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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - Fifth Harmony arrive on set and their entourage basically consist of: one grandmother, three mothers, two fathers, two sisters, a tour manager, a day-to-day manager, two publicists, and a Louboutin-sized dog.They also give lots of hugs.

    - The girls act like hosts at a party, graciously thanking stylists, editors (pretty much everyone) crushing the stereotype of entitled millennials to a pulp.

    - Their sophmore album, 7/27, is about to be released on May 27th and the single “Work From Home” has managed to climb over Rihanna’s most recent “Work” on the iTunes charts.

    - 5H’s next big performance will be in Canada as one of the headlining acts slated to appear at the 2016 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards on June 19 in Toronto.

    Quotes from the review:

    - "In many ways, 7/27 signifies a true reflection of Fifth Harmony’s coming out in a post-Beyoncé, post-Lady Gaga, post-Katy Perry world. Those 30-something singers have already put everything on the table in their music: equality, sex, love and career. 5H intends to have fun with all of the above"

    - " this new album carries no remnants of their reality-show past. Much like Destiny’s Child with their 1999 sophomore album, The Writing’s On The Wall, 7/27 sounds assertive, focused and a lot more hit-driven than the group’s debut. Missy Elliot guests on a track called “Not That Kind of Girl"; which calls out the woman shamers of the world (especially those who don’t approve of 5H’s sexy ensembles). Another should-be-massive hit “That’s My Girl” advises listeners to “get up and get it” and repeatedly urges them to “know their worth.”"

    Name: Lauren Jauregui
    Age: 19
    Background: Cuban-American
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icons: Lana Del Rey and Kate Moss
    Dream Duet: Flume
    M.O.:“When men like Justin Trudeau talk about how important it is to be a feminist, it inspires more people to be that way. When the non-oppressed speak out on behalf of the oppressed, that’s when change happens.”
    Celebrity Hero: Education activist Malala Yousafzai
    Work Tip:“Stop the name-calling and stop telling people what to wear or how to act. I wish I could just ban using ‘slut’ anywhere. I hate that fucking word.”

    Name: Camila Cabello
    Age: 19
    Background: Cuban-Mexican
    Star Sign: Pisces
    Style Icon: Audrey Hepburn
    Dream Duet: Ed Sheeran
    M.O.:“Confidence comes with experience and growth. I used to be insecure, so I stopped reading hateful comments on Twitter. I cut that out of my life. That’s when I grew into a person I was proud of.”
    Celebrity Hero: Taylor Swift
    Work Tip:“There’s this excerpt from Bossypants by Tina Fey: ‘The most important lesson you’ll learn in your career is that people will teach you to scope out the women in an audition or a job interview. The reality is that it’s not just women, everybody is your competition.’”

    Name: Ally Brooke Hernandez
    Age: 22
    Background: Mexican-American
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icon: Jennifer Lopez
    Dream Duet: Justin Timberlake
    M.O.:“When you start this young [in pop music], people expect you to be at your full potential by 15 or 19 or 22. That’s impossible. You’ve gotta work on it. That’s what we are doing.”
    Celebrity Hero: Jennifer Lopez
    Work Tip:“As women, we’ve got to root for each other more—this means on the internet, in the office or wherever life takes us.”

    Name: Normani Kordei
    Age: 19
    Background: African-American, Native American, French
    Star Sign: Gemini
    Style Icons: Sarah Jessica Parker and Ciara
    Dream Duet: Kendrick Lamar
    M.O.:“Fifth Harmony are all feminists. It’s our duty to reach out to people and let them know a woman can be just as powerful as a man can be.”
    Celebrity Hero: Michelle Obama
    Work Tip:“Nobody is less than anybody else.”

    Name: Dinah Jane Hansen
    Age: 18
    Background: Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Danish
    Star Sign: Cancer
    Style Icons: Rihanna and Kim Kardashian
    Dream Duet: Mariah Carey
    M.O.:“We’re not perfect. When you look at all of us, some of us have a double chin, somebody’s belly button is out, some of us don’t have perfect skin—but together, we’ve learned to love ourselves as is.”
    Celebrity Hero: Rihanna
    Work Tip:“We need to be truthful with one another in the workplace. It’s also important to be loyal so we can get rid of the stereotype of girls against girls. It’s the only way we can all excel.”

    source and the rest of the article/review: fashionmagazine x youtube

    They look like a girl group ready to take over the world if you ask me

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    + It’s possible to “go dark” and introduce weighty themes without becoming simplistic, and still have some fun too.
    + It’s not that civilians can’t die, it’s that you need to care that they died.
    + Don’t tease a ginormous conflict that can be easily resolved by a single word.
    + Understand that stakes come from emotional investment in the psychologies of the characters, not the size of the threat.
    + If you have to use your movie to set up other franchises, do it organically.


