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    Venezuelan Duo Chino Y Nacho performed their latest massive hit "Poeta" on Don Fransisco's "Feliz Año"

    They are so damn amazing and Chino is FIIINNNE especially since he got rid of the dreads.
    They were the highlight to this mess of a damn show and 3BallMTY needs to DIAF

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    It’s really hard to review a movie like The Devil Inside, because it’s not really even a full movie; it’s half a movie. The film begins in familiar exorcism territory and just when it starts getting good it abruptly ends. I’m not exaggerating in the slightest; it literally goes from mid-scene to end credits. It’s not the kind of movie that tacks on a rushed 15 minute ending that was obviously forced on by the studios for sequel purposes. Oh no, The Devil Inside just ends mid-movie. The characters are in the middle of doing something that’s important for the films story and it just ends without any resolution whatsoever.

    A young lady by the name of Isabella (Fernanda Andrade) travels to Italy to uncover the truth about real life exorcism’s after her mother brutally murders three people during her own exorcism. After realizing that the church won’t help her she finds two men by the names of Ben (Simon Quarterman) and David (Evan Helmuth); that perform unauthorized exorcisms. They offer the chance for Isabella to come along with them and witness the experience firsthand so that she can hopefully find the answers to her mother’s problem.

    Trouble arises after several exorcisms and Isabella, Ben, David and the cameraman must stop evil demon forces that attempt to corrupt their faith and their well-being.

    It’s a real shame that the film has a non-ending, because I was actually starting to get into it. I went in with low expectations and found myself laughing at the much needed humor inserted throughout and leaning back during some of the bloodier sequences. It was going above and beyond my expectations and shaping up to be a good film and then the camera stops rolling. It’s no secret as to why the studio did this, but it just pisses me off knowing I just wasted an hour leading to nothing. It’s an obvious experiment by the studio to see how much money they can make and if they can get people wanting the end result. I think it’ll backfire and people will just express how pissed off they are.

    Non-ending aside, the film isn’t a horror masterpiece. It uses the tired found footage angle for absolutely no reason. It doesn’t enhance the story or make the scares scarier; it just makes you kind of sick from all of the amateur shaky camera movement. It also drops in little character interviews over the story’s layout to explain more for the people that have a hard time piecing together such a simple plot. It’s one of the weaker efforts in the found footage genre, but where it falls in camera movement it makes up in horror.

    The film features a nice amount of practical blood effects. I liked the pure horror feel that it gives off. The devil isn’t supposed to be nice and the film reminds you of that numerous times when he’s throwing people across the room and drowning innocent babies in holy water. There’s some freaky body contortion and blood spillage that’s unsettling. They also bring out the inner horn-dog when the demon possesses a young girl. It’s dark stuff and it plays it without any resistance, which is a surprise in the recent wave of PG-13 aka family friendly exorcism films. I’ve always questioned the logic in that because you’d think that the devil or his demon spawns would use inappropriate language while causing harm to others in a disturbing manner.

    The performances are a mixed bag. Some moments are believable and some are over dramatic. You don’t really expect much from a bunch of no names and found footage films often use the filming style to their advantage by saying that these aren’t real actors, so the people in the films aren’t going to be providing good performances, but that’s just one of many lazy excuses used in cheaply made films like this.

    It’s still really hard to come down on The Devil Inside because there are some really good things in it, but most of those things are cancelled out by the god awful ending. It’s lazy and wasteful of everything before it. I understand why the studio did it, but I don’t commend films that take the easy way out without finishing the groundwork. I don’t want to go back for a sequel to see what happens next because they had the ability to add that in the first time around. The film felt short and could have used another 20 minutes to its advantage, but instead of giving you an ending you just get unanswered questions and a half cooked story.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I reached Patrick Wilson by phone as he was on his way to the set of his CBS series “A Gifted Man,” in which he appears as Dr. Michael Holt. Wilson is on camera a great deal, with a lot of close-ups, and of course the series is filmed in high definition — so he and his makeup artist, Anita Gibson, pay close attention to his skincare regimen (especially since he has to shave daily). I got the whole grooming scoop for you gentlemen. And ladies, I think you’ll find something of interest here, too!

    T.T.: How do you like starring in a television series?

    P.W.: I’m really enjoying it. The people I’m working with are so great, which makes the whole experience that much better. But it is full on: 14- to 15-hour days. That would be the down side, not having much down time.

    T.T.: You’re working almost everyday, and you’re married with two sons — Kalin and Kassian. How do you juggle it all?

    P.W.: Primarily because I have such a wonderful support system. Dagmara, my wife, is incredible. And of course we have an excellent babysitter. I’d have to say Starbucks is an important part of the system, too!

    T.T.: Any foods you enjoy, in particular?

    P.W.: Well, everything in moderation is a good motto. But I do like a good burger. My No. 1 favorite would have to be pizza.

    T.T.: You are in amazing shape … really muscular, and your skin is so clear. Do you think working out helps both your body and skin? (lol thirsty!)

    P.W.: Absolutely. I am an avid runner, mainly on weekends. I have a treadmill and a pull-up bar in my dressing room. I think drinking a lot of water and sweating it out while running helps get rid of all the toxins. It helps my skin, body and spirit, too.

    T.T.: What brand of running shoes do you prefer?

    P.W.: Puma all the way.

    T.T.: What else do you to keep your skin looking so great?

    P.W.: The biggest help is a cream by California Baby. Their calendula cream is my must-have product. It’s made for babies so it’s gentle, soothing and provides just enough moisture. Sometimes I also use Jack Black’s Post Shave Cooling Gel. Malin + Goetz makes a great jojoba facial scrub that I use a few times a week. When I have a chance, I’ll get a facial at Mario Badescu.

