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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    -arriving in nyc with momkris
    -will kris be allowed into the met gala??
    -seemingly ok after drone vandalism ATTACK


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    the theme is "China: Through the Looking Glass."
    Vogue social editor sent an email saying the official dress code is "Chinese white tie."


    which one of ur favs do u think is going to fuck up ontd?

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    But what about Greyworm?
    EDIT: #PrayerCircle4Sansa

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  • 05/03/15--19:30: MC Lyte defends Iggy Azalea

  • Many people (ONTD included) have issues with Iggy Azalea rapping style but not MC Lyte as talked about it during a interview with New York radio station Hot 97.

    “Iggy’s style is different,” Lyte says. "You know, people want to get on her because of wherever she’s from. Wherever she’s from really doesn’t matter. She has a love of the craft, of the art. And the reason why I can say it and mean it is because one of the first tours I ever did was in Denmark, Copenhagen and everybody in the audience looked just like her.” She then adds “hip hop is universal, no color lines.”

    Then she makes comparisons to Idris Elba portrayal of Russell "Stringer" Bell in the HBO series The Wire saying:
    “Every time we see an English actor, they’re putting it on to act like an American. We don’t get on Idris when he has to act like a homeboy from Baltimore to make his job work. It’s a job, you know. But with Iggy, I think she catches a lot of heat because she’s so damn confident, you know. It’s a catch 22. You wanna be humble but if you’re too humble, they’ll tear you up. So she’s caught between a rock and a hard place.”

    The parts about about Iggy are between 9:36 - 11:45

    um... okay Lyte

    Source 1& 2

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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    the season finale for ABC's "secrets and lies" just aired, revealing who killed tom murphy.
    source: my tv and ABC

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicABBY CRAWFORD

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  • 05/03/15--20:02: Weekend Box Office

  • gif: fuckyeahthescarletwitch
    source: rottentomato, boxofficemojo

    ONTD, what did you watch this week?

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    - she was 85, and played yeoman janice rand on the original star trek
    - her last appearance in the franchise was in star trek VI: the undiscovered country (1991)
    - she died on friday


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  • 05/03/15--20:22: Veep 4x05 "Convention" Promo

  • At the party convention, Selina and her staff scramble against the clock to avert a major internal crisis. Amy (Anna Chlumsky) grows increasingly infuriated with the president's new advisor, Karen (Lennon Parham), who is coaching a nervous Catherine (Sarah Sutherland) on her First Daughter speech to the convention. Back in D.C., Dan recruits Jonah and Richard (Sam Richardson) to pose as influential Washington insiders.


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    Are you ready for the final episode of Revenge ONTD?


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  • 05/03/15--21:25: The Royals 1x09 Promo
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    =/Daily Mail pictures so click the source above.

    Britney along with her bf, mother Lynne, sister Jamie Lynn & her husband @ Britney's son's soccer match.


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    btw she's gonna have multiple costumes

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    slight spoilers in the video if you don't want to know which actor is playing kylo ren/the villain.

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    - original cast/crew is back including keanu
    - no officially summary yet


    fave keanu reeves movie?

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  • 05/04/15--14:52: JT appears in bizarre ad
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    -Daniele Watts was having sex with her boyfriend in a car. Watts accuse police of racism and tried to use i'm a actress card to get out of charges.
    -Watts and her boyfriend must each do 40 hours community service and write apology letters to Sgt. Parker and two other officers.
    -It's vindication for Sgt. Parker, who was angry when Watts made her initial racism claims.

    bitch tried it
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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  • 05/04/15--15:17: MET GALA: ARRIVALS POST

  • sources: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7

    ontd, please update in the comments! <3

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    It's been a little while since my first post, but I had several requests to follow up with more cast members from this little-known 90s/early 00s New Zealand TV show, so here we are. I've dug deep and uncovered the whereabouts of more of your favourite face-painted teenagers. See below for more info on Luke, Jay, Ram, KC, Jack and more.

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for any ruined childhoods and/or teen crushes

    Luke - Jacob Tomuri

    Then: One of The Chosen - a Zoot-worshipping cult responsible for kidnapping and enslaving various portions of the surviving population - Luke was The Guardian's henchman until his relationship with Ellie made him doubt his faith.

