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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    ONTD fav Tyler Posey stars in Halsey's Colors music video and now MTV is giving Teen Wolf fans the utlimtate gift: a digital set visit!

    “I am basically in love with Halsey and she has a crush on my dad, so it’s like this love square, not quite a triangle, because her mom is involved as well,” a shirtless Posey explains the video's plot in the clip.

    Paraphrased from @MTV, 1. Vevo.

    WTF? That's how you say her name?

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    Zayn tweeted that 'love how people can feel liberated naked'. People thought he was being sarcastic, so girlfriend Gigi Hadid jumped in to clarified that they support Kim Kardashian, nd others who feel liberated by nudity and that his tweet about loving how people can feel libarated naked was sincere.

    He then retweeted this

    r u inarticulate ontd?

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    -is currently disatisfied with the state of punk so he's going to burn his £5m collection

    -intends to do it on November 26th, the 40th anniversary of Anarchy in the UK's release

    -is also inviting other punks to join him in Camden district to show their disatisfaction

    -is particularly upset because the queen is giving punk her blessing by allowing the british library, museum of london and british film institute to make 2016 the year of punk

    -thinks the mainstream is appropriating punk culture and the public has been overtaken by a general malaise

    Didn't his mom basically create punk to sell her clothes? Talk about first world problems.

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    Hey millennials, go vote. Although polls might be closed by the time this gets posted. If you are an American citizen and old enough to vote and didn't vote, I don't wanna read your dumb tweets or tumblr posts!


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    Olivia Wilde was on Howard Stern's show today:

    - Wilde (28 at the time) was told she was too old for the role of Leo's wife in WoWS. The role went to Margot Robbie, 22.

    - is embarrassed about her role on Skin and some of her House work

    - is a big huge Ali G fan and was totally on board with Sacha Baron Cohen's weird Oscar stunt

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    • The show started filming two week ago when she wrapped up her Las Vegas show, and will show her on tour in Europe and South Africa (that starts tonight) as well as her wedding planning!

    • The wedding is supposed to be this spring (no date has been set)

    • She doesn't like that it's called a reality show, just wants to show more about her personality

    • Each episode will be an hour long, and is set to be shown this year, possibly late summer

    • She said she will NOT be showing her twins, Morrocan and Monroe, even if there may be a few cute moments

    • She also says fiancé James Packer will not be making an appearance

    • The Show is being produced by Bunim/Murray productions, same people who produce I Am Cait, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and The Real World

    Are you ready ONTD?!


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    Hi guys! I'm back with some more Arabic songs to dance to. Click here to see the first post.


    Carole Samaha - Esmany
    Meaning: Listen to me

    This MV was #Iconic. Every girl in middle school with me wanted to learn this dance. 100% guaranteed boob/butt shaking content.


    Najwa Karam - Am Bemzah Ma'ak
    Meaning: I'm joking with you

    Classic wedding song.


    Haifa Wehbe - Fakerni
    Meaning: You think I... (in the song, she continues to sing, "will punish you, and blame you...")

    Guys... I heard this a year ago and I can't stop listening to it. RIP my hips whenever this comes on.


    Omar Souleyman - Wenu Wenu
    Meaning: Where (is she)? Where (is she)?

    This is 7 minutes. You can't dance the whole way through... but you will want to. This is what I hope people who aren't Arab/familiar with Arab culture imagine what our music sounds like. Really, really hope. It's a party song, no one will be sitting in their seat when this comes on.


    Yara - Ma Yhemmak
    Meaning: Don't mind it

    This song never fails to make me feel like a professional belly dancer. Maybe it's all the pauses, when you memorize them you'll feel like a pro. Fun to sway to, as well.


    Nancy Ajram - Ya Tabtab
    Meaning: (Not sure LMAO) He gets angry

    I think I'm going to have to make it a hard rule to include one Nancy song per Arabic Bops post, until I run out. Nancy Ajram is as dependable for bops as Britney Spears is. She never fails to deliver. She is our pop princess.

