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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    MAMAMOO's prelease track, Taller Than You (1cm의 자존심), pokes fun at their own height in this new funny video that will surely have the "mamamoo" part stuck in your head for days.

    Their official comeback track and video will be released 16 February.


    praying for another bop ala um oh ah yeah tbh

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    Although many people think of Ayumi Hamasaki, AKB48, and JE when they think of J-Pop, the Japanese music scene and its trends actually quite different from what people remember in the past. Here is an update of what's trending in Japan, what's flopping in Japan, and the gray in-betweens.

    1. Groups with Non-traditional Idol Images (E-Girls, Sandaime J Soul Brothers)

    Before I go into detail, I want to clarify what I mean by "idol image". Some of these artists do not label themselves as idols nor do they want to. Some people debate whether they are idols despite denying the label. However, the bottom line is that they market themselves in a way similar to idols, but their image does not fit the traditional idol image, so "idol image" is used to capture this aspect while staying neutral in the debate.

    As suggested in the disclaimer, these are acts market themselves like an idol (e.g., dipping into multiple entertainment fields and selling an image to get by in these fields, marketing strategies such as handshake events) but do not have have a visual image of a traditional idol. They tend to market towards teen and young adult women instead of men. Some even reject the "idol" label because of the connotation that idols are not trained singers/dancers. With the idol boom declining, gravitation towards these types of groups may be a reflection of this decline.

    LDH (A growing entertainment agency founded by HIRO, leader of EXILE) in particular is noteworthy of this trend. Although EXILE/EXILE TRIBE itself isn't doing as well as it once did, its sister group (E-Girls) and "sub-unit" (Sandaime J Soul Brothers) are among the most popular acts right now).

    2. Indie Bands (Gesu no Kiwami Otome, Sekai no Owari)

    Another effect of the idol boom declining is the rise of indie bands. Although only a few top the charts, the presence of indie groups in the charts and media has been steadily increasing. Music/variety shows are beginning to cater towards these "new" acts through a broadcast dedicated to them and even an entire music show dedicated to rising indie acts (Both bands and otherwise).

    As of right now, there are two groups that are commonly seen as the leaders of the indie band boom: Gesu no Kiwami Otome and Sekai no Owari. Both of these acts have strong consistent presence in the digital charts in particularly (Debuting at the top and staying and/or reappearing in the top 10 for many weeks). That said, there are some concerns from those that follow this scene in particular. Gesu no Kiwami Otome's guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Kawatani Enon is involved in one of the largest recent scandals about two weeks prior to the band's album release. The media found out that he secretly married a non-celebrity last year and had an affair with variety talent Becky within the past year through his wife leaking LINE chats (Click here and here for the full messy details because it's amazing). Many are concerned that this scandal would not only hurt Gesu no Kiwami Otome's sales, but it would also pop the growing indie bubble. On the one hand, Gesu no Kiwami Otome's album debuted #1 on Oricon despite the scandal. On the other hand, some believe that their sale numbers (About 72,000) could have been higher if the scandal never happened. It should also be noted that Sekai no Owari's vocalist Fukase in particular tweeted out support for Kawatani's music during the scandal.

    Fun Fact 1: Fukase is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's ex-boyfriend.

    Fun Fact 2: Fukase tweeted that they broke up in code as seen here.

    Fun Fact 3: Kyary later took a picture of herself wearing a hat containing the coded message.

    Fun Fact 4: The girl in Sekai no Owari's Mr. Heartache music video wore the same dress as Kyary, possibily representing her and a response to the hat.

    3. Cover/Tribute Albums (Utada Hikaru, globe, Mika Nakashima, JUJU)

    Cover albums have been trendy for several years now in Japan, so it's not exactly a new trend. Japan REALLY loves their classics such as Every Little Thing's "Time Goes By", Utada Hikaru's "First Love", and m-flo's "let go". Some even made careers around it. A noteable example is JUJU. Although JUJU already established her career prior to her cover albums, her cover album "Request" is among her best selling albums (As well as Japan during the year of its release) and released multiple decently selling cover albums from there.

