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Oh No They Didn't! -

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    Basically Kelly hasn't like the way the show was being produced since Joan's death and the producers were fed up with her.

    Bye Kelly, you won't be missed.

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    - Sharat Katariya's Dum Laga Ke Haisha is a period romance set in '90s small-town Haridwar about an unlikely couple forced to deal with each other.
    - Ayushmann Khuranna plays Prem, a high-school dropout and general loser who has an arranged marriage with Sandhya, a talented and aspiring school-teacher. Prem is not happy about marrying a fat and plain woman. Sandhya, however, is confident and does not pity herself.
    - According to critics, the movie, even if it disappointingly trades in a few fat jokes, does not reduce Sandhya to a caricature. She does not take her asshole husband's antics face down even as she is a romantic who wants to win him over. The movie is about how they deal with their differences and realize what is love beyond stereotypes and expectations.
    - Ayushmann getting good reviews but the star, critics say, is clearly debutante Bhumi Pednekar who owns her confident, spirited character.

    One review here

    Last week's release: Badlapur

    - Almost universally positive reviews for Varun Dhawan's neo noir movie, 'Badlapur'. He plays a young man who seeks revenge against the robbers who killed his young wife and son, 15 years ago.

    -Movie has MAJOR misogyny problems and I thought Dhawan was inadequate for this role but if you watch it, do it for KING Nawazuddin Siddiqui who steals the show once again. Badlapur is probably one of the best Bollywood thrillers to come out recently.

    Source: 1+ 2+ 3

    Two excellent movies in two weeks. What is Bollywood coming to? For all Bollywood newbies, these would be great introductions to the different genres in Bollywood.

    Personally I'm so stoked for Bhumi Pednekar and I hope Dum Laga Ke Haisha is as good as it looks! And anyone with good taste should already be stanning Nawazuddin Siddiqui tbh....

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    • Talking with the Daily Mirror, Lionel says “Am I fan of the N-word? Not coming from the 1960s and 70s. Whereas the new world has embraced it. I don’t think it’s OK for a black man to use the N-word. I don’t like it – and I am a black man. I don’t think it should be said and become normal.”

    • Lionel goes on to talk about Kanye's longevity saying "Kanye is giving this generation shock value. How he carries on for the next 10 years we will see. The music business is more attention driven but you have to let it pass. Don't even focus on it."

    • He also goes on to say "Because what we have going on in the world is so over the top. I mean, who are we fighting?  There is more hunger and famine in the world today than there was when we did We Are The World.”

    Twitter, Daily Mail, & Daily Mirror

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    The Hot 10 5: Arden Cho

    A little bit of scruff can be sexy. Just make sure you're put together and your toes and hands are manicured. If those things are looking gross, it's a turn off if you're going to touch me.

    I'm really into guys that are good with colors and layering. You should be confident with what you wear, but it's nice if you're decently fashionable. I think that's super cute.

    When I go out on dates, I don't need them to be extra fancy. I'm a skinny jeans and sneakers kind-of girl, so maybe movies and dinner or bowling is good. Let's just hang out.

    I feel sexiest when I'm in my PJs, or when I'm in my robe fresh out of the shower. It's best when I'm lounging around.

    If you want my attention, just be confident and intelligent. I like a little mix of sexy and cool, I guess.

    and some instagram pics cuz she's adorable

    Read more of her top 10 at the source || See more pics on her instagram

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    Arrow creators Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim are working on a team-up series that will feature Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, and Caity Lotz.
    So given that these actors will be crossing over to the spin-off, that means Ray/Felicity will end on Arrow pretty soon, Martin Stein will successfully stop being Firestorm, Wentworth Miller won't be on The Flash anymore and Caity Lotz? Will she be playing a new character or are we actually spoiled that Sara will be brought back to life?

    This is supposed to be a superhero team-up show, and it will include more superheroes that haven't appeared on The Flash and Arrow.


    I don't want Ray to leave Arrow though :(


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    In an interview with The Guardian for her new indie film Frankie and Alice , she opened up about the expectations after winning an Oscar:

    “If anybody tells you after winning an Oscar they can pick out things that will be hits, they’re lying!”

    On still being the only African-American actress to have won for Best Actress, twelve years later:

    “I’m disappointed. I’m inspired though, when I see how many people of colour are doing such good work out there. The quality and value of our work isn’t determined by an award. I would like to see more of them recognised, absolutely, but we all need to find the win in the work, and doing our craft. The real win is when we’re not just selling stories of colour, that people of colour can be in everyday stories. Where we’re not saying: ‘These are the movies for black people.'”

    On age playing a part in the roles she gets:

    “I’ve always had a hard time getting roles, being of colour, so I’ve got as many available to me as I’ve always had – there’s no difference for me. When I was 21, it was as hard as it is now when I’m 48. For me it’s the same.”


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    Well, shit.

    Basically everything went down on The Musketeers tonight, so I'm going to hide the meat of the review/summary under the cut.


    Slouching Towards TV got his review up ASAP, so that's who will be providing tonight's commentary.

