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    “I love Kesha. I worked with her when I was a lot younger. We’ve been friends, I support her, regardless of what’s going on. I didn’t know about a lot of this, at the time I was really young. We didn’t discuss any of this. The incredible double standards that we [women] face on a daily basis, in the industry and just in the world, it’s shocking. I would be so amused, and pardon me if this comes across as sexist, but I don’t think a male artist would be in this position right now. Sorry.”

    On whether she's worried about openly supporting Kesha: “If I’m speaking out about something I’m passionate about, I’m willing to take the brunt for fighting for what I believe in. And my fellow women are definitely something that I will always be one of the first to speak up about.”

    sources: 12

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    Autostraddle has compiled a list of every single recurring openly gay/bi woman who has died on television. Since I can only list five, I've left out the more recent death(s) that people have been complaining about in other posts.

    A bit of background, per autostraddle:

    "The history of lesbian representation on television is rocky — in the beginning, we seemed exclusively relegated to roles that saw us getting killed/attacked or doing the killing/attacking. And until the last five or so years, lesbian and bisexual characters seemed entirely unable to date an actual woman or stay alive for more than three episodes, let alone an entire run, of a show. Gay and lesbian characters are so often murdered on television that we have our very own trope: Bury Your Gays. We comprise such a teeny-tiny fraction of characters on television to begin with that killing us off so haphazardly feels especially cruel."


    1. Julie, Executive Suite (1976)

    Cause of death: She's hit by a car while chasing after her love interest, who decides to walk into traffic after realizing she's gay.

    2. Jadzia Dax, Star Treek: Deep Space Nine (1998)

    Cause of death: An alien-possessed alien blasts her.

    3. Snoop, The Wire (2008)

    Cause of death: Michael shot her before she could shoot him.

    4. Jenny Schecter, The L Word (2009)

    Cause of death: She was murdered by Ilene Chaiken.

    5. Silvia Castro León, Los hombres de Paco (2010)

    Cause of death: Silvia was offed by gangsters immediately after her wedding. Harsh.

    read about 72 other unfortunate souls at the source

    OBSERVATIONS: Too many deaths via gunshot wounds, not enough deaths via sex with long nails or strangulation by flannel shirts.

    You know what's the best remedy for dead gay/bi women? Happy gay/bi women! On that note, everyone go watch Saving Face rn.

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    -Ellie Goulding announced that she wouldn't be releasing music for the foreseeable future.

    -A lot of people thought that she was quitting music, so she released a statement saying she was only taking a break.

    -Ellie Goulding is going to take a break because her last album flopped.

    -She is also going to take a break because she got dumped by her boyfriend Dougie Poynter from McFly.

    Source: Twitter

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    Follow up to this post, where Marina accused Charlie of stealing her aesthetic~

    You know what, sometimes you do a photoshoot standing infront of a plant, sometimes you do a photoshoot in black and white, sometimes you wear purple eyeshadow. Sometimes you shoot with the same photographer a fellow artist has shot with. That's just how things happen in the industry I work in. The image in discussion (not this one), which a lot of fans have been making noise about online, was from a photoshoot for a fragrance brand I have been working with for a while. The point of the shoot is to make the promotional image reflective of the packaging, as I have done on previous collaborations with them. This particular scent is a summer scent, with lemons and hints of burnt orange, the design is tropical, bright yellow with pineapples, palm trees and sunglasses printed on the can. The whole brief for the campaign was based around a tropical theme, which is what the brand aka "the client", wanted. Hence the direction of the photoshoot. I had not seen the artwork for the Marina And The Diamonds (@marinagrams) song "Immortal", and it was not an inspiration for this photoshoot or the campaign as a whole. I've seen it now, and yeah unfortunately it looks similar. It was shot by the same, incredibly talented photographer, and it's a shame for both myself and Marina that this has happened. I'm not here to replicate or "steal" art or things that have already been done. What's the point in that? I'm here to do my own thing and create my own art. As I've said, the image in question, which I believe Marina had previously commented on on the photographers Instagram, was for a brand based photoshoot for a tropical, lemon scented fragrance campaign (what was I supposed to do - shoot it in the snow?!). It is not the artwork for my own album or single. That's all I need to say really. Everybody enjoy your Friday. Love to all. 💜 Tonight is the launch of my record label Vroom Vroom Recordings. Im very excited and can't wait to start releasing more music from myself and other artists that I love.