    Furtheremore, there is a new trend within cover albums: tribute albums. The Japanese music industry is hitting a point where many infamous and influential acts are hitting major annivesary milestones. Utada Hikaru hits her 15th anniversery as a music artist last year. globe recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. Mika Nakashima is currently celebrating her 15th year in the music industry. After the success of Utada Hikaru's tribute album, people are releasing annivesary tribute cover albums left and right. It has even benefitted those that are currently struggling despite the fact that it's not their own release. For example, Ayumi Hamasaki's contribution to Utada Hikaru and globe's tribute albums caught positive attention from the general public, and her cover even charted on the digital charts for a few weeks. Although this trend may sound boring, these tribute albums usually allow the artist to sing in their typical style and genre, so it creates a nice contrast to the original.

    ** Note: Mika Nakashima's tribute album isn't released yet, so there aren't any videos for it

    4. Kana Nishino

    If you were following the J-Pop scene but fell out, I'm sure you're asking "But who's the top female soloist right now"? Well, we're now at that part. Kana Nishino is currently the most popular female soloist. Although it might not be so obvious if you are strictly looking at physical sales (Her singles tend to sell about 50,000 or less copies and chart around 5-7. While her album sales are impressive and consistently top the charts with six figure numbers, they still pale in comparison to past female artists at their peak), her frequent appearance in music shows, awards, and digital sales tell a different story. Her singles have consistently hit double platinum in digital sales within 6-12 months, her releases always tops the chart for several weeks, and girls LOVE downloading ringtone versions of her songs.

    What makes Kana so successful though compared to other artists? If you were to ask me, it's the fact that she embraces the digital era (Something that the Japanese music industry as a whole has been resisting and falling as a result). Kana actually started as a model with a strong blog following before she ventured into music. This following allowed her to find somewhat immediate success. Furthermore, she and her team embraces digital sales and the cellphone-digital culture tied to digital sales. Her songs are consistently targetting gyarus, teenage girls, and young adult women (All of whom fall under the cellphone-digital culture demographic). Finally, she also adapts well to trends while maintaining the girl-next-door image. This can be seen by how her look changes with the current fashion trend with each album. Most recently, she's embraced country pop and her sales are even stronger than before.

    1. Female Soloists (Ayumi Hamasaki, Koda Kumi, Mika Nakashima, Otsuka Ai, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)

    Now for the depressing part following Kana. Unfortuantely, Kana is more or less the exception to the female soloist scene at the moment. Although there are newer female soloists that have found their place as a popular indie artist, female soloists aren't doing too well compared to the past. Those that are more familiar with J-Pop in the past would immediately recognize pretty much all the names of the people I listed in the section. The decline could be attributed to many potential reasons. It could be due to the idol boom in the mid-late 2000s creating more interest in groups than soloists. It could be due to inability to change with music trends. It could be due to their management failing to adapt to an increasingly digital market. While all of these artists have established themselves as household names that everybody recognizes, all of them have seen steady decline in sales over the years and have yet to recover from it.

    2. Conventional Idol Groups (AKB48/48G)

    I'm pretty sure people are cheering for this right now. Yes, AKB48 and its sister groups (With the exception of Nogizaka46) is on the decline (As well as conventional idol groups in general). AKB48 has been seeing a steady decline in sales for a while now. Their last single broke their weekly million sales streak despite the fact that it was the leader's/general manager's graduation single. Their latest album was originally anticipated to be a contender to be the top selling album last year, but it fell significantly short compared to the top two by six figure margins (Sandaime J Soul Brother's PLANET SEVEN and Arashi's Japonism). There are several factors that may be the cause of it.

    One obvious explanation is the changing music scene. Bubbles don't last forever. AKB48's success alligned well with the idol boom. This can be seen by the rise of other idol groups such as Morning Musume and Momoiro Clover Z. Furthermore, AKB48's decline is happening at the same time as these two idol groups, so it's clear that there's a waning interest in idol groups. Some also attribute the decline to the graduation system. Even during AKB48's peak, people only recognized certain (aka the popular) members. As these members graduate, people recognize less members. Although management has made clear attempts to push certain girls to maintain face recognition, it doesn't appear to be as successful as they had hoped. Finally, the group is highly reliant on physical sales. Although their digital sales aren't bad, it pales in comparison to their physical sales. As digital sales become more popular in Japan, it's not surprising that the best selling artist in the physical charts is experincing pains from this shift.