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    Jonás Cuarón will write and directed. He recently directed 'Desierto', also starring Gael. And co-wrote 'Gravity' with his father, Alfonso Cuarón.

    Production on "Z" begins this fall.


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    The Best Bops of 2016 So Far
    2016 delivered the preeminent bops of this decade tbh, lets get into ha, is ya fave under the cut?

    10 Filth Harmony - The Life
    idk wtf happened to the gurs, the last album they were servin charlotte russe shift supervisor realness with a mall of america twist and this album these gors are servin like diesel assistant manager, go off filth, the gors came thru tbh with "the life" i mean, the true underdog of pop tinashe wrote it (very obvious to the trained ear) but they delivered, "work from home" is a bop but tbh im still not over work so there u have it

    09 Ascreecha Keys - In Common
    bitch whew wouldve ever thought harlotlicia keys would serve us the true sade/drake-lite reggae fusion bop of the decade, nn but it lowkey doesnt sound like her so but anyway alicia gave us bey (release the fucking video for put it in a love song) a bit by cosplaying the good yuna sis, anyway she looks really good on the cover of the single, like bish where come thru, i'm kinda look forward to the album, she did that

    08 KeKe Palmer & Jeremih - Enemies
    okay she spells it "enemiez" but thats one thing im not gonna do, anyway, keke bitch, like talk about a come thru, talk about a fucking come thru, like bitch, she serves us shake a spear esque lyrics with "i want you inside of me", "can you fill this empty space" bnnnn bitch, are u horny? anyway she also does the impossible by servin us a chris brown bop without chris brown like, this should be number one on this list but .. her costumes in the video are trash, lowkey, but she really came thru with the dancing and shit like, honestly, take a min out of your day and let this bop cleanse u a bit get into the video where she comes thru, best dance break of this decade, hands down, come thru kee

    07 Meghan Trainor & Yo Gotti - Better
    meghan, the relatable star, n, anyway, meg serves us a reggae infusion bop, im here for it, "no" was a bop and everyone knows it, if katy came thru with "no" with a 00s video, wearing the waist trainor meghan was wearing in the video, everyone would be stannin, anyway, like, u cant deny meghan can write a bop, its like the melody is good, the beats are good, the vocals are serviceable but shes always putting some hallmark card shit in ha lyrics but whatever come thru meghan

    06 Azealia Banks - The Big Big Beat
    n, tbbb is basically 212 pt 2, and tbh im here for it, azealia lowkey is batting 75/100 with ha songs, theyre usually amazing, she has very few flops, the big big beat is u getting ready to go to the club, being gay for the night, lets get into the video for a sec, its gonna be a no from me, i love the outfit in front of the court house but overall like, i've posted videos on snapchat that cost more, but tbbb is a bop and its like ok bit but sinch that image like u could be one of the biggest popstars on earth bit like wtf

    05 Britney Spears - Make Me (Ooh)

    04 Ariana Grande - Into You
    now bitch, how dare you, after locust, dangerous womyn, and like, ok lets talk a bit, when i first heard be alright, i thought it was gonna serve us world peace, eliminating misogyny and so on and then we got the full version and i mean its a bop but, it .. went nowhere, like it was very minimal, i wanted it to be bigger, better, gayer, anyway it doesnt matter because she came all the fucking way thru with "into you" like this is ari, this is, ariana carey, this is 3rd biggest female performer of the mid 10's, lose the bunny ears bit and lets get to business

    03 Rihanna - Kiss It Better
    were gonna pretend the video never happened like bit i know roc nation has a bigger budget for u than that, anyway kib is like gonna be one of rihs classics, idk how its gonna do on the charts because the gp sees her has the queen of bop and kib is not giving u like obvious bop but it truly is a bop a slow burner, the definition of a midtempo bop, anti is truly ahead of its time, we'll be recallin ha if not for anything for same ol mistakes