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    National Enquirer uses a picture of somebody that's not Britney Spears for their story lol

    - According to NE, Britney watches porn every single day
    - She's always done it but ramped it up ever since she broke up with the last bf
    - Friends are worried it's becoming an obsession
    - Daddy Spears wants to get her a new boyfriend asap because Daddy knows best, naturally. ugh

    Songwriter Carla Marie Williams says she's working on Britney's latest album

    Who's ready for B9?

    Random Selfie

    Celebrating International Women's Day

    britneyspears I am so lucky to know so many amazing ladies that inspire me every single day… and I’m so grateful that there are so many amazing ladies in my family! I love you all so much. Thanks to ALL the women out there that are empowering women on a daily basis… you make the world a better place ❤️ #internationalwomensday

    M.I.A from the collage? Lynne Spears

    AJ Mclean from BSB talks about Britney & BSB possibly doing their own residency

    Would you be here for a Backstreet Boys residency?

    NE Porn story source / songwriter source / britney source / britney source / bsb source

    Are you addicted to porn, ontd?

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    Source: YouTube

    listen to KING's incredible debut album "We Are King"here!

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    ONTD fav Liam Payne and his grandmother Cheryl Fernandez-Versiniwent public with their relationship earlier this week, much to the dismay of many One Direction fans. The pair have been spotted holding hands around London town and being cutesy on Instagram, attracting butt loads of negative comments from fans and on-lookers.

    Payne's International Women's Day post in which he proclaimed Fernandez-Versini as his "favorite woman in the world" was bombareded with fans alleging that the comment was disrepectful to his mother and other women. A simple scroll through the comments of the Puppy Prince's IG reveals a lot of mud-slinging and name-calling directed at Fernandez-Versini from Directioners. Never one to back down from a paycheck, Fernandez-Versini has clapped back at the haters with a pointed text post on her social media.

    Liam's original post:

    Cheryl's clap-back:

    Paraphrased from @InquisitrShowbiz. @LiamPayne. @GrandmaCole.

    Escándalo! #LeaveLiamAlone

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    Zayn got new neck tattoos, and possibly a head tattoo, and (finally) shaved off his fried hair.

    While filming the music video to his next single (yes apparently, Like I Would is the next single) Zayn and his crew stopped by Kingfisher in Newton Heath during their break from filming and asked the owner to sign the contract on their food order. (lmao why)

    During his interview which aired this morning(don't quote me on this), he also talked about touring:"I've got a couple of shows coming up. I'm saving it for when I start touring. I want it to be a whole show. Right now it's broken down. When I do a show for the first time I want it to be something they can enjoy.​"

    On his 1337 5P34K:"​We're getting mixed response with that. I like the way it looks so I just went with it but people are confused by it.​"(you don't say)

    src: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4
    I'm not over the fact that they made a food store sign a non-disclosure agreement, because literally why
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    Apparently, Cesar's okay with letting dogs attack other animals (pigs) as part of their "training."

    Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control is looking into complaints originating with an episode of Millan's Nat Geo Wild series, "Cesar 911," Aaron Reyes, the agency's deputy director, confirmed to CNN.

    "In the video, someone has taken a pig and holds its rear leg in the air while another animal, a dog, runs to attack it," Reyes said. "That, in and of itself, is a penal code animal cruelty violation in the state of California, but the office still needs to investigate the circumstances."

    In the February 26 show, Millan was working with Simon, an aggressive French bulldog-terrier mix with a history of attacking his owner's pot-bellied pigs and other animals, a National Geographic Channels spokesman said. The episode showed Simon biting the ear of one of the pigs during a training session.

    You can read the rest here.

    Source: CNN's Twitter

    If this incident was caught on camera, imagine the stuff that isn't. My mom loves Cesar, but I've been telling her for years he ain't shit.

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    Sources: 1234

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  • 03/11/16--16:16: Bruiser Woods Passes Away

  • Captioned: With a sad heart, I have to let all the #LegallyBlonde fans know that Bruiser Woods (also known as Moonie) passed away yesterday. He was a sweet little Chihuahua who was very loved. I will never forget all the days we spent together ... I'm sure his tail is wagging in the sky. Sending love to his trainer, the wonderful @tailsticks #RIPBruiser 💔


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    - Only girls between the ages of 15-18 are asked to submit projects that will change the world
    - 5 girls will get an invitation to the Hollywood premiere of CACW
    - One girl will get the grand prize: an intership at Marvel

    Sources: YT&Marvel's Twitter

    Still doesn't allow more than two women on a CACW poster tho

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  • 03/11/16--16:16: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Orange is the New Black star Dascha Polanco was recently interviewed on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 while she was promoting her new film The Perfect Match. Early on in the interview the hosts brought up Zoe Saldana in Nina and how there was a lot of controversy about her casting.

