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    Spoiler alert: Phelps and Lochte raced today. The results are all over Twitter. But the race won’t air on TV in America until tonight.

    This is 2012, not 1996. NBC has put all of the events live online, provided you have a cable subscription, but won’t have them available recorded online and won’t air many events, including the most high-profile ones, until a primetime tape delay.

    This isn’t a new strategy, just a dumb, outdated one.

    Michael Roston@michaelroston
    This isn't just the first social Olympics; it's the first Olympics where we can see in real time the dysfunction of the broadcast monopoly

    Sums it up pretty well. We’ve already covered the failings of NBC (and the IOC) fairly extensively, but its a topic that bears repeating. Check out #nbcfail for a live (gasp, what’s that?) stream of people’s frustrations with the peacock network.

    Now, I like to think that NBC isn’t completely outdated and stupid. They’re doing this for a reason: m-o-n-e-y.

    NBC can make more money with its current strategy than it could with a strategy that’s better for the viewers. And it isn’t just broadcasting a run of the mill sports event branded by a for-profit sports league. NBC is benefitting from Team USA branding and national pride, and is using that to fuck people over for better ratings.

    So if you’re cool with watching tape delays, having commercials during soccer games and more, then by all means watch NBC tonight and give them good ratings.But if people really want this to change, especially for future Olympics, World Cups and more, then you need to not watch. Scour the internet for bootleg streams, most of which are live; or if you must watch the games tonight, go to a bar where the games will already be on.

    Don’t contribute to the ratings.


    I spent all my rage with Matt/Meredith's inane opening ceremony commentary tbh.  Is the tape delay annoying you?  Non-US ONTDers can talk about coverage in their countries as well.

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    Kristen and Rupert gave away their attraction in photos long before their affair was exposed, a noted body language expert reveals to exclusively! Click through photos of the pair for details!

    We asked Dr. Lillian Glass, a noted body language expert, to take a look at several photos of Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders taken before their affair was revealed. She believes that their bodies give away their sexual attraction. While Kristen claims the two were only involved in a momentary indiscretion on July 17, Dr. Glass can see that they were magnetically attracted to each other. Read on for her expert analysis!

    I know it's just ~Hollywood Life~ but I've been waiting for this anyway.

    Of this photo, taken during their film's Los Angeles premiere in May of 2012, Dr. Glass says, "They're in step and he is holding on tightly to the small of her back, around her waist." (SplashNews)

    Of this photo, taken on set in September of 2011, Dr Glass says, "Her toes are pointing his his direction. He covers up his torso because he knows what they are doing is wrong...Kristen shows the more aggressive and dominant position here with open body posture and legs apart." (SplashNews)

    About this photo, again taken on set in September of 2011, Dr. Glass says, "Although he leads her through the rocks, there is an awkwardness on his part. He presses his thumb and pointer finger together as means of literally getting a grip on himself. He does lean into her and although he leads her he, is not being protective and engulfing." (SplashNews)

    This photo was taken of the two at an industry screening of their film on May 29, 2012. Dr. Glass says, "He looks ahead as though nothing is going on, yet his facial expression gives it away. His lips are pursed as though he is trying to keep a secret. He has a serious look in his eyes and has an ambivalent smile. He can't fully smile as he knows exactly what he has been doing with Kristen, and knows it is not right. She on the other hand blatently looks up at him, and puts her hand on her thigh as a sexual gesture, and as a means of self-comforting . She is, in essence, checking in with him to see if he is responding to her. With [Robert,] she was always aloof and he was always smiling and all over her. She was way too sure of his love for her. Now she isn't quite so sure with Rupert, so she is checking in." (Getty Images)

    About this photo, taken during their press tour in May of 2012, Dr. Glass says, "There is a lot of distance between them. She looks down, yet her smile is brighter than we have ever seen her. It is a rare sight. Her shoulders are rounded as she is feeling insecure around Rupert. She is sheepish as she knows deep down that what she is doing isn't right and her body is letting her and everyone else know it. He keeps a lot of distance between them, but his smile is unmistakably genuine as he seems smitten with her." (Courtesy of YouTube)

    Earlier this week, the world was shocked to discover that Kristen Stewart, the girl it was dating, had been stepping out on it in secret with an older man: the married-with-kids director of her film Snow White and the Huntsman, which received mixed-to-positive reviews.

    Now comes the deluge of pictures. Having inhabited a body myself for many years, I am considered, by many, to be something of a "body language expert." On that note, please join me as I guide you through a series of photos of the illicit affair in action.

    In this image, Kristen Stewart appears to be walking, either forwards or backwards, or perhaps merely raising her leg in place. She's lifting up her wife beater to get some air under there, so we know her stomach is a very hot place — possibly the same temperature as a dark spot on the sun, though there's no way to tell just from photos.

    She is wearing her sweatpants very low, with no belt, to tie herself, visually, into United States prison culture.

    Prison garb does not permit the wearing of belts, out of concern inmates will use them to assist in suicide.

    Wow, okay, wow. In this shot, Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders appear to be involved in some sort of role-playing game in which they imagine they are two teens in an urban mall food court.

    We can tell from their grinding that they are probably not new acquaintances or family members.

    It also looks a little like Kristen Stewart might be stepping on Rupert Sanders' foot, which is rude, but he's probably focused on either her ass rocking back into his crotch, or her boiling hot stomach.

    The body language in this picture is saying "Hello, I am having an affair."

    Kristen Stewart is holding a giant baseball cap, which Us Weekly says belongs to her other boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, making this picture extra cold.

    Rupert Sanders is probably whispering something sexy in her ear like, "I love how small your head looks in that hat."

