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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Adore Delano talks about Britney being her idol growing up & meeting her

    starts @ 3:35

    pics source

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    still so hurt by this betrayal

    WAIT SO COLE GOES BACK TO 2043? WHAT IS HAPPENING?! I love this show.

    SOURCE 1
    SOURCE 2

    Why aren't we talking about this show more? We should talk about this show more it is so good. Last episode fucked me up emotionally but that is becoming commonplace for this show.

    Edit: Sorry mods, added the sources

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    sources: 123

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    Everyone but Rob headed to church for Easter.


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    • The interview starts with Keanu Reeve's studying 'Hamlet' on the set of 1993's Speed

    • At the time, his career was sky-rocketing, but he didn't feel excited to be labeled a '90s action hero'

    • Keanu reflects on being offered a part in Speed 2. He felt that if he did the sequel, he wouldn't come back up: "You guys will send me to the bottom of the ocean and I will not make it back up again. I really felt like I was fighting for my life."

    • He declined Speed 2 despite the $12M paycheck and went to Winnepeg, Canada to play Hamlet

    • He was blacklisted from Fox as a result until 2008 when he returned to film  'The Day the Earth Stood Still'

    • Some interesting facts are that the directors of John Wick are martial artists themselves. One of them, Chad Stahelski, served as Keanu's body double in Point Break and The Matrix

    • The directors (Stahelski and David Leitch) became involved with John Wick after Keanu sent them the script for it

    • Keanu says that John Wick's sadness drew him to the film

    “For me, it was John’s grief that made it personal,” says Reeves. “It was strong enough to make him want to unearth his past. I thought of it not as revenge but as reclaiming.”

    • The interviewer tries to bring up sadness in Keanu's personal life (being abandoned by his father, River Phoenix dying, his fiance's miscarriage and death), but he doesn't take the bait, referencing the kung fu movies he watched as a kid as another pull to film John Wick


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    Since '05.

    @yelyahwilliams @abigail_lauren @chriscarrabba

    Abi's photo booth! @kelseaballerini @meerah13 @matthephotographer

    Nashville Squad featuring 4 Followills and 2 Swifts

    The best one. Of the best ones. @meerah13 @lilyaldridge @taylorswift @mattthephotographer #lovemypeople

    would you let tswift throw you a party, ontd?

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    "The Runner-Up" is a four-part documentary about Clay's failed bid for Congress, airing on April 7th on Esquire network. It will follow the adventure that was the campaign, and highlight his politcal motivations, ambitions, and the obsticles he faced along the way. It is anticipated to be the highest rated program to air on cable this decade (by myself).

    Things you can look forward to in this documentary:

    - Clay Aiken swearing up a storm
    - Speculation about if Clay a murderer
    - The political stylings of Clay Aiken
    - Probably a little bit of singing by Clay Aiken
    - Bill Maher being an idiot about Clay Aiken and everything
    - Claymates
    - A montage of terrible haircuts


    Are you ready to take Clay seriously? Have you ever run a failed bid for congress?

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    Amber Rose

    Kelly Osbourne

    Hilaria Baldwin



    Anderson Cooper

    Paris Hilton

    Bar Refaeli

    Hilary Duff

    Sarah Hyland

    Ian Somerhalder

    Chloe Moretz

    Demi Lovato

    Candice Swanepoel

    Lena Dunham

    Milla Jovovich

    Gwen Stefani


    Padma Lakshmi

    Miley Cyrus

    Molly Sims

    Ashley Benson

    Ariana Grande

    Hugh Jackman

    Joe Jonas

    Rita Ora


    Bella Thorne

    Alicia Keys

    James Franco

    Nina Dobrev

    Nicole Scherzinger

    Elizabeth Moss

    Julianne Hough

    Irina Shayk

    Joe Manganiello

    Jordana Brewster

    Camilla Belle

    Billie Joe Armstrong

    Azealia Banks

    Ed Westwick

    Alicia Keys

    Katy Perry

    Gabrielle Union

    Jennifer Lopez

    Debra Messing

    Mariah Carey

    Cara D

    Kendall and Kylie Jenner

    Sharon Osbourne

    Lindsay Lohan


    Jared Leto

    Kylie Minogue

    Kat Dennings

    Laverne Cox

    Mindy Kaling


    Jenny Slate



    John Stamos

    Tyra Banks

    Joe Jonas

    Colton Haynes

    Reese Witherspoon


    Michelle Visage

    Lea Michele

    Victoria Justice

    Source 1234

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    Creators explain how the two-month Convergence event will shape DC going forward.
    The event will incorporate what writer Scott Lobdell refers to as "fan-fiction"; stories that occur outside of canon/continuity (often under the Elsewords imprint). Stories that will be used in Convergence include Kingdom Come, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, and Red Son. You can also expect to see references to previous company events including Crisis on Infinite Earths, Zero Hour, DC One Million, and Flashpoint.

