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Oh No They Didn't! -

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  • 08/01/15--21:03: #IStandWithAdam

  • Adam Goodes is an Australian of the year, two time Brownlow medalist Indigenous Australian who, amid controversy, decided to not play with his AFL team, the Sydney Swans, this weekend.


    If you believe some people it's because he's a sook. Because he needs to toughen up. The usual rhetoric. Weak. Pansy. Princess. ETC. The Australian public has lobbed every word in the book at him. A lot of them misogynistic.

    It's about booing.

    Time and time again this season, not for shoddy umpire calls and not for dirty plays, Adam Goodes has been booed. Nearly every time he touched the ball. Now according to some of the Australian public this is his own fault. He's a player that plays for free kicks etc. Others are slightly closer to the truth, saying that Adam Goodes made himself a target by pointing out a thirteen year old girl to security last year when she called him an 'ape' during the game. Because this year, during the AFL dreamtime round, Adam Goodes performed a traditional war dance after kicked a goal.

    A common Facebook comment has been There's seventy other aboriginal players in the AFL, none of them are getting booed. It's not racist at all. However none of those seventy other players are as outspoken about racism as Adam Goodes had been. Adam Goodes has been consistently visible with pride in his heritage. Adam Goodes has been visible, outspoken and challenging.

    However it's come to a point where this man is now considering early retirement from the game. The racial slurs and the booing every game has taken it's toll. But amongst the Australians that argue that this isn't racially motivated, that Goodes just needs to toughen up, that he brought it on himself is a wide range of Australians who stand with him.

    Source 1234

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    Write-up about Zayn:

    And some sexist bullshit about Perrie:

    Source / Zayn Blurb / Perrie Blurb
    smh but congrats @ these beautiful songstresses

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    -Red Bull Flugtag Russia 2015, an event where people form teams to build gliders that they then launch into the air above the water, took place on July 26
    -A highlight reel was compiled and posted to the Russian Red Bull site on July 28 and then the English page (both since taken down)
    -Reposts of this on Youtube are being taken down for "copyright violations"
    -This highlight reel contained footage of a man in an Obama mask and others in blackface chasing a man in a banana suit
    -Vadim Shevchenko, Red Bull representative, initially told [banned source], "Of course it’s not an expression of racism. If you had been there you would understand. The situation was absolutely friendly and happy."
    -Red Bull then issued a statement on July 31 saying, "The organizers of the Red Bull Flugtag in Russia regret our oversight in allowing these participants to tarnish what was otherwise an enjoyable event. It is never our intention to give a platform which would promote an offensive message. For the future, we will take more effective measures to prevent this sort of thing happening again."


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    premieres august 25th on el rey!

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    - Chace Crawford was spotted ringing in his 30th birthday at the London Hotel in West Hollywood– but he wasn’t alone.

    - Chace  was sticking close to his Blood & Oil costar Rebecca Rittenhouse, who plays his wife on the upcoming oil boom drama. And it wasn’t just a one night thing…

    -“He and Rebecca have been hanging out,” says a spy, stressing that while it’s “nothing serious” the pair “had great chemistry on set and he really enjoys hanging out with her. I wouldn’t call them official, but there is a romance between them for sure.”


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    Still no sign of the 02 kids but it looks like we're getting at least three new characters?? i mean... sure... why not...

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  • 08/01/15--22:45: Aidan Turner Interview

  • -Talks about Poldark(obviously).
    -Talks about Eleanor Tomlinson and their relationship.
    -He wasn't nervous about playing Ross because he didn't watched old series.
    -Compares working in Middle Earth vs Cornwall.
    -On his hair: "No, I didn’t. My hair was that length. It’s a lot shorter now so if we do go again for a second series I don’t know what we’re going to do. I’m going to have to start growing my hair really fast. No, that was all me. That was all Aidan Turner hair. I don’t know whether I’m that proud of it but—I mean it looks a bit wiggy sometimes—but I guarantee you it is all mine."

    -Talks about set accident with an ox while he was up on a horse.
    -On fame: "I mean it’s fun to go to Comic Con and to go to these different events and your popular for five minutes while you’re kind of in the limelight, but then when that goes away and you’re back to normal life and you’re learning lines for the next show or you might be auditioning or whatever you’re doing just working as an actor, it doesn’t really come into my world really."
    On doing tv show after Being Human: "It was certainly fun and it’s odd to be back … with a different set of actors and a different crew and a different bunch of people who are supporting this show—it’s quite strange.But that’s the life of an actor, you get so close to people for these kind of little snapshots in your life and these small moments and then they just sort of disappear and you move on to the next one and all you have is the memories, thank God. But no, “Being Human” is something I’m very proud of and I’m happy to have done."


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  • 08/02/15--03:11: The Affair new promo


    Cole is the worst

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    -Kate Moss's ex-husband, Jamie Hince was spotted getting cozy with VS model Jessica Stam after a show in LA.
    -Hince said they split up bc they 'wouldn't be good parents.'
    -Kate's so upset she cancelled her Ibiza trip :(

    -Kate is upset Cara Delevingne left Storm models and fought with her friend Naomi Campbell


    does anything taste as bad as being left for a younger blonde model feels ontd?