    This is the first time Kristen Stewart has ever been captured smiling in any photograph, ever.

    One thing that babies and newly-in-love couples have in common is an obsession with hands. Another thing is that they love suckin' on boobies.

    In this photo, Kristen Stewart is tenderly stroking Rupert Sanders' hand, perhaps wondering how so strange an appendage (it's like a sea anemone) could be featured on the body of so perfect a lover.

    Her hair's really flying in this picture. Are they simulating fucking? Body language expert says: Yes.

    Both Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders are trying to do a cool tough-guy pose in this shot.

    Rupert Sanders attempts to lean super casually against the scenic weed-choked overpass bridge, but just ends up looking sort of awkward. Kristen Stewart is really nailing her pose, right down to the casual lick lip while staring into the near distance.

    This picture tells us that this is a relationship with two Dannys and no Sandys. Everybody trying to be Travolta.

    Are Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders gay? Body language expert says: Yes.

    Now Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders are straight-up making out in a car, which is the most affair-ish thing you can do with another human being. Seconds after this picture was taken, Rupert Sanders begged Kristen Stewart to drive away because he kept hearing a weird scraping noise against the doors of the car. When Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders arrived home, they discovered a bloody hook hanging from the driver's side handle and realized that life is very fragile.

    But before that happened, it was time for Feats of Strength. Here, Kristen Stewart makes a bold play to establish dominance, flexing a monstrous muscle to show Rupert Sanders she could knock him out one handed if ever he crossed her.

    She is, if not the man in this relationship, certainly the bro. She is literally both in the driver's seat and wearing the [baggy sweat]pants.

    Rupert Sanders' role has been reduced to that of a Teresa Giudice, fawning over her Juicy Joe.

    Rupert Sanders has his eyes closed here and it looks like he's going in for a kiss. Body language expert says: everybody stop kissing everybody because if this is what we look like when we do it, that is dumb and embarrassing for us.

    Spotted! The weird thing is neither Kristen Stewart nor Rupert Sanders seems all that bothered. He's got a little giggle going. Her look is one of extremely mild annoyance.

    Maybe they thought they were being photographed by a pervert because they were making out in a car.

    (In reality, they were being photographed by a pervert because they are famous and making out in a car.)

    source | source 2

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  • 07/28/12--16:52: FFAO Post - Evening Edition

  • Tonight's Schedule includes:

    Current medal standings (as of 6:30 pm CT)

    Live Stream

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  • 07/28/12--17:23: Harry Styles walking post
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  • 07/28/12--17:28: True love is dead

  • Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and now ... the most SHOCKING break up of all ... Octomom and Frankie G have officially called it quits.

    Sources close to Octo tell TMZ, Octo has decided to end their love affair, after almost a whole three months of dating.

    Sources tell us ... the mother of 14 ended the relationship a few weeks ago because she has way too much on her plate right now and just can't make time for a serious relationship.

    In case you forgot -- Octo is currently juggling various XXX gigs, launching a singing career, getting kicked out of her house, and of course ... caring for the livelihood of many, many, small children.

    We're told Octo realized early on that 23-year-old Frankie G was just too young to handle her fast paced lifestyle ... so she had to cut him loose. Sources tell us they still remain friends.

    ... with benefits. Maybe. Probably not.


    First TomKat, then Robsten and now Octodouche. If a reality star wannabe mother of 14 and an equally as fame hungry 23-year-old can't make it then who can? Who. Can. Next you're going to tell me that Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest aren't the real deal. Love is a fairy tale. It isn't real.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Sorry, ladies: Mark-Paul Gosselaar is officially off the market.

    One year after the Franklin & Bash star proposed to advertising executive Catriona McGinn, the couple said "I do" on Saturday at the Sunstone winery in Santa Ynez, Calif., a source confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

    Gosselaar, 38, who was previously married to Lisa Russell and has two children, told PEOPLE that he was very involved in Saturday's wedding planning.

    "I'm too type-A to let it happen around me," he said. "We're trying to make it as traditional as possible. It's going to be fun!"

    Next, the former Saved by the Bell star and his new bride are heading to Italy for their honeymoon.

    "Trust me, we are going to eat our asses off!" he told PEOPLE. "We're really excited about that element."

    Aw, congratulations to them! And I really wish TNT would hurry up and renew Franklin and Bash.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    The Dark Knight Rises is the final part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga. Known for his dark approach to the iconic superhero and intricate storylines, Nolan’s Batman universe rose as the golden standard for the superhero movie. After the record-breaking success of The Dark Knight, the sequel quickly found itself in the dreaded and often-cursed position of trilogy-ender. However, fans remained confident and practically threw their faith in Nolan’s inability to produce a below average movie.

    The Dark Knight Rises was purely epic. It wasn’t without its flaws, but the final product was clear in its darkness. The inter-weaving storylines and twisted characters left little to be desired as every ounce of Nolan was worked into their being. With almost three hours worth of film, the sense of controlled chaos that Nolan is known for crept itself to a shattering climax – or five. With so many pivotal moments, to name only five is to do Rises a disservice, but looking into the themes of the movie, here are the five scenes that made it.

    5. Bane’s Attack On The Airplane
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    The introduction of the key villain is arguably the most important aspect of a film as it sets the tone by revealing the sense of conflict the protagonist will resolve – or in some cases, fail to resolve. The construction of this scene usually involves a successful ploy that gives insight on the villain’s often psychotic intentions with terror being the source and outcome from this perceived opposition. Bane’s introduction was no different and was beautifully crafted in the smallest of details.

