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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Basically according to TMZ the Olympic committee said all Caitlyn needs to do is ask and they'll update all of their records so they no longer say Bruce.

    He's deleted all of his other tweets regarding Caitlyn Jenner.

    Source 1 and 2

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    Let's not forget the star of the Finals though, Queen Riley.

     photo Riley_zpsfugmez60.gif

     photo Riley 2_zpsuowzund3.gif

    Golden State in 6?

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  • 06/05/15--08:42: ONTD Roundup
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    Eddie on getting the Newt Scamander role in FB: “I’m hugely excited, JK Rowling’s a genius, I am so thrilled to be a part of it but I can’t say a single word beyond that...I’ve always loved that world and I feel thrilled to be invited into it.”


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    After 50-plus years of strutting around in stilettos and sky-high sling-backs, Barbie’s feet and ankles are getting a much-needed break.

    The doll's latest "Fashionista” line, recently introduced by toy manufacturer Mattel, features “articulated ankles” that can adjust for both high heel shoes and flat-soled footwear.

    It’s the first time in the iconic doll’s history that she will be able to step out in relative comfort. Past incarnations have always featured heeled-shoe accessories for the ever-youthful party girl, whose feet were perpetually frozen in an angled position.

    But Mattel figured it only made sense that the new “Film Director Barbie” would wear “running-around-the-set flats.” Don’t worry though, she can still put on a pair of heels for the movie premiere, the ad reads.


    Would you buy your children Barbie dolls, ONTD?

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    lol at their superman typo. ALSO it's been confirmed that that is NOT Tony Stark front and center. There have been clues and hints pointing towards Pepper, Bruce Banner or an Iron Man AI. Anyway, let's discuss and speculate wildly.

    And GTFO Coulson, trash.

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    -Karreuche was eating at a nightclub when CB came in and sat next to her
    -Karreuche then left the club, but Chris followed & somehow managed to get into her SUV
    -He was then dropped off, but then showed up at her house at 3.30am
    -After this Karreuche went to diner. Chris followed her there which led to a loud argument
    -Karreuche then left and went home
    -Earlier TMZ had put out an article about him trying to reconcile with her.
    TMZ vid of him trying to get into her vehicle.

    A source at the Playhouse said that #ChrisBrown purchased a table beside #ChristinaMilian. Chris walked over to her table to talk to #Karrueche and an argument ensued. Karrueche calls an Uber to leave. In the video, Chris Brown is trying to get in the car, screaming at her friend "move to the back before I make you move" (Video @phillipnetwork via TMZ) more info to come....

    Source // Source // Source
    Seriously though, she needs to get a restraining order before his crazy ass tries to kill her.

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    The actor who played him, Noah Gray-Cabey, is 19 years old now… and we have now gotten confirmation from NBC that he is returning for the limited series Heroes Reborn, which will air Thursdays this Fall on the network.

    Noah Gray-Cabey’s Heroes Reborn appearances are described as a “guest star turn” on the new show, which is already welcoming back veterans like Jack Coleman (Noah Bennett), Jimmy Jean-Louis (The Haitian), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Greg Grunberg (Matt Parkman), and Masi Oka (Hiro Nakamura).


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    Jason Derulo, who is a minor enough pop star that he can't afford to pay off magazines, has been getting praise for his new album "Everything is 4"! Despite some haters, it is his best reviewed album ever according to Metacritic

    The author calls it the best pop album of 2015, and HE IS RIGHT


    Have you caved and listened to this album yet, ONTD? You won't be sorry!

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    What you need to know from Britney’s latest interview:

    – Jealous of their Australian accent
    – She’s in Louisiana Los Angeles
    – She lives in a suite 10 minutes away from the Axis theater
    – Her ankle is totally fine
    – Sean and Jayden like her music, but are into rap music and obsessed with skate boarding
    – Changing Piece of Me up next year
    – Has no idea where her “Baby One More Time” outfit is
    – Going to text Iggy congratulations
    – And Britney claims Kevin Federline is a DJ

    Listen below:


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    So apparently Farrah just spent a week vacationing in Mexico (Sofreeuh was not present) and while she was there posed with a lion cub as one does. As you can tell from the picture the cub was pretty thrilled about this experience.

    According to Gossip Cop PETA caught wind of the lion encounter and is not happy about it at all and issued the following statement -

    “PETA is certain that Farrah, like any mother, would be horrified to learn that lion cubs used for photo ops are torn away from their mothers shortly after birth so that they can be passed from one stranger to another — and that when they grow too big to be used as props, these animals are often abandoned at appalling roadside zoos, slaughtered for meat, or used as targets in canned hunts. We hope that Farrah will stick to animal-free tourism in the future.”

    Farrah has not responded to PETA but maybe the cub was just busy doing it's own thing!

    Source:Gossip Cop

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    - image was posted on @warehousegroup, who own el furniture warehouse
    - taken from a problematic™ scene in Ace Venture: Pet Detective in which a character is revealed to be transgender after her clothes are ripped off
    - an "apology" has been issued
    - a Pride event previously scheduled to be held at el furniture warehouse has been postponed

    image& info


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    The video also contains some of the cast's audition tapes. The new material starts around 15:45!


    I miss this show sfm already.

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    NOTE: the cover story was written before news broke out that G.R.L. had disbanded

    -Robin Antin talks about the future of G.R.L., saying she wants to do a reality show in which she is a mother figure to the girls (not happening anymore)
    -Robin is really good friends with Kris Jenner and both of them are "reported to be brainstorming ideas for new shows together"
    -A performer from the original Pussycat Dolls burlesque show is interviewed and she chooses to remain anonymous, saying "the dance world is so small and Robin is so powerful"
    -Chelsea Korka says that she was an employee during her time in the Paradiso Girls, money was often tight, and she felt like a puppet
    -Robin denies that Simone Battle committed suicide over money problems


    long but interesting read

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    Never thought you'd see that band name again, did ya?


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    Hilary arriving at a recording studio in Los Angeles June 4th

    Hilary hanging out with JoJowright from Kiss 102.7 promoting Breathe In. Breathe Out.

    Hilary visits 971 AMP Radio to promote new album "Breathe In. Breathe Out." which releases June 16th


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    She looks/sounds great, she's giving me 2006 Grammys teas. Also she wasn't the only celebrity there. She's getting those Walmart $$

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    Last year's Made in America hosted in Downtown LA will not be returning this Labor Day weekend to Grand Park. Made in America failed to sell tickets after prices were severely discounted and did not create enough revenue in 2014 to buy Blue Ivy League an outfit or for the city of Los Angeles. 36,000 out of 50,000 tickets were sold.

    With headlining acts curated by Tidal's very own Jay-Z, ONTD wonders why he cannot make it as an entrepreneur.

    Where will you be this festival season, ONTD?


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