    “I have a problem with that too,” Polanco immediately answered. “I haven’t spoken about it but I have a problem with that too. If we were going to go that route than we didn’t need to do all the extra prosthetics or skin color and I don’t think that’s needed. If that was the issue there are plenty of actors I think that could have played the role.”

    The hosts then went on to ask Dascha what she would do if she was offered her dream picture, which was a biopic, and she found out that the family was not supportive of her casting.

    “As an actor I think that it’s really hard because that’s something that you’re doing good. I don’t think Zoe’s intention was in any way to discredit Nina Simone I think that she’s really trying to portray her. I think that as an actor you have to. . . you have your input, you have to have that conversation with the director as to what - especially in the times we’re on is very sensible so you have to really be cautious,” she stated. “As far as the family I’m not really sure what the whole dynamics are in that situation. . . you just have to have a good team behind you. I’m not saying she doesn’t you just have to as an actor say am I doing justice to this role especially when it’s a biopic. Am I really gonna - am I in any way gonna discredit the work or even the physical aspects. I know that you have Jamie Foxx for Ray Charles he did some things so I don’t understand. . . what I’m saying is he had to go through physical changes and I think a lot of people do. The problem is the times and it’s a woman and the timing is not right. I think there are plenty of actors that can play the role. . . I would have loved to see Uzo play that role.

    The hosts then went on to say that Nina should have been played by a black woman. Dascha responded saying that she is Afro-Latina, which one of the hosts didn’t seem to understand.

    “I consider myself to be a black woman,” she explained. “And I think a lot of Dominicans should because like from what I see that’s what they are.”

    The same host then responded with, “But why not be Dominican though?”

    “I am Dominican, I say I’m Dominican,” Polanco responded. “I’m from the Dominican Republic but I am a black woman. We’re talking about where you’re from, like your country and you’re talking about race ethnicity, right? So I am Afro-Latina.”

    Source 1 and 2

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    Apparently Macklemore is still making music! The rapper turned LGBT activist invited Rolling Stone into his home for a one-on-one profile with the music mag. The highlight of the piece is the detailing of the Seattle native's art collection, which includes an oil painting of Drake and an artistic rendition of Grammy award winnerJustin Bieber pouring pancake syrup on the Bieberconda.

    Macklemore, real name Ben Haggerty, proudly displays an oil painting of Champagne Papi Drake dancing, a velvet painting of a bald eagle, an entire wall of guitars and fringe, and a unique interpretation of a nude Justin Bieber pouring syrup down his chest while balancing a pancake on his erection, in his $2.1 million home.

    Ryan Lewis explains to @E!: "Ben spent a lot of time buying weird stuff on Etsy."

    The masterpiece is indeed on sale on Etsy by groundbreaking artist Dan Lacey.

    Paraphrased from @E!. Artist @DanLacey.

    ONTD: What's the kinkiest thing you've ever purchased?

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    Yves Scherer, who previously made controversial nude statues of Emma Watson, has now made an art show based around the potential objects of a Kristen Stewart stan.  Kristen did not collaborate with Scherer and most likely had no idea of the project before its debut.

    Scherer states about the show:  “I think the show is a lot about the idea of the intimate stranger, of this familiarity with public figures, the time shared with them and about the dreams and let downs connected to it. Quite like the child falling in love with the princess – I feel like Hollywood provides us with figures that are beyond our reach.”

    He chose her "partially" due to her affair scandal with Rupert Sanders, and the show is in fact called Snow White and the Huntsmen (creative).


    Do you think this is going too far?

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    - Her kid didn't knock and entered the room and cought her blowing her husband.
    - She gave no fucks and kept going.


    ONTD, have you ever been caught doing anything sexual?

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    Demi Lovato, a proud Hillary Clinton supporter, took to Twitter tonight to speak out against the violence that Donald Trump told his supporters to use against protestors, and quoted Spider-Man as part of her argument.

    Source, 2

    Hours after Demi tweeted against Trump and his tactics, Hillary made the following statement via Twitter:

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    The official Digimon twitter confirmed the date.

    According to Google, it says: And then! Digimon Adventure tri. Chapter 3, "Confessions" theatrical release is September 24, 2016!!


    Have you guys seen Chapter 2? can we all agree that Joe is the fucking worst??!! Also Leomon literally killed me.

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