period drama "The Hour," in which he plays newscaster Hector Madden. I asked what other kinds of roles he was interested in, and "Game of Thrones" came up in the conversation.

    "I was offered something on 'Game of Thrones' and unfortunately, I hadn't seen it, but my nephew and his father said, 'Gosh, "Game of Thrones" is the only great show on!' And I felt terrible, because I'd just turned them down," West said.

    So what part was West offered? He hasn't read the books, so the name didn't stick in his head. But he did say that taking the role -- a substantial one and similar in stature or importance to Sean Bean's Season 1 character Ned Stark, according to West -- would have involved being "in Reykjavik for six months." ("Game of Thrones" shoots the scenes set north of the Wall in Iceland.)

    So was it King Beyond the Wall Mance Rayder, which seems like the strongest possibility to me (and the only notable Season 3 role that hasn't been cast)? Was it a member of the Night's Watch north of the Wall? One of Mance's men? Alas, West couldn't recall the name of the character, so we're left to speculate. (I've asked HBO if they know which role West was offered, and I'll update this post if I get more information.)

    In any event, "it was a lovely part, a good part. I'm going to regret it," he said with a rueful laugh. "My problem is, I've got four kids, and at the moment, I'm reluctant to be away from home for a long time. I can get a lot of work in London and still be at home. That's one of the many brilliant things about 'The Hour.'"

    "Should I have taken it?" he asked, semi-seriously. As much as I would have loved to see Baltimore's most famous fictional cop on another fine HBO program, I can certainly respect West's devotion to his family obligations. Besides, the Iceland scenes look amazing on the show, but the actors in those scenes also look very, very cold.

    So now that "Thrones" is out, what kind of roles are West, who won a BAFTA award for his work in the TV movie "Appropriate Adult," looking for? There really are no limits, but he doesn't want to repeat himself, he said.

    "There isn't enough work out there to be that picky, so the only real criteria are, is it well-written, and the other criteria is about trying to be at home," West said. "If someone says, which they have done, 'We've got a great part, it's a drunken cop,' I might say, 'Maybe not.'" Same goes if he's offered the role of a booze-soaked but ambitious newscaster like Hector Madden of "The Hour."

    Speaking of "The Hour, a well-regarded BBC America drama that returns in October, things go very awry for Hector this season, according to West: He starts to party hard at Soho nightclubs, he gets mixed up with questionable people, and he has serious troubles with his wife, Marnie (who is, as it happens, played by Oona Chaplin, who also appears as Talisa in "Game of Thrones").

    "It's meaty stuff," West says of Hector's Season 2 troubles. "In those days, the head of those news programs got 20 million viewers every night, so they were huge -- everybody knew who they were and they were in everybody's house every night. That's viewing figures we can only dream of now, and I suppose they were big celebrities," and the temptations of that lifestyle tempt Hector a little too much.


    Damn, McNulty...turning down a role on Game of Thrones?

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    The Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen has hit back at a leading American swimming coach who suggested the Chinese swimmer could be using banned substances, telling the China news agency Xinhua that John Leonard had acted unprofessionally.

    Ye, who won two golds at the London Games, setting a world record in the 400 metres individual medley and shaved five seconds off her personal best, instantly raising questions given her country's doping past.

    Leonard, the executive director of the World Swimming Coaches Association, told the Guardian that history showed that every time something "unbelievable" occurred in the sport it turned out ultimately to involve doping.

    While the United States Olympic Committee distanced itself from his remarks, and there was no evidence to show the swimmer's performance was down to doping, the case kicked off a firestorm in China with many seeing the accusations as biased and racist.

    "The coach [Leonard] was not professional," Xinhua quoted Ye as saying on Friday. "If a foreign swimmer achieved this result they may say it is a miracle," the 16-year-old added. "I won't be affected by any accusations."

    Ye trailed the world champion, Elizabeth Beisel, after the penultimate breaststroke leg in her individual medley before producing a devastating finish over the final two freestyle lengths. The Chinese teenager covered the last lap in 28.93, quicker than Ryan Lochte did in winning the male equivalent.

