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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    As Hollywood tableaux go, the tragic scene outside the apartment of American actor Sylvester Stallone’s son Sage could barely have been more ironic.

    When the coroner arrived to collect the body of the 36-year-old, who lay undiscovered for four days after his death from a suspected pills overdose last Friday, another bus pulled up alongside.

    On board were tourists brandishing cameras on one of the city’s many star-spotting guided tours, their bus having suddenly diverted there following the breaking news about Sage.

    Only in death had the failed actor found a fraction of his father’s fame.

    And this is Tinseltown in a nutshell, for wealth and privilege have often done very little to protect the children of the famous struggling for recognition.

    Indeed, the fame has sometimes been as much of a curse as a blessing. How tragic — but almost typical — that it took his sad demise for anyone to show much of an interest in Sage Moonblood Stallone.

    Having failed to step out of the shadow of his famous father, Sage died surrounded by detritus — empty pill packets, cigarette butts and drink bottles — in the messy bedroom of his £1.3 million Hollywood Hills home.

    Yesterday, as conflicting stories continued to fly around about his state of mind, Sage’s mother, Stallone’s first wife Sasha Czack, claimed he may have overdosed on painkillers after undergoing extensive dental surgery two weeks before he was found dead.

    Other reports claim he was either planning to get married in Las Vegas this weekend to his longtime girlfriend — or had spent his last weeks in a drug-addled stupor.

    It could be two months before toxicology reports determine what killed him.

    Meanwhile, a devastated Stallone has called for a stop to speculation about how Sage died. The Rocky star’s understandable grief must surely be tinged, too, with the guilt that for much of his son’s life he has been a peripheral figure.

    He is even said to have ignored phone calls from Sage on Stallone’s 66th birthday earlier this month.

    And yesterday, in a vitriolic outburst, Stallone’s own nephew claimed it was this snub that tipped Sage over the edge.

    On his Facebook page, Edd Filiti, 18, wrote: ‘What did he do wrong, say happy birthday. Neither you [Stallone’s current wife, model Jennifer Flavin] or he could return a phone call, which is all he wanted.’

    Stallone himself admits to having spent more than half of Sage’s childhood absent after his first marriage disintegrated when his son was just six.

    Sources in Los Angeles told me yesterday that despite the two men effecting a reconciliation of sorts in recent years, the tensions remained.

    ‘Sly tried to pull a few strings over the years to get Sage work, but nothing really came off. Not even his dad could open doors for him,’ a veteran Hollywood casting director told me.

    The tensions in his relationship with his father were in evidence when aspiring film-maker Sage premiered a short film called Vic that he directed in 2006. His father, however, failed to turn up.

    That same year, Sage was also said to be devastated when his father dropped him from another instalment of the Rocky boxing movie franchise, despite casting him as his screen son in the 1990 sequel Rocky V.

    In recent years, Sage has been trying to build up his firm, Grindhouse Releasing, which restores old horror films, with titles such as Cannibal Holocaust.

    However, he is alleged to have been going through serious financial problems.

    For his part, Stallone confesses his attempts at a reconciliation with Sage had not been smooth. ‘They are not as seamless as I hoped,’ he has said.

    ‘There’s always the excuse he’s had a bad childhood. But I think there is a point at which you have to say: “You’re right, it was screwed up. You were denied love and respect. But now you must move on.” ’

    What a shame that it seems the troubled Sage did not seem to be able to take his father’s advice.

    But then showbusiness is littered with the unhappy tales of the children of stars who have wilted in the long shadow of their famous parents — and Sage is far from an isolated case . . .
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    Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic


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    Josh Hutcherson buying a dremel tool at a hardware store in California July 17, 2012

    Josh Hutcherson walks with his dog, Driver, to his Audi on July 17, 2012


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  • 07/18/12--07:43: ugh way to ruin the joke
  • Pitbull Issues Challenge To Walmart Prankster

    Pitbull is preparing to play a gig at a remote town in Alaska after internet pranksters hijacked an online promotional contest.

    Pit encouraged fans to vote online to get him to play in their local Walmart store, but the campaign was picked up by comedy website and readers were urged to send Pitbull to the most remote location in America.

    The joke played out on Facebook and on Twitter under the headline "Exile Pitbull," and he has now been booked to play at a small store in the tiny, north Alaskan town of Kodiak.

    However, the rapper is adamant he will go through with the gig - and he's even offered to bring along the prankster!

    He says, "This is Mr. Worldwide. I'm over in Madrid, Spain, right now on the Rock in Rio (tour) and there's a huge... campaign going on, and I heard that Kodiak, Alaska, has the most 'likes' (votes) due to someone who thinks he was playing a prank.

    "I said, 'OK, this sounds great.' You have to understand that I will go anywhere in the world for my fans, so I want to thank Walmart for the opportunity... and I want to invite that someone who thinks it's a joke to Kodiak, Alaska, with me. That said, enjoy a little bit of my world tour, follow me to the stage and follow me to Kodiak."


    ugh praying his plane doesn't start and it takes 6 months to get the parts or something. or maybe a bear will maul him.

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    This was not how Tom Cruise expected his life to be.

    The 50-year-old megastar, who was blindsided when his wife of five years, Katie Holmes, filed for divorce on June 28, "was thinking, 'What did I not see?' " a source who knows the former couple tells PEOPLE in this week's cover story.

    Especially tough: His month-long separation from 6-year-old daughter Suri, which finally ended when the pair reunited on July 17 in New York City.

    What took so long?

    "He's wanted to see her as fast as possible since this started," a source, who cites Cruise's obligation to his sci-fi thriller Oblivion as the main obstacle. "He couldn't shut down production, cost people their jobs. People count on him."

