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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    A quick look at one of Camila Cabello's back up singer, Dinah Dolezal, "FAVORITES" on Twitter shows she's TEAM TAYLOR! #FFFFFFeminist icon, tbh!

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    Also, the global superstars known as No Harmony performed at the BET's Players Awards:

    Bonus: First she thinks she's black and now she thinks she is LATINA, too? Whew, transracialethnic queen!
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    So Meek Mill had some words for Safaree , Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend. There's a video circulating the internet that is ALLEGEDLY of Safaree twerking. Mr. Mills accuses Safaree of being gay because of how touchy-feely Safaree allowed Nicki to be with other men while they were in a relationship.

    Twitlonger says: This nigga SB was twerking mannnnnnnn....i always thought u was gay letting Ya girl do all that shit with niggas while yall where together! Lol

    Alleged video:

    Safaree twerking

    — Rev.MarMar (@YungLost_Rebel) July 22, 2015


    the fuck is wrong with these people today?

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    There has been some speculation that Henry would join the cast of Fifty Shades of Grey and when asked Cavill responded - "Basically what I can say is I can't say anything about it right now,"

    We better get full exposure of his glorious meaty thighs tbh!


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    Pre-Order Migos' debut album Yung Rich Nation now: iTunes link

    ONTD, what songs do you want to hear done by an orchestra?

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    Tamar's Quotes:
    -I had an issue with Rihanna being nominated at the Grammys for Best R&B Album. She doesn’t sing R&B music, she is a pop star.
    -I love her though.
    -It’s called Rhythm and Blues. Ribs and Barbecue. It’s not twerk music. It’s soulful. That’s R&B music.
    -Every song of Rihanna’s that I’ve got my complete and utter life to has been while twerking.
    -Beyonce, for me, is more R&B than what Rihanna music would be considered
    From 9:00


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    Quick Summary:
    -almost exactly a year ago AB was dropped from UMG
    -prospect park is the label that delivered broke with expensive taste, and all of her music videos for it
    -AB made a tweet about she's back on the market for a record label. if jay z's cousin is still on the intercontinental lookout for new artists for tidal, please forward his phone number to azealia!
    -A Prospect Park spokesman confirmed to Billboard that, “We chose to terminate our management relationship with Azealia Banks… she’s one of the most talented artists in the world and are very proud of the work we did on her behalf. We wish her all the best.”


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    Mr. Magneto himself, Sir Ian McKellen asked a straight friend to draw a diagram for him to help him film and intimate scene with a woman. The 76 year old actor told @NPR: "My first job was to appear to be having sex with Joanne Whalley-Kilmer in the marital bed. Well, this would’ve been a joyful scene for any straight actor to play. She’s extremely beautiful and a lovely person, and I didn’t know what to do with her. So I went to a friend, Edward Petherbridge, the actor, who knows about these things. And I said, Edward, I’ve got to do this love scene. Can you explain to me — can you draw me a little diagram? So he did. He gave me some stick figures…Showed me what was possible. So I’m now an expert on the missionary position, and everything went well.”

    Paraphrased from @Queerty.

    ONTD: Do you need a sex diagram? And who would you ask for it?

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  • 07/21/15--22:51: Lily is using Tinder!

  • The Sun on Sunday claims that MARRIED pop star Lily Allen is using dating app Tinder asking “to meet people abroad”.

    She also signed with IMG models.

    twitter 1&2

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    - claims his ban was excessive and fifa's wrong,

    - knows what he did is wrong but lied to his wife anyway saying he fell on chellini,

    - he had tears in his eyes because of sanctions.



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    A representative of Liam said rumours are not true.


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  • 07/22/15--00:25: James Bond: SPECTRE trailer

  • Watch the new trailer for the 24th Bond film, #SPECTRE

    — James Bond (@007) July 22, 2015

    all the Q 😍

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    My blonde prince has come out of hiding and I am LOVING it. So sorry ontd but expect more frequent Em posts :D

    Anywho Em went to the premiere of Southpaw and was adorable and polite to everyone.

    Here is a video of Em talking to an interviewer and 50 interrupting them.

    Video of the red carpet--he looked nervous and doesnt stay too long but it was nice to hear everyone scream his name. I dont get how people handle the carpet -id have a panic attack

    50 professes his love for Em on Instagram

    EM, jake, 50, 3 The Hard Way. SOUTH PAW #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

    Somethings never change you know like real friendship. I only needed a shot and he gave it to me. I love EM 😆he said I see you doing big things, I'm still your favorite white boy right !!! LMAO I ALMOST FELL OUT. #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

    Every time we kick it, EM says some shit that makes me love music again. #FRIGO #SMS

    I told EM close your and wish me success in every way my heart desires. So I can look at this picture when I'm tired, and keep working.#EFFENVODKA #FRIGO

    The full thing should be posted sometime tonight. lol at: "are you detroit!?"


    I took out the pic with the bad source mods.

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    *insert the "this has happened before and it will happen again gif* smh

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    - "yeah my lover, you all know him, one direction, he is a muslim, his dick's a worry, it smells of curry"
    - "took my black lover on a date with me [unintelligible] chicken feet with banana, he's from Ghana, it was not nice"
    -"i've had more black dick in me than cheryl cole"
    - "yeah my boy's from across the ocean and his favorite word is raas"
    - "get rid of that muslim in one direction, but mum, fucking muslims is fun"
    - one person in weak as fuck blackface to play leigh-anne
    - whitewashing jade, who is a woman of color


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    • Jason Reitman is assembling the team.

    • Michael Fassbender will play The Dude

    • Jennifer will be Maude Lebowski

    • Olivia Munn will be Bunny Lebowski

    • The Silicon Valley team plus Patton Oswalt (Walter) and Mae Whitman (Donnie) complete the cast.

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    This is from his interview today in The Telegraph..........


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  • 07/22/15--18:37: nnnn

  • source

    i can't keep up!!!!

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