    "How can I be compared with Lochte?" Ye said. "His 400 result was more than 20 seconds faster than mine and he was totally relaxed over the last part of the race. I was trying my best to come from behind. Freestyle was my favourite in the medley but I still cannot be compared with professional men's freestylers.

    "A freestyle turn is different from breaststroke-to-freestyle transition and the former is much faster than the latter," Ye added. "It's normal the last 50 in the 200 medley is slower than that in the 400 medley."

    She said that now her Games was over all she wanted to do was sleep. "Because of doping tests and press conferences I went back to my room very late," said Ye. "As the competition is over I can finally have a good sleep."

    Writing on her Sina Weibo microblog on Thursday, Ye gave a sarcastic thanks to the Western media which had also cast aspersions over her successes. "A really big thanks to everyone for their support! Including the doubts from the Western media!" she wrote.



    So is John Leonard going to come out and accuse Katie Ledecky now after her gold medal swim...? 

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    Is Aliya Mustafina a diva? Truthfully, I have no idea. Perhaps she is the cold, self-absorbed prima donna that NBC seems intent on convincing me she is, the leotard-clad equivalent of fiery Russian ice skater Oksana Baiul. After she bombed on the balance beam during the women’s all-around competition, she flicked away her coach’s consoling hand. She did not, as the NBC commentator said, “shove him away.”
    And as many times as NBC have called Mustafina a diva, I’ve not heard anyone mention the fact that she is Muslim, a member of the Tatar ethnic minority. To most Americans, Russian names tend to sound the same, but “Aliya” means noble, lofty in Arabic; Mustafina, a variant of the Arabic name Mustafa.
    In other words, to a Russian audience Mustafina’s name marks her as an Olympic anomaly, as rare as Team USA's Gabby Douglas’s gold medal win is to an American audience. Right now all of America is celebrating Douglas’ glorious triumph, and noting that she is our first African-American gymnast to win individual all-around gold — not to mention the achievements of Danell Leyva and John Orozco, two Hispanic men who, again, don’t fit the traditional Olympic mold.

    I wonder how tough it has been for Aliya Mustafina to make her way to the top of the Russian gymnastic world. NBC: How about telling me that story?

    cr: newsday

    tl;dr author is calling her russia's gabby bc she is muslim and an ethnic minority in russia! (tatar). bow at the comeback queen!!!

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    Cher Lloyd is shaking up L.A. promoting her single "Want U Back." The singer took some time to go to 'Millions of Milkshakes' to stir up her own shake. After she was done she tweeted: "Had an amazing time @Milkshakes247 thanks to everyone that showed up!!!xxx #BratPack #BeEpic"

    source 1 | 2

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    Here's a shocker ... 17-year-old Courtney Stodden believes there are MAJOR PROBLEMS with her marriage to 52-year-old "Lost" actor Doug Hutchison ... and now she hopes they can be solved on a VH1 reality show.

    TMZ has learned ... Stodden -- who married Hutchison when she was 16 -- has signed on to the upcoming season of VH1's "Couples Therapy."

    Sources connected to production tell us ... the couple has acknowledged there are "obvious problems in their relationship because of their age difference and the notoriety they've gotten because of their relationship."

    Courtney and Doug -- along with 4 other couples -- will receive "intense counseling" throughout the course of the show ... which began taping a few days ago.


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    Clark Gable’s grandson is following in the legend’s footsteps, but according to court documents, his first film was a disaster filled with alleged sexual harassment and dangerous situations.

    A sordid tale of abuse and sexual promiscuity is documented in court papers filed by executive producer Adriana Trevino in a lawsuit against Victor Alfieri, director of Gable’s first film, Looking For Clara.

    Alfieri, who starred in Days of our Lives, is painted as the madman who put Gable in these harmful situations.

    During torture scenes for the movie, court documents allege that Alfieri went too far by keeping “Clark Gable in a cold wet bathtub tied up, for hours. Gable was unable to move.” And documents alleged Alfieri held a real operating drill to Clark’s abdomen.