    02 Calvin Harris & Rihanna - This Is What You Came For
    ok so legend goes, calvin harris let ha hear the song 2 weeks before it came out and its the biggest song of the year 2 weeks after that, let me let yall know something, this, is, the, biggest, song, of, the, year, like ..... how else can i make it clear, this is like shit you wait decades for, i mean, bitch lmao this is why, i dont even know i dont even know what to say beside like no one is servin like rih right now, biggest song of the year tbh

    01 The Knocks & Carly Rae Jepsen - Love Me Like That
    n carly served the biggest song of the year, will be number one, biggest star on the planet, biggest chorus of the year, most melodic verses, servin u aretha rae jepsen vocally, better melismas than beyonce, better tone than rihanna, style icon, this song was best dressed at the met gala

    Honorable Mentions:

    whats your favorite bop of 2016 so far?


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    Queen of Katwe is the colorful true story of a young girl selling corn on the streets of rural Uganda whose world rapidly changes when she is introduced to the game of chess, and, as a result of the support she receives from her family and community, is instilled with the confidence and determination she needs to pursue her dream of becoming an international chess champion. Directed by Mira Nair (Monsoon Wedding) from a screenplay by William Wheeler (The Hoax) based on the book by Tim Crothers, Queen of Katwe is produced by Lydia Dean Pilcher (The Darjeeling Limited) and John Carls (Where the Wild Things Are) with Will Weiske and Troy Buder serving as executive producers. The film stars Golden Globe® nominee David Oyelowo (Selma), Oscar® winner and Tony Award® nominee Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave) and newcomer Madina Nalwanga.

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  • 05/10/16--13:22: Top 10 Supernatural TV Shows

  • 9. Being Human (UK)

    6. Penny Dreadful

    4. American Horror Story

    2. Supernatural


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    The Russos realized superhero movies were getting repetitive:“We were saying to ourselves, the genre - and perhaps the MCU - has gotten to a point where the audience are sensing the patterns in the genre, Joe and I have always been about: how do we subvert genre?” This led to the decision to make Baron Zemo an everyday instead of the typical villain that you usually see instead of the third act becoming "city under siege from CGI baddies."

    Captain America was never going to die - unlike the comics:“Frankly, it just seemed like an easy ending, We thought a more complicated ending would be more interesting – to see the ramifications of that moving forward. Killing Cap ends that conceptually. There would be guilt on Tony’s part. The more difficult and more interesting place to leave a family fight is: can these important relationships ever be repaired? Is this family broken permanently?”

    Captain America is no longer Captain America:“Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity and a choice to embrace the Steve Rogers identity, The most interesting thing you can do, is to take him from a patriot in the first film to an insurgent in the third movie.”

    Chadwick Boseman went method: According to Feige, Chadwick was "the only choice we ever had." During production Chadwick went Daniel Day Lewis on his role “For the entire run of the production, he spoke in that accent, whether he was on camera or not. He’s that kind of actor, he has a very specific process. It’s very intense performance.”

    Bucky could appear in the Black Panther solo movie: Meanwhile Kevin Feige is being incredibly shady when asked this question “It... remains to be seen. He’s certainly in stasis there. Where and when he comes out? I’m not sure...”

    Read the rest here

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    - Carlton Cuse says that Norman discovering the suitcase in the basement is what led Norman to do what he did. Freddie Highmore says it gave him "self-awareness".
    - honestly reading between the lines, Carlton says that Norma is dead, pushing up the daisies, an ex-Bates. He says that they originally planned the show to have a beginning, a middle and an end, even though they were were not going to follow the exact same sequence as the movies. Fuck you, Cuse, this is the second time you've destroyed me emotionally through TV.
    - Carlton also says that the show is a tragic love story. FML SHE'S DEAD ISN'T SHE.


    Included a summary, mods. Please accept this, it's an interview with the showrunners; there isn't a promo available online yet and last night's ep was a huge gamechanger worthy of discussion.

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    ONTD, what would you like to see come out from the 2016 elections, besides not having Trump as our next president? I would like to see a strong progressive democratic party base emerge, to combat both the tea party and moderate/corporate democrats. Feel free to join ONTD Political!

    SOURCE 1Alternative source for the Crisis Pregnancy Center video (for people not in US)

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    Marvel has released the first video in its Black Panther recap series narrated by series writer Ta-Nehisi Coates. The first segment, titled "A Nation Under Our Feet," explores the history of Wakanda, and features background music by hip hop group Run The Jewels.


