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  • 01/12/16--20:23: Teen Wolf 5x13 promo
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  • 01/12/16--20:24: this season on Shadowhunters

  • the face of evil


    this post has been brought to you by harry shum wearing guyliner

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    Jenna Dewan-Tatum (of All For You Tour: Live From Hawaii fame) turned it the fuck out on Lip-Sync Battle in this performance with ICON Paula Abdul! While her husband relied on cheap gimmicks (see: Beyonce) to win over the crowd, Jenna relied on sheer talent! Check it out! Plus, clock the moment @ 1:53 when she lands on her ankle and keeps it moving like a professional! When will Britney Jean?

    (Feel free to exit out of the tab after Jenna's performance, the rest is irrelevant)


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    In a recently released interview with L'Uomo Vogue, Zayn shared that he never belonged in 1D andthat he was mentally and physically distanced from what he was doing because he didn’t want to be any part of the circus. Zayn also called out 1D for lying in interviews when they said they’d spoken with Zayn and that they were still friends. Zayn was quoted as saying "I tried to reach out and be their friend but they haven’t even replied to any of my calls or texts." According to our favourite insider Hollywood Life, Harry is furious and completely flabbergasted with Zayn for calling them liars! Harry said that it was actually Zayn who blew them off and that Harry, Louis, or Niall never got a phone call or text from Zayn.  The source added that when Zayn left the group, he vanished and cut off all communication.

    Meanwhile, with Hendall and Zigi rising, the friendship of BFFs Kendall and Gigi has also allegedly been affected.

    The models allegedly had a falling out becuase Gigi is furious with Kendall for dating Harry. The source said that when Zigi first started dating, Kendall told Gigi to keep her PR relationship on the down low because she might face backlash as fans have not forgiven Zayn for notoriously dumping ex-fiancee Perrie. Now that Kendall was seen on a yacht with Harry, Gigi now thinks Kendall is a hypocrite telling friends: 'Oh, and Harry is some kind of saint? Give me a break'. Gigi also thinks that it's Kendall who should be ashamed for going out with a guy who has hurt Gigi's friend Taylor.

    Where is the lie, ONTD?

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    Recent news, but the Rams are definitely moving to LA.

    At this time, the San Diego Chargers may or may not move, they have a year to decide whether to share the stadium in Inglewood with the Rams or take 100 mil from the NFL.

    Oakland Raiders bowed out but will be getting 100 mil for renovations to Oakland Coliseum.

    title or description

    Source OneSource Two
    Pic from here

    sry for the twitter sources mods, it's not on the main news pages yet, because details are still being finalized. all of these are nfl beat reporters.

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    - Farris opened up during an episode of her podcast, the guest was Chris former Parks and Recreation co-star Aubrey Plaza.

    “Have you seen my husband’s balls?” Anna asked her guest, who said no.

    “You would remember, because they are some sexy balls,” Anna then said. “They’re perfect. They’re incredible.”


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    Queen Britney Jean Spears released her 19th fragrance on Monday (the 13th in her iconique Fantasy line). Dubbed "Maui Fantasy", this lovely limited edition flanker features the following notes:

    Top Notes: bird of paradise flower, pink grapefruit, and passion fruit

    Heart Notes: hibiscus petals, cyclamen, orange blossom, and tiaré flower

    Base Notes: coconut, vanilla, blue musk, white amber, and beachy blonde woods

    Available as a 100 mL EDT, Maui Fantasy will first be released at Kohl's department stores before gaining a nationwide release.

    The flanker will be a departure, imo, from her previous flankers of the Fantasy line, both visually and scent-wise.

    Unlike previous Fantasy editions, this lacks the crystals on the turquoise bottle and instead features a print of Hawaiian hibiscus.  Scent-wise, this appears to focus more on the beachy florals rather than being gourmand (the original Fantasy's two most prominent notes are the kiwi and cupcake accord), which would be a departure even from the previous "tropical" version of Fantasy, Island Fantasy.

