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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    What's up with the Wanted?

    Just the other day the British boy band called Christina Aguilera a "bitch" for apparently not being nice to them during their recent appearance on The Voice and now they're going after Britney Spears.

    During a radio interview yesterday, the group claimed that they were told not to look at the pop princess when they opened for her.

    Well, Spears' camp is now fighting back…

    "What's even more interesting than the false allegations they made is the fact that they have claimed to be picked on by two female pop stars in just a few days," Spears' rep says. "Look out Lady Gaga—there are still three days left this week."

    The Wanted said the Spears incident happened while Siva Kaneswaran and their tour manager were looking at a laptop in a hallway. Security ordered them to turn away because Brit was about to come through, they said.

    "We faced the wall for about 10 seconds until she got really far away," Kaneswaran said on Fresh 102.7/New York.

    When the DJ said they were probably just "messing" with the group, Kaneswaran insisted, "It was serious."

    Even so, that doesn't mean they're totally hating on Spears.

    The group's curly-haired Jay McGuiness said, "When we actually met her person to person she was so down-to-earth."

    Spears even tweeted a photo of them together backstage with the message, "Love them!"

    Wonder if she still does.


    the important thing to remember in all of this is: Godney keeps it classy and stays above it all. Her team is commenting now because they are pressed The Wanted broke their confidentiality agreement and told everyone that the security guards made them face the wall as Britney passed by. TW have no beef with Britney, and Britney probably doesn't remember TW.

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    The Voice has become a ratings hit Down Under, where its inaugural Aussie incarnation, currently in the battle rounds, features coaches Keith Urban, Seal, Joel Madden, and Delta Goodrem. We all know the blind auditions and battle rounds are the most fun part of the show, which is why I’m currently obsessed with The Voice Australia’s YouTube page, which is loaded with clips (that, sadly, are not all playable in the U.S. — boo!). Here are five reasons you should follow suit:

    1. Urban makes the best faces, ever. Behold the blind audition for Karise Eden, who got all four coaches to turn around before she even finished the first line of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” below. She eventually chose Seal. Maybe because she didn’t know that look on Urban’s face, pictured, was actually a good one? 

    Urban’s this is beautiful look of longing is easier to read at the end of Brittany Cairns’ blind audition of “Gravity.” She chose him.

    2. Seal’s yellow nail polish. Truly, you think nothing could distract you from those biceps, but then… How does he make it work?3. The coaches’ enthusiasm. I’d argue these coaches are more expressive than their U.S. counterparts in general. I love seeing Seal hop up during Mitchell and Fatai’s “Love the Way You Lie” battle. Spoiler alert: She won. And the other coaches are sorry Seal was the only one who turned around during her blind audition above.Seal’s got so little a poker face, Madden successfully read his uncharacteristically staid expression during Prinnie Stevens’ blind audition of “Sweet Dreams” as Seal not wanting Madden to turn around because she’s Nicole Scherzinger hot. Madden turned, and got her on his team.4. Madden’s entertaining indecision. He didn’t press his button for Kelsie Rimmer’s singer-songwriter rendition of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” but man, you thought he was going to. (She went with Urban.)He did turn around for legally blind contestant’s Rachael Leahcar “La Vie en Rose” after telling Seal that people were crying in the audience. (She went with Goodrem. And made it through her battle round.)5. It’s fun to see a different country’s idea of a heartthrob. Madden did land Lakyn Heperi…

    Another reason to watch: The flawless Delta Goodrem


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    Follow-up to this story (

    In an unexpected twist, a stolen Lamborghini convertible reportedly owned by celebrity chef and TV host Guy Fieri has been recovered from a San Rafael teen arrested Saturday in connection with a Mill Valley shooting.

    The yellow, 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder -- valued at more than $200,000 when new -- was recovered from a storage container in Point Richmond, where a 17-year-old shooting suspect was arrested Saturday evening.

    The vehicle was stolen in the early morning hours of March 8, 2011 from an auto dealership on San Francisco's Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said.

    The vehicle was recovered Saturday by detectives from the Marin County Sheriff's Office and the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force...The juvenile is suspected of firing a handgun from a motorcycle at two people who were parked in a pickup truck on Evergreen Avenue in Mill Valley at about 11:30 a.m. April 13. The victims, one male and one female, suffered minor injuries from broken window glass but no gunshot wounds.