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    Sneak Peeks for Episode 3, airing tonight @10:

    Greg Plageman talks about the physical chemistry between Amy and Sarah, and says the writers loved it and wanted to pursue it "regardless of a character’s orientation" :')

    Again, keep in mind there's a new episode next Monday @10 AND SHAW RETURNS!!!111!

    Ahahahahahaha denied.

    ONTD, what did you think of last night's episode? Did you love Root's slippers? And how about that opening?

    source 1 - youtube, source 2 - youtube, source 3 - twitter

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    The top five:
    5. Making a Murderer - no Netflix series has inspired as much debate.
    4. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - when it digs into the darkness and in its comic exploration of trauma, is when it starts to brush against greatness.
    3. Master of None - it’s just a funny, sweet, delightful show.
    2. Bojack Horseman - it’s the show’s deep, existential sadness that makes it not just a great animated comedy, but a great TV show.
    1. Orange is the New Black - Jenji Kohan pulled off one of the most satisfying TV bait-and-switches.

    List doesn't include shows that Netflix continued (ex. Arrested Development), series they brought over from other countries that for some reason they label as Netflix originals (ex. The Fall), or movies/specials (ex. Beasts of No Nation)

    Complete list + full explanations at the source

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    The top five:
    5. "The White Ribbon" (2009)
    4. "Uncle Boonme Who Can Recall His Past Lives" (2010)
    3. "The Tree of Life" (2011)
    2. "Blue Is The Warmest Color" (2013)
    1. "4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days" (2007)

    There's been some truly terrible winners, jesus, I had forgotten about most of these. But this top 5 is good considering the options they had.

    Complete list + reasoning at the source

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    Jon Stewart did an interview with former Obama advisor David Axelrod at The University of Chicago's Institute of Politics for the podcast "The Axe Files"; has gained beard, has not lost his edge.

    - Points out that the Trump approach makes sense if viewed through the prism of fear-mongering talk radio according to which America is on the brink of being overcome by rapists & murders
    - Says the media needs to be harder on people being assholes / can't just say "Here's what people are thinking" but should point out that what they're thinking is often not ok
    - Doubts that Trump is even an eligible candidate, calls him a thin-skinned, unrepentant asshole who can't take a joke and "has the physical countenance of a man and a baby’s temperament and hands."
    - On Clinton: "Who?" Is not impressed, thinks she's a "very bright woman without the courage of her convictions, because I’m not even sure what they are."
    - Clinton is still preferable to Trump, at this point Jon would vote for Mr. T. over Trump
    - Drags the GOP's cognitive dissonance of apocalyptic rhetoric & counterproductive actions in Congress
    - Drags the Democrats for not being able to make government efficient or effective & failing to prove how the government could actually make a difference in people's lives, by which the door was left open for a demagogue like Trump
    - Criticizes the political elite for being better at campaigning than actual governance
    - Points out that comedy and satire are an artistic expression, but should not be mistaken for actual activism
    - Does not miss TV, hopes to release a video series project on HBO in September but can't make any promises
    - Will be voting

    The full 75min live taping (which is definitely worth watching):


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    Ariana previews "Greedy", track 7 of her future magnum-opus Dangerous Woman, out May 20!


    ONTD, did you nut?

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    There have been strong rumors going arround about the possiblity that "That's My Girl" could be Fifth harmony second official singlethis era, despite the fact that "All In My Head (Flex)" will impact Rythmic Radio on June 7. Fans are trying to figure out if the snippet form the Olympic commercial could be the songheard in the behind the scene footage of the Mad Mad-themed music video shoot from almost three months ago.

    You can briefly hear some of the lyrics, such has:"get up and get it". "That's My Girl" as similar lyrics according to FASHION magazine, who did a quick review of the album.

    (some fan did a montage with Mad Max footages)

    The song is the opening track of their upcoming sophmore album 7/27, out on May 27, and is written byTinashe. No other writer has been confirmed yet.

    According to the girls entourage, their second single is "definitily [more bangin]" than 'Work From Home'. "That's My Girl" is also rumored to be produced by living legend Max Martin.

    There is the possibility that "All In My Head (Flex)" will be sent to the Rythmic Radio and "That's My Girl" to the Pop Radio (Like The Weeknd did with "The Hill" and "Can't Feel My Face").

    ontd, could this be the song of the summer we've been waiting for? And it will be played constantly during the Olympics. The girls are IN for the world domination!

