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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    I understand there was some kind of function going on on MTV tonight, but I don't know anything about that because I am a Cubs fan and was too busy watching Jake Arrieta hit a no-hitter:


    This is the 2nd time the Dodgers have been no-hit in the last 9 games.

    Cubs manager Joe Maddon had earlier decreed that everyone would fly home on the ride back to Chicago in pajamas, so Arrieta was wearing his best onesie for the post game interview:


    In other news, Curt Schilling who was suspended from ESPN for being a huge piece of shit, was replaced by Jessica Mendoza, former gold medal winning Team USA softball player, being the first woman ever to do baseball commentary for ESPN. SHE DID A FANTASTIC JOB, ESPN, PLZ KEEP HER IN AND SEND SCHILLING TO THE LANDFILL WHERE HE BELONGS. (her first game was Monday, but tonight was her first Sunday Night Baseball. #relevant




    baseball post!!!

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    "I know a lot of people have problems with the police but I really hate police strippers!" *shows Fuck Tha Police Strippers shirt*

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    Source:VH1's Youtube

    eaux at that person, joe budden?, talking to her. is he threatening her?

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    Lol at him doing his best Chris Brown impression. From the budget dance moves to biting his Beautiful People performance to the crocodile tears.


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    A post on reddit today has sparked a few discussions about various celebrities that people have met. It's one thing to meet a celebrity for an autograph, or a convention, but some users had interesting critiques from working directly with them.

    From one user:

    • Daniel Radcliffe - utter sweetheart, so professional with a wicked sense of humour. He's completely tiny though and chain smokes like a motherfucker.

    • Mariah Carey - total out of touch with the world. Insisted on being interviewed by candlelight and in a silk nightgown. She has no idea of the real world and no concept of anything outside of hers.

    • Douglas Booth - really pleasant to interview and work with but super bland. He's just the walking embodiment of the colour beige and coddled by his agents. However, I hear he's finally loosening up and hopefully will finally stop being a giant box office flop.

    • Kit Harrington - absolute flirt with a huge drinking problem. I worry for him going off the rails or getting into an accident as a result of how heavily he drinks on a daily basis.

    • Tom Cruise - one of the nicest (if most intense people) I've ever spoken to but he makes an effort to speak to every single person on set, remembers their names and makes eye contact with everyone (some many so-called "celebrities" think they're above basic human interaction) Worked with him a few years later and he remembered our first meeting.

    • Jeremy Irons - totally intense and gave off a slightly crazy vibe. Then two weeks later he interviews with someone else and confesses he was briefly infatuated with his son Max (who is wonderful to work with/interview) and that gay marriage would lead to fathers marrying their sons for property reasons...

    • Kate Moss - utterly coked off her tits when we worked with her (quite a few years back), started complaining about the little girl who was playing in the corner of the studio and asking everyone to get "that fucking girl to shut the fuck up" as it was "doing [her] head in"... Only to be informed that that little girl was actually her daughter...

    • Emma Watson - Complained to her publicist about everything, but one on one is lovely (but I'm dubious as to how much that was "professional mode") Sorry. (ONTD was just speculating whether Emma was hard to deal with)

    • Eddie Redmayne - really shy and polite to everyone (we were all convinced he was flirting with the male hairdresser but it turns out he wanted his details as he loved the grooming job he did on him that day and wanted to regularly use him in the future... However he is ever so slightly earnestly camp)

    • Kate Winslet - hands down one of my favourites to work with. Drinks and swears like a trooper, makes time for everyone on set and doesn't complain about long shoot hours. She has absolutely no pretences on set. Have worked with her a number of times now and would jump at the chance to work with her again.

    • Brad Pitt - just super bland. Can joke around with the crew and everyone really likes him but he comes across as a bit of a void. No complaints, but no overall lasting memories of him, just a meh shoulder shrug. I have a friend who has worked with him frequently over the years and is convinced he just adopts his current partner's personality/interests.