    T.T.: What razor and shaving cream work best for you?

    P.W.: Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razors are the best, no doubt. I think gels are the best for shaving — they really get into the stubble and soften it, leaving no irritation. I like Sharps Kid Glove Shave Gel or LAB Series Maximum Comfort Shave Gel.

    T.T.: When do you shave?

    P.W.: I try to shave at night so my skin has a chance to settle by the early morning call-time.

    T.T.: Where do you get your hair trimmed?

    P.W.: My wife and I both like Woodley and Bunny apothecary and salon in Williamsburg. All the stylists are great. It’s a cool spot. They also sell some unique products.

    T.T.: Do you have a few favorite designers or wardrobe staples you can tell me about?

    P.W.: First and foremost, my brown Australian Blundstone boots. They are my footwear staple for sure. On many jobs, the wardrobe department ends up wanting to use them because they are the best! John Varvatos, of course, makes some great clothes and shoes. I usually get my T-shirts from Scotch & Soda. They have a worn-in, distressed look, like an old T-shirt. I also really like this British designer, Simon Spurr. He makes some good suits and vests — they’re really well done.

    T.T.: I had the pleasure of speaking with your wife Dagmara Dominczyk for Face Time. She mentioned both of you would love to do “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof” one day. You would fit into the Paul Newman role, and she into Elizabeth Taylor’s perfectly! Would you get back on stage for that?

    P.W.: For sure! I am looking forward to getting back on stage soon. It’s such a big part of me and it’s been a while. Musical theater is one of my passions. I spent a good 16 years doing theater in New York. That is part of the reason we chose to live here, instead of Los Angeles, to be closer to the stage. Besides acting, Dagmara has been focusing on her writing over the past few years. We are thrilled because she has just sold her first novel!

    T.T.: That’s great! She shared something else with me. There is another kind of musical performance you enjoy — karaoke. Who are your favorites to rock-out to?

    P.W.: Yep, it’s true. It all started when I was working in London with Billy Crudup. We were staying at the Covent Garden Hotel, and we would hop over to the Karaoke Box every now and then. I would say my favorites are Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Van Halen and Boston.

    T.T.: Tell me, do you prefer women who are more natural, and not too made up?

    P.W.: Yes, I find a more natural look most attractive. I like it when my wife is in her jeans, with very little makeup. But, I also appreciate the range — the different ways she can look. The moment she walks out all dressed up and … whoa! That’s always good.

    Here’s the lowdown on Patrick’s on-set grooming routine from Anita Gibson, the hair and makeup department head for “A Gifted Man”:

    T.T.: Can you tell me what you do to prep Patrick’s skin and get him camera ready?

    A.G.: Patrick’s skin is great, we really don’t need to do much. It’s a team effort. He does his part taking care of it. I keep an eye on it, and help maintain it. Mostly, I use Mario Badescu products. They are mild and simple, which work well for his complexion. Products that are too rich can cause him to break out. First I mist the Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. I top that with the Oil Free Moisturizer, which keeps him shine-free. Throughout the day I blot with Boscia Lavender Blotting Linens. I use Aquaphor to give his lips enough moisture without looking shiny.

    T.T.: How does he cleanse after a long day of shooting?

    A.G.: First he takes a hot, steamy towel to open his pores. Then he uses Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel, followed again by the facial spray and moisturizer, if he needs it.

    T.T.: In the morning, is there a product you like for de-puffing the eye area?

    A.G.: He rarely has puffy eyes. I remember only one time, after he had been traveling. But when needed, I swear by the Angels Make Up Collagen Kit — pads you soak with pure collagen.

    T.T.: On a daily basis, what is Patrick like to work with?

    A.G.: Oh, he’s our leader! He is so professional, positive and helpful. His spirit is always in the right place, and he always takes the high road.


    So go on ONTD, share your skincare and hair tips! I'd be particularly interested in hearing from our male members (tee hee)

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    We are just five months away from the release of the hottest vampire movie that doesn't sparkle in the sunshine, and we're starting to get excited. Very excited.

    But unlike the other major movies that have earned themselves a column here at MTV — "The Avengers," "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Hunger Games" and "The Twilight Saga" — we are still waiting for a trailer for "Dark Shadows." And, well, we're starting to get pretty impatient.

    So far, director Tim Burton has kept a tight lid on his vampire soap opera — only a few official pics from the set (and one much-discussed paparazzi shot of Johnny Depp in character as Barnabas Collins) have been released. But the new year should bring fresh blood. We know filming has wrapped and that things apparently went so well on set that Michelle Pfeiffer told MTV News while promoting "New Year's Eve" that working on "Dark Shadows" was "a dream job." Pfeiffer, who plays family matriarch Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, added that she hopes the film does well so "we can do a bunch of them, because it was such a fantastic, creative group of people." (When the Queen speaks, you must agree)

    Whether that on-set camaraderie will translate into the campy big-screen spook-fest we're hoping for remains to be seen, and while we hope the trailer doesn't give too much away, here are a few things we're hoping to see when it arrives.

    1. Eva Green in action as Angelique
    Angelique Bouchard is the witch who turned Barnabas into a vampire in the late 1700s after their affair went sour. She's a woman with an axe to grind and has been haunting and cursing the Collins family ever since. So far, the only image we've seen of Green in character is the full cast shot, in which she stands in the background wearing modern clothes.

