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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    - Happened on the first night of the Mad Decent Boat Party in waters off of Cuba.

    - Officials say that she intentionally went overboard, but no motive has been given so far.

    - Three search vessels were deployed but the woman has not been found yet.

    - No comments have been released from Mad Decent, Diplo or Skrillex.


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    tumblr n52b2ixx3 K1rayi6uo1 540
    Pictured: Mariah in 1998 and 2014, serving Keanu Who?

    • Mariah will ride the first ever Hallmark Float in the Macy's Day Parade

    • Hallmark and it's sister channel have been gaining viewers and advertisers but have struggled to gain a younger audience

    • Looks to hit the 24-54 crowd with Mariah's talents

    Are you ready for Mariah's yearly guaranteed paycheck christmas season?

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    Fashion label Hood By Air has collaborated with hit tv show Empire for a collection showcasing images and catchphrases from the hit tv show.


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    - A few weeks ago there was a post in which Taylor was being sued for 42 million for allegedly stealing lyrics from a song called Haters Gonna Hate.
    - The judge was lol worthy with the choice of words dismissing the claim

    taylorswift All happy cause I got a new dress and also because Shanghai crowds are insane.

    taylorswift Farewell, Shanghai!!

    Ok so some fans made a Kaylor sign and brought it to Taylor's Shanhai show and it was displayed on the big screen.

    Those fans who made the signs were invited to loft 89 by Taylor's mom

    They gave Taylor these (they went all out omg)

    I looked at the girls tumblr and apparently this took 2 months to make

    Apparently Taylor loved it so that's nice

    kaylor lives?

    Instagram video

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    Um...well, at least the song is good...

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    On Purpose:
    - "Mr. Bieber looks out at the world’s grand problems and wonders what he can do, as Michael Jackson might have, or a typical third grader might." lol
    - "Even though Mr. Bieber is younger than all of the men of One Direction, he sounds exponentially more experienced, and exponentially more fatigued on “Purpose.”
    - "on “Mark My Words,” he leaps into his sweet, frail upper register and sounds at peace."
    - "field dressed version of modern club music" provided by producers Skrillex, Diplo and Blood.
    - "Not every track here is an act of self-flagellation, but even the songs about pleasure, present or past, feel curiously free of sweat and drool"
    - He is "the best singer of the bunch" and has a "clear vision for his sound, even if he’s being largely denied it here." how could they write this before the live lounge??

    on mitam:
    - "Fame may be souring them and tearing them apart, but their music barely shows a ripple."
    - "In part, that’s because One Direction has always been less of a musical proposition than a marketing one."
    - "“Made in the A.M.” is much the same, rootless and vague"
    - "Coldplay-esque “Infinity,” or “Never Enough,” a wacky number with intense a cappella gimmickry and exuberant mid-1980s drums and horns that recall, of all things, Huey Lewis and the News. Over all, there’s less of the rock that began to color the most recent One Direction albums, but it’s clear the Beatles are on the group’s mind on “Olivia.” The Bee Gees hover over “What a Feeling,” "
    - "That song is also a vocal showcase for Liam Payne, the group’s best singer now that Mr. Malik is gone. Throughout the album, he and Harry Styles take turns showing off in small doses — the music is too banal to support exceptional singing."
    -Praises I want to write you a song wtf??

    "With Mr. Bieber drained and One Direction preparing for hibernation, there is a window for someone else to break through: the Australian hunk-punk foursome 5 Seconds of Summer."

    "This group is mercilessly, relentlessly pop, but of a different stripe, combining all of the bratty grace of the mid-1980s Beastie Boys and dawn-of-the-2000s Blink-182. Unlike Mr. Bieber and One Direction, who have tamped down their salaciousness in service of pop stardom, no one has yet told 5 Seconds of Summer to have anything other than mildly reprehensible fun. “Sounds Good Feels Good” is a showcase for raw, insipid, glorious young male id, the thing Mr. Bieber and One Direction have all but left behind."

    buy get weird on itunes

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    - watched 'Amy' and cried because he could see what the media were doing to her. says that people dont see any part of being of celebrity other than the good stuff.

    - says he feels isolated and lonely


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    - in female success, people liking you is just as important as what you're creating.

    - says TS has to be a bit of everything to get everyone to like her. has to appear to be a red-state country girl as well as a progressive feminist. this leads to her treading lightly on both grounds but enough so she appears on both sides.