    STTV argues the show tends to falter when it gets too serious, something pretty much everyone has been saying since the start of this series. Some argue that this is an attempt to pander to a more male audience (since at the moment nearly all of The Musketeers' fans seem to be women), others think that BBC America's involvement has led to the increase in explosions and decrease in melon-shooting good times. But either way, we can all agree that the show is at its best when it's cheesy, rather than trying to deliver a sincere or political message.

    STTV, however, thinks that last week's Plague Doctor Plantarium shit-show was bad, but tonight was a vast improvement with tighter plotting and more cohesive story lines for all involved characters. I enjoyed last week's episode and while the pacing was a bit frantic, it was probably the first time that I felt really caught up in the show in weeks.

    Plot-wise, this whole episode was something of a mindf*ck: after spending half the episode on a red herring about the Princess's impending wedding, they reveal that the woman posing as Princess Louise is actually a Spanish spy sent by Rochefort to take out his enemies on the King's council. Milady, who's been thrown from the palace on pain of death (which makes no sense, but whatever), winds up killing Louise in her jail cell (suspicious), but not before discovering that Rochefort is a spy. What will she do with this information??!?! (My guess: Team up with him, act as a double agent, kill him, make out with Athos -- por favor).

    Meanwhile, Louise killed Constance's husband after seeing him slap Constance (for admitting that she wanted to run off with D'Artagnan), but Bonacieux managed to "curse" Constance before dying, which book fans will know is a bad f*cking sign. STTV labels Constagnan the show's most boring romance, and he's not wrong, but at this point I'm going to guess we won't have to worry about it next year (poor Tamla).

    Treville nearly dies, which causes him to realize that he should just tell Porthos who is dad is (fine. whatever. anything that moves that plot along), and STTV takes a minute to snark at the fact that Hot Doc Lemay has figured out sterilization 200 years early because history doesn't matter.

    In any event, where we're left at the end of this episode is: Porthos will finally meet his dad, Bonacieux is dead, Rochefort almost definitely knows about the Queen and Aramis, Milady knows Rochefort is a Spanish spy,and Aramis knows he's sexy:

    And there's still no video preview for next week because the BBC hates this show.


    Rate the episode and update your FMK stats, ONTD.

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    -The Israeli man was arrested 5 weeks ago in Tel Aviv for hacking into Madonna's computer and selling some of her unfinished music online and was just indicted on four counts.
    -The charges are: computer trespassing, prohibited secret monitoring, copyright infringement, and obstructing an investigation.
    -He has been hacking and monitoring Madonna since possibly 2012.
    -He also hacked the private cloud accounts of Madonna's team. Her manager Sara Zambreno, engineer Angie Teo, and musical director Kevin Antunes, and Madonna's main manager Guy Oseary. -After that he leaked more than 60 unfinished demos online for money. The person that paid for them has yet to be identified.
    -No date for the trial yet.
    -The state attorney's office has asked for the suspect to be held WITHOUT bail because they consider him a threat to public safety.
    -If found guilty, he faces a jail sentence of up to 5 years.

    This is why I don't even download music for free. I always wait till it's on Spotify. The FBI will get you!

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  • 02/27/15--15:58: Free For All Friday

  • I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!

    No porn, nudes, spam, fighting, advertising, dickishness, huge browser slowing comments.
    Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

    Be sure to vote in lj_movienight's poll to determine Sunday night's movie!

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    Warner Bros. + Cartoon Network are working together to bring "Adventure Time" to theaters as an animated feature.


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    Television superstar Louise Thompson claimed her instagram had been hacked earlier today after a photo of her giving boyfriend, American business tycoon, Alik Alfus a footjob*.  She has since deleted the image and says it was a fake. Oh Porg, you tried.

    *slight embellishment

    B-4Lqw-WkAA4ZtO.jpg large

    Daily Mail article
    Photo source - some dirty sexual deviant on Twitter

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    King Ecbert visits the developing Viking settlement as the first harvest is sown and rebuffs criticism from his leading nobles. In Mercia, the Wessex/Viking forces charge at the battle at the Hill of the Ash. In Kattegat, Harbard arrives in to the Great Hall and his mysterious aura fascinates Aslaug and Helga but Siggy remains suspicious. There are strange and tragic happenings in Kattegat, and Siggy suspects Harbard is the cause.

    Don't miss a brand new episode of Vikings on Thursday, March 5th at 10/9c on HISTORY.

    Source, Source 2

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    In an interview for an upcoming episode of "The Jonathan Ross Show," Madonna was asked about drugs and spoke about her 18-year-old daughter Lourdes specifically.

    Ross:"Let me ask you about a set oflyrics – in "Devil Pray" (a new song on her new album Rebel Heart) you talk about drugs... 'we can get high, we can get stoned, we can do Es, we can do acid'. It's a comprehensive list. You have tried, I'd have thought, many of them.”

    Madonna:“I am not a big fan of drugs. They just don’t suit me. The handful of times I have tried drugs, many many many many years ago, I just didn’t enjoy it. I wanted it out of me. I started guzzling bottles of water thinking that was going to end it.”