    We hope the trailer gives us a taste of how the "Casino Royale" Bond girl is going to play the over-the-top villainess. This is a scenery-chewing role that any actress worth her salt would have a field day with. We have faith that the super sexy starlet will do it justice, but a little advance evidence would be nice. We want to see corsets, blood and maybe a voodoo doll or two.

    2. A little insight into what Dr. Hoffman is up to
    For us, one of the biggest mysteries of the film is exactly what role Helena Bonham Carter's Dr. Julia Hoffman will play in the shenanigans at Collinwood Mansion. The actress has described her character as "an alcoholic psychologist," and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith told Entertainment Weekly that Hoffman "has been there for years, working with David [Collins] but not making any progress. He still claims he sees ghosts and talks with his dead mother."

    Grahame-Smith goes on to describe the character as "a woman with a lot of secrets herself" who is "interested in Barnabas in more than one way."

    What no one has mentioned is Hoffman's role, in the original series, as a blood disorders specialist who attempts to cure Barnabas of his vampirism. We'll be watching this trailer very closely to see if HBC is carrying more vials than she is notepads.

    3. Collinwood Mansion
    We got a glimpse of the manor in the cast shot, with its Gothic windows and ancient-looking rugs, but we're excited to see the rest of the haunted mansion. Overlooking the Atlantic from Collinsport, Maine, the house contains a room that is a gateway to a parallel time, for goodness' sake. Given that so much of the action of the series takes place within the walls of the mansion, we're really hoping that Burton and his first-class team of art directors, set designers and cinematographers got it right and captured the regal horror of the place.


    *cough* 4. Elizabeth. Fucking. Collins-Stoddard. Michelle better bring her fierceness to the role. She's already proved she can play: A tormented wife living in a lakeside house, a mother jailed for murder, a cougar, ex-girlfriend of a gangster, Moses's wife, a "witch" of Eastwick, Velma Von Tussle, an aging witch doing whatever it takes to remain beautiful including murdering stars, a woman who dies of illness after being preyed apon seduced by a lord, a retired courtesan, and of course Catwoman. Now she's taking the role of a family matriarch. I can only hope she gets enough screentime because...lbr, she's so flawless.

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    Striking silly poses after noticing the cameras, actor Joaquin Phoenix took a smoke break outside a studio in North Hollywood, California today. Joaquin sported a pair of raggedy looking ripped black jeans.

    Phoenix is slowing entering back in to the realm of acting. It looks as if the actor may be lining up two films. One project drawing my interest is his role as a magician in director James Gray’s feature Low Life. The project marks Gray’s fourth collaboration with Joaquin and his first feature since the overlooked 2008 drama Two Lovers.
    The second film is a collaboration between director Spike Jonze and actress Carey Mulligan. Their new, untitled project is a satire about a secret summit where the world’s leaders assemble to plan forthcoming major events – including wars – that will subsequently unfold.





    Non-posing pics at the SOURCE

    Happy he's doing non ~*mockumentary*~ stuff tbh.

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  • 01/06/12--21:16: The Voice Judges at TCA

  • Christina Aguilera beams on stage during The Voice panel for the 2012 Winter TCA Tour held at The Langham Huntington on Friday (January 6) in Pasadena, Calif.

    The 31-year-old entertainer, who looked lovely in a Thomas Wylde dress, was joined by her fellow
    The Voice coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Cee Lo Green.

    The Voice recently added some new guest mentors to the roster, including Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, Robin Thicke, Lionel Richie, Alanis Morissette, and others, according to Reuters.

    Be sure to tune into The Voice, premiering February 5 after the Super Bowl!

    a few more pics @ source

    Adam is looking damn fine as usual (even though it looks like he's back to putting that line in his eyebrow, he could get it regardless). But Christina, gurl, pick up those pancake titties.

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    "New goal: look like @jessicaalba after baby. Job well done lady!"

    – Mom-to-be Jessica Simpson, Tweeting her admiration for hot mama Jessica Alba, who's back in bikini shape five months after giving birth

    "My third nipple."

    – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's (and ONTD's Top Celeb Quote Winner of 2011!) Daniel Craig, revealing his most distinct feature, to Vanity Fair

    "Last year it was me attached to the machines (after having dembabies) and Nick was there with me through it, and now here we are."

    – Mariah Carey, taking over the role of supportive spouse to husband Nick Cannon, who's hospitalized with minor kidney failure, on her website

    "A couple of women finally made me feel better: 'To get what you're making, do you know how much money people are making off of you?'"

    – Reese Witherspoon, who's no longer embarrassed by her $15-20 million paycheck per film, to Elle

    "I'm married again – suuuuuuck it!"

    – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills's Brandi Glanville, Tweeting news of her alcohol-fueled Vegas wedding to BFF Darin Harvey, which she claims is not legal

    "I know how you [compare yours and Meryl Streep's performances]. You have to play Margaret Thatcher and she has to play the maid."

    – Awards season veteran George Clooney, joking with The Help's Viola Davis about the Oscars' buzzed-about Best Actress frontrunners, to EW

    "We each have our own kitchen and bathroom. It's how married people should live!"

    – Rachel McAdams, on the key to sharing a house with the man in her life – brother Daniel, to Glamour

    "He said, 'I can't believe I'm out with Kelly Clarkson!' I said, 'I can't believe you used my full name!'"

    – Happily single Kelly Clarkson, recalling a recent cringe-worthy first date, to PEOPLE

    "I got my very own Ewok for Christmas!!!!"

    – Lance Bass, who's "ma" presented him with a new pooch, Sadie Button Turchin, on WhoSay

    [seriously, People, WHO'S??]

    "In our bed, making our children, and in the hospital watching them being born."

