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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Apparently Marvel was holding out on us saving this for the Blu-Ray release of their Phase 2 collection.

    ONTD, do you prefer this over the final cut opening?

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    on diversity:“If you turn on the television and you are not represented on that television, you become invisible to yourself. And there was very little of myself that I saw on TV, or in the movies that I was watching, or in magazines that were lying around the salons or around the house. And so these are subconscious things. Yes, Western beauty standards are things that affect the entire world. And then what happens? You’re a society that doesn’t value darker skin.”

    on starring in Broadway show Eclipsed (a Danai Gurira drama set during the Liberian Civil War): "I didn't grow up seeing African women onstage very often, much less African women in African stories. I was in love with the world Danai [Gurira] created."

    on fame: After '12 Years a Slave' and the quote-unquote meteoric rise, I felt like there was a moment where I was suffering from whiplash. I had talked so much about who I was that I'd forgotten who I was."

    source: 1, 2 - took out the tumblr source

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    Lara Stone, Jourdan Dunn, Mariacarla Boscono, Isabeli Fontana, Natasha Poly, Anja Rubic, Toni Garrn, Carolyn Murphy, Daria Strokous, Malgosia Bela, Amber Valletta and Edita Vilkeviciute stripped down to show their support for breast cancer.

    Uncensored Pictures HERE

    Source 1, 2

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    The 24-year-old singer appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night where she delivered a standout performance of her hit, "When Love Hurts." Accompanied by The Roots and a duo of backup singers, JoJo showed off her impressive pipes (those opening notes, though!) and looked so happy while doing it. Seriously, if that smile at the end doesn't prove to you how much she loves performing, we don't know what will.

    Just in case you needed more proof that JoJo is one of the most ~iconic~ pop stars of our generation, check out the whole video above.

    high quality version here.

    You know someone is a music legend when they're sick as hell, dressed like a literal cow and singing a trash song yet still killing the game.


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    Meghan Trainor broke down in tears when she saw that her brother Ryan had decorated her house with Christmas lights. Meghan is asked why she's crying when she sees the Christmas lights, and she replies, "it's so pretty." She captioned her Instagram post: "I have the best big brother in the world. @ryan.trainor surprised me with crazy Christmas decorations because he knows I'm obsessed with Christmas and lights🎄🎄🎄❤❤❤❤❤❤❤."


    Are you a fan of the holiday season?

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    • A brazilian organization named 'Criola' that "works to defend black women rights, in a cross and integrated perspective"has started the campaign, "Virtual racism, real consequences," which consists of placing billboards with racist comments on the internet close to the poster's neighborhood.

    • Though, the poster's personal information is blurred at the billboard: "We omit names and faces of the authors because we have no intention of exposing anyone. We just want to educate people so that in future they think about the consequences before posting racist comments."

    • The campaign started after brazilian journalist Maria Júlio Coutinho, the first black weather anchor on Brazil primetime news, got bombard with racist comments on Facebook in July.

    • Picture below, one of the billboards. Obvious racism under the cut.

    Article says it relatively translates to "I got home stinking of black people".

    Do you think this should become a trend, ONTD? TYFYA!

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  • 12/03/15--11:51: Once Upon A Time 5x11 stills

  • The dark siege of Storybrooke is underway as all of the resurrected Dark Ones target a living soul for sacrifice so that they can return to the realm of the living. With doom imminent, Gold advises Mary Margaret, David and the rest of the heroes to spend their last fleeting moments enjoying the company of their loved ones. Emma, however, refuses to give up, knowing that she is responsible for righting all the poor choices she made as Dark One - there's only one problem, Dark Hook. When they face-off with the fate of Storybrooke at stake, Hook's actions will devastate Emma in a way no one saw coming.

    In a Fairy Tale Land flashback, the Evil Queen tests Hook's mettle by forcing him to confront a demon from his past before contracting him to dispatch one from hers.


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    source one
    source two

    ontd, how endearing is your fave?

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    It's official. @pamfoundation is back for her 15th Playboy pictorial #LastOne

    — Playboy (@Playboy) December 3, 2015


    What's your favourite nude shot/Pam Anderson cover, ONTD?

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    Here's how she celebrated her 34th birthday

    Miley sent balloons


    "Happy Birthday, Britney. She is a great kisser. I'm just telling you that right now ok. No lies."