    “Whenever I have a chance to relax and spend time with my family, we escape to Hawaii. Maui is one of my favorite islands. I wanted to create a fragrance that gives me the amazing feeling I have while I’m there – surrounded by the ocean and beautiful flowers. Every time I smell Maui fantasy, it brings me back to a place of happiness and relaxation,” Britney said in a press release.

    “Say aloha to my new destination fragrance #MauiFantasy!! Coming soon!,” she added on Instagram on Jan. 11.

    ONTD, are you going to buy the new Britney perfume? What's your favorite perfume or perfume ad?

    This is my first ONTD post <3 Hope you like it.


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    Towards the end of last year we learned that Cycle 22 of ANTM was going to be the last that we would ever see of the reality show that has given us many iconic moments and second hand embarrassment since it's debut in 2003. While Tyra claimed on twitter she felt it was time for the show to end the ever mysterious ~sources~ claim that the series had simply become to expensive for the CW to produce even though it was their "most downloaded" show. The high cost didn't come from the well thought out high production value photo shoots and travels to exotic international locations like Toronto but from of course... Tyra's salary. So ANTM was canned and Tyra had FAB Life which bombed and she quit after a whole two months to concentrate on a cosmetic line that may or may not go the way of her music career.

    In the meantime, the NY Daily News says insiders are reporting that ANTM executive director Ken Mok is negotiating a deal with VH1 for them to bring back the show. There's no word yet on if Tyra or the past judges will be returning but it's looking like we might not have seen the end of this series since apparently there is still money to be had.

    If this does come back they need to eliminate the bullshit point system and bring back the challenges at panel.

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  • 01/13/16--13:57: Tabloid Cover Wednesday
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    • Created, written and executive produced by Emmy-winning Breaking Bad alum and Flesh and Bone creator Moira Walley-Beckett.

    • It would be a faithful adaptation but with a twist: according to a press release, Anne will also “chart new territory” by diving into themes that meant to resonate with younger viewers.

    • Production on Anne won’t begin until spring, and will debut on Canada’s CBC-TV sometime in 2017.


    Book post!
    This sounds promising so praying circle, etc.
    I set my reading challenge to 50 books e.e
    So what are you reading ONTD?

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    image host

    ^it's also AMC and AMC TWD's homepage, just wanting to point that out there

    ^Michonne holding on to walker Deanna.

    Apparently that's Rick's hand, because it looks like there's an imprint from his watch on his wrist, he wasn't wearing long sleeves like Ron and Carl, and also cause it looks like a man's hand.


    Will you be watching on Valentine's day, ontd?

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    Although it was previously reported that Elizabeth Olsen dumped Tom Hiddleston because she didn't want to be seen in public with him, it turns out that she has been visiting him on the set of Kong: Skull Island. Elizabeth Olsen is between projects and not currently promoting anything, giving her time to visit Tom on set. Below is an Instagram picture that was originally posted by the film's director Jordan Vogt-Roberts but soon deleted after Tom's fans harassed him about Tom and Elizabeth (thanks alohayall!!). The picture features Tom, Elizabeth, and Brie Larson, the female lead in Kong: Skull Island.

    Sources: Twitter + Instagram

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    Season 2 of 'Younger' premieres tonight!

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  • 01/13/16--15:31: Natalie Dormer out for a run
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    3017 FCD600000578 3397366 In the zone The 33 year

    3017 FE2 E00000578 3397366 Time for a quick workou

    3020 D36 A00000578 3397366 Margaery in the morning

    how much would you cry if you got photographed while working out ONTD? poor Natalie...