    – Matt Damon, recalling his happiest times, to Vanity Fair


    HAPPY FRIDAY, ONTD!  :-)   xoxo

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  • 01/06/12--22:34: LMFAO SET A BILLBOARD RECORD

  • It’s hard to imagine Top 40 radio without the ubiquity of LMFAO‘s dance anthems — in part because they’ve been on the charts pretty much since their inception. As a result, the Day-Glo duo are on their way to making Billboard history.
    ‘Party Rock Anthem’ is on the Hot 100 chart for the 28th straight week. The shufflin’ single rests comfortably at the No. 6 spot. Right now, Redfoo and Skyblu are tied with Jewel’s ‘Foolish Games’ for chart endurance. Only two tracks have bested them to date: Leann Rimes’ ‘How Do I Live’ with 32 weeks and ‘Smooth’ by Santana and Rob Thomas at 30 weeks.
    In addition to their good time track, the pair’s ode to being good looking is at the top of the charts. ‘Sexy and I Know It‘ is enjoying its second consecutive week at the No. 1 spot in the Hot 100. The song also has the No. 1 spot on the Digital Songs chart for the fifth week. The work out enthusiasts are also enjoying their success with the No. 3 spot on the Radio Songs list.
    The stellar success is a welcome bit of good news for LMFAO after a tumultuous December. The Berry Gordy kin had to postpone a Canadian tour when Sky Blu injured his back, and a venue where the pair performed in Honduras was evacuated after catching fire!!!!!
    The group’s longevity on radio and the charts can be attributed in part to the post holiday surge (when everyone puts their new iPods and iTunes gift cards to use) and to their performances on ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve‘. They may want to throw a bone to this little guy, too — it’s hard not to love any song sung by a portly, confident toddler.

    that vid of the bb boy dancing 2 LMFAO melted my icy cold <3 tbqh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If not then too bad. 

    On January 24, Nickelodeon’s iCarly cast will drop iSoundtrack II, which features songs performed by the show’s star Miranda Cosgrove, as well as Taio Cruz, Ke$ha and Katy Perry. Also included on the collection of tunes heard and inspired by the show is a cover of the Diddy-Dirty Money / Skylar Grey song “Coming Home”, which marks the first time that the entire iCarly cast recorded a song together in the studio. Check out the exclusive first listen below! Also first listen to Miranda Cosgrove's new song 'All kinds of wrong' which will be featured on the soundtrack!

    source 1 2 3

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  • 01/06/12--23:00: Guess who this be!
  • Guess who my friend ran into whilst vacationing in the Philippines?

    HINT He's famous!

    Jeremy Renner!!

    Dem arms :o

    My friend was in Boracay and noticed him. If only my friend had been more celeb savvy and drilled him on the bar fighting rumors. He said that Jeremy was very friendly and I'll assume that he smelled nice, too.

    Source My friend and his eyes.

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  • 01/07/12--03:07: THIS IS A BRANDY POST
  • Welcome to this BRANDY POST featuring NEWS about BRANDY

    First:Brandy at THE GAME premiere. Catch her this season as she plays what will for sure be an Emmy winning role


    Second: a leaked Bran'nu song featuring Brandy rapping, using the n word, slaying nicki minaj, etc. Feel free to listen while you browse.


    Third: According to Brandy's most popular fansite, SHE IS GETTING AN EPISODE OF BEHIND THE MUSIC!

    VH1 has been asking fans to send in their memorabilia for support <3

    bless the few people that have entered this post

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    Kristy McNichol has been out of the public eye for 20 years. Now she's chosen to come out – to try to help kids who are being bullied. 

    McNichol, 49, who has lived with her partner Martie Allen, also 49, for the past two decades, decided to make a statement about her sexuality and share this photo because she is "approaching 50" and wants to "be open about who I am." 

    She "is very sad about kids being bullied," her publicist Jeff Ballard tells PEOPLE. "She hopes that coming out can help kids who need support. She would like to help others who feel different."

    Best known for her Emmy Award-winning role as Buddy Lawrence in the '70s show Family and later as Barbara Weston in Empty Nest, McNichol left it all behind when she dropped out of Hollywood to focus on her health

    Done with acting, McNichol spends her time focusing on tennis, yoga, travel and raising her beloved miniature dachshunds. "She is very happy and healthy," says Ballard. "And she enjoys living a very private life." 


    Here's where I could have used the "Arab celebrities" tag! 

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    Photographer: Ben Hassett
    Styling: Beth Fenton
    Make-up: Polly Osmond
    Hair: Sam McKnight

    Photographer: Sharif Hamza
    Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia


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    It would be easy to write the series "Shameless" off as another cable TV excuse to show nudity, alcoholism, rampant drug use, petty theft, unlicensed day care, home growing, purse emptying, fiscally motivated courting, foster child exploitation, credit card fraud, murder by information omission, wife cheating, ice-cream-truck-based beer selling, Little League bookmaking and behind-the-back name calling.

    But to compile such a list is to get at the great, rowdy, often comic joy of this series, which confronts your morality at every turn and, within the confines of its own South Side world, very often shifts it, at least temporarily.

    In chronicling the six children and one deadbeat dad of the Gallagher clan — a character's map puts the ramshackle home in the vicinity of 19th Street and Kedzie Avenue — "Shameless" overflows with life and, specifically, with the barely controlled chaos of life on the financial edge.

    Yes, it's terrible that Lip, the family's post-high-school genius, sells beer and more along with the ice cream. But the Gallaghers have a need, and he and his partner have a code: No armpit hair, no beer.

    When a suitably hairy kid does show up at the truck window for a cold one, he is told, "Timmy, look, this is your third one today. Don't come back, unless it's to buy pot."