    Gina Rodriguez


 / / /

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    oops, this time with sources

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    Creative types often attract other creative types. It's no secret that musicians and actors go together like peanut butter and jelly, or spaghetti and meatballs. Sometimes, musicians and actors don't even have to be in a relationship to inspire the other. Whatever way it comes about, you get MUSIC GOLD. THAT'S WHAT.

    I love drama and gossip, so this is a follow up to my previous post.

    It Ain't Over Til it's Over - Lenny Kravitz

    Subject: Lisa Bonet

    Okay, so Lenny has never confirmed that this song is about his first wife Lisa Bonet. However, given the rocky relationship the pair shared towards the end of their marriage in 1993, it's not hard to assume that Lenny wrote this with her in mind. Their marriage ended among rumors that Lenny had cheated on Lisa with Madonna while he worked on the song, "Justify My Love."

    All Too Well - Taylor Swift

    Subject: Jake Gyllenhaal

    It's no secret that Taylor takes inspiration from her real life relationships to pen her songs. So, naturally, the singer was going to write one about her 3 month long romance with Jake Gyllenhaal. There are many clues strewn through the lyrics that make it hard to dispute the subject.

    Is #RedMuse better than #1989Muse? Hard to say, because "All Too Well" might be Taylor's best song ever. Well, until we get her EDM album inspired by Calvin.

    Candle in the Wind - Elton John

    Subject: Marilyn Monroe

    This one is fairly obvious, but that doesn't make this song any less beautiful.

    You're So Vain - Carly Simon

    Subject: Warren Beatty (2nd Verse)

    "I have confirmed that the second verse is Warren... Warren thinks the whole thing is about him," Simon said. "He certainly thought it was about him--he called me and said thanks for the song."

    Carly and Warren had a short romance in 1971, and she reveals many details in her new memior "Boys in the Trees" available here.

    Howard Stern revealed that Simon confided in him that the song was about 3 people. Would Carly ever reveal the other two names? ""Probably, if we were sitting over at dinner and I said: 'Remember that time you walked into the party and ...I don't know if I'll do it. I never thought I would admit that it was more than one person!"

    You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette

    Subject: Dave Coulier

    No one likes being dragged through the mud in a song, but thanks to Dave Coulier, we got one of the best break-up songs of all time. However, he HATES that he's associated with the song, and likes to back track saying it's not about him. But Alanis knows, WE know.

    Dave said this when the song first came out, ""There was a lot of familiar stuff because she was writing a lot of material when we were dating, so there were some familiarities all throughout Jagged Little Pill. The one that got me was, 'I hate to bug you in the middle of dinner.' That was because we had already broken up and she had called—she was living in Canada at the time—she called, and I said, 'Hey, I'm right in the middle of dinner, can I just call you right back?' I remember that line when I heard 'You Oughta Know,' and I just was like, 'Uh-oh.'"

    Am I Safe - Ryan Adams

    Subject: Mandy Moore

    Okay, so this one is more speculative than anything-- HOWEVER, the lyrics are undeniably about someone looking to leave a relationship. The fact that Mandy provides the backing vocals to this song (something she's only done for Ryan 3 times in their nearly 6 year relationship) adds more wood to my fire. The album was released in September of 2014, Moore and Adams announced their split the following January. Coincidence? Probably not, but I like to believe where there's smoke there's fire.

    Everything - Michael Buble

    Subject: Emily Blunt

    Michael and Emily dated from 2005 to 2008. Buble had this to say about his hit, "I wrote the song about the great happiness of real love, but at the same time I was making a statement about the world. We’re living in really crazy times, and I wanted to say that no matter what’s happening, this person in my life is what really makes it worthwhile."

    Rumors came out (true rumors) that Buble cheated on Blunt, which ultimately lead to their break up. Buble says THAT'S NOT TRUE! WAH! "It didn't end because of cheating. It ended because we weren't right for each other, and we are now exactly where we're supposed to be in our lives."

    When Emily was asked about the rumors she said, "I don’t know, it’s complicated,” Blunt, 32, admitted. “I never want to talk about it. I can’t do it."

