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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    E! claims that multiple sources have confirmed the two's engagement, which should come as no surprise considering Miley's been seen wearing it for a while now, and has reportedly moved in with Liam.

    A "close source" says that Miley kept the ring all these years because it was special to her; she and Liam co-designed it when they first got engaged in 2012.

    ONTD, are you supportive of this conscious re-coupling?


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    Maisie Williams attends The London Critics’ Circle Film Awards at The Mayfair Hotel in London, England.

    Maisie Williams London Critics Circle Film Award

    Maisie Williams London Critics Circle Film Award

    Maisie Williams London Critics Circle Film Award

    Maisie Williams London Critics Circle Film Award
    Maisie won the award for Young British Performer of the Year for her role in The Falling.

    tumblr o14dp8ct Ia1tcm2cqo2 500

    tumblr o14dp8ct Ia1tcm2cqo3 400


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    is it too early to get a legends of tomorrow (cw) tag for this show?

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    "Boycotting doesn't work, and it's also a slap in the face to Chris Rock. I find that also wrong. So I'm not going to boycott, but I'm going to continue to bitch, as I have, all year round, because I'm tired of seeing movies where no one is represented except a bit of the population,"

    *She also says that the problem is not the Oscars, the problem is that not enough big budget movies are made with black or latino actors.


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  • 01/21/16--19:17: The 100 3x02 Promo

  • source

    How did you like the season premiere, ontd?

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    What a night for engagements! James popped the question at a private dinner in NYC, where he gathered some of their closest friends. No word on a wedding date yet. Congratulations to the Songbird Supreme!

    Thank you calinewarkwc69 for the tip!


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    ONTD fav Nick Jonas has a new film premiering in Friday's Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival. Goat, directed by Andrew Neel, tells the story of two brothers in the same fraternity and warns of the dangers of the hazing epidemic affecting college campuses across the country.

    "The film, at its core, is really about a lot of things, but especially this idea of brotherhood and masculinity,”Nicky J spills to @EW. "“It’s the desire to feel accepted by these young men — and the lengths they’re willing to go to.”

    The ex-Jo-Bro will also star in the Victoria Secret Swimwear Special airing in March.

    Paraphrased from @EW. @NickJonas.

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    - A spoiler source claims that multiple death scenes have been filmed for 'Captain America: Civil War,' in addition to those of Captain America (which it previously reported on) and Peggy Carter (which has generally been confirmed)
    - The other three characters who have supposedly filmed death scenes are: Falcon, War Machine and Scarlet Witch

    - The spoiler source claims the Falcon scene was filmed as misdirection and he'll play a role in 'Avengers: Infinity War,' while War Machine is also likely to make it through the movie injured but still alive. Scarlet Witch, however, is the most likely candidate to actually get killed off, according to the report.


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    Screen legend Robert De Niro took time out of his busy schedule to sit down with @FunnyOrDie and his Dirty Grandpa co-star Zac Efron to talk the ins and outs of acting.

    The dynamic duo also star in two video picture books released by @LionsGate entitled Fun With Dick And Jason - Dick And Jason Get Crunk and A Family Story.

    Dirty Grandpa hits theaters tonight!

    Paraphrased from @FunnyOrDie. YouTube.

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    Briana's grandma confirmed it on her Instagram!

    sources: 1, 2

    ONTD, do you think Louis Tomlinson's son is gonna be named Larry?

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    -Said Sean Penn wrongly put El Chapo further in the limelight
    -Talked about how Penn needed to interviewed others more deserving of the attention like "people that are changing things for the better."
    -"It's better to talk with some like the people who help the migrants, for example, the people that are the victims of this drug war."


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    Holmes’ tentative reconciliation with his father suffers a setback when Holmes and Watson discover Morland has been keeping a secret that threatens all of their safety. Also, Holmes and Watson investigate two murders connected to a for-profit college and its illegal recruitment practices.

    - My Time/Your Time (based on Avital Ash’s 7P/10E web series, adapted by the creators of HIMYM and HIMY Dad): a young couple dating long distance via Skype.

