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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    watch hoechlin swing an axe and cut baseballs in two

    Everybody Wants Some!! cast play a movie version of Would You Rather

    - What songs would be the soundtrack of their life, interviewer geeks out about Tyler being in Road To Perdition, and they discuss what a movie about the 90's would be about if Richard Linklater made one.

    somebody go see this movie and tell me how much hoechlin is in it pls and ty

    sources: 123

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Cafe Society, the latest film by noted rapist auteur Woody Allen, has been announced to open the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

    The movie stars Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg as starry-eyed lovers in the cafe society of 1930's Hollywood. Also appearing are Parker Posey, Steve Carrell, and, um, Blake Lively.

    The last time that Allen opened Cannes, it was for Midnight in Paris,his last good film the last film of his to receive wide acclaim before shit hit the fan and his daughter publicly stated that he raped her when she was a child. Here's hoping that maybe Cafe Society will be the last Woody Allen film to open Cannes before people stop working with and enabling this disgusting pedophile.

    ONTD, would you be willing to overlook the fact that a man allegedly repeatedly raped his young daughter if it meant that you could star in a high-profile movie and potentially win an Oscar?


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    -Chris Brown made really gross tweets about Kehlani faking her suicide attempt for symphathy and being a "serial cheater" (he's one to talk)
    -Tinashe, who confirmed her label made her collab with CB, Zendaya, who danced for CB and collabed with him, and Dinah and Normani from 5H, who were really big CB stans, all unfollowed him after the tweets
    -CB stans went after them
    -Chris got really salty over unfollows and posted a screencap from his fan saying he has more hits than all of the girls combined
    -He also wrote an essay on:
    "Little girls" who were desperate for him to be on their records
    Not caring about their opinions
    Being "stood against" for "speaking the truth"
    Running through the mud and "taking it like a man"
    The girls not liking him anyways cause they'll always be 2nd to CHRIS BROWN THE GREATEST DOOR KICKER IN THE INDUSTRY!!!
    -Harmonizers are now spamming and attack Chris on his instagram comments (good, fucking destroy him, please)

    He also liked a post from a stan who doesn't love themselves saying that the girls only unfollowed to seem like "feminists"

    Source: Twitter

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    - ontd fave rita ora shared a pic from behind the scenes of fifty shades darker
    - rita is set to reprise her iconic role as mia grey
    - rita was on screen for less than 90 seconds in the first movie
    - i just watched batman vs superman and i like it


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    image host

    (It seems like it's)Fucking no one!

    You're (maybe) gonna have to wait till next season to find out!