    Another encounter alleges that “Clark J. Gable overdosed on Lemoncello, an Italian liqueur with extremely high alcohol content. Alfieri forced Gable to drink the entire bottle while filming a scene.”

    The next day he complained of anal bleeding, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, shakes, illness and pains.

    According to the documents, Alfieri created a sexually charged environment where he would say (to male and female actors) “Maybe if you suck my cock, you will improve your performance.”

    ‘“During one of the recorded takes of a scene, Alfieri directed [actor] Joel Moody to touch Clark J. Gable’s penis. Alfieri said ‘Touch his cock! Rub his ass!’” documents state.

    Alfieri had originally sued Trevino, who was allegedly his lover and business partner, for libel and breach of contract. He later dropped that suit. Trevino claims Alfieri’s lawsuit was a preemptive strike — getting all the headlines and damaging her reputation.

    Clark J. Gable is now the host of Cheaters.


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    Here’s a shocking twist!

    Syfy has finalized a deal with filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan (The Sixth Sense) and television producer Marti Noxon (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) to produce the scripted pilot project Proof, the network announced today. “In Proof, after the tragic accident and sudden death of his parents, the son of a billionaire tech genius offers a large reward for anyone who can find proof of life after death,” a press release states.

    Shyamalan and Noxon will co-write the pilot, with Shyamalan directing. No air date or casting has been announced.

    Proof marks Shyamalan’s first foray into television. His last film that he wrote and directed, 2010′s The Last Airbender, was a critical and commercial misstep. Shyamalan will also direct the upcoming Will and Jaden Smith movie After Earth.

    Entertainment Weekly

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    Just the other day, New Radicals’ 1998 one-hit wonder “You Get What You Give” came up in conversation, and it occurred to us that, over a decade into the new millennium, the music of the ’90s is starting to sound as dated as disco did when we were kids. From cultural references to Tonya Harding, Hanson, and white kids who desperately wanted to be gangstas to zeitgeist-y topics like Gen-X disaffection and sex education, there are just some songs that unmistakably evoke the decade. We’ve rounded up what we think of as the most ’90s songs of the ’90s after the jump; keep in mind that this isn’t a list of the best tracks of the era, just the ones that are clearly the products of its preoccupations. Let us know what you’d add in the comments.

    “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals

    Key lyrics: “Fashion shoots with Beck and Hanson / Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson / You’re all fakes, run to your mansions / Come around, we’ll kick your ass in”

    Ah, the ’90s: a time when you could proudly proclaim yourself an anti-capitalist “radical” and somehow parlay that sentiment into a major-label record deal and eternal one-hit wonder name recognition. Chumbawamba did it with “Tubthumping,” although that song is literally about nothing more than drinking a lot of different kinds of beverages, getting knocked down, getting back up again, and “pissing the night away.” New Radicals’ “You Get What You Give” more fully embodies the ’90s because the song is actually about how the kids have to stay positive in the face of rampant commercialism and celebrity culture — and also because it shouts out a handful of ’90s musicians who all turned out to have far more longevity than New Radicals. Even Hanson!

    “You Oughta Know” by Alanis Morissette

    Key lyrics: “Did you forget about me, Mr. Duplicity? / I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner / It was a slap in the face / How quickly I was replaced / And are you thinking of me when you fuck her?”

    But it isn’t just cultural references that make a song helplessly ’90s. Sometimes, it’s all about the zeitgeist. Released when Morissette was only 21, “You Oughta Know” was the battle cry of a woman scorned, and a wildly popular example of rock’s mid-’90s vogue for angry young women. Working the middle ground between the radical feminist anthems of riot grrrl and the crunchy Lilith Fair stuff that came later, it was as gloriously profane as radio rock got. Oh, and as you probably know, it’s about Morissette’s ex-boyfriend, Dave Coulier of Full House fame. It doesn’t get more ’90s than that.

    “My Name Is” by Eminem

    Key lyrics: “My brain’s dead weight, I’m trying to get my head straight / But I can’t figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate / And Dr. Dre said, ‘Slim Shady you a basehead!’”

