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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    • Mariah's current manager (Stella Bulochnikov) is known for producing reality TV

    • Has practically moved into Mariah's House(houses?)

    • Can get Mariah to do whatever because she has a lot on her (whatever that means)

    • Mariah has fired a lot of her longtime staff after she hired this new manager

    • Mariah's new reality tv show will show her BTS life of her Vegas gig

    • A source that had worked with Stella says Stella is the one that wants to be a reality TV star and had filmed a pilot last year

    • When New York Post talked about this, Mariah's manager called the reporter an 'idiot' and told them to 'fuck off and lose my number'


    ONTD, do you have a controlling person in your life? is he your daddy? your mother's nephew? discuss


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    Rihanna , who debuted her ANTI WORLD TOUR saturday and sunday to 2 sold out shows in Jacksonville and Tampa , take  the lead of the billboard single's chart for the fourth week with "Work" , a song featuring Drake , from her #1 album ANTI !


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    * Rupaul recorded a short video interview to commemorate the milestone
    * Says all of them come with stories no one could possibly think up
    * Is most proud of helping to launch the careers of so many 'gorgeous critters'


    Who are your favorite alums ONTD?

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    The jar of marshmallow fluff has finally reached the end of his journey to find a wifelbr, fiancée. How many times will he tell the girl he knows he has no intention of picking he loves her? Will that girl smack him down on After the Final Rose?

    Most importantly- How heinously ugly will the Neil Lane ring be?


    tumblr_n16e2ffvHr1qiaxzfo3_250[1].gif - Free Image Hosting by imgup.nettumblr_n16e2ffvHr1qiaxzfo1_250[1].gif - Free Image Hosting by imgup.nettumblr_n16e2ffvHr1qiaxzfo2_250[1].gif - Free Image Hosting by

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    - On whether Hollywood has made any progress in its treatment of LGBT actors, or whether she’s found herself being passed over for jobs since coming out: “It’s hard for me to know — I’m not in rooms where people are making decisions of who to send what to, and the truth is, I’m absolutely not focusing on it, because being in the closet hurt my career way more than being out and being happy and feeling inspired again; being able to fuse my authentic self with my creative interests.”

    - Ever since coming out in 2014 she’s made projects such as docuseries ‘Gaycation’, movie ’Freeheld’ and is currently working on a movie with Kate Mara where they play lovers;

    - Talks about double standards - everyone mentions doing gay characters but no one ever talks about straight actors doing so many straight roles

    - About ‘Gaycation’: “It really was about wanting more representation (...) There can be such loneliness and isolation when you’re growing up in a society that does infuse this idea in you that you’re different or something’s wrong or you’re sinful...”. And hopes that the series can break through partisan lines to promote deeper discussions about the issues facing all minorities in America today.

    - Talks about the need for greater representation for all minorities, on camera and behind the scenes.

    - She gets why her coming out was a big deal, but knows that she had it easier than her predecessors, such as Ellen Degeneres.


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    tyler hoechlin in shorts and a crop top tyfyt


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    Following in theme with her album and previous music videos, Melanie Martinez portrays a wide eyed, angry, sultry, jaded child in a surreal pastel world of abuse and over the topness. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of her album, her interviews, and occasionally, her ~aesthetic/bold handed metaphors about the dichotomy of childhood and adulthood. I just am second guessing if this is getting too repetitive and less creative.

    Anyway, here are some more things she's been doing and saying.

    - Making & performing an album is a sharing experience between her, her music, and her fans.
    - She is "cry baby."
    - Story of the character's life, about being crazy & emotional, but becoming comfortable and acknowledging that.
    - Represents her teenage years, she turns 21 in April.
    - Says like.
    - Not inspired by musicians, but visual artists like Mark Ryden.
    - There will be a video for every song, she hopes.
    - Wants her discography to connect.
    - Shares her WIP concept for next album.

    - Music is like therapy for her.
    - Traveled with her father and played live in bars.
    - Like.
    - Starts to cry.
    - Touring exhausts her. Would rather be home writing and creating instead of performing.
    - Has a couple of videos in the editing process.

    Source 1
    Source 2
    Source 3

    ONTD, what does your favorite bib look like?

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    -Javier Grillo-Marxuach who helped form The100 is writing the new pilot
    -Had this to say in response to a tumblr question about how reaction to Lexa (The100) would potentially impact the reboot:

    I am a very different person with a very different world view than my employer on the 100 - and my work on the 100 was to use my skills to bring that vision to life.
    xena will be a very different show made for very different reasons. there is no reason to bring back xena if it is not there for the purpose of fully exploring a relationship that could only be shown subtextually in first-run syndication in the 1990s. it will also express my view of the world - which is only further informed by what is happening right now - and is not too difficult to know what that is if you do some digging.
    thank you for your question.

    SourceSource 2
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    HOLIDAYS is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time. The film challenges our folklore, traditions and assumptions, making HOLIDAYS a celebration of the horror on those same special days’ year after year. A collaboration of some of Hollywood’s most distinct voices, the directors include Kevin Smith (Tusk), Gary Shore (Dracula Untold), Scott Stewart (Dark Skies), Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes), Sarah Adina Smith (The Midnight Swim), Nicholas McCarthy (The Pact) Adam Egypt Mortimer (Some Kind of Hate) and Anthony Scott Burns (Darknet).

    Favorite holiday themed or anthology horror movies everyone?

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    After a Bitch Perfect musical extravaganza, the queens untuck backstage and the bitching really begins. As the queens discuss each other's runway looks and how the judges are living for Kim Chi and Acid Betty's looks, Bob proclaims black is the new nude. It becomes all about the suspect padding of Dax's posterior and Ru seems to have double vision.