    ONTD members trying to resist the urge of dancing to 5H music

    source: madmax x youtube x weluvally

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    - About Kesha x Dr Luke:
    “I don’t know exactly the specifics about everything that goes on with it, but as a general message, I think we women should support each other. That’s the thing about business and contracts, when people are obligated [to work] with people who they just honestly don’t feel like they can work with as a creative person, that’s very, very limiting and that sucks. I hope she’s just able to express herself as an artist still, because that’s the most important thing.”

    - About putting out her new album:
    “Honestly, the album is probably the only thing I can’t control. I can do all the other stuff, but it’s kind of out of my control as to when [the album’s] released or how it’s released. The tour and all the stuff was created with the intentions that the album [would be] out. It was supposed to come out at the end of [last] year, slash the beginning of [this] year, slash now who knows– but in the meantime, I’m just trying to do all I can to stay busy and connect with my fans.”

    - About "failure":
    “Failure is giving up. I don’t think that I’ve failed yet because I haven’t stopped. That’s really where a lot of people in music, in entertainment, in life, falter. Things get hard sometimes, shit gets real, stuff gets pushed back, things don’t work out the way you thought they were going to, your plans don’t work out the way you thought they would, and people quit and get down on themselves – you can never let that happen.”

    source 1, 2, 3

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    ....on Tidal of course!


    ONTD, have you ever put aside being overshadowed for the sake of $$$?

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    - Over the weekend, the Duggar family official Facebook posted this photo captioned "Looks like Jordyn is getting some good practice"

    - The problem: that's not Jordyn, it's Jennifer
    - Cue outrage from haters and hysterical defensiveness from stans
    - The post has since been removed

    - Vaughn Ohlman is the head of the Quiverfull movement, of which many believe the Duggars are members

    - He is a big proponent of "early, fruitful marriages" (AKA marry young & start popping out babies ASAP)
    - Has announced a retreat where conservative Christian fathers can arrange marriages for their kids aged 13-20
    - Has scientific reasons n' stuff as to why girls should marry at 13 and why consent is overrated
    - Quotes from Ohlman re: the best age to marry:

    John Calvin defines the “flower of her age” (1 Corinthians 7:36)as “from twelve to twenty years of age”. Likewise, John Gill defines it as “one of twelve years and a half old”. And Martin Luther says, “A young man should marry at the age of twenty at the latest, a young woman at fifteen to eighteen…” We do not endorse marriage at ages as young as twelve. Our position is that, for a woman:

    1) The ‘youth’ ready for marriage has breasts. A woman who is to be married is one who has breasts; breasts which signal her readiness for marriage, and breasts who promise enjoyment for her husband. (We believe that ‘breasts’ here stand as a symbol for all forms of full secondary sexual characteristics.)
    2) The ‘youth’ ready for marriage is ready to bear children. Unlike modern society Scripture sees the woman as a bearer, nurser, and raiser of children. The ‘young woman’ is the woman whose body is physically ready for these things, physically mature enough to handle them without damage.
    3) The ‘youth’ ready for marriage is one who is ready for sexual intercourse sexually and emotionally. Her desire is for her husband, and she is ready to rejoice in him physically.

    - Quote from Ohlman re: why consent is not necessary:

    Scripture speaks of the father of the son “taking a wife” for his son, and the father of the bride “giving” her to her husband... It gives example after example of young women being given to young men, without the young woman even being consulted, and often, in some of the most Godly marriages in Scripture, the young man is not consulted... our study of Scripture has shown that the Word of God considers a covenant made by an authority to be meaningful and binding upon the those under his or her authority. ... And so, a lack of consent of the individual concerned is a choice of disobedience, a breach of a vow and of a relationship. God has designed the marriage relationship (in particular that of the virgin daughter marrying the virgin son) to be a relationship initiated by the parents, in particular the fathers, of the young couple.

    - According to one of the Duggars' books, "Even though Wikipedia and some Internet blogs report that we are part of a QuiverFull movement, we are not. We are simply Bible-believing Christians who desire to follow God's Word and apply it to our lives"
    - Many people believe that the Duggars are Quiverfull in all but name since they appear to follow much of the cult's teachings
    - More background on Ohlman: here

    (source, source, source)

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