    Before we knew him as the most tortured man in hip hop (and that’s not a title you come by easily), Marshall Mathers introduced himself by way of “My Name Is.” The novelty rap hit of 1999, it calls out everyone from Nine Inch Nails to Kriss Kross to Pamela Anderson when she was still Pamela Lee. Then there’s the video, where he shows up as both Bill Clinton and Marilyn Manson. In case you’ve forgotten, people where thinking about Marilyn Manson a lot in the late ’90s.

    “Headline News” by “Weird Al” Yankovic

    Key lyrics: “Once there was this girl who / Swore that one day she would be a figure skating champion / And when she finally made it / She saw some other girl who was better / And so she hired some guy to / Club her in the knee cap” (see also: entire song)

    Remember this one? It’s Weird Al’s 1994 parody of “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm” — a Crash Test Dummies song that was also totally ’90s in its monotone treatment of childhood trauma. Al changed the lyrics so that they related the scandals of Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan, the Bobbitts, and that American kid who got arrested in Singapore and was sentenced to caning. All very ’90s tabloid items, and a song that makes us wish TMZ would hire Weird Al to sing their headlines on a daily basis.

    “Let’s Talk About Sex” by Salt-N-Pepa

    Key lyrics: “Now we talk about sex on the radio and video shows / Many will know anything goes / Let’s tell it how it is, and how it could be / How it was, and of course, how it should be / Those who think it’s dirty have a choice / Pick up the needle, press pause, or turn the radio off”

    Between the AIDS crisis and a nascent third-wave feminist movement that emphasized sex education and pleasure, we talked about sex a lot in the ’90s. This Salt-N-Pepa hit from 1991 is music’s best (and most literal) representation of that ethos, a call for women to make their needs and concerns in the bedroom known. S and P even recorded an alternate version called “Let’s Talk About AIDS” that educated listeners about HIV.

    “Girls & Boys” by Blur

    Key lyrics: “Love in the ’90s / Is paranoid / On sunny beaches / Take your chances, looking for / Girls who are boys / Who like boys to be girls / Who do boys like they’re girls / Who do girls like they’re boys”

    Amid all the newfound openness about sex in the ’90s came a greater awareness of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. In fact, the decade was almost as steeped in androgyny as the glam-rock early ’70s (think Madonna wearing men’s suits and getting up close and personal with other women in her music videos, as Kurt Cobain often performed and appeared on TV in dresses). Blur’s “Girls & Boys” captures the shifting norms and rainbow of preferences, while also managing to provide a snapshot of the pre-recession recreations of idle British youth.

    “Firestarter” by The Prodigy

    Key lyrics: irrelevant

    In 2012, the kids have fallen hard for the dubstep, or so we hear from our corner of the nursing home. Back in our day (ca. 1996), the role of Skrillex was played by The Prodigy, whose aggressive big-beat music broke through to the mainstream in much the same way, and whose sneering, green-haired “singer” Keith Flint made our parents just as nervous. “Firestarter” is a song that will send you straight back to the cyberpunk ’90s (in fact, two tracks by The Prodigy appear on the soundtrack to the lovable 1995 exploitation flick Hackers) while also serving as a reminder that the more things change, the more they stay the same.

    “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio

    Key lyrics: “Look at the situation they got me facin’ / I can’t live a normal life, I was raised by the streets / So I gotta be down with the hood team / Too much television watching got me chasing dreams”

    N.W.A. brought gangsta rap to the mainstream with 1988′s Straight Outta Compton, and by the ’90s, it had become a major social issue, with pundits and parents getting hysterical over its effects on impressionable young minds. Released in 1995 as on the soundtrack to Michelle Pfeiffer’s ’90s-tastic teacher drama Dangerous Minds, “Gangsta’s Paradise” wasn’t a gangsta-rap song — it was a meta-gangsta-rap song that incorporated many of the genre’s tropes in elucidating the impossible situation facing young people in poor, urban neighborhoods. Perhaps it got so overplayed precisely because it was so thoroughly of its time.

