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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 09/06/15--12:34: maggie stiefvater v. halsey

    - maggie stiefvater is the author of the tumblr favorite book series "the raven cycle". she's been known to be embarrassing in multiple ways in terms of interacting with her fandom online.
    - halsey is a former 1D stan turned singer who just released the album badlands. it's aight, "communion" by years and years is better

    - OTT stans of the raven cycle have been telling maggie about the song "drive" by halsey for awhile now.
    - maggie responded in a pretty childish manner. (screencapped by people over on tumblr as these tweets are deleted)

    - halsey responded to this stupidity.

    - things. got. stupider.

    - it culminated into this:

    async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

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    async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

    - needless to say people are dramaing about everywhere about it. including the Huffington Post which has an article on it, which is linked at the bottom, which includes some previous drama concerning a diversity panel.


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    This is the front page of Yahoo. Covering the abhorrent comments made by Damon Wayans about Bill Cosby's victims, problem is, this isn't actually a photo of Damon Wayans, it's his son Damon Wayans Jr.

    source: Yahoo!, my eyes

    For some reason I thought using a hashtag title wouldn't make it seem so serious. It's still ridiculous but I'm not tossing chairs.

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    Next time on #FromDuskTillDawn: The Series. New episode Tuesday at 9pm ET/PT on @ElReyNetwork.

    — From Dusk Till Dawn (@DuskElRey) September 6, 2015


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    zayn: Photo cred @carolinewatson_ 👍🏻 😎

    zayn: Rhino


    from caroline's instagram:

    and by pulling a TOP, i mean he's posting a lot of pictures in a short period of time
    source: zayn's instagram (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), caroline's ig
    dedicated to zatanzayn
    are you addicted to instagram, ontd?

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    I have never seen interpreters sit right behind actors like this. I usually see actors using earpieces. This seems kinda awkward, tbh.

    How ready are you for these Swedish actresses, ONTD? thethinkingmansblakelivelyforoscar2k15
    Here's a gif for really really deep and not at all shallow reasons:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    So, Nicole Arbour, of fat shaming infamy, has had her YouTube account "removed" for offensive content

    But, as ONTD fave chescaleigh points out, her channel would say it was removed because it violated YouTube terms of service

    Chesca's twitter | Nicole's twitter

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    Lea Michele hates soda - the interview starts with the reporter enjoying a can of coke but gets a stern talk from lea michele about that coke cause soda is not green juice.

    This is how lea wants you to fix your life.

    1. Harness that you-ness. - Figure yourself out maybe dont get a Leanatic tattoo on your ankle though
    2. Adding new experiences to your life will help you by pushing you outside of your comfort zone. - Like wear no make up for a role
    3. Be your own person and create your destiny. - Call shonda rimes for that grey´s anatomy guest spot
    4. It’s likely that you will have many role models. - Emma Roberts, Jessica Alba and Babs.
    5. You will attract a good partner when you yourself are in a good place. - Can´t make other people happy if you are not, also she doesn´t want anyone to fill any holes for her
    6. Be ambitious which can be a hard thing to do because it’s easily mocked in today’s culture—particularly for girls. - Stand up for yourself - be proud of your success

    Update on the coke issue - Lea fixed the interviewers life.

    At the end of the interview the girls hug it out. Shortly after the reporter sees a bunch of cokes in a cooler but applies the rules of life from Lea michele to herself and walks away from the cokes.

    Her fav photo according to her instagram Source

    Full interview here + all the pics Source

    Any life advise you would like share ONTD ?

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    RL from Next (the orginators of the 90s hit Too Close) responded to the meme jokingly making his own studio recording of it.

    What are some of your favorite memes ONTD?


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    Sadly, we live in a world where Taylor Swift is given awards all too often. Luckily, she remains embarrassing while accepting them! Here's her top four most cringe-worthy acceptance speech moments:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    #4: The 2015 MTV VMAs (when Taylor tries to defuse conversations about the fact that she's built an entire song and video off of trashing another woman by talking about gender norms)

    *op's note: it was really hard to find a video of her speech. She probably already had her team remove them all for copyright infringement.