    3. Quirky/Weird Japan (LADYBABY, BABYMETAL)

    ... Or rather, they're usually never trendy to begin with in Japan. I just felt that it's necessary to address this part. Although they gain international recognition, many of these types of acts are far from popular in the domestic market. Although one may point out that Kyary falls under this category and became huge, Kyary was already popular prior to becoming a music artist. She's already a successful fashion blogger and model in the Harajuku scene. She's already recognizable to the general public (Though not as much as she was after her music debut). Although BABYMETAL is a somewhat exception, it should be noted that despite some general public recognition, their domestic sales are low (approx 30,000 range) compared to what you'd expect from their international popularity.

    Grey Areas

    1. Namie Amuro

    Ah Namie. The long enduring prong of the  J-Pop trinity. Prior to the release of her album "_genic", Namie was a clear exception to the decline in female soloists in Japan. Her previous studio album and ballad best album each sold about 250,000 copies within its first week: the highest in physical copies sold for a female solo artist for their respective years. However, her latest album sold about half of previous album sales: a very huge drop. Some believe that she's simply on the decline. Others argue that the decline is due to a lack of promotion (Some of whom say this is due to switching management during the album's era). Either way, this drop in sales forces one to wonder if Namie's drop in sales is a sign of waning popularity or bad marketing. For Namie's sake, let's hope for the latter.

    That said, she released a new single with sale numbers mirroring past singles, so maybe it's a sign that her popularity is not to blame for "_genic"'s relatively lackluster sales.

    2. JE's Male Idol Monopoly and Love Dream Happiness (LDH)

    Finally, we're at the part where we talk about the monopoloy known as Johnny and Associates/Johnny's Entertainment. The agency represents the vast majority of mainstream male idols. Ever watched a J-drama? At least one of the guys is a Johnny. Remember that one Japanese male idol group you liked in the past? Probably under that agency. The agency more or less controls the Japanese male idol industry for multiple decades, but cracks are starting to appear. With owner Johnny Kitagawa aging, there is increasing concern about the successor to the company. This concern created a faction war within the company with certain acts represented by a potential successor. Recently, one of the potential successors decided to leave the agency/company. This allegedly caused SMAP (One of the top two male idol groups in Japan) to consider disbanding with four of its five members leaving the agency. Although this did not happen at the end, it's clear that internal turmoil is affecting how the agency is run. The incident also forces one to consider who else on the roster can hold up the company once SMAP and Arashi eventually disband. Although JA has numerous successful acts, none of their more recent acts hold up to SMAP or Arashi's status.

    Meanwhile, LDH (See non-traditional idol image) is currently enjoying the success of Sandaime J Soul Brothers. The group was in a neck-to-neck race with Arashi for the top selling album of 2015. Although Arashi won in the end, it's showing that the monopoly JA holds onto the male idol industry might not be as strong as it once was. Considering that LDH also manages other male groups such as Generations, EXILE, and THE SECOND, it is not out of the question to see a future where Johnny and Associates has to share the market with LDH. That said, it is still a gray spot for multiple reasons. While SMAP nearly disbanding forces JA to consider about the future, there is definitely time to find and/or develop their next breakout group. Furthermore, everything isn't smooth sailing for LDH either. The agency itself (The people in it already did) has been attempting to branch into other media such as manga, movies, and dramas for the past year. However, their track record has been far from stellar. Meanwhile, Johnny and Associates already established themselves in television and movies. Until LDH gets over its growing pains, this advantage may be the key to maintaining JA's male idol monopoly.

    Sources: - Videos 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 18 / 19 / 20 / 21 / 22 / 23 / 24 / 25 / 26 / 27 / 28 / 29 / 30 / 31 / 32
                  - Referenced via External Links 1 / 2 / 3

    - Written by: xhurlyburly

    Sorry for taking so long to post this when I said I would release it in a few days as a series. It became too Wikipedia on Part 1, so I dropped the idea for a while until I decided to just do the trends section as a standalone post.