    The suspect was booked Saturday at Marin County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of attempted murder, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, possession of a loaded firearm and resisting arrest. The suspect was being held without bail.

    Full Story

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    So... we're never going to hear from Vanessa again, right? No one casts characters into obscurity like 90210!


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    from François-Henri Pinault (Salma Hayek's babydaddy) and PPR CEO

    The child support fight between supermodel Linda Evangelista and her baby daddy, PPR’s chief executive (and Mr. Salma Hayek), François-Henri Pinault, is shaping up to be really ugly. The New York Daily News has a lot of the details about Evangelista’s over-the-top lifestyle and her child support demands, which, if she wins, could be record-breaking.

    In case you forgot, the duo dated from September 2005 thru January 2006 (which is, you know, not a very long time) and Evangelista was pregnant when they broke up. Evangelista didn’t reveal the paternity of her child, Augie, until she filed court papers against Pinault for child support this past summer. And now she’s really going for it.

    The NYDN is reporting that Evangelista is asking for a whopping $46,000 a month in child support payments. To put that into perspective, the previous New York state child support payment record is held by Diddy, who shells out $19,000 a month to the mother of his kid. So why exactly does she need that much money? A peek into her current lifestyle shows that she still has an “I-don’t-get-out-of-bed-for-less-than-$10,000-a-day” attitude. Evangelista is claiming her son needs a driver and bodyguards for protection. She also employs round-the-clock nannies. Apparently a judge questioned her about why this is necessary, and she replied:

    “When I work, it can be a 16-hour day. On days when I do not work, I am working on my image. I have to hit the gym. I have beauty appointments. I have to work toward my next job and maintaining my image, just like an athlete.”

    As far as living arrangements, Evangelista has a “stunning penthouse in Chelsea” but also has an Upper East Side apartment for…are you ready?…PLAYDATES. Playdates! We bet Augie’s friends love going there after school. Just imagine what the snacks are like. Anyway. Evangelista is arguing that her child deserves the same kind of home that Pinault’s daughter with Hayek, Valentina has, which is a $13 million mansion.

    Evangelista isn’t exactly a pauper. She’s been working a lot lately, and reportedly made $1.8 million last year, and is worth $8 million overall. But that being said, Pinault–a billionaire–still needs to provide child support. The question is: how much? Child support payments are generally based on a formula, not necessarily how much the noncustodial parent is worth. Pinault has been supposedly paying for the child’s health care and education since Evangelista filed court documents in August, but she claims he never paid anything before then. Pinault claims that “at every possible opportunity [Augie] has participated in my family life whether in France or the United States.”

    The two haven’t been able to come to an agreement, so the case is going to trial. Evangelista has big-gun attorney William Beslow on her team, who’s negotiated deals for the likes of Christie Brinkley, Tatum O’Neal, Mia Farrow, and Marla Maples.

    We just hope that their son is kept out of the ugliness as much as possible.


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    What did Zayn say?
    A. He stole his look from Siva from The Wanted

    B. Zayn is his stage name. His real one is Lionel.

    C. He has a crush on Caroline flack.

    my fave talking about my other fave! (: 
    (he's just joking, btw.)

    i can't even deal with the disgusting and racist youtube comments on this right now.

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    "The Dark Knight Rises" trailer was unleashed in a viral storm on Monday night, and while fanboys and Internet trolls can't escape the gloom of the clip, we've noticed some awesome new things about Anne Hathaway.

    As Selina Kyle and her lethal alter-ego Catwoman, Hathaway has already commanded quite a bit of attention as she slips into the role famously inhabited by actresses such as Michelle Pfieffer, Halle Berry and Julie Newmar EARTHA KITT????

    The first images of her catsuit drummed up a lot of conversation a while back, and now a new trailer reveals some exciting details, such as ...

    Cat scratch fever: It's definitely a tease, but around 1:55 we get to see Hathaway swinging away, punching and kicking and being a badass. While we can't tell if she's swatting off thugs alongside Batman or causing the hero more trouble, it brings us to...