    Now: Jacob has built a career as a stunt-performer, firstly on NZ-based productions like Lord of the Rings and then graduating to Avatar, Spartacus: Blood and Sand and now Mad Max: Fury Road. In fact, as this NZ Herald article reveals, he and Tom Hardy got along so well he's now become Tom's go-to stunt guy and helped him portray both Kray twins in the forthcoming Legend. He's even been mistaken for Tom by the paps. Seems like Jacob is really hitting the big time!

    Jay and Ram - James Napier (Robertson) and Tom Hern

    Pic on the right with bonus Raymond Thompson, creator of The Tribe!

    Then: Jay and Ram arrived in Season 4 as part of the Techno Tribe, a group of teens intent on bringing virtual reality to this post-apocalyptic world (and maybe causing the show to jump the shark?). Ram was the megalomaniac in charge, hoping to free himself from his wheelchair-bound life by slipping into VR forever, bringing his two wives (Siva and Java) with him. Jay was his brooding, sexy second-in-command, who proceeded to work his way through most of the main female characters by the time the series ended, aided by his form-fitting lycra suit.

    Now: James and Tom have become successful film makers, creating their own company called 4 Knights Film. Starting with low-budget indie I'm Not Harry Jensen in 2009, they've carved out a niche for themselves in the NZ movie scene, with Tom producing and James in the director's chair. Their latest movie, Dark Horse, stars Cliff Curtis and was an award-winning commercial and critical hit. It was shown at Toronto and sold to international markets. They apparently still hang out with Calen Maiava-Paris who played fellow Techno, Mega - he's now a tattoo artist. Follow Tom.

    KC - Ari Boyland

    Then: KC was an Artful Dodger type - a naughty scamp who idolised Lex and, as such, was often led into bad ways.

    Now: Well, for a start, Ari grew up! He did Shortland Street for a while, plus two stints on Power Rangers, for which he still attends conventions. He's now in L.A. appearing in small movies, such as 2013's Blood Punch with fellow Antipodeans Fleur Saville and Adelaide Kane. You can follow him on twitter here.

    Cloe - Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu

    Then: Cloe (that's how it's spelled, guys) was the snivelling child rescued by Amber in Episode One. She then fulfilled the role of Naive Youngster for a couple of seasons, alongside BFF Patsy, their dog, Bob, and her cow, Bluebell. In Season Three, Cloe vanished for a while and returned with a new attitude. This led to her finding love with Ved in Season Four, until her unfortunate 'deletion'. See imnotasquirrel in the last post with the goss.

    Now: Jaimee has three children and has just started her own real-estate business. You can follow her on twitter.

    Jack - Michael Wesley Smith

    Then: Jack was the arrogant nerd who originally owned The Mall. Initially resistant to letting others share his safe space, he eventually relented and became a vital part of the tribe, especially when he and best friend Dal used their scientific knowledge to build a water filter and generator. In Season Two, his romance with Ellie blossomed, only to be disrupted by the appearance of Luke and his removal to the Chosen mines. Famous for his red hair, sarcasm and being one of the few characters to retain their natural NZ accent. Also the thinking Tribe fan's crush (aka mine).

    Now: MWS, as he is fondly known by fans, went on to appear in Cloud 9's frankly bizarre pastiche show Atlantis High. After that, rumour is that he trained as a lawyer before returning to showbiz as a reporter. It took a while, but I managed to track him down on Twitter and found that he's been working on The Paul Henry Show in New Zealand. See a video of him receiving a haircut here.

    Bonus: While searching for cast members, I managed to turn up wedding photos from Victoria Spence (Salene) and Sarah Major (Patsy) on tumblr. It doesn't seem like they're acting any more, but they both look beautiful and happy.

    That's about all I've been able to find, so if you know of the whereabouts of any cast members I didn't feature, please feel free to leave a comment below!

    Sources:, Tribe Heaven, Tribeworld Tumblr, Tribe Universe, NZ Herald, 3 News, 4 Knights
    Twitter: JT, TH,AB, JKG, MWS
    Tom's insta, Ari's IMDB

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