    The second Bane spoke, the entire feel of the movie shifted into fear. The echoing voice and the sheer theatricality immediately set Bane to be the worst kind of villain – a clever one who was not bent on revenge, but intention. The audience knew Bane was set up to succeed, but how it would play out made the introduction all the more effective.

    Once his cover was revealed, he controlled the scene. He was the scene and he was real. His plan, his fury, and his chaos spread throughout the tiny plane cabin instilling pure fear and claustrophobia. To end it all, Bane told – not commanded – his lackey to stay behind on the ill-fated plane. When his lackey smiled back with blind faith, terror took its place.

    4. Bruce Wayne Rises From The Pit
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Though not surprising in the slightest bit, Bruce Wayne manages to escape the prison of despair and with that, the almighty Dark Knight rises. Much of the pit served to humanize Bruce and hand him the weakness of humanity. Much like a standard superhero film, Bruce is plagued by inner demons that arose from his endeavors in previous films. Unlike a standard superhero film, the rise to freedom was depicted as a journey instead of a mere circle. He was not battling inner demons that hindered his performance, he was battling a physical and tangible block in duty.

    When Bruce finally decided to attempt the climb without a rope, the scene was nothing but pure freedom. The chanting that resonated with each step, the brightness of the hope above, and the innocence of Bruce’s flashback showing his father climbing down to rescue him – which was gorgeously nostalgic to watch – was pulled of effortlessly. Batman was back.

    (My entire theater, myself included, erupted into cheers and applause when Bruce successfully jumped onto the ledge.)

    3. The Sewer Fight
    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
    And so Batman formally meets Bane. There can be no rise without a fall. The scene leading up to this fight with Catwoman was expertly paced to build up the meeting of these two fated rivals. It wasn’t clear if Batman was actually going to face Bane, but the quick succession of scenes shrouded the true purpose of Catwoman’s plight; drama which was all too familiar for Bane. When the gate closed, everyone including Batman knew the “storm was coming.”

    The brawl was long awaited and it delivered. Not only was the camera panned back so the audience could see the choreographed fight, the music was absent. Rather, the sound of fists and grunts orchestrated a haunting fight, one that Batman was sure to lose. Bane’s dialogue was equally captivating, with each insult and statement spoken only to empower himself and to provoke his opponent into a blind rage. To end it all came a nod to the comics where Bane lifts Batman up and proceeds to crack his back. The first confrontation did its job in allowing Batman to lose in glory.

    And throughout this brawl, Catwoman’s looks of guilt was the hope in despair that fit the themes of the movie all too well.

    2. Bane’s Speech At Blackgate
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    If the Joker’s isolated games of chaos wasn’t enough for Gotham, Bane came forward with a vision of chaos: to strip the power from the powerful and to give hope to the hopeless and to bring justice to the lawful and law to the lawless. This shift in classes and politics strengthened Bane’s grasp on his own rise to corruption by being the central figure in the confusion. What were the punished going to do with freedom they never knew? Put blind faith in Bane, so much as to warrant a smile when Bane tells them to stay behind on a crashing plane.

    With the city in loose shackles, Bane remained true to his name. He spoke of corruption while causing it and once again gave hope to a city newly formed from despair. His vision was accomplished.

    1. Capture of Gotham
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Could there have been a more pivotal moment? This was when things got really bad. With Batman gone and Gordon in the hospital, there was no hope for what was about to happen. The patriotic Star-Spangled Banner playing as Bane walked down his road to revolution was one of the best moments in the entire movie. He stepped out of the darkness heralding the news of Gotham’s destruction while everyone looked directly at the man responsible for it all. Bane, being one for theatrics, wanted the city to see their “savior” and revel in his presence.

    He had the charisma, the fear, and what it took to be the poster boy for what would eventually be revealed as Talia’s version of chaos.


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    They hail from the distant corners of outer space to the swampy wilds of Louisiana, from comic-book universes to updated fairy tales. They stand their ground against monsters both mythical and human. And they are first and foremost female.

    Hollywood has made major strides this year in building a better female action hero for the 21st century with a wide array of choices.

    USA TODAY provides an overview after the cut

    Stewie: Ooh, Lois, someone's wearing their ovaries on the outside.

    Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games

    Played by: Jennifer Lawrence

    Profile: Self-sacrificing, fearless and beautiful in spite of herself, this coal miner's daughter must call upon all her survival skills — including the use of a bow and arrow — as she competes in a deadly contest in the post-apocalyptic nation of Panem.

    Secret weapon: Katniss is more fully rounded and realistic than many females in movies thanks to her rich source material — a well-written book series — and spot-on casting.

    Weakness: The temptation to allow the romantic elements to overshadow her personal growth in future movies.

    What Lawrence says: "She's a normal 16-year-old girl thrown into this situation, who becomes a hero by default, who becomes a symbol. That hits home for a lot of people."

    What producer Nina Jacobson says: "Katniss does not set out to be an action hero. She becomes a revolutionary."

    Black Widow (aka Natasha Romanoff) in The Avengers

    Played by: Scarlett Johansson

    Profile: The Russian spy shuts down any attackers with her Olympian-level acrobatic skills. Yet when the mild-mannered Bruce Banner suddenly transforms into the raging Hulk and goes after her, she displays a very human and revealing vulnerability.

    Secret weapon: Foes and allies alike tend to underestimate this powerhouse, who uses the guise of being a femme fatale to disarm and charm her opponents.

    Weakness: As a lone female among a bunch of hyper-competitive male crime-fighters, Black Widow is too often muscled onto the sidelines of the story. Plus, she is forced to don the bane of many a she-hero: a leather catsuit.