    In agreeing to a divorce settlement in a mere 11 days, "Tom tried his best to do what's right for Suri," according to his longtime friend and lawyer Bert Fields, who says the star is "sad" but not "bitter" about the situation.

    Cruise has been leaning on his older children, Connor, 17, and Isabella, 19, his three sisters and his mother – all of whom share his Scientology religion. Several members of his family joined him for support as he filmed his final scenes for Oblivion.

    "Tom is not ashamed of his beliefs," says the source, who knows the former couple, "and won’t hide them from his daughter."

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    In the wake of Katie Holmes' split from hubby Tom Cruise, speculation is building as to who will be the next Mrs. Tom Cruise, and it just might be Yolanda Pecoraro.

    Experts predict the 27-year-old Latin beauty will be the perfect match for the Mission: Impossible star because she's a devout Scientologist — and the two dated in the past!

    "Tom's next marriage will be inside the church," Scientology expert Margery Wakefield told the National Enquirer.

    A former member of the church told the Enquirer that Yolanda is a "Scientology princess, perfect for Tom," both her parents were members and that she's been taking Scientology courses since she was just 13 years old.

    Yolanda lives in a modest Silver Lake, Calif. apartment and told the Enquirer, "Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I'm not married or engaged."

    Andrew Morton's unauthorized Tom tell-all, Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography claims that Yolanda and Tom met at the opening of a new Scientology center opening in Spain in 2004 and that he fell head over heels for her.

    In fact, there's even a photo of Scientology head David Miscavige, David and Victoria Beckham, and Tom and Yolanda all together at a Madrid soccer game just one month later.

    One source goes so far as to tell the Enquirer that Tom has paid for Yolanda to attend expensive Scientology courses at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood!

    And even though Yolanda lives with a boyfriend, also a Scientologist, an insider claims the church will do whatever it takes to provide damage control to the very public divorce between Tom and Katie.

    "With the embarrassment his divorce has caused the church, they want to stabilize the situation quickly," the source said.

    "They also want to show that Tom has rebounded fast and that his new wife is beautiful and steeped in Scientology. If the church decides to make Yolanda Tom's next wife, they'd certainly want her to have a child soon. So she could quickly be going from her modest apartment to a mansion in Beverly Hills with a baby on the way. And there's little doubt she'd do what's best for the church."

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    Recent reports have indicated that Jessica Biel was offered the part of Viper. She then went on record to say that it wasn't a done deal that she may star in James Mangold's upcoming movie The Wolverine which is based off the comic book storyline by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.

    Collider is now reporting that Jessica Biel's negotiations with 20th Century Fox are no longer happening and that the studio is now persuing other actresses to play the part of "Viper" in the upcoming movie The Wolverine. Shooting is expected to start for the movie next month. Hugh Jackman has already prepared plans to stay in Austrailia during filming, whilst Will Yun Lee has been cast as the Silver Samurai. Be sure to stay tuned right here at ComicBookMovie as more casting news and set photos should appear this summer.

    The Wolverine is scheduled for release on July 26, 2013.

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    Seattle-based rapper Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis announced their new album 'The Heist', out Oct. 9, and a world tour yesterday. Today they released their new single called Same Love. The song speaks about homophobia in Hip Hop and with it comes a letter on why the song is necessary.

    This song, which I wrote in April, is a response to what I have observed and experienced, and is also an act of personal accountability. It was not easy to write, and I struggled with how I, as a straight male, could genuinely speak upon this issue.

    Initially, I tried writing from the perspective of a gay, bullied kid, but after getting some feedback, I felt it wasn’t my story to tell. What I do know, and where I wrote from, is my own perspective growing up in a culture where “that’s gay” was commonplace, with a huge stigma on those who identified and were perceived as gay.

    Growing up in the Catholic Church, I saw first-hand how easily religion became a platform for hate and prejudice. Those who “believed” were excused from their own judgments, bypassing the stark issue of basic civil rights.

    But, more influential to me as a kid than the church was hip hop, my cultural foundation that influenced my worldview.

    Unfortunately, intolerance of the gay community in hip hop is widespread. The best rappers will use homophobic language on albums that critics rave about, making hip hop and homophobia inextricably linked. We have sidestepped the issue entirely, become numb to the language that we use, and are increasingly blinded to our own prejudice.

    The consequence and impact of what we say, and the culture of shame and abuse it creates, has very real, sometimes deadly impacts upon LGBTQ young people looking for acceptance and belonging.

    As somebody that believes in equal rights for all humans, you can only watch poison regurgitated for so long.

    I am not saying that intolerance is exclusive to hip hop. Hip hop culture is a part of American culture, and America can be scared, fearful, and prejudiced against its own. My intent is not to scrutinize or single out hip hop. It happens to be the culture that has profoundly shaped me, and the one I feel most accountable to.

    Hip hop is influential to young people, and frames the mindset of the generation that will decide how inclusive and accepting we are.

    More than anything, I am aware of how comfortable I (and many other straight people) have become in staying silent on this issue. If we choose to not speak on an issue of injustice out of fear, or how our peers might perceive us, we’re part of the problem. We know the truth, and vainly refuse to uphold it, when people’s lives are caught in the balance.

    In the last couple of months, amazing things have happened that show progress and accountability to ensure that the LGBTQ community has the same rights and respect as everyone else. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES came out in support of gay marriage. Jay-Z, arguably the biggest rapper in the world, then followed. Finally, Frank Ocean felt comfortable enough with himself to share his sexuality in his music and came out last week. That is courage.