    All formating and lost text issues should be resolved now (e.g., Namie Amuro's part)

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    -Teen Vogue labeled a picture of rapper Azealia Banks as that of actress Keke Palmer
    -Keke called them out on their BS


    And yet everybody is pressed about Taraji thinking that Coldplay was Maroon 5

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    Copyright does not belong to me or ONTD. Credit goes to the photographer and

    tl; dr: Basically, Cassie is being sued right now by Sherri Kenyon, the author of the Dark Hunters series. Kenyon claims Cassie originally used darkhunters and changed it to shadowhunters, promising not to place emphasis on it, but now is with the TV series being named Shadowhunters instead of Mortal Instruments.

    There are also similarities between The Mortal Instruments and The Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve. Both have Valentine an evil unknown biological father, the name Infernal Devices, special weapons, etc. and the Engines series is known as Predator Cities in the US despite the author not liking it. Some suspect it's because even tho his series was made in 2001, it didn't come to the US til 2012 which was when Cassie's series got really popular.

    Everything else is fandom wank, her Ron/Ginny incest fic, allegations of bullying, past possible fanfic plagiarism, etc.

    Disclaimer: Everything I write in this post is legal and will NOT infringe on fair use or have defamatory claims. Cassandra Clare is a limited-purpose public figure, meaning she is not a household name, but has willingly put herself in the public eye through her writing of the popular young adult books turned movie/TV series, The Shadowhunter Chronicles. "Limited-purposepublicfigures,likepublicfigures,have at leasttemporaryaccess to themeans to counteractfalsestatementsaboutthem.Theyalso voluntarilyplacethemselves in thepubliceyeandconsequentlyrelinquishsome of theirprivacyrights.Forthesereasons,falsestatementsaboutlimited-purposepublicfiguresthatrelate to thepubliccontroversies in whichthosefigures{C}{C}{C}{C} areinvolvedarenotconsidereddefamatoryunlesstheymeettheactual-malicetestsetforth in Sullivan."  There is no malicious intent from the original OP aka me and no proof numbers wise that Ms. Clare's reputation has been damaged, since she is still one of the most successful YA writers, regardless of previous controversies. These previous controversies will be reported on by me and NOT be taken as 100% true or false. I do not have the means to know whether or not these are libel and will only report on the allegations. Actual text from works in this
    post will be cited under fair use. No passages from any of Cassandra Clare's own copyrighted works from the published series, The Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Bane Chronicles, etc will be use. The, Cassandra Claire's fanfiction, "Mortal Instruments", is credited to Claire for writing and belongs to JK Rowling under copyright law due to the use of her characters and exact settings (ex. Hogwarts or The Burrow). This does not infringe on Ms. Rowling's copyright because she has publically stated she is okay with fanfiction and cannot infringe on Ms. Clare's since it does not belong to her. This is likewise for her fanfiction series, "The Draco Trilogy."Copyright for excerpts of lifted lines also goes to Pamela Dean.My post also falls under commentary/criticism. Futhermore, I am not suggesting anything Cassandra Clare did is legally wrong.


    Author of the Dark Hunters series, Sherrilyn Kenyon, has recently filed a lawsuit, stating that Clare's series is so similar to hers that Clare's publisher once printed 100,000 copies of her book referencing Kenyon's series and originally used dark hunters, before promising she wouldn't put great emphasis on the term shadowhunter (it is now the name of the TV series). Other similarities include a line of warriors who protect humans from demons, how a young person becomes the hunter, and both having enchanted swords that are "divinely forged, imbued with otherworldly spirits, have unique names, and glow like heavenly fire."