    • Lindsay Lohan - now, I thought she was going to be an absolute nightmare. I was prepared for her not to turn up, be unprofessional/wasted, have crazy demands or things go missing from the shoot... The total opposite.
    She turned up early, Starbucks in hand, went through all the looks with the fashion editor, seemed really into it, shot the whole story without any complaints - changed into a dressing gown after each look so she could chain smoke about 5 Malboro's at once and made sure the smoke didn't get anywhere near the samples throughout the shoot (a nightmare if we have to return the clothes the same day)
    The only real issues was that she wanted her own hair and make-up team (who can only seem to do hooker level make-up... But that was her one request for the shoot) and that no "major" designers would lend for the shoot once we clarified it was LL we were shooting as they didn't want their brands associated with her. Such a shame as I think underneath it all is a sweet girl who has just been totally screwed by her parents (the less said about Dina Lohan pimping out her daughter... The better - that is a HUGE scandal waiting to explode)

    • Tom Hiddleston - really intelligent and modest guy. He'd just come back from a UNICEF event when we interviewed him and he was totally gracious about the whole thing. He also insisted on everyone else getting lunch before him and chatted to all the crew in detail about their lives. Would love to work with him again.

    • Miles Teller - absolute asshole. He's so talented but just doesn't get that he'll burn his rep with so many people. He says exactly what comes into his head with no social filter - whether it's misogynist and he thinks it's just harmless flirting, or arrogant as fuck as no one has told him otherwise (he was also dumped by the Whiplash director for the same reasons and now won't be collaborating with him in the future)


    Another user described his job as a tour guide for high risk activities in Hawaii:

    I got to deal with Rihanna and her friends/family/entourage many months ago. She was generally a pain in the ass. Super demanding, ignored most of our instruction, and showed up super drunk/stoned. On the bright side, her bodyguard and some of her sober entourage were fun and pretty chill.


    Yet another had frequent interactions with the two Supernatural dudes, as their barister:

    Jensen Ackles - served him coffee on 4 different occasions, super nice and very friendly. Always made sure to ask about our lives and such and tipped well

    Jared Padalecki - Served him coffee once, was super rude. Basically wanted nothing to do with my coworker and I

    What do you think, ONTD? Do these observations match your speculations?

    Source: AskReddit (What celebrities have you met and what were they like in person?)

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    There is a certain competition among female pop singers that is unique to the pop sphere. As media has fallen in love with pop stars over the last three decades, a pop lineage has taken shape, in which the 1980s are seen as a peak. To chase those old spectacular women of old, many singers have incorporated the sounds of the 1980s & early 1990s in their music. Here are the 10 best female pop albums of the 80s & 90s - today.

    Carly Rae Jepsen - Emotion (2015)

    This flawless album is the crown jewel of the retro music theme presented in this post. "Could actually have come out in the 1980s", "best pop album of 2015", "ONTD was so right on this album" are just some of the high praise that is well earned on this highly authentic throwback. (Note: Carly Rae actually lived through the 1980s. At age 29, Carly was alive a full five years during the eighties, and is the cool, quiet senior of the pop world.

    Katy B - Little Red (2014)

    Little known on the Canadian & American side of the pond, Katy B has made serious waves in her native UK. Before having worked with local Canadian band Keys & Krates, she made a fantastic 90s house influenced album. 2014 was a year rife for 90s house throwbacks, as this list will show...

    La Roux - Trouble in Paradise (2014)

    Real-life time traveler and visitor from the 1980s La Roux released a throwback album in 2014 as well.

    Kiesza - Sound of a Woman (2014)

    Again in 2014, Kiesza planted the flag for pop throwbacks with her viral video for "Hideaway", and followed it up with even more 90s influenced hit "Giant in my Heart".

    Little Boots - Working Girl (2015)

    Hard work pays off: another UK star, Little Boots gained minor fame in the late 2000s but truly came into her own as an indie synthpop group with 2015's Working Girl. In a year filled with fantastic albums, this album might not be Carly's Emotion, but it has the same feeling.

    Tegan and Sara - Heartthrob (2013)

    Indie darlings Tegan and Sara lit the way with their simmering standout, 2013's Heartthrob. These twin sisters brought a hint of the 1990s into the modern music scene and made embracing synthpop inevitable.