    In the early episodes of its second season (beginning 8 p.m. Sunday on Showtime), "Shameless" hasn't lost a misstep.

    If anything, Frank Gallagher (William H. Macy), the family's patriarch and pariah, is starting to develop some of the besotted, ne'er-do-well charm producers are so insistent on him having. Macy's perpetual slur and even-I-don't-believe-myself grin wear down your defenses, even as you're grateful you don't have to experience what this exemplar of inadvertent horizontality must smell like.

    But while Macy is the ostensible star, the real heart of the show is the young adult Fiona (Emmy Rossum, a master of harried radiance), who has taken on the role of mother to her younger siblings, protector of them from Frank and primary paycheck earner and money wrangler.

    Around her, beyond the toddler Liam, are Lip, short for Phillip, wanted for his robotics skills by a local professor but more enlivened by his multiple hustles; the teenager Ian, trying to combine homosexuality and a patriotism that, this year, sees him seeking an appointment to West Point; Debbie, a preternaturally wise tween; and 10-year-old Carl, the budding anarchist whose creative destructions are always good for a laugh and a sense of impending doom.

    Season 1, last January, saw Fiona in a passionate affair with a charming car thief who might have taken her away from all of that, except that he wasn't who he said he was and she wouldn't continue the family's cycle of abandonment.

    That's the tension of the series: How will the Gallaghers pay the next utility bill or school fee or grocery tab — and, bigger picture, who among these memorable, mostly affecting characters will overcome their circumstances and how?

    In Season 2 Fiona is back to the grind, juggling premature, de facto motherhood and the desires of a single young adult. She's waitressing at a vapid dance club, and her casual fling with a Yuppie customer leads her to another in her series of temporary escapes, a moment of passion at one of Chicago's best vantage points, out on the spit of land by the planetarium.

    The show, a canny Americanization of Paul Abbott's long-running, loosely autobiographical British series, only shoots exteriors in the city, but they are used with musical precision, like the guitarist who insists on playing the right, rather than the most, notes.

    "Shameless" feels like this city in ways that series shot primarily in Los Angeles almost never achieve; executive producer John Wells made "E.R." under similar constraints, and the contrast between the two shows' Chicago-ness is stunning.

    The working-class housing of the Gallagher neighborhood is spot on, and the producers sweat the details, down to Lip using a homemade receiver to grab the credit card number of a man at one of the new pay-to-park boxes.

    The cast here is well chosen, too, with special credit going to Emma Kenney, almost spookily soulful as Debbie, and Cameron Monaghan, who as Ian makes us feel so much behind his wry half-smile: the conflict between his sexuality and his roots in an intolerant neighborhood, between his modest talents and his high aspirations.

    Chicago actress Joan Cusack manages to make human what could be a too broadly "comic" character, the neighborhood agoraphobic Frank shacks up with because she has a house and she'll stay in it. (The joke's on him, though, when her painful-to-the-partner sexual peccadillo is revealed.)

    With the country either still in or just coming out of a recession, "Shameless" couldn't be airing at a more appropriate time. It's a show about getting by and making the best of things, yet it treats those subjects with a kind of Artful Dodger dash.

    Still, the root here is the deep, blood bond. Few series more deftly show us family members who love each other without having to say it, and none is better at detailing the precariousness of living paycheck to paycheck, petty crime to petty crime, even if this one gleefully stretches realism to get the Gallaghers into and out of fiscal jams.

    "Shameless" may look, on its surface, like just another tester of television boundaries, but to focus on that is to miss the show's beautifully beating heart.

    "Know what goes on when you're not here?" Fiona tells her absentee father. "Life."


    Source | season 2 ready to slay!!!

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    They did it. We've known for some time that Archie comics would be welcoming a gay character to its storyline (and we've seen how Fox viewers reacted to the news) but since then, Kevin Keller has since settled right into the everyday antics at Riverdale High.

    He's so settled, in fact, that he's gone and married his long time partner -- his African-American doctor boyfriend whom he met as a solider in Iraq. Aww! Here's the spread from inside "Life With Archie" no. 16, as he and his new beau make their way from the altar.


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  • 01/07/12--04:31: Oh, F***************inch
  • Well, it was bound to happen...

    Recordings of Darren pod person Criss headlining How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying have surfaced.


    And just because of the inevitable comparisions....and to be fair. These are recordings of Dan a day or so after opening when he was nervous and shaky as all hell. And then later on at the Tonys.

    Major TL;DR ahead
    *I'm not either read it or don't. IDGAF*

    Oh's my review of Friday nights show - I thought I'd have more fun ripping this apart....but it was bad in a sad way. I actually felt bad for Darren.The stans will think he's perfect in this show and I came in attempting to be impartial and just critique him alone but, is all I can say. Everything that made this show zing with loads of  toe tapping fun is gone.

    After seeing this show and reading up a bit on Darren:

    Isn't Darren supposed to have all this theatre training and years of musical theatre experience? I don't watch Glee so I don't know about him through that show. And before people jump on the "he only had two weeks to rehearse" bandwagon... Criss has known about this for months. I honestly expected him (and Nick) to be a far better singer than Radcakes given his resume. Dan isn't trained or experienced. He doesn't have a great voice ....very thin by Broadway standards. But DAMN SON... how does the untrained child star out sing the so-called Gleek theatre veteran?

    So, I caved and saw Darren's version last night (thank God for rush tickets - would have raged if I paid full price for this). I really did expect more from him. He wasn't super terrible but it was just soooo bland. Beau didn't know his lines (Darren flubs some of his too) and can't sing at all. He's down right terrible here. There's no chemistry between them (which is what made Dan/John's show so great). Darren is drowned out by the cast and frankly his Finch is just a kiddie scoop of vanilla on a very beige cone.