    This song is a humble submission to help bring this conversation to the surface, so that we can reflect on the language we use, and how powerful it can be. Rethinking, and understanding the gravity of how we communicate with each other. Change happens when dialogue happens. When we confront our prejudice and are honest with ourselves, there is room for growth, and there is room for justice.
    After I wrote this song, I played it for a friend of mine who happened to be involved with the Music for Marriage Equality campaign, uniting musicians to help Washington state become the very first to approve marriage equality by a public vote in November.

    My hope is that my personal testimony can help in some way to not only advance the dialogue and approve Referendum 74, but also to help shape a culture of belonging in which ALL people are equal.
    - Macklemore

    “If you have come here to help me, you are wasting your time. But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” – Lilla Watson

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    Change is in the Primetime Emmy air, even if it might not appear so on first glance.

    Repeat victories for AMC's "Mad Men" and ABC's "Modern Family" imply that the big winners have already been etched in stone at TV's top awards show. Thursday's nominations could hammer that foundation, though past Emmy darlings will undoubtedly be back in the spotlight when the contenders are revealed at 5:35 a.m. at the TV Acad.

    But this year's crop of prospective nominees presents intriguing changing-of-the-guard possibilities, starting with scripted series.

    The potential for a shakeup is significant on the comedy side, where some veteran favorites have fallen on seemingly harder times amid a growing group of alternatives both in broadcast and cable. Meanwhile, the sheer number of quality dramas on TV today -- generating frequent salutes to a "golden age" -- provide opportunity for new blood in the category.

    Put it this way: Even if you declared all 2011 nominees ineligible to repeat, you could still have an eyecatching Emmy drama roster that included AMC's "Breaking Bad," PBS' "Downton Abbey," Showtime's "Homeland," ABC's "Once Upon a Time," FX's "Sons of Anarchy" and TNT's "Southland." An abundance of choices paves the way for change.

    Of course, the vets won't give ground easily. Showtime's "Dexter" has received drama series noms each of the past four years, losing the top honor to "Mad Men" each time. But as the oldest returning nominee in the category, it might be the most in jeopardy to an onslaught of contenders that include buzzworthy network-mate "Homeland," the return of "Breaking Bad" from a year's hiatus and the migration from the movie-miniseries category of PBS "Masterpiece" showstopper "Downton."

    Amid this, the watch is on for a third consecutive nomination for CBS' "The Good Wife," widely believed to be the only hope the broadcast networks have against their first-ever shutout from the drama race -- in direct contrast to their sweep of the comedy series noms in 2011.

    For its part, comedy offers its own share of uncertainty, with returning nominees "30 Rock" (NBC), "Glee" (Fox) and "The Office" (NBC) all having weathered less than ideal reviews for their most recent seasons. Whether those opinions are shared by Academy voters, or whether that group embraces such upstarts as NBC's "Community," FX's "Louie," Fox's "New Girl," ABC's "Suburgatory" and HBO's "Girls" and "Veep," will make the category's pre-dawn announcement must-wake TV.

    Thanks to the departure of Steve Carell from "The Office" and the lengthy between-seasons delay that Showtime's "Episodes" and star Matt LeBlanc took in the past year, comedy lead actor comes with two built-in openings for new blood alongside 2011 nominees Alec Baldwin of "30 Rock," Louis C.K. of "Louie" and Johnny Galecki and Jim Parsons (the two-time defending champ) of CBS' "The Big Bang Theory."

    Former supporting actor winner Jon Cryer of "Two and a Half Men" will try to make the leap to lead this year among a wide-open list of challengers, including castmate Ashton Kutcher, Will Arnett ("Up All Night"), Don Cheadle ("House of Lies"), Larry David ("Curb Your Enthusiasm"), Garret Dillahunt ("Raising Hope"), Billy Gardell ("Mike & Molly"), Joel McHale ("Community"), Adam Scott ("Parks and Recreation") and the thesp who in many ways had to fill Carell's shoes, Ed Helms.

    A big factor in this year's scripted races will be the absence of "Friday Night Lights." One of TV's ultimate underdogs, with its firstrun episodes landing on DirecTV for the final three seasons, "Lights" nevertheless won Emmys in 2012 for lead drama actor (Kyle Chandler) and drama writing (Jason Katims), along with noms in series and lead actress (Connie Britton). The show's farewell, with Britton moving to FX's "American Horror Story," ensures turnover in the drama competish.

    "American Horror Story" will be a story in itself, due to its somewhat controversial entry in the miniseries-movie competition -- giving a category that has grown accustomed to change even more to reckon with. Several Acad members are no doubt preparing to rail anew against the idea that "AHS" can somehow be fairly measured against, say, HBO telepic "Game Change."

    Over in unscripted TV, all six nominees from last year -- "The Amazing Race," "American Idol," "Dancing With the Stars," "Project Runway," "So You Think You Can Dance" and "Top Chef" -- are in contention again, leaving open the question of which might be forced to make room for NBC's "The Voice," arguably the most talked-about show in its genre for 2011-12.

    Balloting for the Primetime Emmys will end Aug. 31, with ABC televising the ceremony Sept. 23. For the Creative Arts kudos, balloting ends Aug. 24 in advance of the Sept. 15 event.

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    sam-claflin-profile 202461-tony_shalhoub_large

    With two blockbusters under his belt, Brit thesp Sam Claflin looks to be lining up one more, as sources tell Variety that the "Snow White and the Huntsman" star is the choice to play Finnick Odair (DNW) in Lionsgate's sequel "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire."

    Additionally, sources say three-time Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub is the frontrunner to play Beetee. Melissa Leo had been on the shortlist to play Mags but her reps were informed Tuesday afternoon that she is not getting the part. Regardless of the status of their potential involvement, Claflin and Shalhoub are all on the studio's shortlist for roles in the highly-anticipated sequel.