    There’s been a lot of discussion about this video and what it means, but I’m just happy that in 2015, we live in a world where boys can play princesses and girls can play soldiers.

    Same, Kanye...same.

    #3: Every Win at the 2015 Billboard Awards (aka 20,000 hugs from Calvin & friends)

    We get it. You have a boyfriend. We get it. You collect friends.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    #2: The 2013 MTV VMAs (aka Taylor doing what she does best, exploiting her relationships and playing the victim)

    Taylor wins an award for her "I Knew You Were Trouble" video. One that probably wasn't even written about Harry Styles and yet...created a music video in an effort to make it all about him. Upon winning she shouts out to the guy who inspired the song claiming "he knows exactly who he is." Cut to the greatest reaction .gif of all time:

    #1: The 2014 GRAMMYS (the time she thought she was going to win, but didn't! Bless us all!)

    She lost! We were spared a speech...and that's why this is #1.

    sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + me

    Sorry it took me so long, smittthhhh! #haylorisdead

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    On people shipping them:
    “When people say that, it makes me feel cool. Like, oh, people are thinking about me like I’m a character. We are so different and we fight a lot, but the gift he [Novak] has always given me is the utter and total belief that I am one of the greats. And it is an intoxicating feeling.”

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    You can watch 'Before We Go' on VOD rn.

    Source 1, 2, 3

    So have any of you guys seen it? i was surprised tbh. Not a rom-com at all and i was expecting a cheesy cliched mess. Chrevans was also looking particularly fine. Even hotter than Cpt America imho.

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    cute & funny

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    Nick Jonas recently opened up about his relationship with Taylor.

    - Says Taylor is fun to drink with
    - On her squad: “It’s all about good friends and celebrating friendship, it’s such a positive environment to be a part of. She’s great.”

    Original article at the SOURCE

    will taylor let nick in her #squad?

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Paraphrasing from source:

    -- Bethenny Frankel's contract is in final negotiations, and will return.

    -- Bethenny is trying to lure Jenny McCarthy into this mess, who is playing reluctant but will likely do it, because what else does she have going on when she's not shouting on social media about vaccines and autism?

    -- Jenny McCarthy did concede "a lot of those bitches need to be slapped in the face."

    -- Cool girl LuAnn de Lesseps and Princess Carole Radziwill are also negotiationg, asking for more $$$$$ this time around.

    -- LuMann and Carole are still fighting offscreen and still banging hot barely legal boy toys, so the producers are eager to film it all and attempt another iconic season.

    -- Princess Carole embarrassingly posted a pic of her and her young boyfriend on Insta with the hashtag "cutepairdontcare"

    -- No contracts have been extended to Ramonacoaster or Kristen Taekman, because the execs and producers find them boring...

    -- ... But Kristen may get another chance because of her husband's Ashley Madison scandal. The show has footage from the Taekman's 10th anniversary party and are dying to do a montage with a crying Kristen in the corner at the next reunion show.

    -- Dorinda Medley will be back for being "lovable" and "just kooky enough."

    -- Heather won't be coming back, THANK CHRIST, and it was an allegedly mutual decision.

    -- No word about HRH Sonja Morgan, who allegedly had Hillary Clinton show up at her fashion show one time!


    Who do you want to see return and who do you want to see leave, ONTD?

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    Bobby Davro
    Chris Ellison
    Gail Porter
    Stevi Ritchie & Chloe Jasmine

    The American Housemates won immunity from nominations this week. Nominations were revealed on tonight's episode of Bit on the Side. We'll see the reasoning for them in tomorrow's main show.

    Daniel was on point about certain housemates today on BOTS. Still wish Chris had gone home instead of him.

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    Freddie Mercury wasn’t only a gifted singer; he was also an engaging performer, a successful songwriter and producer. To honor what would have been Freddie’s 69th birthday, I decided to make a list of some of his best songs.