    “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” by The Offspring

    Key lyrics: “He needs some cool tunes, not just any will suffice / But they didn’t have Ice Cube, so he bought Vanilla Ice / Now cruising in his Pinto, he sees homies as he pass / But if he looks twice, they’re gonna kick his lily ass”

    Of course, we didn’t just have gangstas in the ’90s; we also had middle-class white kids from the suburbs who desperately wanted to be gangstas but were totally clueless. (See also: Seth Green’s character in Can’t Hardly Wait, which came out the same year.) And, perhaps since we weren’t fighting any wars or dealing with a devastating economic downturn when The Offspring released “Pretty Fly for a White Guy” in 1998, they were the target of this inescapable bit of cultural criticism that turned the pop-punk band into something of a novelty act. Come on, admit it: even if you find this song unlistenable now, you chuckled the first time you heard it.

    “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana

    Key lyrics: “Here we are now, entertain us”

    Obviously. This isn’t just the most ’90s song of the ’90s; it’s the song that created the ’90s.


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    Took the £50,000:
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    Pass to the final:
    Luke S

    I'm happy that Becky left but I'm upset that Conor got 50k for bullying a girl for 2 months.


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    "Best Week Ever" is making a comeback on VH1.

    After a three-year hiatus, the audience favorite -- which recounted the week's pop culture and celebrity happenings from 2004 to 2009 -- will return to anchor VH1's new Friday night Humor Block.

    "This is exactly the right moment to bring back this iconic show," said Jeff Olde, VH1's executive vice president of original programming and production, at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour on Friday. "We'll update this series for today's social-media-charged world for a bester 'Best Week Ever.'"

    "Best Week Ever" is coming back with a new look in January 2013, examining all that was good, bad and "so-bad-it-was-awesome" in the world of pop culture news and gossip. Funny talking heads (the show's first incarnation included Jessica St. Clair, Rachael Harris and Paul Scheer) will discuss celebrities' lives and the crazy "I-can't-believe-they-did-that" moments on the Internet. The series will also have include a new social media aspect.

    The show will be coupled with additional series including the new pop culture nostalgia series "Miss You Much," hosted by Catherine Reitman.


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    In a short time now, Danell Leyva's life has turned incredible. His gym, which used to be his training and practice, now receives constant visits of mayors, celebrities, journalists and strangers who, like us, want to approach the young athlete to take pictures and learn a little more closely at the Olympic promise in gymnastics for the United States. And last but not least, the editorial closing this article, the athlete managed to climb the podium of the London Olympians to take the bronze medal last August first overall male competition in artistic gymnastics.

    At just 20 years, Danell has dazzled everyone with her talent, dedication, hard work and perseverance, not in vain was and remains one of the most promising Latino London. In his first ranking male, managed to place first among all gymnasts with a total score of 91,265. Thanks to him and his other fellow Latino team, John Orozco, was that the American gymnastics men's team managed to leave the bottom of the list and placed fifth in the classification. But when it came to overall individual competition was when Danell showed his true toughness, after having failed in the pommel horse with a very poor performance that probably cost him a place on the podium, the Cubans rose from the ashes like a phoenix with routines horizontal bar and parallel bars most spectacular of the day that earned him a bronze medal seemed practically unattainable, the second medal in the gymnastics competition manifold that has earned an American in more than 28 years. There ratified by what the parallel world champion and why was crowned as the greatest male gymnast the United States in the London Olympics, and what is missing, because Leyva compete next week at the end of horizontal bar.

    However sudden things look, the feat of Danell Leyva did not happen overnight. From an early age showed interest in the discipline of gymnastics, "tell me that when she was two years old, I saw a video of exercise that had my mom and stepfather and was shocked, when finished, I turned with great emotion and happiness and I said, 'I do not know what that is but I want to!' "says the athlete's skin and body brunette slim and well defined.