    Lionsgate and all of the actors' respective reps had no comment on the casting.

    Finnick was the most coveted available role in the "Hunger Games" sequel, and sources tell Variety that Claflin is nearing an offer. The character, who was 14 when he was selected as a tribute, is one of the youngest to have won the Hunger Games. Katniss does not trust him at first and is hesitant to make Finnick her ally, though he proves to be valuable after he saves Peeta from drowning in the Quarter Quell.

    Beetee is an inventor who Johanna Mason nicknames "Volts" due to his knack for using electricity as a weapon. He's ability to create a forcefield is crucial to the Rebels' plan to rescue the Hunger Games tributes in the Quarter Quell.

    Claflin burst onto Hollywood's radar when he scored a key supporting role alongside Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides." He went on to vie for Kristen Stewart's affections in "Snow White and the Huntsman." He's repped by CAA and Independent Talent Group.

    Shalhoub is no stranger to studio blockbusters, having appeared in two "Men in Black" films and three "Spy Kids" pics. He's repped by ICM Partners.


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    A few weeks back Rachel McAdams appeared to be going into labour as she was seen huffing and puffing as she held onto her enormous baby bump whilst filming scenes for her latest flick About Time. But in exclusive shots from the set this week it was the wind that did all the huffing and almost swept Rachel off her feet as she filmed a wedding scene in Cornwall.
    Wearing a floor length red gown, the Canadian actress could barely stay steady on her feet as the weather wreaked havoc.

    Scenes for the set appeared to depict a wedding as McAdams held a bouquet in her hand and shared a kiss with actor Domhnall Gleeson, who is best known for playing Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter films. The true force of the weather was particularly visible in one shot as Rachel and Domhnall attempted to make their way to another location.

    Taking a break from work, Rachel was joined by her beau Michael Sheen and he greeted her with a warm embrace. The couple who started dating in 2010 looked to be in good spirits as he pulled her in for a kiss. Trying to keep herself warm, Rachel covered her shoulders with a beige shawl as she left the set.


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    As vampire king Bill Compton on HBO’s True Blood, which is currently in its fifth season, Stephen Moyer still has boys begging to be bitten. Married to bisexual costar Anna Paquin, the 42-year-old Brit just wishes he had a bigger gay following than some of his costars.

    The Advocate: The LGBT community has embraced True Blood from the start. Are you conscious of your own gay fans?
    Stephen Moyer: I feel very at home in that world, so I’m very pleased about it, but I may come in fourth behind Joe Manganiello, Alex Skarsgård, and Ryan Kwanten, if I’m really honest. I’m a little upset. Once upon a time I was doing very well in that area, but after Alex and Joe joined the show, I naturally went down in the pecking order.

    Were you aware of that audience prior to True Blood?
    I got quite a good response when I did the miniseries The Starter Wife and played a big bum with his top off most of the time. I worked hard to please everybody on that one.

    You’ve said that women occasionally ask you to bite them. Do men ever ask for a bite?
    I’ve been asked to bite in West Hollywood. If the person looks clean and wholesome, I might oblige.

    There has been criticism that True Blood has alienated some viewers because it’s become “too gay.” What’s your response?
    Is there such a thing as too gay? We live in a very different world than we grew up in, so if people can’t embrace that aspect of our show, then that’s a shame. I certainly don’t think it’s specifically gay, but our show ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of people. We have an incredibly broad audience, one of the widest demographics in terms of sexuality and age groups, so obviously we’re doing something right.

    You’ve gotten in on the action with a fantasy sequence involving you and Sam Trammell. Was that a challenging scene?
    Not at all. We had an awful lot of fun that day, and I happen to think Sam’s a very good-looking man. We also had a lot of fun lighting the scene with our shirtless stand-ins, Nate and Lenny. [Laughs] Not that that particular scene was a challenge, but anything that seems like it could be a challenge in the script is just meat for an actor. So I looked at that scene like, Oh, my God, that’s fantastic. I can’t wait to do that!

    Sam’s sex dream and your imminent kiss were cut short by Sam’s phone ringing. Like many home viewers, do you secretly wish it had gone off just a little later than it did?
    [Laughs] I think we’ve all had times where the alarm’s gone off or the phone’s rung earlier than you wanted it to.

    Speaking of sexual tension, when will Bill and his adversary Eric just get it over with already and have angry vampire sex?
    I’ve been asking myself that question for a long time. Alex and I would absolutely embrace that. Last year, when Sookie had her fantasy about the two of them with her, we even suggested it. Of course, Bill and Eric together isn’t necessarily Sookie’s fantasy.

    If you’ve read any True Blood slash fiction, you know it’s a common fantasy among fans.
    I have not read any of it, but apparently some of it is incredibly good. I know it exists and that it can get very graphic.

    Surely you’ve seen the viral Photoshopped version of your nude 2010 Rolling Stone cover that removed Anna altogether and pushed you and Alex together.
    That happened very quickly, didn’t it? Alex and I were both made aware of it right away. I thought it was hilarious. When the photographer suggested the idea for the original shot, we had already shot what we thought would be the cover. Alex and I were actually sitting there eating, and the last thing we wanted to do was take our tops off. Literally 10 minutes later, we had dropped trou and were in position being sprayed with blood. It was only until an hour later, when Anna and I were driving home and stopped at a traffic light, that we looked at each other and said, “What in God’s name did we just agree to?” Then Alex pulled up to the side of us, we rolled down our window, and he said, “What did we just do?”