    - talks about her backpedalling on bad blood and katy perry, and her making vague statements so the audience can interpret it in a way that suits them.

    - she presents herself as both the popular girl who is untouchable and the awkward, relatable nerd to appeal to more than one demographic.

    - basically she's very neutral or vague about everything to get the largest amount of cosumers possible, but does it in a way so she seems less calculated than she is.


    are you likable ONTD?

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  • 11/13/15--06:54: JOY Movie Clip
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    twitter1</> twitter2

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    Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are the stars of Barnes & Noble's new holiday campaign!

    The jazz duo are featured in the bookstore chain's new holiday television ad, which will make its television debut during a morning show on Monday. In the video, Gaga and Mr. Bennett walk the aisles of a Barnes & Noble store while looking for a gift for each other and singing the Frank Loesser classic "Baby, It's Cold Outside."

    "Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga are two of the most iconic artists in the world today and we're thrilled to bring some of their magic to Barnes & Noble customers," said Glenn Kaplan, Vice President and Creative Director at Barnes & Noble.

    Amy Sacks, co-creative director at Roberts + Langer, the company that produced the commercial, added: "This campaign is like a holiday card from Barnes & Noble to all of its customers. We hope that this little gift of a performance by these two incredibly talented artists will put a smile on people's faces. We believe that the true warmth and the connection that Mr. Bennett and Lady Gaga share will be something viewers can feel."

    The new commercial was directed by Jonas Akerlund, who had previously worked with Gaga on her music videos for "Paparazzi" and "Telephone."

    Source | Source

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     photo The-Game_zpsxcs52gba.png

    In a follow up to this post, rapper/actor, The Game, has taken to his Instagram to write his follow up sequel to #meatprintpapi.

    losangelesconfidential #FineNiggaFriday & @Anureet_K_Dhaliwal got me feeling myself after the gym earlier today....... so let's just assume, I'm at your house waiting for you to get home from work, 1st..... #StopAndGetSomeWetWipesCauseImGoneBeAssNakedSoonAsYouOpenTheDoorSoThatVajayjayGoneDrip #ThenImPullinYoPantiesDressSkirtOrPantsTheFuckOff #AndSlidinUnderThatPussyLikeAMechanicSlideUnderCars #NImEatinItWhileYouSquatOnMyFace #WhyYouAsk #CauseImHungryAndYouBeenGoneAllDay #WhyTheFuckYouStillHoldinTheKeys #DropThemMothafuckas #ImLickinYou #YeaLickinThatPearlTongueLikePecansNPrailinesIceCreamCuzThatsMyFavorite #RealSlow #2ScoopsOfThatPussy #AfterYouBustYa1stNut #ImPickinYouUp #CarryingYouToTheKitchenCounterToSitYouDown #BeforeYoAssHitTheColdCounter #WarmDickAlreadyInsideYou #GrazingYourWallsLikeAPaintBrush #InAndOut #SlowlyWhileITongueKissYouWitBothYoAssCheeksInMyHands #ThenImRammingThatPussTilYouBustAgainNToniteImNotPullingOut #LetsGoHalf #DropsMic .. #MEATPRINTPAPI has spoken !


    ONTD, what is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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     photo 5a7d45d0-b2de-4a65-9dd9-a337040fee8f_zpsrghrvbo9.jpg

    L-R: Thomas Michael Hammond ("Officer"), Michael Gould ("Alfieri"), Mark Strong ("Eddie Carbone"), Nicola Walker ("Beatrice Carbone"), Phoebe Fox ("Catherine"), Richard Hansell ("Louis"), Jan Versweyveld (Lighting Designer), Michael Zegen ("Marco"), Russell Tovey ("Rodolpho"), Ivo van Hove (Director).