    Bonus: Remixes

    Haifa Wehbe - Fakerni (Saint Bootleg)
    Noel Kharman - Hello - Adele/Kaifak Enta - Fairouz

    Sources: I made this list, also 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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    • Ryan Collins, 36, was charged in the hacking of more than 100 people, many of them celebrities, and between Nov. 2012 and Sept. 2014 sent fake emails that purported to be from Apple or Google, and got victims to unknowingly hand over their usernames and passwords.

    • The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison, but prosecutors will recommend a sentence of 18 months.


    18 months...
    Did you slutshamed the ladies back in 2014, ONTD?
    "too many nudes"
    "she deserved it for being dumb"
    Reading old posts from that time is like reading Youtube comments.

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    • Ariana was asked by Elvis Duran and the Morning Show if Celebrities get mad when she impersonates them

    • She said no and that when she met Céline, Céline said she peed when she saw it

    • Ariana said that the impressions come from a place of love and she really admires the people she does impressions of so maybe that's why they don't get mad

    • Ariana also said in order to get into her Dangerous Woman outfit that's on the cover, she had to put lube on her body since it was latex

    Ariana did Wheel Of Musical Impressions with Jimmy Fallon and she did Céline singing Can't Feel My Face at 4:40 (my personal fave tbh)

    Ariana also did the SNL Impressions and Céline is at 3:14

    Have you ever laughed so hard at something you peed ONTD?


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    -The producers for Les Miserables are involved, and he's just in negotiations so far.
    -Seeing as they just did auditions for the 25th Anniversary, there's a decent chance of seeing castings from that.
    -Miss Saigon is a musical based off Madame Butterfly and tells the story of a romance between an American GI and a Vietnamese bargirl in 1970s Saigon during the Vietnam War.

    which white actress do you think will get cast as Kim?

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    In a new interview, Stephen Dillane who played Stannis Baratheon on Game Of Thrones admitted his complete disinterest in Game of Thrones and his character:

    Stephen's direct quote:

    “I am not regretting to have done Game of Thrones, but I have nothing to say about it. I didn’t understand nor the show nor its success when I was part of it.

    The experience was very strange, I wasn’t affected by it. In order to like a role, I need to be interested in it, and that wasn’t really the case with Game of Thrones. I was a bit overwelmed by the events.”
    Why, in this case, did he accept the role? After a long and exasperated silence, he answers “Between other things, for the money”.

    translated from this French SOURCE

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    “It’s not my kind of movie,” the actress said on Howard Stern's show. “But my friend Laura Ziskin was the producer, and we knew it would be her last film, and she was my first producing partner, and she was a spectacular human.”

    “It’s really hard to find a three-dimensional character in it, and you work it as much as you can, but you can’t put 10 pounds of s– in a five-pound bag.

    She also admits that she didn't put much effort into the role when asked by Stern.

    when have you done a job for a friend even knowing that you'd probably dislike it?

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    Brown, a lifelong Democrat, who said she loves Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, said she is giving a big shout out to the billionaire presidential frontrunner because she is impressed with his ability to get things done.

    No matter how many people sabotage his campaign, it keeps growing and growing and growing,” Brown told The News..

    “I know so many people won’t agree with me and will try to change my mind, but I’m a smart girl. I’m excited...I haven’t been this excited in so long.

    “I know people say he’s a racist, but that’s just crazy.”

    She also threatens that she's going to do "a lot" for Trump.


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    The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences apologized on Tuesday for the Asian jokes on the Feb. 28 Oscar telecast, after receiving a protest letter signed by 25 AMPAS members, including Ang Lee.

    In their statement, the Academy said "The Academy appreciates the concerns stated, and regrets that any aspect of the Oscar telecast was offensive." So basically, they've continued to be tone deaf with their 'sorry you were offended' apology.

    We are writing as Academy members of Asian descent to express our complete surprise and disappointment with the targeting of Asians at the 88th Oscars telecast and its perpetuation of racist stereotypes. In light of criticism over #OscarsSoWhite, we were hopeful that the telecast would provide the Academy a way forward and the chance to present a spectacular example of inclusion and diversity. Instead, the Oscars show was marred by a tone-deaf approach to its portrayal of Asians.

    We’d like to know how such tasteless and offensive skits could have happened and what process you have in place to preclude such unconscious or outright bias and racism toward any group in future Oscars telecasts. We look forward to hearing from you about this matter and about the concrete steps to ensure that all people are portrayed with dignity and respect.