    Do you see the bromance building between Bill and Eric as they’re forced to become greater allies this season?
    Yeah, it’s a situation where the two of them realize that it’s pointless to be against each other. They’ve both been rejected by Sookie, and they’re both in deep water because of what they’ve done, so they both know that the best thing to do is to join forces. I like to think that somewhere in their past, maybe the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s, or earlier on, Bill and Eric were actually friends and partners in crime. I think they had a messy breakup, which is why there’s an animosity between them when we first see them in season 1. Hopefully we’ll get to see what really went on between them in a future season.

    How do you feel about the fact that Alexander Skarsgård declines to wear a modesty sock on set?
    We all know each other really well, and it’s not that I care about what the actors think, but I don’t think the crew necessarily needs to see my bits. As for Alex, hey, whatever floats your boat, man.

    You famously auctioned off your modesty sock for charity. Was the winner a wealthy gay man?
    I received it back so that I could autograph it to the person, and I believe it was a lady. Sorry.

    That auction benefited Gulf Aid, and you’ve attended the White House Correspondents’ dinner and the Point Foundation Honors with your wife, who’s a longtime supporter of many causes like the Give a Damn campaign. Has Anna inspired you to get more involved in politics and philanthropy?
    I’ve always been a flag-waving, bleeding-heart liberal. Anna and I have very similar feelings about a lot of that stuff, including LGBT causes, so we support each other in it. Being in the public eye has its benefits when you can be the face of something important and raise money for a charity that wouldn’t otherwise have had that profile.

    As a married man from the U.K., what’s your take on the marriage equality debate in America?
    I can’t even believe that in 2012 it’s something that you and I have to discuss.

    Tell me about your earliest exposure to the LGBT community. As a choirboy in your local church, did you grow up shielded from gay people?
    You don’t necessarily get shielded from that when you’re a choirboy. Perhaps that’s enough said.

    Are you making a joke or was your first interaction really in the church?
    Yeah, it really was in the church, but it wasn’t a particularly pleasant experience, and it probably wouldn’t cast him in the best light, so it’s not necessarily something I’d like to talk about. But I also grew up in amateur dramatics. I was a normal kid at a normal school, but I loved doing drama, so I joined a young persons’ theater group. There were all sorts of gay incidences within that structure, from the director to friends of mine in the shows. I suppose I didn’t really understand it at the time, when I was 11 or 12, but I was friends with gay guys from a very early age. It wasn’t as public as it is now, but it didn’t ever occur to me as anything other than completely normal.

    You later established a theatre company called The Reject Society. Did that name stem from your feeling like a reject or outcast?
    There was an element of what you’re suggesting, sure, but it wasn’t quite that blatant. We just liked the name. [Laughs] Everybody was doing musical theater where we were, and I’d been doing musical theater from the age of 10, but we wanted to do ordinary straight plays — and by that, of course, I don’t mean not gay. We thought The Reject Society was a fun name to sort of lampoon that we were trying to do something different.

    Are you excited to see your costar Joe Manganiello in Magic Mike?
    We’ve been privy to most of Joe’s performance in Magic Mike just from being on set with him. Joe is not somebody who’s afraid to take his top off or hump desks. If you went up to Joe and said, “I hear you’re playing a stripper,” he would do the dance for you then and there. He would probably do it for my dog Banjo. He has no shame.

    Would you ever play a stripper?
    I’m open to all offers.

    Do you have a celebrity man-crush?
    Yeah, but mine is totally talent-based: Philip Seymour Hoffman. With any kind of attraction for me, it ultimately comes down to what’s underneath the surface.

    In the upcoming movie The Barrens, you play a man terrorized by a legendary monster called the Jersey Devil. Are you trading Sookie for Snooki?
    It does sound like it could be. No, I’d be truly horrified if that came towards me.

    The Advocate

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    Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Troy Barnes put out 18-track "mixtape" Royalty a few weeks ago, but he keeps releasing tracks that didn't make it. "Sour Face" was released on some kid named So Super Sam's free mixtape today and in it, Glover raps about being back when I was sweatin' 5 Gs / back when I was hookin up with Ali Brie -- stunt.

    What does this MEAN? Is he trolling?

    Source: album stream, my ears

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    One of the best adaptations of Bob Kane and Bill Finger's hero, big-screen or small, is Warner Bros.' Batman: The Animated Series. The show, airing on Fox in the early 1990s, was not only faithful to the comics but even created characters now considered canon, most notably the Joker's girlfriend Harley Quinn. And if any project could be seen as the proper predecessor to Christopher Nolan's Bat-universe, it's the animated series developed by Bruce Timm and Eric Radomski.

    With the The Dark Knight Rises opening this weekend, The Hub network has cleverly decided to air a special "Rises Marathon" of 10 of what looks like hand-picked, TDKR related, episodes to air on Friday. To sweeten the deal, The Hub has managed to put together a teaser that uses the iconic voices from the series (Kevin Conroy, Adrienne Barbeau, Henry Silva and Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.) spouting the lines from Nolan's Rises trailer. The images match up pretty close too. Take a look.

    The first thing to notice is that the marathon was rated "A" for awesome and, by the looks of it, they're not lying. There are plenty of Catwoman and Bane story-lines for The Hub to choose from but it would be a bit of a shame to not see at least a few Joker (Mark Hamill) and Dr. Harleen Quinzel (Arleen Sorkin) centric episodes. Maybe as an homage to The Dark Knight to kick off the marathon? The "Batman: The Animated Series Rises Marathon" airs Friday, July 20 at 4 p.m. ET on The Hub.


    0 0

    With Viacom channels now off the DirecTV catalog for a week, MTV's sophomore supernatural drama falls 23 percent as another scripted series isn't immediately affected.