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    Thea will have a new love interest, called Alex, who will be sharp, polished, witty and charming political consultant who will make her forget about Roy.


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    - Her parents wanted her to go into law, but after grad school she turned down training at the firm Slaughter and May so she could spend a year modeling
    - Her modeling was intended to pay for classes at Drama Centre London
    - Her parents felt worried at her career prospects as an actress.
    - Gemma initially did not pursue acting, saying, "Growing up, I never saw any Asian faces on TV, so it didn’t feel like a viable option"
    - Gemma on auditions: "I’ve been fortunate in my career, but, yes, there have been many times when I have been told my audition has been cancelled because they’re only going to see white people."
    - In regards to the intersection of race and gender: "The statistics are really depressing. I remember reading some that made me think, ‘Oh, you are more likely to see an alien in a Hollywood film than an Asian woman.'"


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    therealswizzz: What's My Name? Daddy moment #HappySunday with love #28000days and beyond #Genesis

    aliciakeys: On your path to the sun; wind comes, rain comes, clouds and confusion. But cherish every day, cause u can't get it back and every stumble, every misstep, every victory, every triumph every minute/moment/second makes you who you are..... Shine!! #lovealicia #blessedsunday #28000days photo by: @therealswizzz

    aliciakeys: He's trying to steal my hat!! Help me!!! These are the most precious of my #28000days

    therealswizzz: #5yrvibes this one has Gas. I'm getting shot for this post.

    therealswizzz: Late night with Love #5yrvibes #Blessings

    therealswizzz: 5 years My Love!!! We're about 2 get Loose!!! My Sunflower. WE OUT.

    cole_cook: These two have been major role models in my life with how they present themselves and treat others, how they balance work and family, and whenever someone needs to talk they are there! But one thing that I notice all the time with these two is that their love for each other only keeps growing everyday and I can't wait to experience that one day with the one I love. I love you both soooo much, Happy Anniversary @aliciakeys @therealswizzz

    aliciakeys: My dearest, love of my life- The day we saw sunflowers drawn with chalk on the NYC park concrete we knew something special was happening. Something about that day, spoke to forever... If life is a movie you're the only one I want to share the scene with, If love is a dream, you're the only one I want to dream with, If life is a game, you're the one I want to be on the team with!! There's no part of my #28000days, I want to live with out you...Happy 5th anniversary my King!!!! Photo by: @brendanforbes


    How forever alone and miserable are you, ONTD?

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    Ryan Reynolds is set to appear as a guest on Conan this Tuesday, August 4th. Per Conan's website: "Ryan Reynolds debuts the new redband trailer for 'Deadpool.' We're filling up his dressing room with chimichangas in anticipation." The green band trailer is likely to debut theatrically with Fantastic Four.

    The trailer was first screened at Comic-Con last month and although it leaked, the studio decided to wait to officially release it.

    Also, Hugh Jackman recently tweeted for input on what fans want to see for his final Wolverine film and Reynolds offered a suggestion:

    Source 1, 2, 3, 4

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    -It's been more than ten years since Lizzie McGuire went off the air.
    -Clayton Snyder, the guy who played Ethan, is now 27 years old.
    -He is still acting, he recently appeared on Rules of Engagement and NCIS.
    -He attended Pepperdine University and was a member of the water polo team.
    -He has been staying sober.
    -He recently reunited with Lalaine and Jake Thomas, Miranda and Matt from Lizzie McGuire.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    -Story will center an incident at a high school in the Midwest that provokes discussions about gender, sexual orientation, & sexual identity.

    -André will play Michael Lacroix, an architect and community leader who, along with his wife Terri (portrayed by Regina King), defends his son after he becomes involved in a scandal at a private school.

    -André was previously directed by American Crime's show-runner in the 2014 Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side. Is one of the reasons ABC gave Ridley the opportunity to run this show.

    -Angelique Rivera, Connor Jessup and Joey Pollari will also join cast.


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    Rihanna attended a festival in Barbados and got covered in paint.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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    The votes have been counted, and the thirst has turned into full-on dehydration. You've seen the other lists, now see what ONTD has to say. The ONTD community voted for who they believed were the sexiest men alive, and now the results are finally here! Click below to see the Top 50 men that have been bestowed ONTD's highest honor!

    5 Random Facts

    242 men were nominated.
    livejournal garnered 5 votes. This was 3 more than Ed Sheeran had.
    Common sexiest men list candiates such as Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Bradley Cooper are noticeably absent.
    Booboo Stewart is the youngest male, at 21 years old.
    All 3 Marvel Chrises made it into the Top 25.

    How does ONTD's taste compare?

    Voted 13 times Voted 13 times
    Includes Avan Jogia, Diego Luna, James Norton. Includes Chris Pratt, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Christian Bale.
    69% PoC 23% PoC.
    Consensus: Knows a pretty face when she sees one. Consensus: Has a thing for superheroes.

    ljtryout vs whereisglory
    Voted 9 times Voted 7 times
    Includes Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum. Includes Keanu Reeves, Shemar Moore, Lance Gross.
    100% white. 100% PoC.
    Consensus: Typically goes for muscular, mass produced types. Consensus: Prefers those most likely to season their food.