    Ross: "How do you talk to your children about that? Because every parent has to have the conversation in some shape or form.”

    Madonna:"I just ask my daughter to make wise decisions and to do things in moderation and to try not to mix her alcohol.I am not going to say 'no, don’t do it' becausethat is just absurd. And it is not fair. Yeah, I did it."

    Lourdes critiques her dress sense:
    "If Lourdes is around she will definitely give me the once over and say,'Oh mom you are not leaving the house like that'," she explained. "She did take a picture of my butt sticking out and send it back to me saying, 'Mom really?'"

    Sources: 1, 2

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  • 02/28/15--16:31: shayyyyyyyyy photo post!

  • Toned up hair thanks to @tauni901 toned down face thanks to lack of sleep... 😴

    From where I stand ... 💿📀💿📀

    Love seeing my friend @dandeutschoo 😎 !!!

    sammyinla: fun with fendi @dandeutschoo #👅👓😊

    I wonder who's welcome mat this belongs to...🙎🏡 [Thanks to @luluandgeorgia for this gem!]

    ......... about last night. snapchat: officialshaym

    sources: 1 + 2 + officialshaym on snapchat

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    The NY Times interviewed the cinematographer of Fifty Shades Of Grey who gives us an insight on how were the sex scenes filmed, what's real and what's CGI, etc.
    Stars usually say these are not sexy, all technical awkward, etc. but are they really?
    “We did actually save the explicit sex to the final week” of shooting, said Seamus McGarvey, the cinematographer of “Fifty Shades of Grey,” though on-screen, some of the whipping is created via digital imagery.
    Production often use different techniques to simulate the sex scenes, such as pillows, prosthetics and body stockings, and push-ups to get their muscles bulging. But the movement is mostly improvised.

    Write, rehearse and choreograph? Or just let the camera roll?
    Seamus McGarvey: We did have rehearsals and to make the actors feel comfortable initially, look at how we might photograph the sex. Also, that suited the first few sex scenes, to have a slight awkwardness to them; the camera would be more at a distance. In the Red Room, when things heat up a little bit, that was less choreographed. Sometimes we would use a remotely operated camerahead so the actors wouldn’t have an operator leaning in.

    Do you ask for nudity, and then worry about covering it up afterward?
    McGarvey : We were protecting the actors. Jamie [Dornan] had a cover over his penis. Dakota [Johnson] had kind of a patch that went over her pubic area, and right round her whole body. We were in the curious situation, in postproduction, of adding [pubic hair]. I wouldn’t say it was one of the highlights of my career, but it certainly was one of the most surreal scenarios. We did have a butt double for Dakota. I had the pleasure of casting a nontattooed bottom — Surreal Scenario No. 2.

    Quiet on the set! Or not?
    McGarvey: [The director] Joe Wright is a great proponent of music to help actors get into the mood. It helped the actors’ movement and the camera’s kind of coalesce, because it is like a dance. On “Atonement,” there’s a scene in the library between James McAvoy’s character and Keira Knightley’s, and we shot that to “Come to Me” by Mark Lanegan and PJ Harvey, a very languid, sexy tune, because the camera was hand-held.

    paraphrased by me.

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    I know no one cares enough about Korn to read a full article, so here's a rundown:

    • David Silveria left Korn in 2006. He called it a hiatus, but they replaced him with Ray Luzier (initially as a fill-in, but eventually as a permanent member).
    • Silveria is suing for money made by the band in the past nine years (lol, are they still relevant enough to make any significant money? and "ownership interest."
    • He is pissed off that they allowed Brian "Head" Welch to return to the band after he became a hardcore Christian but they have declined to have Silveria return.
    • Korn is touring and playing their self-titled album in its entirety to celebrate it being released twenty years ago, and Silveria is upset that he hasn't been asked to be a part of it.

    There have been many posts lately with bands from a decade ago, so I decided to find something on Korn since they were my ~everything~ in my middle school years. I pretty much haven't paid a bit of attention to them since the Untouchables era (when I finally hit that age to be properly embarrassed about the nu-metal I loved so much), but I randomly saw this and was thrown back to 1999-2001

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    Vulvarine and Peggah-sus play an intense game of truth or truth with Fallon.
    They look super good.


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    Demi Lovato took to Instagram to post an inspirational message to her fans. The "Lightweight" singer shared a picture of her stomach and legs, with the caption "Regardless of what society tells you these days... You don't have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful. It is possible to love your body the way it is. #fitness #health #acceptance #selflove☀🌴💗".

    After posting this inspirational message, Demi posted a photo of her juice cleanse diet, captioning the photo "My new obsession: booster shots from @jusbyjulie!!! Thanks Julie for my juices!! 💪👍".

    But don't think she's trying to lose weight! The "Trainwreck" singer is strictly all about working out to become a badass! She shared a photo with the caption "Don't train to be skinny, train to be a #badass 💪👍💛 #healthy #fitness #selflove".

    SOURCE:Demi Lovato's Instagram Account

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