    As it approaches its one-week anniversary, Viacom's carriage-induced blackout for DirecTV customers has had mixed effects on ratings.

    MTV drama Teen Wolf took a sizable drop, falling to a season low of 1.327 million viewers. That's a 23 percent hit from last week's 1.719 million viewers, roughly in line with the 20 percent that DirecTV subscribers make up of MTV's distribution. The series also posted a 1.21 rating among households, nearly 25 percent shy of its season average of a 1.6 rating.But the absence of the 20 million U.S. satellite subscribers now barred from the 26 Viacom-owned networks -- Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, VH1, BET and MTV among them -- was noticeable on Monday night.

    Elsewhere in Viacom's scripted efforts, VH1 dramaSingle Ladies was below 2 million viewers for the first time in a month. The series fell 23 percent from the previous Monday, 1.933 million down from 2.498 million, after a similarly depressed lead from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

    It's not bad news across the board, though. MTV's Awkward, a critical favorite showing season-to-season growth in its sophomore run, was almost dead even in its first broadcast without the DirecTV audience. Thursday's episode drew 1.715 million viewers, down a mere 45,000 from the previous week.

    Entering week two, talks between Viacom and DirecTV are ongoing, but the prospect of a lingering blackout seems to have people at all levels anxious.

    Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis has been tweeting with hundreds of fans after offering to gift 500 people Monday's episode on iTunes -- if they sent him proof of being a DirecTV subscriber.

    On much happier notes, here are some more interviews with the cast from SDCC.

    With CliqueClaque

    Dylan O'Brien

    Dylan O’Brien’s Stiles may be one of the few left not a mystical being or a hunter, but he has strong connections to both Scott and his father. He discusses those relationships and the possibility of Stiles finding love.

    Tyler Posey

    Tyler Posey talks about Scott’s decision to join Derek’s pack in order to protect his friends. He also teases what happens between Scott and Allison in the next episode.

    Crystal Reed

    Crystal Reed talks about the challenges that face Allison now that her mother has been bitten by a wolf. Will she, as a hunter, be able to remain in a relationship with Scott, a wolf? And, the fun of playing a bad-ass hunter on the show.

    Tyler Hoechlin

    Tyler Hoechlin covers the growth of Derek from the first season, his relationship with Scott and the possibility of getting a love interest.

    Holland Roden

    Holland Roden discusses what is coming up for Lydia. Will she figure out what is underneath the Hale home? And, will Lydia find love with Jackson, Stiles, or someone else?

    Colton Haynes

    Colton Haynes enthusiastically discussed his transformation into the Kanima and what may be coming up for Jackson.

    And some shorter pieces with

    Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

    Anyone know if did an interview with the cast at this years Con?

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  • 07/18/12--10:08: ONTD Roundup
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    10. A Game of the Living Dead

    Zombies have been around since near the dawn of cinema and the myth itself was created way earlier in Haiti. These days it seems Zombies have become a sort of x-factor, a crutch through which a tired concept can gain some extra mileage – i.e. Nazis? Nazi Zombies!

    But not in Game of Thrones.

    You’ll remember in the final throes of season 2 that an undead horde, dressed in the garb of fallen Nights Watchmen and Wildlings, marched out of the icy wind toward the men of The Night’s Watch and toward the Wall in general.

    Not quite Zombies in the Romero sense of the word, these reanimated corpses (known in the GoT canon as ‘Wights’) are in fact led by the heavily forshadowed race, the White Walkers, who were finally properly revealed in season 2’s closing scene.

    There’s much more of this to come, believe me. And it’s every bit as exciting, terrifying and world altering as you might imagine.

    9. The Fist of the First Men

    When the men of the Night’s Watch led by the Old Bear left the safety of Castle Black for the frozen lands beyond the wall they had one objective: defeat Mance Rayder and his forces. But a sudden invasion of an undead army would force anyone to change their plans pretty sharpish.

    With the tiny force of Night’s Watchmen acting as pretty much the last line of defence against this army of Wights, the civil war suddenly seems a distant nagging worry. Here is the real threat, with the Crows at the Fist of the North Men.

    Season 3 will undoubtedly explore this ‘last bastion’ motif further and if it’s anything like the books it promises be pretty spectacular indeed.

    8. Man Up

    You’ve surely developed a bit of a soft spot for the loveable, if craven, Samwell Tarly. Lacking in grace, speed, skill, courage and just about every other valuable attribute outside of intelligence, he’s still managed to jostle himself into the ‘potential favourite character’ zone for many because he’s just…so ruddy likeable.

    And let me just be honest for a second; if I were suddenly inserted into the story, if I suddenly woke up one morning in Westeros, I’d be him. I’m sure if you really thought about it, you would be too.

    Season 2 leaves us at a very important junction for Samwell Tarly; surrounded by the horde of undead warriors led by White Walkers, just what will he do next?

    In story and in life the true gauge of a person’s character is in the decisions they make in a crisis. Well, I’d label an apocalypse of the undead a crisis and true to form, Samwell is about to make a decision.

    7. Dragons!

    Present in GoT since the finale of season 1, these three cute little fellers, Viserion, Rhaegal and Drogon, have done almost little else but eat and fight amongst each other. Almost little else.

    They did pay for themselves in the House of the Undying in season 2 however, when they roasted the malevolent warlock Pyat Pree alive, saving Daenerys from a life of bondage in a scene that serves to illustrate their awesome destructive potential.

    I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that having Dragons at your command is a major game-changer.

    Even though season 2 started to deviate a little from the books (understandable, as the story in the books becomes more and more complex and spread, making it harder and harder to adapt), in series 3 you can definitely expect to see more of these bad wee beasties, who pretty soon aren’t going to be so wee anymore.