    Characters from different universes will be able to meet. For example, the Convergence: Booster Gold issue will feature both old and New 52 versions of the character. Legacy characters can co-exist with their predecessors, with Lobdell using the Flashes as an example.

    Stories will not necessarily be reader-friendly for newer fans. Marc Andreyko, writing Batman and the Outsiders, says the story picks up from the old comics and assumes that the reader is already familiar with the characters and past storylines.

    Perhaps the most burning question when it comes to Convergence is how it will affect the current New 52 continuity. Writer Jeff King wasn't able to give a definitive answer but said that "every character involved in Convergence will become available to DC’s storytellers – the ones that survive, at least." It is also possible that continuity will be more fluid in the future. Lobdell lamented that things had become so "grounded", which did not allow for flexibility in storytelling.

    Who/what do you want to see in Convergence? All I care about is having Helena B. as the Huntress.


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Basically, the first review gives the first four episodes a B+ rating. The major gripe is that the sand snakes are too cheesy and aren't believable as warriors.

    Also, that the Faith Militant don't seem like they belong on a show like this. They're hoping that Tommen dies this season because it would make things more interesting.

    The story is more slow than before. But, they're still enjoying the show mostly for Cersei "whose mental state just keeps getting richer. With her father dead, she’s more ambitious than ever, and it’s fascinating to watch her evolution".

    and now onto the detailed spoilers that are leaked from the first four eps.....

    Summary of the most noteworthy spoilers for each location/storyline:

    King's Landing

    -Young Cersei is apparently mostly a "badass" in the flashback scene.

    -Tommen and Margaery DO consummate their marriage on the show. They are shown post-coital with Margaery being naked under her sheets. You see her sideboob and back as she's getting up. Tommen looks like he just died and went to heaven. Later, Cersei interrupts Marg when she is talking to her girlfriends and you overhear her saying something to the effect that Tommen and her are fuckin like rabbits.

    - Cersei sells out Loras to the faith to drive a wedge between Tommen and Marg.Tommen demands Cersei release Loras, Cersei feigns ignorance and says "You're the king, I'm sure they will release him if you go speak with the High Sparrow" and when he tries to, he is blocked by the faith militant and backs down after a crowd starts to gather and call him a bastard and incest-born, etc.

    - Cersei sends Mace Tyrell to deal with the Iron Bank so she can fuck over Loras and Marge.

    -Cersei is a lot less paranoid on the show and is doing things to fuck up the Tyrells that would fuck them up much much harder than she did in the books and on a long-term basis too.


    - Littlefinger is still kissing Sansa on the mouth.

    -Sansa is angry when she finds out that Littlefinger plans to sell her to Ramsay. Littlefinger tells her to stop being a victim of other people's schemes and start making schemes of her own.

    -Sansa/Ramsay wedding is happening. Littlefinger is banking on Stannis seizing Winterfell and, due to Ned Stark's support of his claim to the throne, will name Sansa 'Wardeness of the North.'

    -Littlefinger explicitly tells the Boltons that it is Sansa Stark.

    -Sansa and Littlefinger) aren't fully aware of how dangerous their predicament is. Littlefinger says he knows very little about Ramsay. He considers Roose to be a very dangerous man but says, ("But even the most dangerous men can be outmaneuvered...and you have learned to maneuver from the very best.")However, Cersei has also just called over Littlefinger back to King's Landing which means that Sansa will be alone with the Boltons for a little bit.

    -Roose Bolton sees through Littlefinger's shit and questions Littlefinger's motives in moving against the Lannisters considering the Lannisters made him one of the most powerful lords in Westeros. Basically questioning why he should trust LF. He also questions how 'independent' LF is considering Cersei summoned him back to KL

    -LF tells Roose that since Sansa and Tyrion never consummated their marriage, they were technically never married and she still has her maidenhead. He says "I assure you she's still a virgin. Tyrion never consummated the marriage, by the law of the land she is no man's wife. Inspect her if you must." Roose "I leave that to the brothel keeper. It's her name I need...not her virtue."

    -Theon doesn't have a single line of dialogue in the first four episodes


    -Barristan Selmy dies in a fight against the Sons of the Harpy.


    -Stannis has a scene with Shireen at Castle Black where she asks him if he is ashamed of her and he recounts how she got her greyscale and the lengths to which he went to get it treated. He says maesters recommended that he send her to Valyria to live off the rest of her days with the stone men but that he refused..."Because you are the Princess Shireen of House Baratheon. And you are my daughter." Then she tears up and hugs him.

    -Jon says "Olly fetch me my sword" when wanting to behead Janos Slynt and Stannis nods.