    Voted aprox. 120 times. Voted 1 time.
    British, American, Korean, Indian, etc. 100% British.
    Many ethnicities. 100% white.
    Consensus: A diverse amount of men across lines. Consensus: She voted for Tom Hardy.

    THE TOP 50 MEN

    -PoC make up 36% of the Top 50.
    - Americans dominate by 38%.

    50. Miguel Angel Silvestre
    49. Manish Dayal
    48. Travis Fimmel
    47. Ezra Miller
    46. Ki Hong Lee
    45. Alexander Skarsgard
    44. Hugh Dancy
    43. Daniel Henny
    42. Richard Madden
    41. Dev Patel
    40. Ewan McGregor
    39. Tyler Hoechlin
    38. Richard Armitage
    37. Jon Kortajarena
    36. Michael Fassbender
    35. Viggo Mortensen
    34. Michiel Huisman
    33. Jason Momoa
    32. Steven Yeun
    31. Matt Bomer
    30. Keanu Reeves
    29. Zayn Malik
    28. Jake Gyllenhaal
    27. Aidan Turner
    26. Sebastian Stan

    25. Kit Harington
    24. Sendhil Ramamurthy
    23. Avan Jogia
    22. Chris Hemsworth
    21. James McAvoy
    20. Rami Malek
    19. Chris Evans
    18. Tom Hiddleston
    17. Charlie Cox
    16. Aaron Taylor Johnson
    15. Dwayne Johnson
    14. Paul Rudd
    13. Lee Pace
    12. Chris Pratt
    11. John Cho

    THE TOP 10

    - The British dominate the Top 10, taking up 50%.
    - PoC make up 60%.

    10. Cillian Murphy

    Not only strikingly beautiful, but Murphy is intelligent as well. Watch Peaky Blinders to see Murphy show off his talent for speaking in a foreign language! Yeah!

    9. Chiwetel Ejiofor

    He is a very talented actor and has a promising career ahead of him.

    8. Cary Fukunaga

    Sometimes when he texts his friends, Fukunaga sends them gifs of Cary Grant! Wow!

    7. Henry Cavill

    Contray to popular belief, Cavill actually does have a personality. Amazing!

    6. Charlie Hunnam

    You may know him as Raleigh Beckett from Pacific Rim. You may also know him for a very, very persuasive gif involving buttcheeks. NIce!

    5. Tom Hardy

    Once in Romania, Hardy found a sick stray cat and nursed it back to health. And this December, he'll be attempting to murder Leonardo DiCaprio in the new movie The Revenant. Awesome!

    4. Godfrey Gao

    Gao is very attractive. He is so attractive, he made a career out of it. He's a model. Yeah!

    3. Jesse Williams

    Look at those eyes. You know what those eyes are saying? That you need to start paying attention to the disastrous effects of instituionalized racism in the United States, being streamlined by our police departments whose duty is supposed to be to protect and serve, yet black youth are constantly under threat of being the next victim of police brutality due to underlying social stigmas that need to be addressed. Follow Jesse on Twitter!

    2. Oscar Isaac

    You may know him as the guy with the cat and guitar, but coming this December, Isaac's force will be inescapable in the new Star Wars movie. According to himself, he only plays himself, because he only has himself self to play with. Wow!

    1. Idris Elba

    Although known among many as the 'Token Attractive Black Guy' your white friend mentions so they don't seem racist, Elba also works as a DJ under the name DJ Big Driis. His new movie, "Beasts of No Nation", directed by #8, will soon be making its debut on Netflix! Amazing!

    Alright! Now that thats all over, whos ready to complain?!

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    finally!!!! his best song. lol cute mv but he's so sxc in dat bath yaaas


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    In the heat of the summer lays a lonesome house in the countryside where nine year old twin brothers await their mother’s return. When she comes home, bandaged after cosmetic surgery, nothing is like before and the children start to doubt whether this woman is actually who she says she is. What ensues is a terrifying observational struggle with fatal consequences on par with THE SHINING and DEAD RINGERS.


    If the trailer is anything to go by, the movie looks pretty as fuck.

    How do we feel about a creepy post tonight, ONTD?

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    Tove Lo

    The Weeknd

    Paul McCartney

    Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes

    Black Pistol Fire

    Young Thug


    Gary Clark Jr.

    Kid Cudi

    white ppl


    Ryn Weaver

    Charli XCX

    guy with long fingers

    The Tallest Man on Earth

    Tyler, the Creator

    Sam Smith

    Walk The Moon

    it rained

    Death From Above 1979 (ugh I loved their first album)

    Matthew Murphy of The Wombats


    Father John Misty

    Marina & The Diamonds

    FKA Twigs

    TV On The Radio

    Florence + The Machine

    what is your favorite music festival, ontd? I love lolla but if I ever get to glasto, that'll be my #1.

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