    There are also similarities between Philip Reeve's "The Mortal Engines Quartet" and Clare's "The Mortal Instruments" and "Infernal Devices" series. One of Reeve's books is also called the "Infernal Devices," the same name as one of Clare's series. Content similarities include the use of "special weapons" like Reeve's ODIN, Diamond Bat, Jinju 14, and the Nine Sisters and Clare's Mortal Instruments (Mortal Cup, Sword, Mirror) and a few shared character names like Magnus and Valentine. In The Mortal Engines, Thaddeus Valentine is the biological father of the unknowing female protagonist, Hester Shaw who wishes to get revenge on him for killing her mother and who she believes to be her father when she is young. In The Mortal Instruments, antagonist Valetine Morgenstern is revealed to be the father of female protagonist, Clary Fray. The Mortal Engines series came out in the UK in 2001, but was not published
    in the US until 2012. When it was published here, it was called Predator Cities or The Hungry City Chronicles, leading some to suspect it was because of the original title's similarity to the now YA best seller and soon to be movie. Although, the similarites haven't been addressed by either author or publisher, Reeve did say this about the new title:

    What are 'The Hungry City Chronicles'?

    When the Mortal Engines books were first published in the United States my then U.S. publisher, Harpercollins, felt that they needed a series title, and they chose The Hungry City Chronicles.  I've never liked it and I never use it, so you won't find it mentioned anywhere else on this site!



    The Draco Trilogy was an extremely popular epic fanfiction. It had many lines taken from shows like Buffy, but these were taken as a game of "easter eggs," where you would have to guess where certain witty one liners came from. What created the most controversy and resulted in Cassie's ban from was passages used from Pamela Dean. The full long debacle is from Avacado on journalfen or a shorter version on Fanlore, but here is their short excerpt of the similarities between The Hidden Land and Draco Sinister.

    Draco opened his eyes, or thought he did. He could not see anything with them, not blackness, not anything. Harry, he tried to say, but he had nothing to say it with – no throat, no voice. It was like dreaming, and knowing he was dreamin
    g, but not being able to wake himself up.

    "Harry!" he called out, and this time he heard his own voice, and jumped.

    Ted opened his eyes, or thought he did. He could not see anything with them, not blackness, not anything. He did not seem to have eyes, or anything else. Randolph, he tried to say, but he had nothing to say it with. It was like dreaming, and knowing you were dreaming, and trying to wake up by remembering the bed, and the pillow, and the color of your pajama sleeve: it was like the time just before the trick worked and you woke up.

    "Randolph!" said Ted, and jumped. He had a voice, and ears to hear it, and a nervous system to make him jump when he was startled.

    Cassie announced that her laptop was stolen along with her roomate and boyfriend's. Over $2000 was rasied by around 300 people in 10 hours. More donations were taken for a hospital toy drive, since she said a box of toys she meant to donate was stolen too. The amount of money used for donations, laptops, or possibly kept for personal use was never told and Fan History Wiki allegedly said over $10,000 was raised. There was a lot of "fandom wank" over people being upset that money couldn't be raised like that for their own causes, such as cancer, and suspicion that not all the money was used for the charity drive or laptops. Some people even alleged that the apartment was not broken into in the first place. Read more at FanLore.

    People from the Harry Potter fandom have accused Clare of cyber bullying in the form of threats, censorship, and "in person" action. These allegations include threats to delete any mention of plagiarism, finding a number from your IP address and calling the person or their parents, and even having the police or the person's university confront you about Clare's own accusations. You can read more about one person's point of view and claim of Cassie trying to get them kicked out of their university.

    Note: Plagiarized lines or passages (ie. Buffy or Pamela Dean's works) from any of her fanfiction have not been used in her public works to my knowledge. However, certain elements that are technically original and Clare's ideas have been reused. For example, the "father-son falcon scene" was used for Draco/Lucius Malfoy in The Draco Trilogy and Jace/Valentine in The Mortal Instruments. Another reused element is simply a title. The Mortal Instruments is the name of her popular YA series, while Mortal Instruments is the name of her now deleted fanfiction about Ron/Ginny. It is not illegal or copyright infringement to repost a deleted fanfiction, since Clare doesn't own copyright and J.K. Rowling allows fanfiction, so enjoy one of the only copies online. Like the cut says warning: incest, smut, NC-17. Since it's too long, here's some snippets plus a link.

    Link to full fic
    "Do you think she takes his clothes off for him?" Ginny says softly to Ron, and she is leaning towards him, her hands following her voice, sliding across his stomach, cool and damp, rainwater slicking the path of her fingers as they slide up under his shirt. "Does she unbuckle his belt and slide his zipper down or does she let him do it, does she sit and watch him and touch herself?" She is half in his lap now, straddling him, her nightgown rucked up around the tops of her thighs. She smells of girl, damp and heavy, of sweat and rain. "You can touch me," she says. "If you want to."