    6. The Lord’s Kiss

    It’s brown trousers time for young Lord Snow, who’s been separated from the Night’s Watch, forced to kill his companion Qhorin Halfhand and is about to be taken to meet Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall – the very man the Night’s Watch are hunting.

    Game of Thrones doesn’t like to let us settle on a status quo. It likes to change its characters, shape their opinions, their thoughts and feelings, right before our eyes. Not at the traditional ‘end’ but sometimes right in the middle.

    Jon Snow’s status quo is certainly about to change and in a way that will invariably affect the rest of the story. Who knows exactly how it’s going to pan out now the series has taken a parallel road to the books, but suffice it to say it’s going to be seriously juicy drama.

    5. Charles Dance the Night Away

    Depending on the point of view (of which there are many), Daenerys is the main antagonist, or Joffrey, or Cersei, or Jaime, or the Wildlings, or the White Walkers. But of course you can also find something to like about most of these characters too, with the exception of maybe the White Walkers. Even the royal dick Joffrey is a victim in certain lights – of pressure, of circumstance, of upbringing.

    Theoretically Lord Tywin Lannister could also be considered the main antagonist. But only theoretically. With the Game of Thrones, the true enemy is as a mystery to us as it is to the players. That said season 2 took a surprise turn when it suddenly made us think again about how we viewed the Lord of Lannisters.

    Thanks in no small part to a superb performance by Charles Dance, who oozed charm and charisma seemingly without effort, season 2 managed to provide some much needed perspective on Westeros’ raging civil war through our sudden empathy toward the Lannister side.

    And with the war still in full swing where season 3 is due to kick off and Tywin now accepted as Hand of the King in Tyrion’s stead you can bet we haven’t seen the last of this Lion yet.

    4. Arya’s Odyssey

    Arya probably has the most shifting storyline out of the massive set of primary characters. From Winterfell she travelled to King’s Landing. After Ned Stark’s death, she travelled the Kingsroad heading for the Wall with Night’s Watchman Yoren until they were attacked by Lannisters. Captured and taken to Harrenhal she eventually found herself in the direct employ of Lord Tywin Lannister himself.

    And now, with the end of season 2, she’s off again. With a little help from one Jaquen H’ghar she managed to escape Harrenhal and season 3 will undoubtedly pick up at the renewed beginning of her odyssey to find her family.

    Of course her journey isn’t exactly as the crow flies; there are places to see and events to come that are so far from what you’d expect you’ll be tearing your hair out from the excitement when they occur.

    3. Brienne of Tarth

    You know Brienne, she’s that huge, Amazonian looking woman who’s found herself in the care of the Kingslayer himself, Jaime Lannister. After being accused of Renly’s death in season 2 and fleeing the scene with Catelyn she’s found herself in the direct employ of the Lady Stark, whose plan it was to free Jaime and exchange him for her daughters.

    We caught a glimpse of just how ruthlessly tough as nails Brienne is at the end of season 2, when she and Jaime were accosted by wayward allies of the Starks. She made short work of the three grubby attackers before boarding a small boat with Jaime and continuing down river.

    Women in Game of Thrones aren’t just bosomed damsels to be rescued; half of the time, they do the rescuing and Brienne definitely falls under the latter category. She and Jaime have one hell of an adventure in the books, which in typical GoT fashion forces us to re-examine our current feelings toward the previously established characters. But all of that is yet to come.

    2. The Little Lord

    If you hadn’t read the book at the time, Theon Greyjoy’s defection to his father’s cause and subsequent invasion of Winterfell no doubt came as a complete shock. In the space of four or five episodes, Theon went from a brother to the Starks to the unwanted captor of their home.

    While this event had far reaching implications in the GoT world, it was the little Lord, Bran Stark, who suffered the greatest consequences. Under siege in his own home, season 2 saw little Bran lose nearly everything he held dear and flee a sacked Winterfell with his little brother Rickon, Osha and the loveable half-giant Hodor.

    We lost a great character at the culmination of this storyline in season 2; when the Greyjoy force flees from Winterfell, Maester Luwin is stabbed and left for dead. But before he asks Osha to finish him quick he instructs the rag-tag bunch to head north for the Wall, to find Jon.

    Obviously we know that Jon isn’t there and that even if they do arrive safely they might be met by someone or something else entirely. This is much later, but in season 3 we can look forward to their long and eventful journey which is just as exciting and unpredictable as Arya’s.

    And there’s something that you don’t know about Bran and Jon Snow too for that matter; some racial trait in them that is yet to be revealed in the TV show. I won’t give anything away but be prepared for some thoroughly awesome revelations.

    1. Small Men Can Cast Big Shadows

    And so we finally arrive at the half-man himself, the Imp, Tyrion Lannister. Usually Dwarf actors are relegated thanks to their short stature to lesser roles – although that’s not always the case – or are cast as some form of race unto themselves; little people who occupy magical lands and the like.

    As with everything about Game of Thrones though nothing is typical and that goes doubly for Tyrion Lannister. He’s a living embodiment of the fact that true stature is within, true size and strength comes from character and not just from the physical. So much so that I’d say there was a definite case in saying that Tyrion is actually Game of Thrones’ main character.

    When we left Tyrion, he’d just kicked serious mailed ass at the Battle for Kings Landing after orchestrating a massive employment of alchemical wildfire over Blackwater Bay, decimating the approaching Baratheon fleet. Shortly after, he even joined the fray outside the walls, proving that little guys wielding massive weapons can kill as easily as anyone else.

    Tyrion was attacked at the culmination of this battle and it happened so fast that you might have missed this; his attacker was actually Ser Mandon Moore, the knight left behind by Cersei to assist as she and Joffrey fled to the Red Keep.