    1946, Zanzibar, East Africa (current Tanzania). Farrokh Bulsara was born to a Parsi family originary of the Gujarat region of India. His father Bomi, worked as a cashier at the British Colonial Office. Nobody on September 5 of that year could have predicted that in a matter of decades, Farrokh, who spent most of his young life in a boarding school in Bombay, would become one of the biggest music legends of the 20th century: Freddie Mercury, rock star and front man of the equally legendary band Queen.

    Since Freddie was an incredibly proficient composer for Queen, many of the band’s most famous songs were written or co-written by him, so I tried to stay away from obvious choices like the hugely known “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the iconic sport anthem “We Are the Champions,” early hit “Killer Queen” or the classics “Somebody to Love” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

    Here you have my personal Top 10:

    Liar – Queen

    Liar is a fan-favorite song from the band’s first album, and it could take up to ten minutes when performed live. The song also contains a solo performed by bassist John Deacon, the most substantial solo he ever performed live.

    The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke – Queen II

    The first two Queen albums were full of a mix of intricate harmonies, heavy rock sounds and lyrical variety, and Queen II is the embodiment of that. Selecting only one song from it was the hardest choice I had when making this list, as half of the album was written by Freddie and has great tracks. The Fairy Fellers Master-Stroke is probably one of Queen’s most unique songs, lyric-wise. Based on Richard Dadd's painting by the same name, it features complex arrangements around a backing track of piano, bass guitar and drums, and also includes harpsichord, multiple vocal overdubs and overdubbed guitar parts.

    It was performed live only a couple of times, but we never had a recording until 2014. Give this song a listen and then try listening to the live version, it’s worth it.

    Lily of the Valley – Sheer Heart Attack

    Slower than most of the songs in this list, Lilly of the Valley is a piano-led ballad with all vocals done by Freddie. Its lyrics reference the song “Seven Seas of Rhye” and it is musically connected to the track “Flick of the Wrist,” also written by Mercury.

    Death on Two Legs (Dedicated to...) – A Night at the Opera

    I almost used this space to include another Queen II song (because that albums deserves it), but I decided to include Death on Two Legs just to have another side of Freddie's songwriting. The song shows his most aggressive lyrics, as it was dedicated to the band's ex-manager, who was reputed to have mistreated Queen and abused his role as their manager from 1972 to 1975.

    The most iconic Freddie song of this album was Bohemian Rhapsody. However, the second best song of the album (or the first one, as some fans would argue), was Brian May's "The Prophet's Song."

    The Millionaire Waltz – A Day at the Races

    From the album that brought Queen another iconic single, “Somebody to Love.” “The Millionaire Waltz” is Queen doing what they did best: another multi-key and multi-meter song like “Bohemian Rhapsody”, with abrupt arrangement changes and multi-tracked guitar choirs.

    Mustapha – Jazz

    A weird song made with mostly made-up words. The only discernible phrases are “Mustapha,” “Ibrahim,” “Allah we pray for you” and “alaikum salaam.” It was released as a single in Germany, Spain, Yugoslavia and Bolivia in 1979.

    Princes of the Universe – A Kind of Magic

    Not as "obscure" as some of the songs in this list. ‘Princes of the Universe’ is a cult favorite, given that it was the theme song of the film Highlander. However, it was never released as a single in the US or in the UK, even though it gained popularity in video channels.

    The Golden Boy – Barcelona

    I personally love Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballe’s album “Barcelona,” so I couldn’t make a list of Freddie’s best songs without including at least one song from there. The Golden Boy is the only song in this list where Mercury isn’t featured as the only writer, as it was an effort between him, Mike Moran and Tim Rice. The gospel choir is a highlight.

    If you have the chance, listen to the re-orchestrated version of Barcelona.

    Was It All Worth It – The Miracle

    Criminally underrated. "The Miracle" brought back what Queen had been lacking for most of the 80s, after a series of mostly okay album. While “I Want It All” is probably the most famous song out of the album, “Was It All Worth It” can easily give it a run for its money. It is a throwback to Queen’s 70s sound and just delightful all around, even including gong and timpani in its instrumentation.