    We are proud that the Oscars reach several hundred million people around the world of whom 60% are Asians and potential moviegoers.

    The list of those who signed:
    Don Hall, Sound Branch, John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation, Academy Governor, 18 years
    Freida Lee Mock, Documentary Branch, Academy Award winner, Academy Governor, 6 years
    Arthur Dong, Documentary Branch, Academy Award nominee, Academy Governor, 4 years
    Ang Lee, Directors Branch, Two-time Academy Award winner
    Chris Tashima, Shorts and Feature Animation Branch, Academy Award winner
    Christine Choy, Documentary Branch, Academy Award nominee
    David Magdael, Public Relations Branch
    France Nuyen, Actors Branch
    George Takei, Actors Branch
    Janet Yang, Producers Branch
    Jessica Yu, Documentary Branch, Academy Award winner
    Jodi Long, Actors Branch
    Laura Kim, Public Relations Branch
    Marcus Hu, Executives Branch
    Maysie Hoy, Film Editors Branch
    Nancy Kwan, Actors Branch
    Peter Kwong, Actors Branch
    Renee Tajima-Pena, Documentary Branch, Academy Award nominee
    Rithy Panh, Documentary Branch, Academy Award nominee
    Ruby Yang, Documentary Branch, Academy Award winner
    Sandra Oh, Actors Branch
    Steven Okazaki, Documentary Branch, Academy Award winner
    Teddy Zee, Executives Branch
    William Hoy, Film Editors Branch
    Yung Chang, Documentary Branch

    Source / Twitter Source

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    POI will premiere on Tuesday, May 3rd @ 10pm. Then it will be shown twice weekly on Mondays & Tuesdays consecutively starting May 9th & 10th. It has been confirmed it will be the last season!

    Other CBS Season Finale dates are:
    March 31st - Life In Pieces (one hour finale)
    April 18th - Supergirl (likely to be renewed)
    April 25th - Scorpion
    April 26th - Limitless (likely to be renewed)
    May 2nd - NCIS:LA
    May 4th - Criminal Minds
    May 6th - Blue Bloods
    May 8th - The Good Wife (last season), Madame Secretary & Elementary Finales
    May 12th - Big Bang Theory & 2 Broke Girls
    May 13th - The Amazing Race & Hawaii Five-O
    May 16th - Mike & Molly
    May 17th - NCIS & NCIS:NO
    May 19th - Mom
    May 25th - Criminal Minds:Beyond Borders
    June 21st - Person Of Interest (likely last season)
    June 23rd - Rush Hour

    Full schedule at the source


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    Lin spoke at Congress this week about the economic crisis in Puerto Rico and talked about it with Jenna Bush.

    The Hamilton women continue to S L A Y!

    And it seems like Ham may stay on the $10 after all?

    twitter sources one and two

    ontd, have the schuyler sisters and co. every slayed you with killer harmonies?

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    ^an editor for Halt
    - Halt is going to be set in the late 1980's for S3
    - If true, the crossover would probably be in Halt's S3, which has begun filming in Atlanta
    - I'm assuming they are trying to catch them BSC viewers

    I'm into it! I've been loving BCS tbh. I think this could work out.


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    1. Tinashe channels Aaliyah's swag

    Tinashe started off with a long, cream-color coat, a white bra and baggy jeans with white sneaks and a white choker, a sexier version of the style made popular by Aaliyah. Performing "Ride of Your Life," the 23-year-old singer was killing it.

    5. Tinashe mixes the old with the new

    "Joyride" tracks mixed with Aquarius songs for Tinashe's setlist. Whether wearing thigh-high, fire-engine-red heels with a matching lingerie set and a camo jacket for a rendition of "Bet" or loose camo pants with a black top for "All Hands On Deck," the singer slayed her songs like a pro.

    7. Tinashe works the grand finale

    After performing "Player" and "All My Friends,"Tinashe came back for a dance break to her hit "2 On." She and her dancers nailed the all out choreographed intro.

    source 1, 2, 3, 4

    ONTDers that attended it, tell us how it was!!!

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  • 03/16/16--16:02: Tabloid Cover Wednesday

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