    With his face all but sheared in half, his position as Hand of the King now taken by his father Tywin and with Pycelle reinstated as the Maester of Kings Landing it’s clear that Cersei is gaining the upper hand.

    Going in to series 3, the game between Tyrion and Cersei just got serious. Expect much more of Tyrion’s moral ambiguity, more of the dry cool wit and quite possibly a few shocking, completely unexpected developments that see Tyrion landed in more trouble than he’s ever been before.


    This list is missing a few things...

    0 0

    'Legend' Movie 'Looking Really Good,' Says Author Marie Lu

    The last time we checked in on the big-screen adaptation of Marie Lu's engaging, entertaining "Legend," producer Wyck Godfrey assured us that the movie wouldn't disappoint and that things were moving along swimmingly.

    MTV News was lucky enough to catch up with Marie herself recently at San Diego Comic-Con, where she gave us her thoughts on the screenplay, how much she plans on being involved with the film and one actor she hopes to see play Metias.

    "We just finished the screenplay and passed it on to CBS Films, and it was the first time I got to see it and I'm very excited about it," Marie said. "They've been great, [producers] Wyck [Godfrey] and Isaac [Klausner] have been great about sharing the details as they went along, and we had a nice call to discuss some of the details we might want to tweak later on, but it's looking really good. I can't wait for people to see it in action."

    Marie went on to say that while there will probably be a few changes to her story for adaptation purposes, she feels that the filmmakers understand the most important elements and what has to be in the movie.

    "I always said from the beginning that as long as the characters stay true to the storyline—I know that books and movies are such different media the plot is going to have to change in some respect or other, but as long as the characters stay true I think it will be great and the screenplay looks great right now."

    And even though it's a ways out, we had to ask Marie if she's paid any attention to the fan castings or if she's thought of any specific actors she'd like to see bring her characters to life.

    "I haven't watched too many of the fan castings. I see them in a very particular way in my head, so it's hard to cast them. I'm sure the casting directors will do a great job picking the right people," she said diplomatically. "The only person that I've pictured with an actor in my mind when I first started writing was Metias, who is June's older brother, and I always pictured Ben Barnes as Metias because I love Ben Barnes."


    can't tell if she's readying an excuse for the inevitable whitewashing of Day

    Darren Criss Doesn't Think He's 'Cool Enough' For 'Mortal Instruments' Role

    While casting for the big-screen adaptation of Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" novel "City of Bones" has been gaining speed over the past few months, there are still a number of pivotal roles to be filled—including that of Brooklyn High Warlock, Magnus Bane. And if one name has appeared over and over again in feverish fancastings for the sparkly immortal it's actor Darren Criss. So when MTV News caught up with him and his "Glee" co-stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz at this year's Comic-Con, we had to ask if he was aware of all the hubbub.

    "Oh, I have heard that," Darren said. "I really thought Harry Shum would be good for that. I mean, that's cool. It's a funky part. That'd be really fun, but I don't think they'd let me do that."

    When pressed as to why he wouldn't be allowed to portray the beloved character, Darren gave an answer we totally don't agree with. "I don't think I'm cool enough for that," he said.

    To their credit, Darren's co-stars both disagreed, with Kevin offering up an intriguing (though not entirely realistic) solution: "You and Harry can just split the part like twins," he said. To which Darren looked straight into the camera and delivered this final comment: "Cast me!"

    Are you listening casting directors?


    0 0

    With new key evidence in Alison's murder case, Hanna fears that "A" may be framing her after a visit from Det. Wilden. With paranoia setting in, Aria decides that she has to turn to Mona for answers if she is going to help Hanna. But is Aria ready to face her former tormentor, and more to the point, is Mona ready to give Aria the answers the PLLs are desperately looking for? Meanwhile, someone from Ali and Jason's past arrives in Rosewood and piques the girls' interest.


    0 0

    Tom Cruise and Suri had some father-daughter bonding time for the second day in a row.

    Following Tuesday's New York City outing, the newly single dad, 50, and his little one, 6, took a trip above the Big Apple on a Liberty helicopter.

    Cruise carried his precious cargo during a sweltering hot day in N.Y.C. "They didn't look stressed," a source tells PEOPLE.

    Even though Katie Holmes, 33 – who was spotted going to a gym on the same day as the helicopter ride – will have primary custody of the couple's daughter, Cruise "will have a meaningful relationship with Suri," says his lawyer, Bert Fields.

    Cruise and Suri's destination was unknown, but the tot was seen peering through the helicopter's window.

    "They seemed happy to me," says an observer.

    Tom Cruise Lashes Out at 'Abandoning Suri' Story
    Tom Cruise has had it with reports he's a bad dad, and his lawyer is calling one of the mags on the carpet.

    Attorney Bert Fields just fired off an email, attacking "Life & Style," for what he says is "a bogus cover headline that Suri has been 'ABANDONED BY HER DAD.'"

    Fields says, "That, as anyone knows who saw their photos together yesterday and today, is a disgusting, vicious lie." Fields goes on, "Until this week, Tom was shooting a film on location, but he spoke to Suri every day."

    Fields adds, "He's with Suri right now; and he was with her the day before Life & Style trumpeted their cruelly false accusation. Tom dearly loves Suri and the last thing he would ever do is abandoned her."

    article 1.
    article 2.
    image source.

    0 0

    Jane tries to process the news about Owen; Jane and Grayson head to Stanford Law School as guest lecturers for Jane's old teacher; Parker asks Kim to take a case that Gina has brought to the firm; Kim and Teri discover a secret about Gina. [source]

    The episode airs Sunday (July 22)

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