    Lady GaGa - Born This Way (2011)

    Highly controversial, Lady GaGa's Born This Way album set the modern blueprint of how female pop stars could look back and use the sound of the past to stand out in the present.

    Bonnie McKee - Bombastic (2013-2015)

    Hugely unsuccessful, Bonnie McKee's adorable music and delightful EP Bombastic show that the retro trend in pop is a passion project for many.

    Betty Who - Take Me When You Go (2014)

    In 2014, the Australian Katy Perry released the followup album to "Teenage Dream" that never was in the adorably throwback "Take Me When You Go". These are the golden days, indeed.

    This list only has 9 items, ONTD... which album did you come here to see?


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    So YouTube and MTV Decoded star Franchesca Ramsey was at the VMAs tonight and she was unfortunate enough to be sitting next to the guy above. Basically at one point during the night Empire's Jussie Smollett shouted out "Black lives matter" when the person that was sitting next to Chesaleigh and her husband responded with "Bullshit!".


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    ONTD fav Nick Jonas kicked off the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards off right, with an electric performance of his latest bop "Levels."

    MTV/Viacom keep deleting the videos so enjoy some gifs!

    via GIPHY

    via GIPHY

    The hardest working man in music wasted no time, dropping the music video for his latest smash just hours after setting the VMA red carpet on fire in his Star-Lord-inspired leather pant suit.

    Paraphrased @NickJonas. @NewNowNext. YouTube.

    High five from Jesus.

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    Should've been Brad, Kimora Lee & Maria M. with Melissa instead but ok work....

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    “There is the way I use it in the song, but my mom is a trap queen. She held us down and she was a queen at doing it. She took care of her children and her tribe, made sure we had food on the table, and kept our heads up. However you want to put it, there are different meanings to it.”


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     photo whyujs_zpsc4jiskjz.png
     photo o55dlw_zps9rxgcwla.png

    Can Lena Headey win the Emmy for Best Drama Supporting Actress on only her second bid for playing Cersei Lannister on "Game of Thrones"? Last year she lost out to Anna Gunn ("Breaking Bad"), but with Gunn gone we are guaranteed a new winner in this race. Headey submitted the Season 5 finale to Emmy judges "Mother's Mercy."


    -Headey shows incredible emotional range in her short 15 minutes of screen time, from manipulative and cunning to broken and afraid.

    -there was arguably nothing more impactful on all of television last year than Cersei's naked walk of shame.

    -As the show's major villain, Headey submitted an episode where her character goes through the beginning stages of what appears to be a redemptive arc. That character reversal will allow voters to see her in a new light.


    -Headey does not appear until the 40 minute mark of her episode. Will voters get bored waiting for her to show up?

    -Only one actor from "Game of Thrones" has won before -- Peter Dinklage back in 2011. That's likely because the show rarely focuses on a character long enough in a single episode for Emmy voters to get attached.

    -Headey was pregnant during the filming of this episode and used a body double for her character's nude scenes. Might voters hold that against her?


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    This news comes soon after Britney announced she was to guest star on the show soon!


    Are you excited for these upcoming guest stars, ONTD? I hope they're both in the same episode and share a scene.

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    • At 14, her mother bought hair dye with brush-on highlights after Rosie begged her but ended with 'two massive peroxide streaks, like a badger'. She continues, 'I remember crumbling on to the bathroom floor screaming at my mother, "You ruined my life" and sobbing my eyes out.

    • She and her mother bought 'ten boxes of hair dye to try and colour it back and it just ended up a kind of murky red and really damaged.'

    What have been your beauty disasters?

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    Daniel Henney047 zps00c81532

    Daniel Henney appeared in Arena magazine blah blah blah, hotness below.

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    ty@burntbussy for telling me about this

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    Hint: Answer has nothing to do with Coachella.
    Relationship/sex post?

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  • 08/31/15--19:07: Heroes Reborn teasers

  • source: 1, 2, 3
    sorry about my last post, I only realized it was fake after I submitted T_T

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  • 08/31/15--19:28: Gotham Sneak Peek.

  • source.

    cameron is pretty amazing as jerome. bless this over the top show.

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