    Ambiguous Anne: Teaser trailers painted a very condescending Selina Kyle, taunting Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne and looming like a villain on her bulky motorcycle. But the extended trailer suggests that Catwoman always looks out for No. 1, and if that means teaming with the Dark Knight for survival, so be it.

    Love Triangle!? Wearing her kitty ears, Catwoman pleads with a broken Batman to abandon Gotham, insisting he's given its citizens enough. And her mannerisms give the slightest suggestion that he should abscond with her. In another moment, Batman is out of his batsuit and into Wayne's Wall Street suspenders, kissing on Marion Cotillard. Please, please tell us we get to see these two ladies catfight?

    Catchphrase: "My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men." Well played.

    i haven't read the comics so i'm just gonna sit here and pray for a bruce x selina bad romance
    and ngl i'm inching towards team anne rn


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    Tony Lucca is voicing his mind on Christina Aguilera's constant criticism at him on "The Voice". After the "Keeps Gettin' Better" songstress made it clear that she's rooting for Katrina Parker on semifinals night, the Team Adam contestant confessed that he feels like she just wants to take him out of the competition.

    Speaking to PEOPLE after the show on Monday, April 30, the 36-year-old first admitted, "I was just scratching my head like: 'Really, you have to keep going on with this?' " He went on to say, "All of the other coaches have been pretty respectful about each other's choices. But now it seems like she's just flat-out trying to get me out of here."

    Commenting on Aguilera's request to Adam Levine to "take a look at Katrina Parker because she's a star," Lucca said he felt "offended on [Levine]'s behalf." The former Mickey Mouse Club member explained, "He worked hard to make sure we were coming out on equal footing." Still, he did acknowledge that he and Levine "have a brotherhood going on."

    In a separate interview with Los Angeles Times, Lucca credited Aguilera for giving him motivation to present a better performance every week. "I didn't disagree with what she said," he at first said. "I understood where it was coming from." He then pointed out, "It breathed new life into my strategy. It gave me a strategy."

    Asked why Aguilera continued on dissing him, Lucca responded by admitting, "Honestly I don't know." He further explained as referring to his MMC days, "There has been a web of friendships that have stemmed from that show. And at various times different falling outs and alliances. That's all I can really ascertain."

    Aguilera hasn't been exactly nice with her comments for Lucca. She once called him "one-dimensional", and suggested that he may have an unfair advantage due to Justin Timberlake's support. On Monday night, she indirectly dissed him when commenting on Parker's performance of The Fugees' "Killing Me Softly".

    "I just encourage Adam to really look at you," the "Not Myself Tonight" singer told Parker. She went on to say, "I know that probably the obvious, predictable choice for Adam would be to be swayed towards [Lucca]. But I'm telling you, take a look at Katrina Parker because she's a star."

    What do you guys think? Is Christina right or should she back off a bit? It does seem like she is breathing down his neck and really wants him out of there.


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  • 05/01/12--22:17: Who won the Biggest Loser?

  • From left: Conda Britt, Jeremy Britt and Kim Nielsen

    The Biggest Loser: No Excuses was a season full of unexpected twists and turns – but all the drama was put aside Tuesday as an at-home winner was crowned and the final three stepped on the scale for the last weigh-in to determine who would take the title of the Biggest Loser.

    The night was a celebration, but the season's ups and downs were evident with the absence of ineligible contestants Mark Cornelison and Buddy Shuh, who quit just before the finals, and Joe Messina, who quit earlier in the season to spend more time with his family.

    In their absence, fan favorites Chism Cornelison, Emily Joy and Cassandra Sturros took to the stage with 11 other contestants to show off their new, slimmer figures and compete for the at home prize of $100,000. But the grand prize was reserved for one of the three finalists. Seven weeks after leaving the Ranch, single mom Conda Britt, 24, her brother Jeremy Britt, 22, and former pro-wrestler Kim Nielsen, 38, all three stepped on the scale – but only one of them walked away with $250,000. Keep reading to find out who was named the Biggest Loser ...

    Mike Messina won the at-home prize by losing a total of 160 lbs., or 44.69 percent of his body weight. He beat out Cassandra Sturos (who lost 92 lbs., or 38.49 percent of her body weight) and her pal Emily Joy (who lost 102 lbs. lost, or 38.64 percent of her body weight).