    What director Joss Whedon says: The creator of one of the most worshiped female heroes ever, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told Wired magazine he insisted that the Black Widow be included in the film so it wouldn't feel like "a gay cruise."

    What Johansson says: She told an Australian publication that she felt on equal ground with the guys. "She's not in the cast simply to be a romantic foil or eye candy. She's there to fight, so I never felt like I was the only girl. We all have our various skills and it feels equal."

    Dr. Elizabeth Shaw in Prometheus

    Played by: Noomi Rapace

    Profile: This archaeologist is a contradiction: A woman of science who professes a belief in God. Both sides of her ideology are put to the test when on a space expedition she becomes impregnated with an alien creature and must perform a cesarean Caesarean section on herself via a surgical machine. Minutes later, she goes into battle mode to fend off intergalactic attackers.

    Secret weapon: In stark contrast to the chilly hard-nosed female in charge of the mission, Shaw is a kinder, gentler — ultimately — more resilient warrior whose horrific pregnancy links her to Sigourney Weaver's maternal conflicts as Ripley in the original series of Alien films.

    Weakness: Any woman who has given birth even in normal circumstances realizes the unlikelihood that Shaw could so quickly recover from the experience.

    Rapace says: "I'm not sure I see my character as an action hero. I just wanted audiences to feel my character's pain. That's the great thing about Ridley (Scott, the director). He doesn't want you to prove anything, whether you are an actor or an actress. He just wants you to be a natural character."

    Merida in Brave

    Voiced by: Kelly Macdonald

    Profile: A fairy-tale princess turned upside down, this obstinate and opinionated Scottish lass' journey of self- discovery isn't about finding true love or even becoming a warrior despite her superior bow-and-arrow skills. It is about learning that Mother actually does know best and her love runs the deepest.

    Secret weapon: Her wild and curly red hair is emblematic of the willful Merida's non-conformist nature and lively spirit as she more than lives up to the title of her movie by not giving up on her dreams but owning up to her mistakes. And her refusal to be forced into an arranged marriage is admirable.

    Weakness: Her charismatic character's reasoning is sometimes undermined by the shaky logic of the script.

    Co-director Mark Andrews says: "The character is extremely confident, inspiring and independent. The audience wants to back any kind of character like that."

    Co-director Brenda Chapman, who based Merida on her daughter: "I tried to give Merida a more athletic body. Thicker arms. When the wind blows, you can tell she has gymnast-like legs. I'm hoping someday we can bust that open and let women be who they are and not what they are expected to be."

    Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman

    Played by: Kristen Stewart

    Profile: Betrayed by her evil stepmother and held prisoner for most of her childhood, the princess escapes and embraces her destiny as a savior of her kingdom with a strength derived more from her innate goodness than physical fortitude.

    Secret weapon: While she puts on armor and leads the charge against the queen's army, Snow White remains a very female force of nature rather than a weapon-wielding tomboy. And while she is torn between the huntsman and a prince, her duty trumps any romantic action.

    Weakness: Her rallying speech to the troops falls far short of the gold standard for such motivational war cries: the famous speech from Shakespeare's Henry V.

    Stewart says: "Snow White is strong yet still a female. She is essentially me. Steady and female and strong."

    Director Rupert Sanders says: "I never had her do anything that she realistically would not be able to do. She uses her sword to protect herself."

    Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman) in The Dark Knight Rises

    Played by: Anne Hathaway

    Profile: The slinky cat burglar is an opportunist at heart, but her flirtatious connection to Bruce Wayne and his alter-ego, Batman, persuades her to join the good guys.

    Secret weapon: Selena is an enigma with no back story yet brings the movie alive even when she isn't taking down opponents. She best defines the film's central conflict when she purrs to Batman: "You and your friends better batten down the hatches. There's a storm coming. … You're going to wonder how you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us."

    Weakness: Hathaway's version must withstand comparison to other interpretations , from the campy renditions by Julie Newmar and Eartha Kitt on the Batman TV series in the '60s to Halle Berry's catastrophic performance in 2004's Catwoman film. And, yes, her leather catsuit.

    Hathaway says: "She's not a sex object. It was so much fun getting to create a character that was multidimensional and lived in the superhero realm."

    Director Chris Nolan says: "I was hesitant to have a Catwoman. She always seemed too fanciful." But after writer David Goyer made her a full-time criminal, "we were able to crack the character. We wanted her to have more of an edge."

    Hushpuppy in Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Played by: Quvenzhané Wallis

    Profile: The littlest and fiercest female on the list can be found in this post-Katrina fantasy drama told from a 6-year-old girl's perspective. Living in a ramshackle community of outsiders, Hushpuppy's sickly father, Wink, applies tough love to prepare his motherless child for the upheavals ahead.

    Secret weapon: While there is more than a little tomboy in those dirty boots that she stomps around in, Hushpuppy has found a way to survive by casting herself as a heroine of her own epic journey, all the while craving the company of women to fill the gap left by her absent mother.

    Weakness: The magical elements of Hushpuppy's story both elevate and sometimes muddy the narrative.

    Director Ben Zeitlin says: "Her strength doesn't come from bullying or any mean-spirited place. It's a strength that comes from an incredibly true heart."


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    Shane's dead, baby. Shane's dead. But you won't miss his antagonistic ways for long if the "Walking Dead" team has their way — that's because a new villain is on the way, and he's going to make Jon Bernthal's recently killed psycho-cop look like Captain America.