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    are you ready for another Chicago show ONTD? Does anyone remember Dick Wolf's 4th installment of the Law & Order Franchise (which only aired one season before people realized there really is too much of a good thing)? Who would you cast? Would love it if Linus Roache and or Alana de la Garza (who also starred in his 5th installment flop) returned along with Carey Lowell (as the judge she played on that other show), Skeet Ulrich (also of the 5th installment) and Stephanie March (sorry I didn't really care for anyone from the CI show)

    brought to by Dick Wolf
    tumblr inline n4cd3s Zl G91r7oczq


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    Any ONTDer who frequents Tumblr has probably noticed that Star Wars has pretty much ruled the social networking site for the last few weeks. Several media outlets including @Mashable and the @HuffingtonPost have caught wind of the latest trend on the blogging platform: hot dudes holding BB-8!

    Entertainment Weekly’s Marc Snetiker[who?] has taken it upon himself to make sure Star Wars: The Force Awaken's biggest star is not forgotten in the 500 days before Episode VIII hits theaters. Snetiker has created Hot Guys Holding BB-8, a Tumblr page with manipulations of celebs such as Chris Pratt, ONTD fav Dylan O'Brien, Chris Evans, both Hemsworth bros, Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, Ryan Gosling, Michael B. Jordan, Tyler Posey, gay icon Nick Jonas, and Matt Bomer"posing" with BB-8.

    The page has been trending all day on Twitter, with thirsty gays and gals eager to share their favorite manips.





    Paraphrased from @NewNowNext. @Tumblr. @Mashable. @HuffingtonPost.

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  • 01/13/16--16:27: Santigold Sounds Off!

  • Singer, songwriter, producer, bonafied rock star and Philly native Santigold aka Santi White, is about to have one hell of a year. After a 4 year hiatus from music (Master of My Make-Believe was released in 2012), Santigold is set to smash back onto the scene with Jan 22nd's 99¢.

    Her new album, 99¢, is as much an ode to excess as it is an analysis of it. Take for instance the album cover shot by Haruhiko Kawaguchi, which features the artist herself shrinkwrapped among her worldly possessions. The cover image, and album title, express the frustration of selling yourself as an artist; "I was writing a lot about where we are in culture, in terms of consumption and commercialism and narcissism and being a product in that environment and being so aware of yourself as a commodity and not really as an artist... ...I decided to approach it in a really playful and fun way to highlight the absurdity of it all."

    Santi sometimes struggles with the new dichotomy in music accelerated by the rise of social media, where the artist plays a dual role of salesman. "My song Run the Races is about that. It’s about having to join the game or else you’ll be left behind. With the social media stuff, it’s really easy for me not to post because it’s like why does everyone need to know what I’m doing every second?"

    But don't worry, none of that can keep the Unstoppable Santigold down. This is just her way of working through and playing with the new sandbox the music industry finds itself playing in. The upbeat first single from 99¢, "Can't Get Enough of Myself" shows Santi is still as powerful, cheeky, and confident in her element as ever. Working with familiar collaborators like John Hill and TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek and new producers like Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij; Santi intends to push herself out of her comfort zone and continue to provide us with genre-bending bops.
    “I think throughout the record I’m all over the place stylistically... ...It’s what I enjoy the most about my Santigold sound is that I’m really happy moving stuff around, and it can all find its home on the same record.”

    In "Can't Get Enough of Myself" Santi croons, “Ain’t a gambler but honey I’d put money on myself,” and we would tend to agree... put our money on Gold, please!

    tl;dr pre-order 99¢ on iTunes!

    mods, words by me, direct qutoes sourced from the articles
    source: 1, 2, 3, 4

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    -Get a lawyer.
    -Tell all the leeches (aka friends and family) no when they ask for ridiculous amounts of money. No one needs a million dollars and if they're asking you for it, they're not your friend. Also make sure to talk it over with your accountant.
    -Don't invest your money because chances are you'll probably end up losing it investing in dumb shit (aka stupid schemes your family will ask you to lend them money for). You don't become a smart investor and financial expert just cause you won the lottery. Put it in the bank.


    I hope there are like 20 winners tonight. No one person needs a billion+ dollars.

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