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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    On her racist joke, “I used to date Hispanic guys, but now I prefer consensual.”:“With that joke I remember thinking, Who should I use? Like, it’s a formula. I got the wording of ‘consensual.’ I thought, You know what? Latin guys will be best. Because you can’t say black guys. I could have said white guys, I guess, but the choice was, like, arbitrary… I just think that’s selective outrage. It’s like, Well, wait. What about the jokes I made about AIDS and the jokes I made about black people? Those were O.K.? I’ve made a lot of jokes about white people. People feel how they’re going to feel. I was just kind of like, I’m a comic. Like, can we just skip this thing where I become famous and then you guys look to burn me at the stake for something? Is there any way we can skip that?”


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  • 04/25/16--10:01: Maluma - El Perdedor
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    Immedately following it's iTunes release, Beyonce's LEMONADE is already reigning supreme.

    The album "LEMONADE" hit #1 minutes after release.

    The lead single "FORMATION" also hit #1 immediately after.

    Beyoncé currently has 4 songs in the iTunes Top 10.


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    "When I was growing up I didn't feel the English flag had any room for me. So this St. George's Day, I wanna stretch that flag. The ‪#‎Englistan‬ Mixtape is out now."

    Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    Season 8 - Episode 8

    Challenge Winner

    Kim Chi

    Lip Sync For Your Life

    Bob the Drag Queen

    Derrick Barry



    Derrick Barry

    Source: My TV
    The name Martha has officially been ruined for me. As soon as Bob said her mom's name my brain just went SAAAAAAAAAAVE MAAAAAARTHHHHHAAAAAAAA

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    - The night Beyonce released Lemonade, Rita took to Snapchat to share an image of her wearing a lemon bikini with a J necklace
    - Rita famously sued Jay Z's label due to Roc Nation's alleged lack of support in Rita's music career

    By now you've heard all about Beyonce's album and all the name calling that followed.
    Well, if you're #beyhive , then know that Rachel Roy is not "Becky with the good hair!" And no that does not exclude the possibility of Jay messing with Rachel; it just means Rachel is not as important to Jay Z as she'd like to think. .

    Rita Ora is more likely to be Becky! And her picture points us in her direction. In this snapchat clip which she has deleted, Rita dons a yellow bikini embellished with lemonades! Guess whose album is named lemonade? And if you think that pendant was not intentionally flipped to look like a "J" maybe you need lesson 101 on how sidechicks roll! I don't see a twist in that chain. Rita knew what Bey's album would be called. The clues are too loud and one too may to be coincidence!

    There is a possibility that Jay is indeed in love with Rita and the bish knows her power.
    Too bad... Cos there aint gonna be two queen Beys! Over to you Beyhive.

    Why do these nobodies thirst to be Becky?

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    Early this evening Tim Robbins posted the above which basically argues that because the exit poll numbers for the Democrats in NYC and other places were so different from the actual results that there was voter fraud going on.

    When people pushed back pointing out that exit polls aren't actual results and there are a variety of reasons why the exit polls could have been so off he accused them of being paid Hillary shills and then proceeded to tweet at least 88 of them this message:

    source 12

    Has Tim Robbins ever personally accused you of being a paid Hillary Clinton shill, ONTD?

    Alternately: what are your fave political conspiracy theories?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    - Reza and Mike become buddy buddy again
    - MJ has a ridiculous new bf named Tommy and she wants to check his sperm count so she takes ~sexy~ photos for him to jerk off to at the doctors office
    - MJ invites GG to a dinner at a restaurant where they don't serve alcohol so GG freaks out, they both fight and MJ walks off
    - Mike and Jessica prepare a Shabbat dinner, well...Jessica does, and Jessica cooks an entire spread of Persian food and Mike talks about how lucky he is (I just found out they got divorced months ago....not shocked)
    - Reza continues to be go behind Adam's back to plan the wedding
    - Shervin just stays being Shervin....aka just there


    Lol at this being my first post ever, but I love this trashy show. Mike goes on and on about how great Jessica is, but looks like all that went to shit after this season finished filming. Guess he couldn't stop cheating on her.