    Gymnastics has been everything to this family. His mother, Maria Gonzalez and her stepfather, Yin Alvarez, both former gymnasts, met in Cuba in the national team. For gymnastics, Yin left Cuba and swam across the Rio Grande clean your clothes in a plastic bag, in search of a better life and be an athlete's dream and open his own gym, the gym, Mary was able to leave Cuba to give a better life for Danell, concerned that his poor child with asthma would not survive in the precarious conditions of the island. And gymnastics, all dreams, history, efforts, hopes and sufferings of these three athletes have reached the glorious climax that represents the bronze medal Danell. It seems like they're telling the story of the adventures of Greek heroes, who came out of the depths of Tartarus to get to the glory of heaven on Mount Olympus. "It was the way my parents pay for all the sacrifices they made and they do for me," said Darnell. "We are a team and any medal count," said Yin Alvarez bronze of his son.

    As with all great stories, there are plenty of ironies. His mother was against the wishes of Danell being a gymnast, "I was a chubby child, had a learning disability, long arms, had asthma ... well, did not meet a single condition to be an athlete," says Danell . However, always had the support of their parents, even when the coach gave him back to his mother because he "did not know what to do with the boy," his stepfather Yin, who just turned her dream of opening his own gym, took him as his pupil and taught him all about discipline.

    Who knew that the fat asthmatic longer arms than normal would grow to become national champion of U.S. gymnastics, parallel bars world champion and now the third best artistic gymnast in the world with intentions of becoming the first: " I want to win, "he said after winning the bronze Danell, Kohei Uchimura referring to the Japanese gymnast won gold three times, now crowned with another gold as the best gymnast of the Olympic Games in London, and considered one of the best gymnasts all time. "If I could speak Japanese, I would tell Uchimura is the greatest gymnast ever lived ... for now," Darnell said with a smile and Uchimura challenging to meet again in the upcoming games in Rio.

    But before the end of this story was given and Danell became a full Olympic bronze god, I was able to sit down with the deadly, plain and simple boy of flesh and blood, we talked in his gym just two days before he left for his adventure in London and we talked a little of everything, told me about their normal lives, the life of a boy of 20 who always dreamed of being an athlete. Here's what she said in her melodious Cuban accent, pretty steep for someone who came from Cuba rather small, but in the characteristic Spanglish spoken by young people growing up in this country.

    How did it feel to have made this photo shoot with us, completely out of your element athlete to pose like a model?
    Actually I felt really good, I like this. In fact, after the Olympics would go a little further into modeling, acting, music and truth in all that is art.

    Do not tell me! Or is that in addition to athletics also like the artistic career?
    Yes yes I practice gymnastics artistic gymnastics is called and I think everything has to do, however, because the time to do a gymnastics routine, you're doing for an audience, not so much to the judges. So I think that this discipline is much like other performing arts like acting, modeling or music.

    Okay, what would you do specifically in the entertainment? What most strikes you?
    I would like to act, but I also love music. Music for me is like gasoline, which gives me energy and joy, but yes, I love acting, working in television, for example.

    You mean that you see as the next William Levy?
    (Laughs) Well, I dunno ... he is very good. Hopefully it will be like him, why not?

    How does it feel to be named after U.S. and represent all Latinos in Miami in London?
    Well proud to know I was born in Cuba, but while I am representing this great country, then it is a privilege and an honor rather long because as I said, I was not born here and I have left this country and represent all Latinos Here we strive to get ahead. It's really great!

    You are famous for your original movements emblematic bars and fitness equipment than any other athlete does. There is one in which you open your arms in the air like a Christ before returning to grab the fixed barring, you have another in the saddle ... tell me about that. Where did these ideas?
    The truth is that they are always the same elements of what is between my coach and I look the more artistic exercises, a very easy exercise you can look great by the way make a turn, the position of the arms or the way to end the routine, and that's what I do differently.

    Like then also look for that side of show and entertainment to the gym.
    The reason I do is because ever since I was little, Yin and my mom asked me that because he wanted to be when I grew up, and I told them I did not want to be like anyone, I wanted to be like myself, and why I'm always looking for my own style, my own way of doing everything.

    Well, obviously that creativity and talent for gymnastics you have rewarded you with the titles you have.
    I guess so. Winning gold in parallel in the world in Tokyo was for me a dream come true and is due in large part to all the work I did with my coach and what you say, the difference that I put my gymnastics routines.

    How far do you want to take your athletic career?
    Well my dream is to win the Olympics, the general, individual and team.