    David Morrissey joins the third season of AMC's survival horror series as The Governor, the single-most iconic villain from Robert Kirkman's original comic books. He is the leader of Woodbury, a small community molded in the shape of the zombie apocalypse that houses, among others, a veritable army of killers including the long lost Merle Dixon — a character who looks positively soft when stacked next to the Governor.

    "I can't give anything away, but I will say that he's charming, devious, sexy and unbelievably evil," actress Laurie Holden told MTV News about Morrissey's Governor, a character she shares plenty of screen time with in season three. "I think people are going to be knocked out, because he's a wonderful actor, he's fantastic. I can't imagine anyone else playing the Governor."

    In developing the character, Morrissey didn't turn to the comic books, but the "Rise of the Governor" prose novel that delves into the ruthless zombie-killer's origin.

    "As any actor, you like to work on your back story, and I had a whole book of it. That was great," he said, adding: "My inspiration and starting point for the Governor is all the scripts the guys have been writing for me. That's where it's born, really, for me. That's where I'm creating the character with the writers, [executive producer] Glen [Mazzara] and everybody else."

    Mazzara weighed in on the Governor as well, saying that this is a man who believes himself to be the messiah.

    "I think he believes that this apocalypse is all about him," he said. "This is his opportunity to become a great man in world history. He'll be the one to rebuild civilization. He'll be the one to lead people out of the darkness, and they conquered the zombies. Well, that's a tall order, for anyone. But that's what he wants. He feels that this is his opportunity. That makes him quite driven to achieve that goal. That's exciting to see what this man is willing to do to achieve that."


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    BOXER David Haye wants to take on Tom Hardy in the ring.
    The heavyweight is impressed by how much Tom bulked up for The Dark Knight Rises, in which he plays big baddie Bane.
    The Hayemaker said: “Tom has got in fantastic shape. He looks like an absolute tank. But I think I could take him on – I’ll take him on for sure.
    “Me and Tom Hardy, that would be a good fight for sure. He can be my next opponent.”

    Hardy Responds:


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  • 07/28/12--19:48: HEY BROTHER
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    Brandi regretfully has a lot in common with Liberty Ross, whose husband, Rupert Sanders, was recently photographed cheating on her with actress Kristen Stewart.

    The Real Housewives star, 39, was blindsided in 2009 when Us Weekly broke the news of her husband Eddie Cibrian's affair with LeAnn Rimes, his costar in a tv movie.

    Though they've become civil, Glanville will never forget how it feels to be cheated on.

    "I'm not happy with this Kristen Stewart bullshit" Glanville tweeted July 25. "Too close to home. Same story: friends with the wife and kids, and fuck the husband when we think no one is looking."

    Glanville continued to address Stewart and Sanders' affair tweeting: "Home wreckers come in pairs! It takes two!"

    With that, Glanville added that she was heading to Las Vegas to "do some liver wrecking" and "meet my future ex-husband!"

    Brandi is feeling her pain, but will she reach out to Liberty personally? Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with a friend of Brandi’s who told us it’s way too soon for her to consider it.

    [Liberty] needs time to grieve,” the friend explained. “Who knows? Hopefully they can save the marriage. People make mistakes and I know Brandi wishes them the best.”

    Adrienne's House Party!

    Just when we thought things couldn't get weirder after learning that Lady Gaga and Lindsay Lohan had a slumber party at the Chateau Marmont, Adrienne Maloof comes along to blow our minds once more. This week the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star threw a massive bash at her massive home to debut a red velvet flavored vodka—and the guest list was something else.

    Celebuzz got exclusive access to the party deets and revealed that, in addition to appearances by Camille Grammar and Kyle Richards (with husband Mauricio in tow), Extra host Mario Lopez, Laker Ron Artest and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan joined in on the festivities. Random.

    Heather Fires Back at Obama for His Real Housewives Comments!

    We can tell President Obama hasn’t been keeping up with the Real Housewives because he recently got on the bad side of Orange County’s Heather Dubrow.

    While addressing the National Urban League Convention on July 25, the President said of America’s youth, “We will give you opportunity but you’ve got to earn your success, competing against young people in Beijing and Bangalore. You know, they’re not hanging out… They’re not playing video games. They’re not watching Real Housewives.”

    In response, Heather tweeted, “@BarackObama In light of your recent comments, I'd like to point out that I am on#RHOC AND college educated AND considered a role model.”

    Unfortunately, Obama has yet to respond

    Jill Spills RHONJ Scoop: Will Teresa’s Makeup Artist Be Cast on Season 5?

    Jill has been a busy little media bee since getting fired from the show. Her latest gig involves appearing on Good Afternoon America and offering up her thoughts and opinions on pop culture.

    On her most recent appearance , Jill let it slip that she’d recently run into Real Housewives star Teresa’s makeup artist in the Hamptons.

    According to Jill, this makeup artist may be coming on board to join the cast for Season 5: “They want her on the next season to even it up.” Jill continued, “Teresa needs a friend.”

    ‘Real Housewife’ of NJ wants to run for Senate!

    Watch out, Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) — you might have a famous opponent come 2014.

    Danielle Staub, the firecracker from the first two seasons of “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” was on Capitol Hill Thursday, where she told ITK about her aspirations to run for political office.

    “I would like to do something in the Senate,” Staub said. “I think that I can make a difference as a name and as a voice, and I’m definitely strong and can throw myself out there in many, many ways.”

    The former Housewife, who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in early June, has tried her hand at writing, singing and stripping, but politics could be her next foray.

    Staub was on Capitol Hill as part of Children Uniting Nations’s seventh annual national conference, which focused on bullying, foster children and physical activity.

    She lamented that she has been bullied her entire life, and that the torment has only gotten worse since appearing on national TV.