    Audio of the last 11 minutes of the finale here


    [398] We piss in our pants yet?
    [399] Boy, do I have a feeling we're getting close.
    [400] Yep.
    [401] Gonna be Pee-Pee-Pants City here real soon.
    [402] Which one of you pricks is the leader?
    [403] It's this one.
    [404] He's the guy.
    [405] Hi, you're Rick, right?
    [406] I'm Negan.
    [407] And I do not appreciate you killing my men.
    [408] Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people,
    [409] you killed more of my people.
    [410] Not cool.
    [411] Not cool.
    [412] You have no idea how not cool that shit is.
    [413] But I think you're gonna be up to speed shortly.
    [414] Yeah.
    [415] You are so gonna regret crossing me, in a few minutes.
    [416] Yes, you are.
    [417] You see, Rick, whatever you do, no matter what,
    [418] you don't mess with the new world order.
    [419] New world order is this, and it's really very simple.
    [420] Even if you're stupid, which you very may well be,
    [421] you can understand it.
    [422] You ready?
    [423] Here it goes. Pay attention.
    [424] Give me your shit
    [425] or I will kill you.
    [426] Today was Career Day.
    [427] We invested a lot so you would know who I am
    [428] and what I can do.
    [429] You work for me now.
    [430] You have shit, you give it to me.
    [431] That's your job.
    [432] Now I know that is a mighty big,
    [433] nasty pill to swallow.
    [434] But swallow it, you most certainly will.
    [435] You ruled the roost.
    [436] You built something.
    [437] You thought you were safe. I get it.
    [438] But the word is out
    [439] that you are not safe.
    [440] Not even close.
    [441] In fact, you are pegged.
    [442] More pegged if you don't do what I want.
    [443] And what I want is half your shit.
    [444] And if that's too much, you can make, find or steal more
    [445] and it'll even out sooner or later.
    [446] This is your way of life now.
    [447] The more you fight back, the harder it will be.
    [448] So if someone knocks on your door,
    [449] you let us in.
    [450] We own that door.
    [451] You try to stop us, and we will knock it down.
    [452] You understand?
    [453] What? No answer?
    [454] You don't think you were gonna get through this
    [455] without being punished now, did you?
    [456] I don't want to kill you people.
    [457] Just want to make that clear from the get-go.
    [458] I want you to work for me.
    [459] You can't do that if you're dead, can you?
    [460] I'm not growing a garden.
    [461] But you killed my people. A whole damn lot of them.
    [462] More than I'm comfortable with.
    [463] And for that, you're gonna pay.
    [464] So now...
    [465] I'm gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you.
    [466] This is Lucille,
    [467] and she is awesome.
    [468] All this...
    [469] All this is just so we can pick out which one of you
    [470] gets the honour.
    [471] I gotta shave this shit.
    [472] You got one of our guns.
    [473] Yeah, you got a lot of our guns.
    [474] Shit, kid.
    [475] Lighten up.
    [476] At least cry a little.
    [477] Jesus!
    [478] You look shitty.
    [479] I should just put you out of your misery right now.
    [480] No! No! No!
    [481] Stop it!
    [482] Nope, get him back in line.
    [483] Don't.
    [484] Don't.
    [485] Don't.
    [486] Don't.
    [487] Don't.
    [488] A ll right, listen.
    [489] Don't any of you do that again.
    [490] I will shut that shit down, no exceptions.
    [491] First one's free, it's an emotional moment.
    [492] I get it.
    [493] Sucks, don't it?
    [494] The moment you realise you don't know shit.
    [495] He's your kid, right?
    [496] This is definitely your kid.
    [497] -Just stop this! -Hey!
    [498] Do not make me kill the little future serial killer.
    [499] Don't make it easy on me.
    [500] I got to pick somebody.
    [501] Everybody's at the table waiting for me to order.
    [502] I simply cannot decide.
    [503] I got an idea.
    [504] Eeny,
    [505] meeny,
    [506] miney,
    [507] mo,
    [508] catch
    [509] the tiger
    [510] by
    [511] his toe.
    [512] If
    [513] he hollers,
    [514] let him go.
    [515] My mother
    [516] told me to pick
    [517] the very best one,
    [518] and you
    [519] are
    [520] it.
    [521] Anybody moves, anybody says anything,
    [522] cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father,
    [523] and then we'll start.
    [524] You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry.
    [525] Hell, you're all gonna be doing that.
    [526] Look at that.
    [527] Taking it like a champ.
    [528] Damn!

    *note that there is still a small chance of this being false (and also note that TSDF did not outright say that the finale is going to land on a cliffhanger). If things do change in the finale, don't shoot the messenger please


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    -Kyrie said that he and Kehlani were not dating when PND posted that pic, meaning she did not cheat
    -He says he doesn't justify PND's picture and the hate Kehlani got
    -He sends love and compassion to her and her family

    Source: Twitter

    Why didn't Kyrie speak up when she was getting dragged by social media? Why did he like that fake "end call" pic with the caption saying something like "when Kehlani tries to explain to Kyrie". And poor Kehlani with PND being the one to stirr this shit in the first place, but then creditting him as the one who saved her life because he was the one who supported her in the hospital :/

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift might not just be a question for tweens and gossip bloggers anymore!

    Surgeons and nurses in the OR have different preferences when it comes to playing music or keeping the OR silent, but generally anywhere rom 53% to 72% of surgeons worldwide choose to play music during operations, sometimes with their unconscious patients none the wiser!

    Most surgeons tend to choose upbeat but unobtrusive tunes like classic rock, easy listening, and top 40.

    What music do you like to listen to at work, ONTD?


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    Actors Equity has made a statement, more or less siding with the human rights lawyer alleging discrimination by the show against white actors.

    A spokeswoman for Actors’ Equity, Maria Somma, said the Hamilton casting call was “absolutely inconsistent with Equity’s policy [...] we want to encourage that everyone has an equal opportunity to go in and audition for shows.” Equity-approved casting calls for “Hamilton” use less restrictive language, asking for “performers of all ethnic and racial background.

    However, a spokesperson for the Commission on Human Rights says they have not received a complaint against the casting call.

    Hamilton producers have also released a statement saying they will reword the casting call and welcome all races to audition...but they're still gonna keep doing what they're doing.



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  • 03/31/16--16:31: Dean Strang to get TV series

    • Everyone's favourite criminal defense lawyer Dean Strang has landed a TV show called Dean Strang: Road to Justice.

    • The true crime series will consist of eight eps and will feature Strang highlighting systemic flaws in the justice system.

