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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Beyonce's ponytail hair style was a last minute idea in an elevator!

    Her hair was originally wrapped up in "an asian-inspired chignon" but Beyonce felt that it would be too "costumey"

    Neal Farinah (Beyonce's hairstylist )told Us Weekly about the last-minute switch up.

    "Then we were in the elevator on the way down, and she looks at me and says 'Neal, I want to change my hair, will you change my hair?' And I said, 'Honey, there could be cameras in the elevator'. "She says, 'You have 5 minutes.' And I said, 'Girl, what do you want me to do with the hair?' And she wanted a high ponytail. With Beyonce, she looks at herself and she says, 'This isn't right, let's change it.'"

    how long does it take you to get ready?!

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  • 05/13/15--23:28: Miley is at it again ya'll

  • Miley headlines the Adult Swim Upfront Party on Wednesday night @ Terminal 5 in New York City

    Miley puts out a joint during her performance and says to the crowd: "Are you guys drunk yet? Are you guys high yet?” she asked from the stage, “No?! You’re gonna be at a show where I’m dressed as a f–king butterfly and not be high? I’m down to share.” Then, she took a puff, and passed her blunt into the crowd filled with ad-buyer types. “You better pass that back.”

    She covered Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin and even Khia's "My Neck, My Back" plus a new track "Tiger Dreams"

    She also spoke about her foundation, Happy Hippie, and states: "We are changing the world. We’re in the process of it right now… There is a real world out there, and some people need our help"


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    - Harry Shearer, the voice of Ned Flanders, Mr. Burns, and Principle Skinner, is leaving the show after 26 seasons
    - he tweeted tonight: “This because I wanted what we’ve always had: the freedom to do other work.”
    - apparently he had a contract dispute with Fox
    - the rest of the cast recently signed two year extensions for seasons 27 and 28

    source: variety

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    -many djs from around the world started putting the song on rotation
    -they picked no control because it's "louis's" song and he sings the majority
    -they are showing support after naughty boy called out his "singing"


    do u think no control will become a single? will louis be forced to sing the whole song live on network television? do you think louis can sing ontd?

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    Edit: Apparently it's not a series, it's just a one time live show where the winner gets an all-expenses trip to Los Angeles and behind the scenes access to Season 8 of RuPaul's Drag Race. Hmmm @ that not being a chance to compete on the show.

    Source:truTV UK's youtube

    Here's hoping other countries start their own version of Drag Race. I would love to see some queens from Asia and Latin countries. Or maybe a global season of Drag Race? Ru's gonna have to do it eventually to get some new blood anyway.

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    I don't know if anyone listens to her anymore but this song is pretty cute. Nothing will top My Boots and Siberia though. Especially Where The Fence Is Low.

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    - talks about drinking less, breaking her foot
    - taylor swift stans her


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    sources: 12

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     photo americanultrastillmtv-1431613008_zps7peqduas.jpg

    This is the first still of the film, directed by Nima Nourizadeh. Jesse stars as Mike and Kristen stars as Phoebe. There's an interview with the director at the source, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to copy and paste it word for word here.

    Plot (in my words): Based in New Orleans, Stoner Mike wants to propose to Stoner Phoebe, but he's been a sleeper agent for the government this whole time and now they need his help. It's a romantic/comedy/adventure movie - maybe the sequel to Adventureland? Out August 21st in the U.S.

    Two official posters:

     photo americanultrakristenmtv-1431613055_zpscom0xxyf.jpg

     photo americanultrajessemtv-1431613028_zpskdjt4dde.jpg

    These are really bad IMO, lol


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    Sources: 1 | 2

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    According to THR:

    The project takes aim on the fluffy music documentaries of recent years such as Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never andKaty Perry’s Part of Me. It centers on a rapper (Samberg) whose latest album bombs and he must do the unthinkable: a reunion concert with his former boy band."

    Sarah Silverman will play Samberg's
    sharp and sarcastic publicist who has to suffer many indignities.

    The Dudes were seen shooting concert footage at a Maroon 5 concert back in April. Andy looked this (Macklemore look y/y?):

    Fan videos of said ~performance: x, x, x
    Source: 1, 2, 3

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    Just a few days after news of her $1M deal with Vivid (that will all be donated to charity) Courtney Stodden's solo sex tape video is officially out.

    Straight from Vivid's site -
    See the 20-year old pop culture sensation at her most intimate in this never-before seen, all-revealing, uncensored Vivid Celebrity sex tape! Straight from the heart of Sin City, Courtney shows her lover just how much fun a soapy Las Vegas bubble bath can be as well as the most sensual ice cream sex ever!

    There are uncensored promo pictures over at Egotastic along with a longer and obviously NSFW promo video (which shows Courtney rubbing ice cream and sprinkles on her boobs) over at Vivid.

    Source 1, 2, 3 and 4
    People have also put a bunch of clips up on YouTube.

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    omg it looks so good slay jamie lee curtis

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  • 05/14/15--18:51: Vampire Diaries Finale

  • - after elena's departure julie plec says that we will be seeing more s1-esque damon
    - she also says that according to plan, season 7 won't be the last (WHY)
    - nina has said she would return for a series finale

    source: twitter

    what did you think of the finale ontd?

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    SOURCEmadonna's tumblr 1& 2
    What do you think of the hairstyle, yay or nay?

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    "Whale Rider" director Niki Caro has signed up to direct a biopic of Maria Callas, with Noomi Rapace set to star. The film will focus on the volatile relationship between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis, who charmed the singer with his wealth and bravado and who made her lose interest in her career. Aristotle pursued Maria relentlessly but once she fell in love with him treated her with abuse, calling her names (like saying she was nothing more than a cunt with a whistle in her throat) and ignoring her in cycles. He married Jackie Kennedy in what many say was a loveless but mutually beneficial union and Maria was heartbroken - nevertheless she still responded when he contacted her. She died two years after he did, some say of a broken heart.

    Noomi as Maria:

    Aristotle Onassis's yacht, the Christina O, where he sailed around the world with every celebrity you can think of and where Maria fell in love with him:

    Inside the Christina O where he and Maria fell in love:

    Aristotle Onassis and Winston Churchill in the empty pool:

    The island of Skorpios that Onassis owned, where he and Maria holidayed and he eventually lived with Jackie:

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    - talks about the challenge in doing his accent and stunts
    - heard about the sequel rumor but still unknown whether he'll be the main character
    - would love to see the universe expanded a bit, with new gadgets and more Roxy

    from CinemaBlend, when asked about Colin's Firth future with Kingsman:

    "Well, I mean, I think he’s pretty dead. Shot in the head. But, I mean, I still have dreams that … I always thought it would be lovely to see Eggsy and Harry reunited. I have this, you know, I have my own fantasies about that. But I haven’t heard anything to suggest that he will be coming back. Unless they build a robot version of him, or he has an evil twin or something.”

    Earlier, director Matthew Vaughn did mentioned, 'If people buy tickets in America, I’ve got a feeling we’ll figure out a way for having Colin back'.

    Taron Egerton at the Kingsman event in London

    Source: 1, 2, 3, 4

    What do you wish to see in the sequel? More Merlin pls

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