    The cast outshined him and he came across as a second rate actor instead of the star. Considering he was really funny in AVPM, the comedy here was very forced and not that funny. He was off pitch a few times, but even Dan was flat a few times....but Dan saved it by brilliant comedy. Darren didn't seem to lead this show at all. This is what I would call stunt casting. And this is from someone who thought Dan couldn't do this show in the beginning (I thought he was going to bomb in Equus happy to be pleasantly surprised both times). Dan's Finch was controlling everything that happened and Darren's Finch was more reactive like he got lucky. For example, when Dan would mug for the audience it was hilarious. You knew he was a manipulative little shit, but you loved him. Darren was just .... blah. Almost trying too hard really. You didn't believe him as Finch, I'm sorry to say. Frankly, the supporting cast didn't seem as into it with Dan and John gone. I've seen the show several times (opening and closing night and  few inbetween)...and the energy wasn't there. Darren seems like a nice fellow and the cast have said nothing but nice things about him....but the chemistry and energy in the show has disappeared. Dan, even with his limited skills, knows how to carry a show. Darren does not.

    Songs like "I Believe in You" which I think Dan struggled the most, were still better by comparison. "Grand Old Ivy" was actually painful to watch because Beau and Darren are not a good match. If you thought Dan and Rose were awkward.... then I don't kow what to call Rose and Darren. She drowned him out as well in "Rosemary". Darren is a decent dancer but "Brotherhood" is supposed to be the showstopper and it didn't pop. Overall, I was not wow'd by his performance at all. Even my bf (who knows I'm a Dan-tard but he's not a fan himself) thought Darren was a poor casting choice after Radders. I don't know where some of these high praise reviews are coming from. Are they really watching the same show? Yeah, Ashford is a hack, it's over the top choreography and staging....sadly it's more glaringly obvious now with a two subpar stars headlining it. They didn't carry the show at all and had little charisma. It was clear why Darren was cast....the crazy as fuck fans.

    Dear Fucking GOD.....The Glee/Starkid fan girls are hideous. I have to say, as annoying as HP fans can be....GOD DAMN...those chicks are bloody mad hatter crazy. Yelling "I love you" through the whole ruddy show and just loud, obnoxious, giggling about every little thing Darren did, talking,...argh. No theatre etiquette at all. It actually made the show even worse than it had to be. If they think Darren is fabulous and the best thing on Broadway...that's an insult to all Broadway performers right now.

    I know the Glee/Darren stans will rip me for being a DanRad stan and all....but I'm being honest and trying to be nice. I've talked to others that weren't so gentle in their critique of him. This show was great because of Dan and John. Maybe if Darren had more time to develop but even just by judging him as I judged Dan when the show opened.... Dan was a barrel of fun and fit the role perfectly even with a lackluster singing voice and surprisingly awesome dancing!.... and Darren just didn't fit the role at all. To be nice, since I did like AVPM, maybe this just wasn't the right show for Darren.

    If Darren was supposed to be a better choice over Nick Jonas, then I'm scared for the JoBro. If I had seen this even without seeing Dan in it at all, I still would have been underwhelmed and a little ticked that I paid good money for a stock theatre performance from a leading man.

    Dan and John owned this show and I'm kinda irked that Darren is getting more attention for it.

    Okay stans....come at me. I've got Dan's super bollocks to box with today or at least cushion the blows I'm about to receive.

    Alright, going back under my rock  to drink and enjoy NYC....AND watch SNL in all it's fucking glory! WOO HOO TICKETS!!!!!!! Xmas came a year early!


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    Chris Zylka dished the deets about Jake’s role in the next couple of episodes, “Fire & Ice” and “Witness”.
    In next week’s episode, “Fire & Ice” Jake will be “lurking” a lot explains Chris Zylka. He goes on to reveal, “One thing about Jake is that he never needs the validation of whether or not he’s a good person. He just wants to prove it to himself. So he’s looking over everyone as much as he can until he knows it’s the right time to make a move. That will be in [Episode] 12.”
    Zylka also spoiled about episode 12, “Witness”, teasing a “a big, big, big emotional episode” that will focus mostly on Jake’s witch hunter ties.
    “The cast really, really, really shows up and hits it out of the park,” he says. “The overall feeling from everyone after we wrapped that episode was kind of joyful.” But that’s not to say the episode is all sunshine and rainbows. (Do either of those ever happen in Chance Harbor?) “It’s terrifying and scary, and a big emotional scene,” he says. “There are going to be a few answers to some questions that the circle has had in the past nine episodes answered, finally. Or so we think.”


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    For this list — alphabetical, not ranked — we’ve come up with 10 different albums released exactly 10 years after their respective artists first debuted. The number 10 is a fairly arbitrary one, and it meant that we excluded a whole lot of artists who did great work nine or 11 years after they first started — which meant that we had to exclude great records like Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, Prince’s Sign ‘O’ The Times, Johnny Cash’s At Folsom Prison, the Temptations’ Psychedelic Shack, Willie Nelson’s Shotgun Willie, and U2′s Achtung Baby, which almost fit the time-frame but didn’t quite work. (And I have to say: It drives me fucking nuts that Danzig’s self-titled debut came out 11 years, not 10, after the first Misfits single.) We also have to give special runner-up shout-outs to Sonic Youth’s Dirty, the Isley Brothers’ It’s Our Thing, and Too Short’s Get In Where You Fit In, which we had to bump for the albums you see listed below. So here’s what we came up with. If we forgot anything, let us know in the comments section.