    Pressed on whether she is a Republican or Democrat, Staub responded, “I’m going to keep myself politically direct and silent for now. Ask me in just another week maybe, and maybe I’ll have a different opinion. I do change my mind every so often.”

    Countess LuAnn Blames Aviva and Mario for Turning Ramona Against Her!

    On Monday’s episode there was a lot of focus put on the surprise wine tasting LuAnn sprung on Ramona. Aviva thought it was mean-spirited, while many of the other housewives didn't agree. Now LuAnn herself is weighing on via her Bravo blog.

    "Even though Ramona drives me crazy sometimes, I've never completely disliked her," LuAnn confesses. "We have a certain amount of respect for each other even when we don't agree."

    She goes on to say that "When we had Ramona blindly test her own wine, it was to have fun, not to embarrass her," noting that Ramona "analyzed her wine perfectly."

    LuAnn seems to blame Aviva and Ramona's hubby Mario Singer for turning Ramona against her yet again. "[Ramona] had a good time at the party and it wasn't until Mario and the Dreschers got her all worked up that she felt like we did something wrong."

    Nene Says Ryan Murphy Is Obsessed With Her!

    NeNe Leakes has really hit it big. Not only is she the center of attention on Real Housewives of Atlanta, she also has scored gigs on both Glee and The New Normal. How did her career take off? She credits Ryan Murphy's love for her.

    "[Ryan] had an obsession with me," NeNe says of how she landed her job as coach Roz on Glee. "Ryan said to me that I was his guilty pleasure and he'd been watching The Real Housewives ... he would watch it on Sunday and make his bed and drink his coffee and watch me." Who would have guessed that the creator of one of the most successful sitcoms currently airing would be such a big NeNe fan?!

    The Secret Behind Kyle's Banging New Bikini Body: Full Body Lipo!!

    Kyle is looking hotter than ever, and RadarOnline has exclusively learned the secret behind her amazing, toned new bod -- full body lipo!

    The 43-year-old Real Housewife has felt self-conscious about her body ever since giving birth to her four kids, refusing to strip down into a bikini and let it all hang loose, so after years of covering up she decided to take drastic action.

    "The deciding factor for Kyle was the housewives trip to Las Vegas," a source close to the situation tells Radar. "They were filming around the pool and Camile and Brandi immediately stripped down to these teeny tiny bikinis - and, needless to say, they both looked stunning.

    "Kyle felt so intimidated, there was no way she was taking anything off in front of the cameras, she felt totally inadequate.

    "Don't get me wrong. Kyle was by no means overweight, she eats healthily and she works out, but she just has certain areas of her body, like most women, that she isn't happy about. So she decided to get a little help.

    "Kyle went and had full body lipo. The doctor sculpted and toned her perfectly and she was completely thrilled with the results. It wasn't a dramatic difference, but the overall change is amazing. She looks and feels better than she ever has. She only lost about 15-20 pounds in total, but it was all from the right places, the trouble spots that she couldn't get rid of through exercise or diet alone.

    "For the first time in years, Kyle feels great in a bikini and she is flaunting the results in tight little dresses and little short shorts. She finally feels she can hold her own against her cast members and it has done wonders for her self esteem."

    US, CeleBuzz, WetPaint, TheHill, Radar

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    As first reported exclusively by BroadwayWorld, ANASTASIA - A New Musical is being brought to the stage in a 29-hour reading, which entered rehearsals last week, based on the hit 1997 animated motion picture from Fox Animation Studios. The musical, which is in its Early Stages of development, will feature the five songs from the film along with fifteen new songs written for the stage. Joining the creative team of Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty will be bookwriter Terrence McNally and music director Ben Cohn.

    Joining the previously announced cast is Kelli Barrett in the title role of Anya (Anastasia). Patrick Page once again dons the role of the villain, Vladimir. Angela Lansbury will reprise her role from the film as the Empress Maria, and Aaron Tveit will play Dimitri.

    The reading will also feature Maria May as Young Anastasia, Aaron Lazar as Gleb and Julie Halston as Lily, as well as Mark Aldrich, Bertilla Baker, Ben Crawford, Joy Hermalyn, Lisa Karlin, Joseph Mahowald, Barbara Marineau and Benjamin Schrader in the ensemble.

    The reading is being produced by Stage Entertainment, and there is currently no word on when the show might hit the stage, and of course the cast of a reading is often not indicative of future productions.


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    “Our program is tailored for the U.S. television audience,” NBC responds.

    “It’s a credit to (ceremony director) Danny Boyle that it required so little editing.”

    Choreographer Akram Khan, whose "Abide With Me" tribute performance at last night's opening ceremony, was visibly shocked to learn NBC had edited out his performance when the network aired the ceremony in tape delay, choosing instead to air a Ryan Seacrest interview with Michael Phelps.

    Khan was silent, then he explained to the room and the reporter that this was the first he heard this news. You could see Khan was upset, stunned, shaken and disappointed all in an instant.

    Khan's dance director and partner in the performance Farooq Chaudhry told Nicholas Wolaver "It's disgraceful U.S. media could make that decision and [I] would like to know why. Khan later said, "I am really sad that I couldn’t show the work in America, and that really upsets me, because I don‘t think it’s any more or less than the other pieces. It brings to mind the question … that maybe it’s too truthful...Is it not accessible enough? Is it not commercial enough?”

    “Our program is tailored for the U.S. television audience,” said NBC Sports spokesman Greg Hughes in a statement. “It’s a credit to (ceremony director) Danny Boyle that it required so little editing.”