    What next?
    And what comes after.

    But do you think to continue the race track or perhaps focus on other things like acting?
    I do not know, I think now I do not know how to separate the gym from the rest. I think after the Olympics I will learn how to separate and concentrate on both.

    Of all forms of gymnastics, which one do you consider yourself stronger? I imagine that in the parallel bars, right?
    Yes, because as a win in the parallel world, I guess I'm better at it (laughs), and Yin agrees. However, I consider myself better on the beam than in parallel.

    What is the hardest for you?
    For me, the rings so that my arms are too long and force me harder, many people say that the bar has been the difficulty, or the saddle, I also think that the saddle is very difficult because all appliances go with the law of gravity, but this is the only thing you have to stay up the whole time, hence I think it is also one of the most difficult.

    You have 20 years and I imagine that, like any young man your age, you like to go out and be out there but I guess being an athlete is very difficult for you. How do you coordinate the normal life of a young person with this subject so demanding?
    Well, I've always been very focused on my work, that is, I love going out and I love sharing with friends, with girls and stuff, yet I always put my sport as a priority, provided that and then the rest , and when I finish the competition, it is as if there were gymnastics to the next.

    So by now you have no girlfriend.
    No, I haven't (laughs).

    What about receiving resumes?
    (Laughs) For now, just friends, but, you receive resumes.

    I guess I need not ask how you keep your figure, because it got here in the gym every day should be enough, but then how do you keep feeding habits? Do you like rice and beans and old clothes as all good Cuban or eat salads and healthy food?
    No, forget it! I eat everything. Sometimes I'm eating and my mom tells me "Hey, but you keep eating!" At best, but yes, I try to cook all my food myself and try to do as healthy as possible.

    Do they remain much the Cuban traditions in your home?
    Yes, do not miss the rice, beans, steak, chicken, whatever.

    What do you do when you have some free time?
    I like to paint and make things with my hands, also play a little piano and make music on my phone do all the bits, write the lyrics of some songs, and so on. I like rap and reggaeton.

    Apparently, art in all its representations, offers vibrating every fiber and muscle of the newly crowned Olympic god. Attention and emotion that is now generating perhaps the training for his future as a star, either as actor, musician, producer or top model. The truth is that entertain the public is one of his greatest satisfactions, "I love when he landed on the mat and the audience rose in applause and shouts, it is the best feeling in the world," says Darnell.

    Who takes? Maybe we will see very soon starring in a novel, series or movie, and we will be calling for another cover, but this time not as an athlete, but as an actor. Just do not forget, Danell, who went home LifeStyle exclusive Miami than in any other way of Miami. Just kidding! We do not joke is that you have left the name of all Latinos in the U.S. very high and, despite not you take the gold, for us are what is painted on one wall of your gym : a true "champion."


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    Psy - Gangnam Style

    "King of concerts' singer Psy has come back with his new song, "Gangnam Style" which has become a huge sensation in the U.S.

    Yesterday on CNN, Psy's "Gangnam Style" was played on air, showing the immense popularity of this song.
    CNN reporter Shanon Cook stated, "The U.S. reaction to this music video is crazy. I've watched the music video 15 times myself. Rapper T-Pain and Robbie WIliams have also tweeted about this music video."

    Rapper T-Pain wrote on his twitter, "There are no words to describe how awesome this music video is," along with a link to the video.

    Robbie Williams also wrote on his blog, "This music video made me laugh," and linked the video as well.

    A famous music site also put together a collage of articles about Psy's "Gangnam Style" and had it on the main page of their website.

    Other major U.S. media such as Wall Streent Journal, Huffington Post, and Billboard have also reported about the music video going viral as well.

    YG Entertainment stated, "We are just so surprised that Psy's music is receiving this much support overseas. Through this, we have been able to see Psy's potential in other countries."

    Shanon Cook also reported on the 'horse' dance move that was shown in the music video. She expressed that she wanted to try out the dance move at home as well.

    She continued to explain that 'Gangnam' was a popular city in Korea where woman are proper during the day but wild at night.

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