    1. Beastie Boys – Check Your Head
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    This first entry fudges things a bit, since the teenage Beasties of 1982 looked nothing like the one that would release Licensed To Ill four years later. But they did release the ratty, rudimentary hardcore EP Pollywog Stew in 1982, which just shows you how ridiculously far this band came in a decade. Check Your Head wasn’t the trio’s best album — that’d be Paul’s Boutique, from where I’m sitting — but it did find them at the most interesting point of their evolution. They still had the punk-rap snarl of their early years, but they started mixing in live-instrumentation psych-funk and fuzz-rock, and even their furthest-out experiments had serious bite. And in terms of pure style, this was easily one of the most influential albums of the ’90s; nobody else mixed styles with anything like the Beasties’ glee and panache, and it’s still hard to imagine how skater/stoner culture would look without its guiding hand.

    2. David Bowie- Low
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    A decade after he debuted as a starry-eyed flower-child, Bowie had already gone through about a half-dozen different personas and deeply entrenched his shifting self into British rock’s iconography. With Low, he crashed down in Berlin and went to work alongside Brian Eno, beginning a trilogy of albums that pushed his voice into strange new places. Working through the pain of coke withdrawl and figuring out how to deal with the ideas he was hearing in Kraftwerk and krautrock records, Bowie put together exactly half an album of fractured, cerebral rock. But it’s the album’s second side, made up entirely of spacey but emotive wordless synth pieces, where Bowie truly left the planet behind.

    3. The Cure – Disintegration
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    The Cure arrived into the early-postpunk gestalt more or less fully formed; first single “Killing An Arab” is a small masterpiece of foreboding and bad faith. Still, it took the group a decade to fully tap into their vast reserves of warmth and beauty and really expensive keyboards. On Disintegration, a depressed and acid-dipped Robert Smith applied his pop-song chops to woozy and drawn-out song-structures, letting his sounds bleed into each other and creating a melting landscape of desperate wails and thudding bass-rumbled that congealed into some truly beautiful sugary melodies. And with “Lullaby,” he somehow pulled off the impossible task of cooing a song about a spiderman without conjuring images of Peter Parker.

    4. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    In 1967, the British blues-rock band Fleetwood Mac debuted with the single “I Believe My Time Ain’t Long.” Ten years later, the only remaining original member was drummer Mick Fleetwood, and the band had somehow become an expert California studio-rock crew. They had also developed some dazzlingly byzantine intra-band romantic tensions, and those tensions fueled the creation of this album. On the album, the band’s members sang, in stunning multi-part harmony, about falling in and out of love with each other. It’s amazing that those recording sessions, fueled by cocaine and conflicted feelings, produced anything remotely listenable, let alone an album as gleamingly crafted as this one. It went on to sell 40 million copies, which damn.

    5. Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On?
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    Total no-brainer here. As a vital cog in Motown’s hitmaking machine, Marvin Gaye had already released 10 solo studio albums in his first decade with the label, as well as another five LPs of duets, and various greatest-hits collections and live joints. But after the sudden death of frequent duet partner, Gaye pondered quitting music entirely, even trying out unsuccessfully for the Detroit Lions; imagine all the throwback jerseys they could’ve sold! When he put together this mournful, angry orchestral-soul title track, Gaye had to battle Motown founder Berry Gordy to release it. Gordy eventually gave in, convinced that it would flop. Nope. To Gordy’s credit, he immediately commissioned an accompanying album, and this dizzying song-cycle, sung from the POV of a returning Vietnam vet, was the result. Gordy may be one of the greatest minds in the history of American music, but the initial squabble over one of the greatest albums of all time is a rare stain on his record, along with the genetic existence of both members of LFMAO.

    6. Michael Jackson – Off The Wall
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    Another slight fudge. MJ didn’t release his first single as a solo artist until 1971 (“Got To Be There,” awesome song). But in 1969, an 11-year-old Jackson whooped his way into worldwide consciousness as the main voice on “I Want You Back,” the Jackson 5′s too-classic-for-words debut single. 10 years later, a still-childlike Jackson linked up with jazz-pop genius Quincy Jones and found ways to internalize and explore the disco and funk beats that were running the world at the time. The music on Off The Wall is pure liquid joy, and Jackson navigated it with an awestruck innocence that still sounds heartbreaking. He might’ve already been one of the greatest dancers on planet Earth, but he still comes off as a kid just figuring out how his body works. And if you can’t throw on “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and set your party aflame, then your party sucks.

    7. R.E.M. – Automatic For The People
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    In the decade since their 1982 debut EP Chronic Town, R.E.M. had gone from mysterious Southern postpunk savants to college-rock road heroes to actual honest-to-god rock stars, the last arriving when Out Of Time reached the soccer-mom set. When they got to work on that album’s follow-up, they reportedly tried to make something built from the scuzzy blurts of the late-’80s underground. That didn’t happen. Instead, they somehow ended up with an uncommonly graceful and mature piece of arena-pop. Rather than letting go of the expansiveness and the mystique of their great ’80s output, they found a way for that stuff to sound great on adult-contemporary radio, a near-impossible feat. Some people still seem to be laboring under the impression that “Everybody Hurts” is somehow maudlin or hackneyed, but find me another radio-devouring monster with anything like that song’s dignity and majesty.