    Source s2 s3

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    Shortly after MTV’s Teen Wolf won Best Youth-Oriented Television Series at this year’s Saturn Awards, I landed an extended video interview with creator/executive producer Jeff Davis backstage. We talked about the recent twenty-four episode third season pickup, why the production is moving from Atlanta to Los Angeles, how he follows Joss Whedon’s “big bad” paradigm and how they keep the show fresh by bringing in new actors but balancing the regular characters’ appearances, and more. In addition, Davis teases a bloody end to season two and big changes ahead for season three. Hit the jump to watch.

    Jeff Davis Time Index:

    Davis comments on his newly won Saturn award for the Best Youth-Oriented Television Series.
    0:30 – Talks about Teen Wolf getting picked up for a third season and preparing for the 24 episode run.

    1:25 – The production is moving from Atlanta to California. Davis comments on why this change has been made.

    2:00 – Talks about his process with the finale of the second season and breaking the third season.

    2:30 – The upcoming season will be split into two sets of 12 episodes apiece.

    2:45 – Although Teen Wolf has been approved for a third season, there haven’t been any associated budget increases. Davis talks about how they work around it.

    3:50 – Davis admits to following in Joss Whedon’s “big bad” paradigm and how they keep the show fresh by bringing in new actors but balancing the regular characters’ appearances to appease the fanbase.

    4:35 – Talks about continuing the show past the high school years.

    5:20 – Although the production location is moving, the in-show location will stay the same.

    5:45 – Comments on the tax breaks in Los Angeles as a factor in their decision to move production.

    6:35 – Talks about other projects he’s been approached to do, but says he’s committed to working on Teen Wolf at the moment.

    7:30 – With the lower budget for Teen Wolf, which Davis calls one of MTV’s highest priced shows, Davis also comments on the
    creative freedom that comes with it.

    9:05 – Teases a bloody end to season two and big changes ahead for season three.


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    A new book to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Marilyn Monroe`s death has revealed how the blonde bombshell seduced a 16-year-old girl who started the actress` first fan club at 20th Century Fox.

    Jane Lawrence, who went on to become the superstar’s confidante, told the author Tony Jerris about their sexual encounter and how the then 29-year-old actress “leaned in and kissed me full on the lips, very softly and very slowly. I was nearly hyperventilating.”

    Lawrence also revealed that the iconic sex symbol of sixties used to call her “my little secret.

    Jerris was introduced to Lawrence through a mutual friend in 2001.

    “Jane met Marilyn when she was 12 because her adopted father ran the legal department at RKO studio,” a leading daily has quoted the author as telling a website.

    “They soon became close friends after realizing that they had been in the same orphanage at different times of their lives, even though Marilyn was 14 years older, and neither of them knew their birth fathers,” he revealed.

    Lawrence, who has still treasured the star`s lipstick smudges and makeup compact admits that she always struggled with her sexuality. She revealed that she talked to Monroe about her dilemma many times and she was very understanding.

    Souvenirs: Ms Lawrence has kept Marilyn's lipstick smudges and makeup compact; Marilyn Monroe: My Little Secret is a story of the now elderly woman and her fondest memories of the icon

    Lawrence remembers how the iconic actress told her, “Whatever your sexual preference is, it means nothing - love is love,”

    In her recollections Lawrence claimed that although she had had encounters with other girls before, one night in 1955 completely altered her view of ``sexual experiences``.

    She remembered going over to the star’s LA apartment to help her line some shelves, but the evening quickly went from home decor to something much more intimate.

    Lawrence reveals that by the time she arrived, the actress had taken the prescription drug Nembutal, while drinking was champagne.

    “The champagne makes me happy. The pill makes me happier faster,” Monroe told her.

    While measuring paper for her shelves, Lawrence was taken aback when her idol suddenly kissed her on her thigh, with a ‘mischievous twinkle in her eye’.

    “The next few minutes became hazy, surreal and dream-like. My pulse leaped as Marilyn kissed my thigh again... she then leaned in and kissed me full on the lips, very softly and very slowly. I was nearly hyperventilating,” Lawrence said in the memoir.

    “We moved through the living room into the bedroom,” she revealed.

    As their passion escalated, she explained how the star’s sexual overtures gave her an entirely new sensation.

    “Marilyn used her tongue, lavishly flicking and licking, an entirely new sensation for me. With the girls I had enjoyed sex with, there was often a shyness and hesitancy, not the hunger and confidence Marilyn displayed,” she said.

    Although the experience confirmed to Lawrence that she was gay, she doesn`t believe that the actress was a lesbian.

    “She was just a free spirit. She was a very open person,” she added.

    Source 1 and 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Wed, Jul 25, 2012

    LONDON – When the most famous flame in sports winds its way through the streets of London before entering the Olympic Stadium and providing the 2012 Games with one of its most iconic images, it will be seen as a touching gesture of symbolism, grace and a nod to the ancient world.

    Yet while the torch relay began once again at the historic site of Olympia on May 10 and is an integral part of any Games, its modern incarnation comes laced with sinister undertones that can be traced back to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Party and the controversial 1936 Olympics in Berlin.

    Many of those witnessing the final journey of the flame July 27 will have little idea that its origins do not lie in ancient Greece, and was instead formulated as a major part of the Nazis' plot to shift international opinion in their favor.

    "There had been no such torch relays in the ancient Games or, for that matter, in any of the 10 modern Summer Olympics preceding the Berlin Games," wrote renowned author David Clay Large in his outstanding book, "Nazi Games: The Olympics of 1936," which was published in 2007. "The torch relay was one of but many ways in which the Nazi Games helped define the modern Olympic experience as we know it today."