    -Melisandre shows her boobs to Jon Snow.


    Brienne and Pod run into Sansa and Littlefinger the first or second episode at a tavern / inn. Pod recognizes her, Brienne approaches them and pledges allegiance to Sansa...Littlefinger throws shade at her, Sansa isn't impressed and tells Brienne to leave. Littlefinger tries to get his soldiers to escort (and presumably kill) her but she throws them off, they escape with the soldiers in pursuit and she ends up killing them. Pod says that since both Stark girls refused her service maybe she is released from her duty. Brienne asks Pod if he actually thinks Sansa is safe with Littlefinger, he says no, so they follow Sansa and Littlefinger North.

    -Brienne is also filled with revenge against Stannis and is also going North in hopes of killing him.


    Cersei receives the cobra in a box from Ellaria insinuating the Martells are going to kill Myrcella. She berates Jaime, who says he will go to Dorne and return her. He enlists Bronn and the two hitch a ride on a merchant trip to Dorne. They row to shore under cover of darkness but once the morning comes a group of Dorne soldiers see their tracks in the sand and discover them hiding. Bronn tries to talk their way out of being captured but things go south, a fight breaks out and they barely overcome the soldiers. Then they bury the bodies.

    Ellaria goes to Doran to try and convince him to go to war with the Lannisters or at least execute Myrcella but he is unwilling. Ellaria rides to meet with the sand snakes, who have apprehended the captain of the merchant ship Jaime took to sneak into Dorne. So they know he is in Dorne for Myrcella. Ellaria says they will have to choose between Doran and peace or her and war. All three agree they will support Ellaria and go to war.

    read all the spoilers here at SOURCE

    ^^mods these spoilers have been confirmed to be legit


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    It's a teaser so it's obviously not very long. I liked the first one though until the ending the mood in it was fantastic. Hoping this is decent!

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    The news was broken at Wondercom today, confirmed by numerous attendees and sources close to Twin Peaks. The show's return was announced via Showtime in mid-October, with David Lynch directing all nine episodes, but as of a few weeks ago, David Lynch said that he had not officially signed on, that they were still working on the contract. Kyle MacLachlan was confirmed to return, along with Sheryl Lee and Dana Ashbrook, but David Lynch called the cast this afternoon to tell them that Showtime had officially pulled the plug.


    I am not really surprised but I am sort of bummed tbh, the cast seemed really excited about it.

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    Full article HERE

    From the always "reliable" Radaronline:

    -Allegedly popping Adderall to keep her weight down & mixing it with booze
    -Family is afraid and thinks she should be in rehab
    -They tried to stage an intervention with Jessica and Ashlee getting into it. Very dramatic
    -She's been a trainwreck at recent events and interviews (dat Extra interview)


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    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    The 50 minute Jeymes Samuel directed film features Erykah Badu, The Wire star Michael K. Williams, Breaking Bad baddie Giancarlo Esposito, Rosario Dawson and more, and it is streaming exclusively on Tidal.


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  • 04/06/15--10:25: ONTD Roundup
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    A new video from 2001 has surfaced, showing Britney sing to Madonna's hit song Music. The clip comes courtesy of the karaoke bar "Dimples" which is closing down after 33 years, having attracted many celebrities throughout the decades such as Katy Perry, Charlize Theron and more.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


    In other interesting news a new Britney Spears album was released last week and before you get excited, no it's not a new official release but a live album of 2004's Onyx Hotel Tour. You can now listen to Britney's jazzed up versions of Baby, Oops and Crazy as well as the sexier Touch of My Hand, Breathe On Me and the emotional live rendition of Everytime on Spotify!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    And finally the single that never was is getting yet another shot at the spotlight! The (infamous) album track from 2013's Britney Jean, will be featured in the souNdtrack of a new animated movie titled B.O.O. (Bureau of Otherworldly Operations), starring Matt Bomer, Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy and Seth Rogen. Let's celebrate by listening to the superior demo version, shall we?

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Britney is such a Madonna fan it's cute


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    New York Times Best Selling Author, beauty queen, vocalist, dramatic actress, entrepreneur, fashion designer, style icon, choreographer and saint, among other things, Jennifer Lynn López told E! news last week that she was single despite receipts to the contrary.

    Yesterday, this flawless Puerto Rican was seen spending #SundayFunday with her adorable twins, Max and Emmy, and now chubby and unattractive talented backup dancer, Beau 'Casper' Smart.

    More receipts at the source

    have u lied to ur friends about being back with an ex, ontd?

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    Anne Hathaway lip syncs to Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus, on the next episode of Lip Sync Battle. She even flips off Emily Blunt.

    The full episode will air on Spike TV, next thursday at 10/9c


    She was born for this show tbh

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