    8. Roxy Music – Avalon
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    By 1982, Roxy Music had moved beyond glam-rock, Brian Eno, and the casual hedonism that had once placed them at the center of the pop-music universe. And on their final studio album, Bryan Ferry and his co-conspirators had reached the Platonic ideal of their glossy smooth-rock second phase. Avalon is all shimmery, ripply, incandescent texture, every last sound so blindingly clean that you could eat off of it. It’s the sound of Ferraris revving into the sunset, of white leisure suits in balmy Mediterranean nights. And it starts off with “More Than This,” an absolutely perfect sigh of a song that, thanks in part to Bill Murray and Sofia Coppola, may be the group’s greatest enduring legacy.

    9. Tom Waits – Swordfishtrombones
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    Waits started his career as a sozzled down-and-out lounge-singer type with a deeply ingrained gift for writing heartstomping melodies. But by the time he got around to releasing Swordfishtrombones in 1983, he’d discovered his inner junkyard lunatic. The music became a Beefheart-damaged circus-blurt that matched his own deranged growl and maybe raised it a couple of chips. But along with all the maniacal gibbering, he also gave us some of his tenderest drunken-blues koans. Other than Rain Dogs, no Waits album walks the line between the beautiful and the bizarre as adeptly as this one.

    10. Stevie Wonder – Talking Book
    Ucretsiz Resim yukle ve Paylas
    Like fellow former Motown prodigy Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder celebrated a decade in the music game around the same time he turned 21. Talking Book came right in the middle of an absolutely unearthly run of Wonder albums — after Music Of My Mind, before Innervisions — and it found Wonder pushing his already-miasmic soul-funk sound further toward its most experimental edges. The softer moments, “You Are The Sunshine Of My Life” in particular, are heart-stopping, but they coexist peacefully alongside Jeff Beck guitar flameouts and hard-funk workouts like “Maybe Your Baby.” And the album is also the home of “Superstition” a song that refuses to suck no matter how many times it appears in SUV commercials.


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    The Boys Of Mega Model For The Fall/ Winter 2012 Shows

    Five newcomers from Mega Model in São Paulo selected by FFW as the faces of ethnical diversity in Brazil this season: Ramon Pereira, Hiago Paulino, Daniel Wollmer, David Martins, and Iago Santibanez, photographed by Rogério Cavalcanti and styled by Larissa Lucchese. View more pictures and find more about their background after the break.

    18-year-old Iago Santibanez has Chilean and German roots. His mother was born in Itajaí, Santa Catarina, and his father is from Santiago, Chile.

    19-year-old David Martins, born in São Luís do Maranhão, was one of the new faces featured in Made In Brazil Magazine #3 last year. His mother is from Belém, Pará, and his father is from Macapá, Amapá, in the north of Brazil.

    19-year-old Hiago Paulino was the winner of the 2008 Elite Model Look in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, where he was born.

    Ramon Pereira is 21 years old and was born in São Paulo. Both of his parents come from Brumado, Bahia, with African and native indian backgrounds.

    19-year-old Daniel was born in Nyon, Switzerland, but both of his parents are from São Paulo. His background is German, and he is the only one of the five boys who has already walked the European shows, with a Missoni exclusive in Milan. He was also featured on Made In Brazil Magazine #3.


    Marlon Teixeira In “Dressed To Kill”

    Chapter 1 - DRESSED TO KILL from nicolas valois on Vimeo.

    Marlon Teixeira and Jamie Wise directed by Nicolas Valois for Soon International


    Digital Update:
    Renato Ferreira at 40 Graus Models


    Made In Brazil Exclusive: Claude Luiz By João Arraes


    Josh Cassidy At Request Models
    By Greg Vaughan


    Marlon welcums u in this post

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    She may be a blogs fixture for her hair, clothes or figure, but “The Voice’s” lone lady coach, Christina Aguilera, is totally comfortable in her own skin.

    “I’ve been in this for a long time. I came out on the scene when I was 17 years old. ‘You can never be too much of anything. You can never be too prefect, too thin, too curvy, too voluptuous,’ this, that. I’ve been on all sides of the spectrum.. [Every] female in this business at one time or another has had criticism… and I’m always a risk taker too,” Christina said on Friday during NBC’s “The Voice” panel at the Television Critics Association Winter Session in Pasadena.

    “I’m very confident in my body,” the singer continued. “I think my video works over the years have spoken to that… I’ve been no stranger to being very comfortable in my own skin,” she added.

    Christina said despite the “massive scrutiny,” she’s happy and her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, loves her curves.

    “As long as I’m happy in my own skin, that’s all I need, that’s all the confirmation I need. I’m happy where I am, I have a boyfriend love that loves my body, I love my body, my son is healthy and happy. That’s all that matters,” she said.

    The blonde said she also enjoys mentoring her “Voice” female team members, sharing her own experiences with body image and style criticisms.

    “Being in a position to coach these young girls, is really a great thing for me to be able to share that with them, and also sharing my highs and lows along the way. I’m very open on the show about all of that,” she said.

    In related “The Voice” news, show host and producer Carson Daly noted that when the show does return, it will feature a more unique crop of contestants than seen previously.

    “Season 1 hit the air and people aspiring to be in this space didn’t really know what to make of ‘The Voice,’ where it sat with the other competition shows, thought they knew, didn’t want to sit in the cattle call, but what happened was the level of talent in Season 1 was so high… when [we] went in early for Season 2…. working musicians … maybe [people] signed to a small label, people who really want to make it, who never would have stood in line for any other show came out,” he said. “Whatever you thought of Season 1, this [new talent crop] is way, way, way higher.”

    “The Voice” premieres February 5, after the Super Bowl on NBC.

    And when it does, the four celebrity coaches — Christina, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Cee Lo Green — will have eight new superstar friends helping them out. Click here to find out which singers will join the show as guest mentors!


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