    As for the big $250,000 prize: Conda went from 294 lbs. to 179 lbs. for a total weight loss of 115 lbs., or 39.12 percent of her body; Kim went from 252 lbs. to 134 lbs. for a total weight loss of 118 or 46.83 percent; and Jeremy went from 389 lbs. to 190 lbs. for a weight loss of a whopping 199 lbs., which is 51.16 percent of his body weight. That makes Jeremy, who is half the man he used to be, the winner of The Biggest Loser!

    source is people

    these are the before pics:

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  • 05/01/12--22:17: Britney Jean Post!

  • The Queen can have her fries, and eat them too!

    One lucky fan spotted Britney at McDonald’s Tuesday afternoon in Calabasas with fiance Jason Trawick and her bodyguard Edan. She even paid for the little boy’s food who stood in line behind her!

    This might be over 10 years ago, but the footage is never-before seen! Check out this rare footage that just leaked of Britney rehearsing for the her Oops! tour back in 2000.

    It even includes Brit rehearsing to the original “Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones.

    A clip of the original demo of Britney’s Mona Lisa just surfaced! The very same demo she snuck to 102.7 KIIS FM for her Original Doll album. Ah, I remember those days.

    Ke$ha’s featured in the latest issue of V Magazine, and received a special shout-out from Britney herself.

    Brit said via email:

    “Ke$ha brings an incredibly carefree, fun-loving spirit to American pop music. I love listening to her songs when I’m on the treadmill. They help me power through my workout.”

    sourceney 2 3 4

    ummm... yeah sorry, idk wtf that ANTM shit was...

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  • 05/17/12--05:38: CBS Fall Previews
  • "Vegas"
    Take a behind the scenes look at 'Vegas' inspired by the true story of former Las Vegas Sheriff Ralph Lamb, a rancher tasked with bringing order to Las Vegas in the 1960s.

    "Made in Jersey"
    You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of the girl. When a brassy street-wise lawyer joins a posh Manhattan law firm, she lowers expectations at first sight. But, despite her white-collar colleagues’ skepticism and her Italian family’s well-meaning but constant intrusions, she rises to the challenge. She defends her clients with her distinct brand of legal strategy, intelligence, and Jersey attitude.

    The other 2 new Shows were already posted:

    What do you guys think of the new shows?

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  • 05/17/12--05:39: Blind Itemsss
  • Photobucket

    The Sex Deal

    This couple is A++ list. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger celebrity couple anywhere. Not that long ago there were lots of infidelity rumors that plagued the couple. It seems that the man in the relationship just could not control his sexual urges. Never mind the fact that if he destroyed the couple with his infidelities that headlines would follow everyday for a year, he still had to get some sex so he did. Well, his significant other who was never much for sex decided that the brand and the couple was really important so promised her significant other they would have sex everyday for a year if he would behave. Previously they had sex about once every two months. Just like everything she puts her mind to she followed through and the couple had sex everyday for a year. For that year they were never apart and even when he was tired or complaining she would not give in. Well, after a year, it stopped. In fact, almost everything about them has stopped. Rarely even seen together any longer one of the downsides to their year of sex was they found that they go through periods where they really can't even stand to be in the same room. What was supposed to bring them closer together actually ended up driving them apart. Now instead of a sex deal, what they have is a deal where they try to be photographed together once every two weeks otherwise they spend most of their time apart. Right now their image keeps them together and nothing else.

    Popular guess: Angelina & Brad or Victoria & David Beckham (I not sure
    about the Beckhams. Unlike Brangelina, they're not "A++" couple here in the US.)