    "He rolls her onto her back, trying to cushion her body with his hands and arms but she wriggles free of him, hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, dragging them down."You too," she says, tugging at him; their clothes are so wet it is like peeling away tissue paper, the kind that comes in expensive boxes of chocolates. They are only as naked as they need to be: his pajama bottoms down around his knees, her dress pushed up under her breasts."

    "Now, she is whispering, and he thinks how small she is, and that he cannot possibly fit himself into her, that he will break her in pieces and then break himself."
    "He has stopped fighting Charlie now. There is no point. He can see that in the look on her face – the silent triumph that Harry, of course cannot see. But Ron knows his sister’s face as well as he knows his own, and in her eyes he finds the answer to the question he had asked her the night before: What was the point? This silent triumph is more than the knowledge of conquest: it is the finally-realized greed of a girl with six older brothers, who is used to waiting to get what she wants. Ron remembers when they were children – and he is so far from a child now – how she hung on to him when she learned to ice-skate, and the way she healed his cuts and scrapes when she was learning Medical Magic, and the way he was always the one she tried everything on,
    be it spells or cooking. He should not be surprised now, he knows. This is hardly the first time she has used him for practice."

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    The first in a series of shorts that will air on Disney XD starting with the episode "Poe Dameron to the Rescue" and will premiere Monday February 15th at 8 pm after the Gravity Falls finale (cries). Future episodes will have Finn, Rey, Maz Katana, and Han Solo.


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    -the next episode will eliminate 40 GIRLS
    - the show ahs been gaining popularity all around the world with many people voting from the US and China
    -there are 97 girls left
    -the premise of the show is that 11 girls will be picked for the final lineup of the girlgroup
    -the show has been FILLED WITH DRAMA
    -somi (biracial JYP girl) has ben consistently #1 with her large fanbase due to her previous appearance on a KPOP show and was ALLEGEDLY bullied by queen cathy and her T-ARA company bully crew
    -chanmi (a SNSD reject) fucked up a SNSD song and it was sad
    -another girl is embroiled in an underage drinking scandal lmao
    -a seaosn 2 with boys is also in the works

    Twitter + YT

    who else is watching this show? who is your TOP 11?

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    Blac has reportedly been helping him battle his fat ass issues by encouraging him to live a healthier lifestyle and even make amends with his family. Kanye: Blac Chyna fuckin' Rob, help him with the weight.

    Blac has two-year-old son King Cairo with ex boyfriend Tyra, the "rapper" is dating 18 year old Kylie Jenner.


    did you get the D last nite ONTD?

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    -The actor's face was seen like it got some fillers/botox recently at the BAFTAS.

    -Rumorhasit.mp4 that Tom is allegedly casting his next wife so he is trying to look extra good for her


    smh he looked like a fine AF daddy a month or two ago in those candids.

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    -Disney remade the 1987 superior film, Adventures in Babysitting.
    -It stars Girl Meets World's Sabrina Carpenter and The Descendants' Sofia Carson.
    -The plot is basically the same, just updated with typical shit like cell phones, social media, etc. When Lola and Jenny accidentally switch phones, Lola accepts a babysitting job for Jenny. Unfortunately, the four kids they signed up to babysit aren’t easy to keep their eyes on. So, naturally, one of the kids goes missing. And from there, things get hairy.



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  • 02/15/16--15:23: 2016 Grammy Arrivals
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    The promo editors have always been master manipulators, but the next half of the season looks gooood. Who knew this head of cauliflower could deliever? (lbr, it's the girls doing the heavy lifting)


    tumblr_mlfdet7Eev1qaxhj1o1_500[1].gif - Free Image Hosting by
    tumblr_mlfdet7Eev1qaxhj1o3_500[1].gif - Free Image Hosting by

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    many more @ source 1234567

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    Performances by Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Tori Kelly, Taylor Swift & more!

    Drop streams for your fellow ONTD'ers!

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    - Has bronchitis
    - went through rehearsal twice, but decided to not walk the red carpet


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