    Girl on TV - LFO

    Subject: Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Jennifer Love Hewitt dated LFO singer Rich Cronin met in 1999 and they dated for a year. In an interview with Howard Stern, Cronin said, "We had the same publicist, so I started to talk to her and I couldn’t believe it. She kept talking to me and talking to me. She was actually interested. Later on that night, she gave me her number. I was floored. I was so anxious about calling her."

    However, according to Cronin's interview, things went south when Jennifer was photographed with other men in NYC. The pair broke it off immediately. Yikes.

    Midnight Train to Georgia - Gladys Knight

    Subject: Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors

    Jim Weatherly penned this classic song, so the subjects of this song might not seem so strange learning that. Weatherly was old college buddies with Lee Majors. He called up Majors' home one night and Majors' girlfriend, Farrah Fawcett, answered the phone.

    "Farrah answered the phone. She said Lee wasn't home and that she was packing to take a midnight plane to Houston to visit her folks. What a great line for a song, I thought." Weatherly penned the song from Majors and Fawcett's point of view, making them characters of the song.

    Weatherly then offered the song to ONTD Fave Cissy Houston who thought that it would sound better as "Midnight Train to Georgia." The change stuck, and when the song made it's way into Gladys Knights' hands, it became a hit.

    Something Like Olivia - John Mayer

    Subject: Olivia Wilde

    John had a crush on the then married Olivia Wilde. Shortly after this song, she divorced her first husband, BUT NOT FOR MAYER. Just, because. Pretty cut and dry. lol.

     photo taylorgif_zpsva5bspzf.gif

    Okay, ONTD, which of your faves did I miss?


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    For context:

    Oliver chose to keep his child a secret from Felicity because the kid's mother gave him an ultimatum, it was either that or not seeing the kid at all. Felicity found out a minute after Oliver that he had a child and when he came back she confronted him for lying to her and broke up with him. It turned out that Barry went back in time when it all played out and that it led to everyone dying, so he told present!Oliver about it and Oliver made the same choice in the end. Fans say that this went against all of Oliver's previous growth so Marc Guggenheim compared Oliver choosing to be able to see his child without messing up his life to a situation where someone was about to kill Felicity, in both situations Oliver chose to go against his beliefs for the sake of another person.  Do you think this was regression?

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    Coldplay has just been announced as the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show headliner.


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    Demanded to be referred to "Queen of Christmas"

    The holiday season is never complete without an appearance from Mariah Carey.

    That's why Pier 1 recently paid the singer-songwriter $300,000 to appear at a pop-up “Pier 1 Imports: Christmas Pop-Up Storybook" store in New York City. Carey spoke to the crowd and took photos for no more than an hour.

    According to an inside source, Carey requested that event staff introduce her as the "best-selling female artist of all time" and refer to her as the "Queen of Christmas" throughout the event.

    pierone15 5 large

    pierone15 1 large

    pierone15 4 large

    pierone15 9 large

    On December 5, Carey will also be making a promotional appearance at the Prudential Center in New Jersey for the "Hot for the Holidays featuring Busta Rhymes & Friends" event. Carey collaborated with Busta Rhymes on their hit 2002 single, "I Know What You Want."

    Photos (There are no individual galleries)

    Are you highly sought after at holiday functions?

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    With the number of women accusing James Deen of sexual assault rising to five on Wednesday (refer to this buzzfeed article for all victim's accounts), adult actress and ex-girlfriend of the porn star Joanna Angel spoke out on his capacity for violence throughout their six-year relationship.

    1) Deen choked Angel in her sleep

    2) When things didn’t go well on set, he took his anger out on Angel

    3) At parties he was charming, but in private he was a “monster”

    4) He feared being known by his true identity

    5) He treated women like objects despite being considered a feminist

    6) He nearly drowned her in a sink

    7) He was controlling of every aspect of their relationship, especially sex

    More (very graphic) details at the second source.

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

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    Christian Bale talks about filming Terrence Malick's Knight of Cups and being one of Hollywood's most reclusive actors in a recent interview. He describes a moment during filming in which he's in a strip club. At one point, he goes up to Teresa Palmer and starts to ask her questions about her stripping, not realizing that she is actually an actress. Some of the questions he asked her include whether or not she enjoys stripping, and what made her want to become a stripper. He didn't realize that Teresa Palmer wasn't really a stripper until a week after filming, when he saw her face on a billboard.


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