    The Banned Romance

    This actress is B list. It is strictly because of her A list name recognition though and does not reflect any actual acting talent. In fact, she does not even really appear in that many things anymore. Back in the day though she was considered the best thing that ever walked into your living room. Everyone wanted a piece of her and the marketing campaign was based on her being hot and available. Innocence with just a hint of edge. That all changed though when some photos were taken of her by her boyfriend at the time. He was an up and coming rapper and he had taken lots of photos of the two of them in bed together. Mostly just shots of her naked from the waist up, but there were one or two which would have fit right at home in an X rated movie. Lets just say, she was inspecting some anatomy parts really up close. Anyway, the rapper had been showing off the photos to his friends and then the next thing you know they are being offered for sale. Panic set in at the network. Producers cringed. This was their golden meal ticket. Money was exchanged and the photos bought. This was the first time anyone knew she also was dating this rapper. Well, that had to stop. She was told she had to stop seeing him for the good of her career. Basically they were all telling her America is racist and no one would think of her the way she wanted to be thought of. It was all crap, but she bought in to it. The pair broke up, but for several years, the couple always texted and got together from time to time to reignite the flame. In fact there are some who thought he might have been the father of her child.

    Popular guess: Jessica Alba & 50 or Jamie Lynne Spears & Lil'Romeo

    The Greatest Celebrity Sex Tape Ever
    In the past week, all the NFL teams had mini-camps, but the biggest talk among the players on one team was not about their new teams or the upcoming season, but what is being called the greatest celebrity sex tape ever. Apparently this former A+ list Tweener not named Miley or one of the Cheetah Girls made a sex tape with this newly drafted NFL player. The player who went to school in California was talking about how he had dated this Tweener and someone said prove it and out comes a full 15 minute video on his iPad. The next thing you know every player was gathered around this iPad and there was almost complete silence for the full 15 minutes. Afterwards, the noise was deafening and players begged to watch it again. For the entire mini-camp all anyone could talk about was the sex tape and what exactly goes on during it.

    Popular guess: Amanda Bynes or Demi Lovato

    Marital Trouble
    What B- list mostly television actress & her husband are having big problems since birth of baby? He does everything to avoid being together.
    What's your guess ONTD? Amy Poehler? Hilary Duff?

    Dorothy Is A Difficult Guest
    This fashionable diva is very particular when she travels. Staff records across one hotel chain include the notation "difficult guest". When she stays at one of their hotels, she has her assistant call down to the front desk dozens of times each day and night to demand things that she doesn’t want to handle herself. The caller ID always shows her name as Dorothy (the alias she uses when she travels). When the staff person rings the doorbell to the suite, they have to announce their name, their position with the hotel, and why they are there. When they enter the room, the staff person is not allowed to look Dorothy in the eye or to speak to her directly. Dorothy: "Tell them that the thermostat in the room needs to be set at 70, not 72." Star’s assistant or sibling: "Miss Dorothy needs the thermostat in the room to be set at 70, not 72." Hotel worker: "OK, well, here is the thermostat on the wall. If you want to change the temperature, all you have to do is move this lever from 70 to 72." Star: "Tell them that I’m not responsible for maintenance issues." Star’s assistant or sibling: "Miss Dorothy is not responsible for maintenance issues." Sigh. We can’t wait for Dorothy Jr. to grow up.

    Popular guess: Lady Gaga (I wouldn't be surprised if this was her.)

    New Mommy Changed Her Mind
    What actress who adopted a baby not that long ago called the agency that set her up with the baby and has asked about giving the baby back.
    Popular guess: Charlize Theron (CT adopted a baby boy circa
    March 14. If it is her, I wonder what her reason was not wanting him.)


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  • 05/17/12--05:39: Liam Neeson on Conan

  • talking about
    - getting confused for Ralph Fiennes
    - being pale & battling the sun
    - his 'slight' Irish accent
    - Battleship

    Liam Neeson is often confused for Ralph Fiennes, and he's kind enough to play along

    Liam and Conan discuss their lifelong battles with the sun.

    "Battleship" and the evolution of the board game


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    It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus teamed up with MTV and the ‘Punk’d’ folks to pull one over her love, Liam Hemsworth, but now fans can see exactly how the prank went down.

    In a new preview for the episode, we see the ‘LOL’ star talking about her target, er, boyfriend, reminding viewers that he was in ‘The Hunger Games’ and starred alongside her in ‘The Last Song.’ (Yeah, Miley, as if we could forget.)

    “He’s kind of always a prankster, so I’m happy to get him,” she explained to her cohorts. The video then shows the ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ singer explaining the setup.

    “Right now we’re at the location where I’m going to stop and ‘get cash,’” Cyrus says in front of a local bank. “And naked people are going to jump into our car and Liam’s going to come around the corner and the cops will be there and he’ll get blamed for it.”