    • Series is being produced by Covert Media. No distributor as of yet.

    • You may remember Strang from the true crime Netflix series Making a Murderer where he was one of Steven Avery's defense attorneys.

    source 12

    Where is Jerry Buting's series though?

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    -kanye first said he wasn't releasing tlop anywhere but tidal
    -def jam reps have now confirmed tlop will reach all streaming services midnight friday
    -will feature remixed, remastered and updated version of the album
    -album will continue to recieve updates and change versions (why) as time goes by
    -would have been the best selling hip hop album of 2016 with 200k+ sales had it been released normally

    Source // source
    An album that constantly changes stuff? This is going to be annoying as hell.

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    Supposedly every joke in the movie was in the trailer, and Warner Bros is spending "tens of millions" to add more fun to the film.

    deadpool's impact?

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    The "Ghostbusters" director said he'd add an equity clause to his future film contracts that would require gender-balanced casting for minor roles.

    He says "I think we need to set these things in stone so it forces everybody to think that way."

    Feig is known for writing a lot of roles for women and directing women-centric projects, such as Spy, Bridesmaids and the new Ghostbusters movie.


    changing my icon to this feminist director!

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    Earlier today, Kylie came out with a pointless 3 minute video for her lip glosses. Many fans were left asking what song they used for the ad. The song is supposedly by an artist(s) by the name of Terror Jr and the song is called "3 strikes."

    Weird thing is, the artist's pages on instagram, soundcloud& FB were only made within the last week with no other information.

    Shady Music Facts is reporting that the song is in fact Kylie's. The heavy use of autotune in the song also show as hints that it could be her.

    Do you think it's her, ONTD?
    Source + Facebook, Soundcloud + Insta

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    After a human rights lawyer alleged discrimination against the hottest musical on Broadway Hamilton for requesting non-white actors, and the Actors Equity agreed with him and received the dragging of their lives on twitter, the Actors Equity is now backtracking.

    To Our Members:

    Yesterday we published a tweet that made many of you angry. We’ve been monitoring the conversation all night, and we now regret that the message was worded in that way. We at Actors’ Equity are fully committed to diversity, inclusion, equal employment opportunity and universal access to auditions for all of our members. The conversation about Hamilton actually began on Tuesday, when Equity was contacted by a reporter from CBS News. When challenged about the legality of a casting notice on the show’s website, a spokesperson for Hamilton told the press that Equity had approved the language. We responded that we had not approved the casting language, nor had we been consulted about it.

    Casting notices do say (and have said) that a character is Caucasian (Bright Star), a child (Matilda), African American (The Color Purple), “non-white” (Hamilton), etc., because this reflects authorial intent. Excluding an actor from auditions based on sex, race, color, creed, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, political persuasion or belief not only conflicts with our firm policy of advocating for equal employment opportunity, but also could raise legal questions.

    The real issue here is not a single casting notice, or a reporter trying to create a story. The real issue is that in 2016, there are still far too few roles for non-Caucasian actors. In that respect, of course, Hamilton has been groundbreaking, and we hope that the true and exciting diversity on display at the Richard Rodgers inspires casting directors and creative teams throughout the industry.

    We will continue to fight for our members of color.
    We know that you have changed the minds of authors, directors, and choreographers even when the casting notice has said that the character was Caucasian. Equal Employment Opportunity gives you the power to change minds.

    In addition, we are pleased to share that we’ve been meeting with Christine Toy Johnson, National Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee, and together we have started the process of organizing meetings with members of color to ask a simple question: How can we do more to help you?

    We’re glad to be having this conversation. It’s long overdue.


    Kate Shindle, President
    Mary McColl, Executive Director
    Actors’ Equity Association

    Source 1, Tweet 1, Tweet 2

    Meanwhile, Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to be on vacation, hopefully having no idea of the fuckery going on with his masterpiece.

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    Wright will join Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford. The movie will be directed by Denis Villeneuve (Incendies, Sicario)

    The story takes place several decades after the original and Ford is reprising his role as Rick Deckard.

    There are other two major female roles in the movie.


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    - QUEEN López asked the reporter what's a hiatus 😂
    - NBC and Fox execs praise her work ethic: "The (press) tour coincided with the debut of her residency in Vegas, but Lopez flew back and forth overnight from Vegas to be there in person two days in a row for both NBC’s and Fox’s panels.
    - Jenny is grateful <3
    - The article is good so read it!


    season finale airs tonight at 10 PM on NBC, ontd. will u watch and support POC?!!

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    Source: Video, Twitter

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    song starts @ 1:45


    which one do you prefer ontd, this or 'u mad'?

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