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  • 04/25/16--21:11: Lucifer Season 2 Teaser

  • Source

    Excuse for a finale discussion tbh. What did everyone think of the ep?

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    - Pete Davidson and Larry David's daughter Cazzie are dating.
    - No clue as to how long they've been dating but he and Carly Aquilino (the redhead from Girl Code) broke up last year.
    - Pete may or may not have gotten tattoos for her?

    Sources: 1 / 2 / 3

    Tattoos or not they're a qt couple. Would you ever get a tattoo for a significant other/Tinder hookup/club encounter, ONTD?

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    I mean it was ok, but does sis really need to add so many notes inbetween point A and B tho?

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    “Team Iron Man. There would have to be some sort of responsibility, you have to answer to somebody, you can’t just let this group of vigilantes answer to themselves. The truth is if there really were Avengers I would be Team Iron Man, I would. I mean who wouldn’t?!”

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  • 04/26/16--06:45: NBA Playoffs Post

  • The Charlotte Hornets won Game 4 against the Miami Heat, 89-85, tying up the series two games apiece. The Hornets' point guards led the way with Kemba Walker scoring 34pts (13/28 fgs) and Jeremy Lin adding 21pts (6/10 fgs) off the bench.

    The Oklahoma City Thunders moved onto the second round after beating the Dallas Mavericks 118-104. After Mark Cuban disses Russell Westbrook, the Thunders' PG goes for 36pts (13/23 fgs, 3/8 3pts), 12reb and 9ast along with making sure Charlie Villanueva regret he woke up that morning.

    After getting blown out in the first two games, the Portland Trailblazers came back to win two straight against the LA Clippers to tie the series up. Al-Farouq Aminu's cold streak snapped and he led the Blazers with 28pts (10/19 fgs, 6/10 3pts) and 8reb. This wouldn't be the only lost for the Clippers as Chris Paul left the game early after injuring his hand.

    SOURCE 12345

    Well this was the night of the point guards.

    Injuries suck :( All I want is for everyone to be healthy and all the teams to be at full strength during the playoffs. Starting to think having the players play in bubble wrap isn't such a bad idea.

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    JK Rowling RTed this as well as commenting

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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    After a 27 year justice campaign instigated by the families, an inquest rules that the 96 Liverpool football fans killed in the 1989 Hillsborough stadium crush were unlawfully killed.

    The inquest:

    - exonerated Liverpool fans from wrongdoing, denying that the behaviour of fans contributed to the disaster

    -ruled that failures in policing, negligence and mistakes by authorities caused the disaster

    -ruled that the emergency response to the disaster was slow and insufficient

    -ruled that the stadium had defects and that its safety checks were not up to dat

    never, ever forget:


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  • 04/26/16--07:57: The Mindy Project 4x17 promo
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    Kelly Ripa returned to LIVE! this morning, opening with a heartfelt and honest monologue. TMZ has the full video, which is available through the embedded tweet. Here are the bullet points, by me:

    - Walks on stage holding hands with Michael
    - Bypasses their desk to stand and give a speech before they start
    - Opens with "Our long national nightmare is over" (LOL)
    - Thanks viewers for their overwhelming support during this "bizzare time"
    - She needed a couple days to gather her thoughts, which she earned the right "after 26 years with the company"
    - She said the audience should understand because half of them called in sick to be there (LMAO I LOVE HER)
    - Didn't want to come out and say something she regrets (Remember, the show is actually live)
    This situation started a conversation about communication and respect in the workplace
    - Calls LIVE a second home
    - Loves the producers and crew and explains their devotion
    - The parent company has assured her that LIVE is a priority
    - She is thrilled for Michael, and is proud of him (sure jan)
    Her dad thinks everyone involved is "crazy"
    - Michael thanks her and kisses some major ass

    I am rooting for Rosie or Clay to replace Michael! 2006/07 was the best for talkshow drama (thanks Rosie!)


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  • 04/26/16--08:38: Rita Ora pokes the Beehive

  • Rita Ora, who people are speculating being "Becky with the good hair" posted the following image on her instagram today seemingly out of nowhere with just 🙌 as a caption.

    For those not familiar with the 1973 film it's about a woman who has full body plastic surgery in an attempt to save her failing marriage.


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