    With a giant grin on her face, she adds, “Liam, you’re about to get punked. Love ya!” The clip offers a glimpse of an angry and frustrated Hemsworth, freaking out on the couple and the cops. Ultimately, though, we think the actor is just standing up for his lady. Perhaps chivalry isn’t dead after all.

    Be sure to watch the ep, which airs Thursday, May 17 on MTV.

    The video for those who haven't seen it/want to see it again:

    Source 1 | 2 | 3

    excited to see this, tbh. don't forget to watch tonight!

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    Rapper/actor/comedian/writer Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino took to his twitter moments ago to get a few things off his chest.

    I won’t paraphrase or try and dissect his words so you can read his full thoughts below. “Dear twitter people,
    I don’t like talking…stand up’s different. More like I don’t like explaining. I never feel like I’m saying what I wanna say or how I feel. I’m sure even parts of this will be quoted and taken out of context and people will be mad or talk shit but won’t read the whole thing cause, honestly, we’re all busy. I get it tho.

    I think a lot people think I’m just doing shit to do shit. In a way, that’s true. But I like making things. I wanna do things well.
    I’m learning music theory, and taking lessons. Learning languages so I can write in other languages. I love making stuff. I really do.
    My boy Kendrick gives me props which is a really cool thing to do. Doesn’t need to do that at all, but he does cause he’s a good person. He shouted me out at Coachella for making the beat for “Look out for Detox” and when I rapped over the beat at Coachella to bring him out, I saw people write “Childish, rips off Kendrick song”.

    Not in comment sections where people say shit all the time, like in actual articles. Like journalists. Writers. It was weird. I was in the studio with “B” and he was like “all the stuff on the internet about music, comedy, art, etc. is like parents watching children play on a playground and being like ‘look at Susie sliding on that slide…what an idiot’”
    I can’t sit down and talk to everyone about my beliefs, views, and intentions
    . I honestly would if I could.
    Also see a lot of white peeps coming to the “defense” of black peeps because they think I don’t like black people or myself, I guess? I really don’t get that. I don’t like that.

    I’ve also seen people act like they know me. Talk about how I grew up and my shit is perfect. And it’s true. I’m lucky. My parents were always there and were supportive for the shit I wanted to do. It’s dope. but I’m from Decatur GA. Like, “The DEC”. In the projects. Moved to Stone Mountain later. My first recital was in South Dekalb Mall.

    I lived on my grandma’s couch in the Bronx trying to pay her back for college. Me, my father, my mother, my two sisters, and (at the time) 3 brothers split one bedroom for a while. It feels like some sorta weird white overcompensation. Like when hipsters are like “Guess what…I hate Obama! That’s how unique I am”.

    Like that Trayvon Martin line in EYV. I saw some white peeps get upset. Which was a little funny to me cause it felt like no one cared about Oscar Grant or Kenneth Chamberlain or any of the other black kids shot in ATL or anywhere else when that shit happened. I’m the one getting texts from my mom every time that shit happens. And that shit happens a lot.Also, it wasn’t a joke. It was worldplay to highlight something that I thought was unfair. But, if it was a joke, I get to do that. Cause that could’ve been me. I’m a black dude. I’ve had bullets whiz by me cause I look like me.
    I get to deal with it the way I wanna deal. Cause it’s my deal.

    People will hate me/ my shit, but post my shit cause they want the web hits, cuz fans follow it. And I’m really lucky to have fans like that, Mattafact, I wanna say thank you to fans. You guys are really the reason I’m even here or able to do this stuff.
    I’m not bullshitting around. I don’t think I’m the best. I don’t think being the best comes from having a lot of money or saying “I’m the best” all the time.

    But I’m also not looking to be “some dude”. I don’t do anything hoping to end it with being “some dude”. I don’t think anyone person on earth should strive to be “just some dude”.

    Childish Gambino started as an inside joke that grew way faster than I ever thought it could.
    When people come up to me and are like “this got me through chemo” or “I came out to my parents” off of Childish, I almost feel guilty.

    Shit started as a joke, fun between writing with family and friends.
    But I kinda don’t have that scapegoat anymore…and I’m good with that. Word.