    I love Cynthia and that she legitimately thought Betty's name was Acid Berry

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    Will be released on July 19, 2019.
    Both Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg will be back


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    - GT magazine describes how lead singer Olly of Years & Years stands out in comparison to other gay male musicians who are too shy to use male pronouns in their songs.

    - Still feels a certain pressure being part of the mainstream on how he has to portray himself, "I feel like there's a level of 'gay-ness' that people will accept. If you look at pop stars through the ages, we've had camp, glam popstars from the 80s -your George Michaels and what have you- but then people went back to the closet a bit, and became more homogenised and generic. And even though we have out gay artists now, I don't think they can express themselves and their sexuality in a way a straight person can."
    (GayTimes then goes in, strongly hinting Sam Smith as a mainstream example of a gay artist who strays from signifiers of their sexuality.)

    - Olly feels prideful when UK tabloids run a story of him being a sobbing mess over some fuckboys like Tinie Tempah. "It just warms my heart a bit to see something like that in a mainstream publication."

    - Blew his mind that children had approached him and asked about violinist then-boyfriend Neil Amin-Smith. (Hot violinist from music group Clean Bandits. Their music ain't bad.)

    - On his and Neil's public social media relationship, "But I'm in this weird position now where stuff like that get's written about and it's really bizarre." (Understood, but please give us a studio version of your empowerment post-breakup song ASAP.)

    - Goes in on how mental health should be an openly discussed topic.“My therapist always says that vulnerability is strength and I really think that’s true. Being able to be vulnerable, to acknowledge the way you feel and be sensitive to what’s happening around you is, I think, real strength.” (YES.)

    Still lost and lonely about who Olly is?
    No worries. Please click here to educate yourself. You're welcome.
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    Zayn took to Twitter to respond to Kim Kardashian's controversial #liberated nude selfie. He tweeted "Love how people feel liberated naked .. Read a book liberate your brain." He also clarified that his tweet was not meant to be shady.

    Source: Twitter

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    A group of twenty-five Asian Academy members, including director Ang Lee and actor George Takei, wrote the following open letter to the Academy:

    “We are writing as Academy members of Asian descent to express our complete surprise and disappointment with the targeting of Asians at the 88th Oscars telecast and its perpetuation of racist stereotypes. In light of criticism over #OscarsSoWhite, we were hopeful that the telecast would provide the Academy a way forward and the chance to present a spectacular example of inclusion and diversity. Instead, the Oscars show was marred by a tone-deaf approach to its portrayal of Asians.

    “We’d like to know how such tasteless and offensive skits could have happened and what process you have in place to preclude such unconscious or outright bias and racism toward any group in future Oscars telecasts. We look forward to hearing from you about this matter and about the concrete steps to ensure that all people are portrayed with dignity and respect.

    “We are proud that the Oscars reach several hundred million people around the world of whom 60% are Asians and potential moviegoers.”


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    + The finalists are Alden Ehrenreich, Jack Reynor and Taron Egerton.
    + The information comes from multiple unnamed sources, who also clarify that there may still be a few more actors in contention for the role.


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    1. Bribing police and "taking care" of Peter Russo's DUI.
    Potential punishment is 15 years in prison.

    6. Collecting info on voters.
    Potential punishment is 20 years in prison.

    7. Having Stamper force Rachel to move and later having her killed.
    Potential punishment is life in prison.

    9. Pushing Zoe in front of a train.
    Potential punishment is life in prison.


    ONTD, have you finished HoC? I finally finished and need to discuss that final scene!!

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  • 03/15/16--12:13: M. I. A to work with H&M

  • -going to promote world recycle week, where H&M encourage customers to return unwanted clothes for store credit.
    -Going to release a new song and video on April 11th themed around recycling and the environmental impact of clothes going to landfills


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    -A source claims she pays him $20,000 a month to help take care of her and her grown adult kids.

    -"He has been babysitting Kris' kids and even runs errands for her and acts as her official masseur. He figures what he is being paid is nowhere near enough."

    -Kris, 60, has been dating the 35 yr old since last Summer.
    -Was seen shopping at Chanel yesterday while looking dressed basic AF.


    Have you ever got paid for being someone's beard, ONTD?

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    Alongside the picture, which also features Caitlyn's good friend Candis Cayne, she wrote: "#learningfrommygirls #willingtolisten #ImNotWithHer"

    -Just a day after the former Olympian was seen ferociously slamming Hillary in an episode of "I Am Cait", she’s now posed for a picture with her.

    -Caitlyn called her a "fucking liar"

    "It’s gotta stop. We don’t have a country, and Hillary won’t do it… Tell me what she’s done... She's a political hack. That's all she is. She's done nothing. Stone ha."


    Are you two-faced ONTD?

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    - New Korean drama "Descendants of the Sun" starring Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo is currently breaking records everywhere, with 440M views in China and almost 30% viewership in Korea.

    -On Saturday (March 12), China's Ministry of Public Security posted a warning on its official Weibo site against watching Descendants Of The Sun:
    "An enormous fandom of Korean drama Descendants Of The Sun starring Song Joong Ki has emerged as it began to air in Korea and China. It is easy to see that many have fallen in love with the male lead Song," it said, warning that "watching Korean dramas could be dangerous, and even lead to legal troubles".

    - The ministry says that in the past a couple divorced due to Korean dramas, and a man underwent plastic surgery to look like the protagonist in his wife's favourite drama in order to win her back.

    Source: The Straits Times

    ONTD are you watching Descendants of the Sun?
    Are you going to break up with your SO because they're not Song Joong Ki?

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