    - Drew: non-Caucasian Nancy Drew in her 30s and a detective for the NYPD where she investigates and solves crimes using her uncanny observational skills, all while navigating the complexities of life in a modern world.

    Source 1 + 2

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    * One of the new k-dramas taking the internet by storm is 'Cheese in the Trap', based off of a popular Korean webtoon (re: webcomic) of the same name.
    * The show features an assortment of characters, some of which are more disliked than others.
    * Reps of the drama will hold an event where fans can meet all of the drama's most hated characters in real life and come pick a fight with them.
    * The person who can harass the best will be given an autograph from the webtoon artist.
    * The reception towards such an event has not been positive.

    Here's the official flier for the event, featuring some of the more disliked characters

    From left to right:

    Ha Jae-woo : He leaked information about Sang-cheol using student funds to party, general pushover (from what I've seen).
    Kim Sang-cheol: Asshole, he stole money from a student org's fees in order to buy food and liquor, bullies underclass, is a slob, dropped Seol from her class so he could take her spot, shitty group project member, dumb fucker.
    Oh Young-gon: He's a fucking stalker!
    Kyung-hwan: A rapist smh.

    Luckily, Park Hae-jin, the actor who plays one of the main characters, Yoo Jung, will not participate in the event, but instead has another event lined up where he can grant the wishes of his fans (sounds just as tragic).
    ONTD, are you watching Cheese in the Trap? If you aren't then you should.
    How do you feel about Yoo Jung?

    Source: Yikes

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Rodger Bumpass, the actor who has been voicing the character of Squidward on Spongebob Squarepants for nearly 200 episodes, was arrested for DUI on Friday.

    Since his arrest Bumpass has been in meetings with Nickelodeon executives, and insiders are saying it's not looking good for his future on the show.

    According to reports, police found Bumpass in the middle of the road outside of his PT Cruiser (OP's note: lol) and in talking with him he admitted to driving under the influence. He failed a field sobriety test.


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    She talked about her Hollywood role in XXX with Vin Diesel and how nervous she was: "But most importantly I feel proud to be a part of a film where I get to flaunt my ethnicity. The reason they are roping me is because of my ethnicity. I really hope that I do well in the movie and people go and watch it."

    i still haven't watched bajirao mastani :(
    source: filmfare + design indian

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    - Cara Delevingne visited the White House for a roundtable talk on climate change
    - Pretty much talks about the fact she was wearing creepers to the White House lol.
    - Marissa Mitrovich, a former government-affairs exec, says that sneakers are not appropriate footwear when visiting the White House
    - It's all about respect. If you're at the White House, you shouldn't wear sneakers.

    i got a new src

    Do you agree? Did Cara Delevingne break dress code by wearing runners to the White House?

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    Grammy-winning superstar Britney Spears has teamed up with @GLAAD to shed some light on LGBT discrimination in America. The legendary Miss Britney Spears shared @GLAAD's annual Accelerating Acceptance report, a study that examines many aspects of queer lives, including wealth, marriage and descrimination which many LGBT indivudals still face.

    The silver-lining of the study reveals growing levels of acceptance among non-LGBT Americans, but as pointed out by the pop legend on Twitter: “We still have A LOT of work to do.”

    Paraphrased from @BritneySpears. @GLAAD.

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    This was uploaded a few days ago but I didn't see it here.

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    And it will start playing on US radio this week!

    Also, Tinashe is working on a unknown project with Diplo, Miguel, Wale, Big Sean, Skrillex and others:

    Prévia de colaboração entre Wale e Tinashe produzida por Diplo (via @JordanValleyJoe)

    — Tinashe Brasil (@tinashebr) January 22, 2016

    source 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

    australians, new zealanders and british people on ONTD, is All My Friends your jam?

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    Source: RT Twitter

    Time to crack open the bubbly, ONTD Gallifreyans!

     photo wediditkids_zpstnraokoi.png

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