    Following that, he released this new track called “Untitled” produced by Childish and Ludwig.


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    Freida Pinto walked the red carpet on the opening day of the 65th Annual Cannes Film Festival and the premiere of Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. She represented her brand L'Oreal and was seen in a pink Michael Angel gown.

    For the night time look for the Opening Night Dinner, Freida wore a black Versace gown . She kept the same hairdo from the morning.

    Which of these 2 looks happen to be your favorite? I will go with the pink Michael Angel gown. How about you?

    SOURCE 1

    SOURCE 2

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    At the “De Rouille et D’os” (“Rust and Bone”) Photocall on May 17

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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    The CW, last but not least, on Thursday morning revealed its primetime line-up for the 2012-13 TV season — and it featured good news for Supernatural fans and bad news for Ms. Tyra Banks.

    After spending the past two seasons in TV purgatory (a.k.a. Friday night), the Brothers Winchester are relocating to Wednesdays at 9/8c following new comic book series Arrow. That paves the way for America’s Next Top Model to assume its new death slot on Fridays at 8 pm.

    Elsewhere, Hart of Dixie is moving from Mondays at 9 pm to Tuesdays at 8 pm where it will lead into the new Mamie Gummer-led medical drama Emily Owens, M.D. (formerly called First Cut). And the Beauty and the Beast reboot is the beneficiary of the CW’s cushiest timeslot — Thursdays at 9 pm after The Vampire Diaries.

    Finally, Gossip Girl‘s final 11-episode season will air Mondays at 9 pm; The Carrie Diaries will take over in that slot at midseason.

    On tap for midseason, in addition to The Carrie Diaries, is the new thriller Cult.

    The complete CW schedule, which will be rolled out in early October instead of early September as has been customary, looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

    8/7c 90210
    9 pm Gossip Girl (THE CARRIE DIARIES takes over in January)

    8 pm Hart of Dixie
    9 pm EMILY OWENS, M.D. (formerly known as First Cut)

    8 pm ARROW
    9 pm Supernatural

    8 pm The Vampire Diaries

    8 pm America’s Next Top Model
    9 pm Nikita

    NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Ringer, The Secret Circle, One Tree Hill (which aired its series finale on April 4), H8R, Remodeled and The L.A. Complex.


    sauce (TV Line)

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    It's been revealed this morning that Dan Stevens from hit UK TV series Downton Abbey, Frieda Pinto and rapper K'naan will star in an adaptation of a Belgian Congo period romance novel titled The Catastrophist, written by Ronan Bennett.The book was a bestseller after it was published in 2007.

    Bafta award winning director Nick Broomfield will direct it.

    Here's Amazon's synopsis of the novel:

    James Gillespie, a disillusioned Irish historian turned novelist, has arrived in the Congo on the eve of independence, hoping to reunite with his Italian lover, Ines. The two had once been passionately involved in Europe, but Ines's job as a journalist took her to the Congo, where her Communist leanings have kept her. Ines is an enthusiastic supporter of Patrice Lumumba, and her journalism reflects her bias. Gillespie, on the other hand, has a novelist's broader view, and his ability to see all facets of the issue simultaneously keeps him from choosing sides and drives a wedge between him and Ines. As she becomes more involved with Lumumba and his followers, he is befriended by an American CIA agent whom Ines suspects of being an enemy. When the political situation heats up, she puts herself increasingly in harm's way until, at last, Gillespie must put his own life on the line to save hers... The Catastrophist is a love story, a historical novel, a troubling reflection on Africa's ongoing political upheaval.

    Call it Out Of Africa, the sequel...? Reductive, but you get my point... I hope.

    It's not clear, but I'm assuming Stevens will play James Gillespie and Pinto will play Ines, his Italian lover. She's Indian by the way.

    What role rapper K'naan will play isn't yet known. Although my guess is that he'll represent the locals - maybe a, shall we say, *tour guide* of some sort, for our white hero, or his damsel in distress.

    Filming is due to start in Tanzania in February 2013.


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    Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart arrive in style to the Snow White and the Huntsman photo call held at Casa de America on Thursday (May 17) in Madrid, Spain.



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