    A Winter’s Tale – Made in Heaven

    The last song fully composed and recorded by Freddie. It was inspired by the views from his apartment in Montreux, Switzerland, and has a psychedelic, dreamy feel to it. The video was produced after his death and displays Freddie’s written notes for the song and images and clips from his life.

    Sources: 1, 2, myself
    Favorite Freddie Mercury/Queen song? Agree/disagree with the choices? Remember the first time you heard Freddie's voice? I was planning on doing this yesterday but I had no time.

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    - of 412,000, pure album sales were 326,000
    - had the SECOND largest debut of the year (behind drake's IYRTITL)
    - halsey sits at #2 with badlands but who cares cuz her album was boring

    hello, this is my first post!!!!
    so ontd, what's ur fav song off of BBTM? (also damn at the weeknd jumping from 95k in his debut week from his last album to 400k this time)

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    Interviewer brought up a few celebrities and Rita was enthusiastic about them all until Zayn. She suddently went silent.

    Rita finally responded with "Zayn, he's gorgeous, but, I just..." and goes silent again.

    When asked if she would date Zayn Malik: "That can't happen... we're on the same management team, too close to home that, but no, he's great."

    Would you date professional fuckboy Zayn Malik despite his recent actions and chicken legs, ONTD?


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    5 New TV Shows to love:

    5. Scream Queens

    Because if it actually manages to resemble even a little of Glee's glorious first season, it'll be quite enjoyable plus everyone loves trashy Ryan Murphy shit even if they pretend to hate him. #RIPTheNewNormal And it also features Gay Icon and Legend Nick Jonas (Phrase copyright to superboy)

    4. The Muppets

    Because well...they're The Muppets! And everyone wants to see how Miss Piggy will somehow manage to get back with Kermit and leave the thin rebound pig.

    3. Grandfathered

    Because lbr, everyone stans for John Stamos. He remains a hot DILF and the show looks kinda decent. Plus the baby is super cute and apparently everyone already forgot about that one time he helped his friend rape a girl.

    2. Quantico

    Because it's Grey's Anatomy in the FBI meets How To Get Away With a Terrorist Attack. What's not to love? Also, my sweet prince Rick Cosnett is playing a gay lawyer so add it to my list #EddieThawneDeservedBetter

    1. You, Me, and The End of The World

    A comedy in which a priest, a terrorist, a white supremacist, a general and a bank manager try to ride out the end of the world. It's even been compared to UK Misfits (the first good years) but instead of fighting evil, this band of weirdos is just trying to survive. Plus it has Megan Mullally, who doesn't love Megan Mullally?!

    5 New TV Shows to hate:

    5. Blindspot

    How many times do you think they'll get her naked on the show to get the ratings up because an important clue lies on the tattoo right above her crack! Jamie should keep doing her Agents of SHIELD cameos.

    4. Rosewood

    As fine as Morris Chestnut is... this show looks horrible. You can't even tell what it is about, but seems pretty common and a procedural on fox that's not Bones or a PLL spin-off? no ty.

    3. Heroes: Reborn

    Do you honestly trust Tim Kring with another TV show? No. Just No.

    2. Lucifer

    I've seen the pilot and besides having the most ridiculous premise ever 'The devil gets bored and goes to Vegas', Lucifer seems like a pretty tame devil...i mean, the worst thing you can do is scare little school girls? seriously? so much potential wasted.

    1.Code Black

    You won't hate it, it'll just be irrelevant. A doctor's procedural on CBS? Color me shocked! Marcia Gay Harden, you deserve better! #BringBackTrophyWife

    Source: Me and my friend who has a bike.

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    Reigning queen of KPop Hip-Pop HyunA was recently joined by Hwasa to perform a song from her latest album, HyanA+, on M+ Countdown. Check out the numerous references and tribute paid to American Hip-Hop/R&B Queens Nicki Minaj and Beyonce. Can you spot them all?

    I added a source, mods! thank you! :)


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