    Source: Getty Images

    Cast After-Party at Gustavino's in New York City

     photo the-cast-and-creative-team-attending-the-broadway-opening-night-party-picture-id496936404_zpsqmqfsh2t.jpg

    Mark Strong (Eddie Carbone)

     photo mark-strong-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-from-picture-id496936616_zps9zwfghj8.jpg

     photo mark-strong-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-from-picture-id496936548_zpsx2nuqiig.jpg

    Nicola Walker (Wife Beatrice Carbone)

     photo nicola-walker-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936568_zps5qxromzk.jpg

     photo nicola-walker-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936628_zpsmbwfwxpt.jpg

    Phoebe Fox (Eddie's niece Catherine)

     photo phoebe-fox-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-from-picture-id496936586_zpsyfkpkt4l.jpg

     photo phoebe-fox-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-from-picture-id496936614_zpspd0uistt.jpg

    Phoebe Fox, Nicola Walker, and Mark Strong - Original cast members from the 2014 Young Vic production in London

     photo phoebe-fox-nicola-walker-and-mark-strong-attend-the-broadway-opening-picture-id496936400_zpsls5dozj4.jpg

    Russell Tovey (Beatrice's cousin Rodolpho)

     photo russell-tovey-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496935942_zpsuxrcwjc2.jpg

     photo russell-tovey-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496935916_zpsrkjjryse.jpg

    I just liked this next one:

     photo russell-tovey-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496939086_zpswcqzzpei.jpg

    Michael Zegen (Beatrice's cousin Marco, brother to Rodolpho)

     photo michael-zegen-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936638_zpsovdj6aqa.jpg

    Actually smiling for once ;-) :

     photo michael-zegen-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936588_zpsbdzagkvs.jpg

    Michael Gould (Lawyer Alfieri)

     photo michael-gould-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936596_zps0ik4aqwd.jpg

     photo michael-gould-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-view-picture-id496936646_zpsccdjkddx.jpg

    Thomas Michael Hammond (Officer / Understudy for Mark Strong's Eddie)

     photo thomas-michael-hammond-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-picture-id496936618_zpsakpqxv4j.jpg

     photo thomas-michael-hammond-attends-the-broadway-opening-night-party-for-a-picture-id496936546_zpsvxtqpx9y.jpg

    Long-time collaborators Director Ivo van Hove & Designer Jan Versweyveld

     photo ivo-van-hove-and-jan-versweyveld-attend-the-broadway-opening-night-picture-id496936540_zpsl7phzntv.jpg

    In case you're interested further:

    Opening Night Video
    Review / Pictures of Production (Minor Spoilers)
    Broadway World's roundup of reviews
    Official Site

    This seems to be somewhat of a polarizing production - have you seen it yet or are going to see it? What did you think? (I have read all the reviews and have been spoiled on basically all aspects... kinda stinks since I never read the play. I also wish people would stop taking pictures!) Also worth noting that Emun Elliott was originally cast as Marco but dropped out seemingly at the last minute - his name was printed in ads and he was on the original Playbill. So far, no reason has been given. Anyone might know why? Guess it was something serious.

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    Julian Bunetta, the professional producer and songwriter who co writes most of 1d's somngs and co-wrote Olivia with Harry had this to say about writing the song "Then all of a sudden, at the very end of the day when Harry was going to leave, he was sort of saying the chorus phrase, so we just sat there and wrote it really quick. It came out really, really quick... That was an incredibly adult, musically indulgent song that we all had a lot of fun making. It makes me so happy. But "Olivia" was Harry's genius." So harry was responsible for Olivia?

    Olivia is the name of one Taylor swift's beloved cats.

    The line 'this isnt a stain of a red wine I'm bleeding love' vs line from 1989 "You're still all over me like a wine-stained dress I can't wear anymore"
    The line "Remember the day we were giving up, when you told me I didn't give you enough." is similiar to "Remember when we couldn't take the heat, I walked out, I said, I'm setting you free" from Swift's, "Out of the Woods,".

    the ever reputable news outlet Hollywoodlife is claiming Olivia could be written about bandmate Louis Tomlinson. The evidence well...


    Do you think 'Olivia' is about the secret relationship between Louis and Harry named 'Larry Stylinson'? Is breakup song 'Love you Goodbye', a breakup song Louis Tomlinson said he wrote from personal experience about Larry?

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  • 11/13/15--16:00: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

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    -Jade got too drunk and spit her wine all over Simon Cowell while they were having dinner at his house. Jesy then started laughing too hard and peed herself.
    -They talk about flying in Taylor Swift's jet, and how Americans don't understand Jade's accent.
    -Next, they do some Dubsmash (lipsyncing) competitions.
    -Leigh-Anne does "Shake It Off", Perrie does "Sk8er Boi", Jade does "Gangster's Paradise", and Jesy and Alan team up to do "Slave 4 U".
    -Perrie goes back up and does "Wannabe", and Jade goes back up and does "Bang Bang".


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    ONTD what's your favorite 90's PC game?

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