    After asking about this in FFAO post I looked it up to see for sure and apparently this is true. Long article under the cut. Edited to bold the more interesting parts, hopefully that helps

    The torch relay would play a major role in the propaganda offensive backed by Hitler and orchestrated by Dr. Joseph Goebbels. In the lead-up to the Games, the Nazi Propaganda Ministry supported a relay of the Olympic flame that would not only provide spectacular footage for Olympia, the 1938 film that was used to promote the Nazi ideal ahead of World War II, but could also be used for significant political and public relations benefit.

    The ancient Greeks had run relay races that involved flames as part of their worship to the Gods, but there had been no such symbolism in the modern Games. There had been a flame at Amsterdam in 1928 and Los Angeles in 1932, but it did not come from Olympia and there was no relay.

    Yet ahead of Berlin, the Nazis wasted no opportunity to ensure the flame's journey was used to promote the party ethos. At the lighting ceremony in Greece, a German ambassador dedicated the torch to Hitler himself, while a band played the marching song of the Sturmabteilung, the Nazi Party army, according to Large.

    "The Nazis used the Olympics to give the German public an exaggerated sense of national superiority that later was used in the service of military aggression," said Dr. Rafael Medoff, director of Holocaust Studies at the David S. Wyman Institute in Washington D.C. "The games also gave Hitler a way to soften his public image in order to allay the international community's concerns about his bigotry, violence and militarism."

    Goebbels, Hitler's propaganda chief, carefully orchestrated coverage of the torch's journey toward Berlin, which stretched through the Sudetenland, the region of Western Czechoslovakia that Germany wished to, and eventually would, annex.

    Organization of the relay was left to Carl Diem, a leading German sports administrator and chief organizer of the Berlin Games who willed his extraordinary collection of memorabilia to a trust when he died in 1962.

    Yet Diem himself had a mixed past. He was a strong administrator and promoter of sports, and was not a Party member. Indeed, his wife's Jewish heritage led to him being regarded with suspicion by some Nazi higher-ups. However, toward the end of the war he gave an impassioned speech exhorting young German soldiers to fight until the death even as the full force of the Allied machine closed in.

    Walter Borgers, director of the Carl and Lies Diem Archive, spoke of Diem's passionate belief in the torch relay. "He saw this as his life's work," Borgers said. "He decided to make the relay part of the ceremony. It was the best advertising campaign of all time."

    Diem and film director Leni Riefenstahl created much of the vision, but it was wholeheartedly embraced by Hitler and the Nazis. On the last part of the relay through Germany, only blue-eyed blond males were selected and the torch led Hitler and other senior party members into the Olympic stadium.

    The imagery was powerful and the PR spin was, sadly, effective in persuading many observers that the Nazi regime was strong, but not brutal.

    "To a significant extent, these Nazi deceptions worked," Medoff said. "The New York Times reported to its readers that the Germans displayed 'good will' and 'flawless hospitality.' The Associated Press predicted that the games would help 'assure peace' in Europe."

    The truth of course, was very different and within three years the entire continent was at war. Yet when hostilities finally ceased and the Games restarted in London in 1948, the torch relay was considered an element worth keeping.

    Over the past 10 weeks, about 8,000 people will have carried the torch through 1,019 cities, towns and villages en route to London. How many know of the relay's murky origin is anyone's guess.

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    Country music star and coach on NBC's "The Voice", Blake Shelton, just shocked Twitter by claiming he intentionally ran over a turtle.

    When he was called out for cruelty, he didn't show much remorse.

    The initial tweet:
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    An NPR blogger asked if the tweet was a joke.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And Blake was less than courteous.
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Update: Shelton indicated the tweet was a joke and that he wasn't in Oklahoma yesterday. Barbara King (@bjkingape) weighed in at NPR regarding why these tweets matter anyway. Shelton's fans continue to threaten turtles in defense of the initial tweet. I echo King in hoping that these fans aren't serious.

    Rage-inducing tweets from his fans @ Source

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    Robert Pattinson isn't only heartbroken over his girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheating on him, he's curious about what really happened and has exclusively learned he wants to go straight to the source, Rupert Sanders.

    Devastated after photos were released late Tuesday night revealing that Kristen, 22, had an affair with the married director, 41, Rob moved out of the Los Feliz home he once shared with Kristen on Thursday.

    "Rob wants to have a man to man chat with Rupert to find out exactly what happened between him and Kristen," a source close to the Twilight star exclusively told

    "Kristen has already betrayed his trust by cheating, so he can't be sure that she will tell him exactly what went on between her and Rupert. Rupert has a wife and a family to save, so Rob feels like he has nothing left to lose and would be honest with him."

    The insider went on to reveal that Rob feels doubly betrayed because he trusted Rupert as the director of Kristen's film Snow White and the Huntsman and had no idea the two were getting so close while he wasn't around.

    "Rob really was blindsided by this and he's going through the typical stages of being cheated on," the source said.

    "He was hurt and heartbroken, then angry and pissed off, and now he just wants answers. He feels like he needs to know exactly what happened, how far it went and how many times, so he can figure out if this is something he can move past.

    "He's not ready to talk with Kristen, it's too painful, so he's going to Rupert."

    Kristen released a statement on Wednesday calling the affair a "momentary indiscretion" and reiterated her love for Rob, but new photos released on Thursday of Kristen and Rupert getting cozy in Germany in May have Rob questioning Kristen's apology.

    "Rob just doesn't know who or what to believe right now," the source said. "And he'll do whatever it takes to find out the truth."

    RadarOnline, in case you can't tell

    f he truly can't abide cheating, he should still dump her ass regardless of what he finds out.

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